Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Alpha 9 get busy in Bambangan

Alpha 9 have been in Kampung Bambangan Ulu for just over a fortnight and with only one week to go, they are working extra hard!

Their project includes working on a gravity water feed to provide water to the community and building a small house- a big ask in just three weeks. But Alpha 9 are more than up to the task!!

Work on the small gravity water feed is now complete, and the team have begun the next challenge of the house build for an elderly resident called Longdini. Longdini is 82 years old and no longer has any living relatives. The house she was living in has become untenable and she has been living with neighbours- the new house will be located beside this family in order for them to continue to look after her.


Kampung Bambangan was originally established to house forestry workers prior to AFC stewardship of the area, however as the kampung was not registered to the district office of Pitas they received no further infrastructure. This caused much of the population to emigrate to areas with better living conditions and more work opportunities. AFC have agreed to help establish the village again and this project is the first of many more to come in the future.

As well as working tirelessly, Alpha 9 also leave some time to enjoy themselves and get to know the community. In the first week villagers joined Alpha 9 for dinner and provided a prime cut of boar which was cooked by the team and enjoyed by all. This was followed by limbo dancing where Matt (literally) wiped the floor with everyone, including the locals and was crowned the champion!This was followed by several games of Jenga and the old Raleigh favourite, 'Ninja' which the locals found very amusing.

The locals have also been kind enough to create a special bathing area for Alpha 9 by moving rocks to make a deep pool area so the V's not only have a 'river shower' but their very own river jacuzzi!

Alpha 9 have done a great job so far in Bambangan and they have every confidence that they will get the project finished before leaving- a determined bunch! Check back soon to hear if they do or not!



Michael Gallagher said...

Hi Ashley Winter
alpha 9
you look really good and i noticed you in your pj bottoms lol i hope your haveing a great time . I miss you and looking forward for when you come back . I hope you take plenty of pictures.
Love tin man

Anonymous said...

For Emily Fisher - Alpha 9

Hi, great to see how youre getting on! Youve all managed so much in a very short time! Sure you'll get to finish Longdini's house too! Cant wait to hear all your amazing news! Will keep checking the website but in case I dont get the chance to message you again, (going to London next week), enjoy your last few weeks and will see you at Heathrow!! Miss you, lots of love, Mam xxxxx

Olivia Moore said...

Hey Flora,
I don't know whether my last comment posted or not, I can't seem to find it!
But anyway, it looks like your're doing an amazing job over there and I'm very proud of you. It's good to see you having fun in the pictures, but I'm disappointed at the lack of evidence of you wearing those sandals...
You're not missing out on much over here (weather is horrid) but I am starting to worry so much about results day, just want it over with now!
Good luck with the rest of your expedition!
Lots of love from Liv xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done Gaby. So interesting hearing of your valiant work; such a major contribution to the health

Anonymous said...

Well done to Gaby on your amazing contribution.

Anonymous said...

Well done Gaby. We're all giving an Olympic cheer for your heroic efforts. Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Gabby! It's Rebecca Slater (:
Made the mistake of telling Ruth your mums uploading pictures and now she's insistent on making a Facebook account -.- Photos and messages are lovely, everyone's so proud of what you're doing! Don't worry about any bites, they'll be gone before robin's wedding! Enjoy yourself! Not many people spend a summer in Borneo. Hopefully we'll see you soon, I'll get a collection of films about friends with benefits ready. KEEP SMILING :D Rebecca (and family) xxxxxxxxx

Valerie Fee said...

Dear Gaby

Just a note to let you know how proud we all are of you here in California. You are spending your summer doing something so worthwhile, and creating friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. I love you so much and hope to see you before too long...maybe Christmas? Sending you all my love, Graval

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabs,

Great to hear you're doing so well. Very proud of you for taking on such a hard task for such a great cause it'll all be worth it in the end. Izaac and Jazz send their love too. Izaac isn't doing anything near as worthwhile as you just skating and break dancing the lazy bugger. I guess you're the only person that would be glad of some rain at the moment we're finally getting some nice weather. To stop getting mozzy bites you need to drink local hooch (rum or whatever)! Anyway see you soon honey. Lots of love Em xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaby, we hear you are having a great time and doing a wonderful job.
You'll have to tell us all about it when we see you.
Enjoy these few weeks. They will pass very quickly then you'll be back home doing ordinary things again which will seem very dull by comparison to what you are doing now. So enjoy it. Lots of love from Auntie Juliet and Uncle Johnxxxx

Josee Shaw said...



