Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Danum Valley- Phase 3

By Alistair Graves, Annie Moss and Deanna Green

The year was 2012, the month August and the country Borneo. Eight wide eyed Venturers entered the world renowned Danum Valley Conservation Area aka Dinosaur Valley. Their mission, should they choose to accept it would be to complete a water tank with a filtration system which will allow the scientists to continue their vital research. The stakes were high, the conditions were tough and the time was against them; will the eager eight rise to meet the challenge and survive to tell the tale?

So far Alpha 3 have arrived in their 5-star accommodation of bashas with flushing toilets, showers, a kitchen complete with sink and cupboards and the luxurious bonus of electricity! We’ve already made great progress on the project as we are all bursting with enthusiasm and determination to complete this daunting task. However, it’s not all been a bed of roses – face to face encounters with  a wild orang-utan (which was actually pretty awesome), half the group getting stuck inside the confines of the water tank and having to conceal our food from a rather brazen bearded boar called Boris. It’s added a lot of spice to Phase 3!

The group has found Danum Valley, the world’s oldest rainforest, to be a truely mind-blowing place to stay and work, having seen Bornean grey gibbons and macaque monkeys after being here only a few days.

With preparation for the loop visit well under way, tough deadlines to be met at the worksite and so much pristine jungle to explore, Alpha 3 sure have their work cut out for them. Will they succeed and make it to Endex in one piece?

Be there at Heathrow airport on 2nd September to find out...


Rosie Moss said...

Annie Moss we WILL be there on 2nd September at Heathrow and are very excited at the prospect.
You will be pleased to know that we have a new and very powerful shower which works, so you will be able to re-enact your rainforest experiences; however the cats will have to substitue for indigenous wildlife - Monty is in training by sleeping in the bath.
The Great Clear Out continues apace and hopefully you will see the difference. Dad has a Loyalty Card for the tip hehe. Sooooo looking forward to seeing you soon. We send you all our love as always. Mum, Dad and Ed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

Mandy Steward said...

Hi Ben Allon-Smith, 10 wks, phase 3 = trek & dive
(written evening of Tues 28th Aug)
I guess you will be back to BC very soon now and then the realisation of coming home. Mixed feelings i am sure - saying bye to new friends and you're fascinating experiences of the last 10 weeks but the excitement of readiness for Durham.
I'm wondering what foods you have missed the most - we'll have corned beef, cream crackers and noodles waiting for you!!
We are all looking forward to seeing you again. Tilly is soooo excited that you'll be back on Sunday. Dad and i will both come to Heathrow, then he hopes you'll be up to breakfast at his with Lucy. Back to Guildford later.
I went back to work today after 2 weeks holiday. 419 new emails, still have 135 to read.
Enjoy the last few days of Raleigh.
See you soon.
Love Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Alastair Graves

Great blog Al. The suspense is killing us!? You'll have to email us though with the answer. We won't be at Heathrow on the 2nd! Glad you saw the orang utan. Makes the whole trip worthwhile!

Enjoy Endex. Presumably a big PARTY!

Last blog comment. Love from MMs

David Archibald said...

For Euan Archibald
Hi Euan - hope everything has been good in phase 3. No blogs coming through but I'm sure you will still be working hard and having fun!

All well in Edinburgh. Hearts last 2 league results have been draws, 0-0 at Aberdeen (backs to the wall) and 2-2 at home to Inverness ( 2-0 up at half time and they were down to 10 men. Lost an equaliser in the 93rd minute)

Liverpool first leg at home was a great night despite losing 1-0. Hearts played really well, should have drawn and the atmosphere was amazing.

The wee team have lost 2-0 to Queen of the South tonight in the wee cup but they are ahead of us in the league (only by one point)

Keep smiling and we'll see you soon

Love from Dad, Mum and Kirstie

luke said...

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