Hey honey, it's my birthday tomorrow & I've made a decision.....I'm going to swap the numbers round & instead of being 43from tomorrow onwards I'm going to be 34!!! :O)

Sarah is busy baking a cake - we'll freeze a piece for you to have when you get back in 12 days!

It's hot here...20 degrees. I bet that would be cool for you! Had lunch with Auntie Eileen & Nathan today, they're busy settling in & seem really happy.

I've enrolled on an art course - birthday pressi. Wednesday nights at college so you can expect to see the walls adorned with some weird & wonderful things this autum!

Richard our dentist has been asking after you - told him about the mozzys, he's suggested antihistamines to stop the irritation.

Take care my darling girl, I'm thinking of you 24/7. You're in my heart & mind all the time. I know it's tough & am so proud of you my darling. Can't wait to see you soon. oodles of love, hugs, shnuggles, cuddles, kisses n giggles...mummy xoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

From Uncle David:
It sounds as if you are having a great time!!
What an experience! Even being bitten by mosquitoes and having dodgy guests!! I am so envious, whatever the conditions and hardships that you are experiencing. And being scruffy and smelly; not having to stay clean!! A maxim that helps me when life is challenging is;
'Put it all down to experience!' And the experiences will be beyond price, in later years.
Think of all the dining out on your adventures when you get home; everyone will want to know everything. They will be so envious! I hope that are keeping a journal, supported by photos, that you can look at when you are older, with children, and show them what their mum did. They will be thrilled!
I know that you miss family, but you will be home before you know it. This great adventure will almost seem like a dream, as it will have been an incredible journey. I suspect that you will miss the life you are leading, once back home.
I keep checking for pics,etc., on the website, and was pleased to see some of you.
Enjoy the rest of the adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaby,

Sounds like you are having a great time over there. Boy is your Mum missing you!! The bugs sound horrid! You will make some amazing friends, share extraordinary experiences and have brilliant tales to tell for the rest of your life. This is a fantastic opportunity - enjoy it.

Hugs & kisses from all of us.

Loads of Love & big hugs - Nicole, James, Gregor & Isla. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

matthew white alpha 9

oooh matt so very happy to see you and your fellow adventurers on the blog today. Been looking out for your group every day and was becoming anxious at not seeing you all and hey presto there you all were looking very happy having fun despite the huge task you are all undertaking out there. soooo soooo proud and really quite emotional! I dont know if you have received my messages , i am getting better on the computer, sort of, lose the odd key now and again and then spot it, drives your father nuts when keep asking him for help continually. He never had any patience!
Think you are going to find it hard coming home to our disfunctional family, sorry. Ollie still in love with Megan, Eva in love with someone but wont tell me who and dad fallen out of love definitely because i keep asking him too many things about the computer. Bubbs still breathing . love you loabs sorry mean loads mum x x x

Salva said...

To Gaby Shaw - ALPHA 8

Hello Gaby!

Apa khabar? :) I hope you are enjoying the life on Borneo and working with your new friends together. I've read your letters with a lot of excitement and I am very pleased to hear that you are doing fine.

I can imagine that there sometimes high's and low's - but hey-ho.. that's normal:).

I think it must be a good feeling, besides hanging around within the group, to build something up, where other people can benefit from.

I already bought you a KiteKat Chunky Peanut Butter in the Fridge. I think you look forward eating one of those :)

My time is nearly over here and I have to move back to Holland. But I am pretty sure that a) we will definitely stay in contact and b) We will see us many times again:)

Enjoy the rest of time on Borneo. I wish I could be there as well and we could dive with Nemo & Dori!

See you soon via Skype!!

Your Bro! Salva

Sarah Shaw said...

Gabriella shaw alpha 8
Hi GABS it's Sarah
I'm missingu like crazy !!! Bet you havin a great time out there and a great experience x drama camp was really fun and I didn't forget to come on this time!!! Haha when you come back we will have to spend so much time together and I need to hear more about you trip . It's been really wierd not haing you around and my room is completely empty! It will be done soon though!! U will have to tell me about all the animals cx I have read your letters over and over x I love you soooooooooooo much!! I can't wait to see you have fun out in the jungle!!! Xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Emily Fisher Alpha 9

Looking good Em! Haha good to see you putting your back into it! It's nice to hear an update and see some photos and it looks like you're having fun. :) Hope the rest of the project goes well and you get it finished (i'm sure you will). Can't wait to see you when you're back! I have a surprise!

See you soon!
James xxx

Anonymous said...

To Gaby Shaw, Hi Gabs its Aunty Tracey!! We are very proud of you darling, keep up the good work. When you get back I was wondering if you could come and give our builders a helping hand now that you are a professional!!! We are having an extension built and I am sure you would fit in with our hunky builders!!!Sending you lots of love & kisses and we will see you when you are back, Us 3 xxx

Anonymous said...

Katie Fairburn
Hi Katie,
Hope you are well. We're off on holiday this evening, just wanted to let you know your scuba diving card arrived! Very exciting and there's a great picture of you on it!
Nicola, Mum and Dad xxxx

EeSuen said...

To Alpha 9 Xia Shuen Quek

HELLLOW DUCCCKIIIEEE. i wonder whether did u receive my previous msg O.O. Anyway, I've been waiting for updates on Alpha 9! Was shoo desperate to hear frm u and when i saw ur pic the other day, i was so excited so i posted those photos in Zeus. That annoying eugene asked me to stop giving myself an
orgasm. Zzzzzz.

I miss having u around hereeeee. I KENA FOODPOISON YOU TAHU?? :(( damn sad but happy at the same time because i dont have to go to work.

And and, weijun is leaving to US tmr. And siewkoon is back! Hehe

(Just wanna update u.on whats going on here since u r so outdated)

So yea, hope u enjoy ur last week (is it ur last week?) and we miss you alot! Cant wait for u to come home. Hehe.

For now, enjoy your life kat situ. :))) xoxo

Anonymous said...

hi gaby sweetheart just to tell you how brave we think you are and how glad we are to hear you are coping ok.Enjoy the rest of your adventure and we shall see you very soon.lots of love aunty jacky and uncle roy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dervla said...

To Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,

It's great to read about all the antics you lot get up to.

Summer seems to have arrived at last in Sweden, just hope the sea warms up a bit so we can go for sundowners, it's as cold as the Ballycastle sea is just now!

Here are some comments from your pals
Donna; Currently on the motorway, squeezed into what i can only describe as a crevace, almost in the boot of a tiny '92 corola. Kindly gave up my seat (and several others) to what is soon to be ur sofa bed! Pretty sure i now have a creak in my neck, but only for u my dearest! Only 8 more weeks :) xx (written 23 July)

Joni; I miss you far too much.i want to be home heading down to yours for a little night out of fun!hope you are safe,chat soon when you have Skype access again xxx

Kerrie; BAILEY, how are you??? Its weird when you aren't in Ballycastle! I'm now home from Thailand and very depressed!! MAIL ME YOUR CRAIC! xxxxxxx

Bernabell; My Monday was superbly brightened by a little something from Postman Pat!!!!!:) Delightful reading Bailey Balls!!! you're my new Soldier Boy!!lol xx

I sent my last postcard to you yesterday, hope you get it,

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Allen Alpha 9

Hi Rebecca from many miles away!

I've been looking for your blog the last few weeks and today you're finally there, looks like you are having a great time out in the jungle, can't wait to see your photos when you get back. Don't forget Heather's advice! Enjoy the rest of your time in Borneo. Fiona xx

lucy mccall said...

Hello Flora
Brilliant to see all the photos and hear the news about what you have been doing. Lovely glimpses of you behind a spade, limbo dancing (very impressed) and was ir you under all the hair in the pool? Things here are very dull by comparison. We're getting prepared for our key task for tomorrow. That and back to work. Ten days and you'll be home! Can't wait to see you and hear it all first hand. Hope my letter arrived safely. Nicci and Liv seem to have navigated their way to the blog. Maybe we'll see a few of your friends tomorrow - if so we'll make sure they have the blog address too. Gus enjoyed his motor sports week - no surprises there - and was lovely to us for a whole day after we picked him up. Things back to normal now though. Your wallpaper is up now and looks very elegant. What shall we do when you get back? Love you, Mum xxxxx

Linus and Tova said...

To Fiona Bailey

Hello to Fiona in the jungle, we hope you are having fun. Have you seen any orangutangs?

Love from Linus and Tova

mummy hutcheson said...

To Darling Fluff Victoria
Mummy is missing you dreadfully, no ranting and spending two hours talking at Mummy. If all goes wrong in Kuala Lunpa phone Mummy and I will liaise. Hope you are still there, cannot wait to see you. Have a great time, will send out stuff with Alastair. Love you lots, take care. Mummy Hutcheson xxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Gaby Shaw - ALPHA 8

Hey sweetcheeks! I MISS YOU!! (It's danielle btw)i've decided you have definitely been there long enough now, surely you must have seen the whole of borneo twice by now?! Bit selfish really considering i am sat here waiting for you to come back so we can rock n roll like good old times!
Jokes in all serious i hope your having an amazing time, I've heard all about your trip, sounds like such an adventure, one to definitely tell the grandchildren eh ;) so i am very jealous and wish i could be there fending off those poisonous creepy crawlies right along with you, they'd be no match for the amount of newspapers i would bring to swat them all with!
so yes lovely lady keep enjoying yourself and the whole experience and do remember to bring me back an orangutan if at all possible.
Much love and hugs,
Danielle xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Cecilia, Cecilia Carnell Alpha 8. I hope you get this message soon since we are so excited and proud and happy... your exam results! I'm sorry but I couldn't resist having a look inside that brown envelope ;) It would not be possible to get a better set of grades! You r our star!!! You have now got a problem of deciding which subject to drop! Mr G is hoping it will not be physics!!! Enjoy the rest of your time in Borneo, take lots of amazing pics and do a few more drawings! Love you sooooo much my little adventurer. Huggs and kisses from Aiti, Daddy, Seb, Claudia, Gus and the rest of the Zoo. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Gill said...

Hey Gaby


You don't know me but everyone seems to know you so just thought I would join in!!

You are all doing an amazing job out there and say HI to Amy Edwards and Emma Hay if you come across them...

Gill Edwards lol

Dervla said...

For Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,

Your mates are missing you, here's a post from Kirsty Mac;
"Bailers, I'm living la vie da shite life WHY DID I PURSUE THAT RIDICULOUS ACCOUNTANCY WHIM. Come home and make me jealous of your tan - just tingy Oz, it's pure keesh anyways xxxx

Dervla said...

For Fiona Bailey

News from Ballycastle.

There's all the hallobaloo over the horses at the Fair. The latest is that the horse trading will be allowed and the Shetland pony show and the donkey show have been cancelled.

The councillors are resorting to fisty cuffs according to the B.fast Tele 'councillors in Moyle looked on open-mouthed as the republican and DUP reps exited a debate on the Giant's Causeway together before jostling in the corridor outside council chambers' hmmmm, jostling, that leaves a bit for the imagination.

Never a dull moment eh?

Love Dervla

Anonymous said...

For matt white alpha 9. Lad! How's it going, we all miss you liars and hope you have having an ace time. Your mum showed me very complicated process of how to write in here bless her. So though I would make full use. From the photos it looks like your having an ace time. As we speak I have just got in from work ad am sitting with dad in the garden , however as per he is moaning, so nothing has changed ;) appaz we are gunna have a family meet up before we go to uni as I'm leaving on the 31st of August chicken yeah! Sooooo excited :) hope your safe and dealing well with the lack of showers and mirrors ;) miss you lots live youuuu, from sop and all the barnes's.xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Gabriella Shaw alpha 8
Hey up Gablar!
Missing you soo much lovely! I hope your having a great time, it looks and sounds awesome from the blog and the photo's. Just watched the first and the best episode of Miranda, and all of it just reminds me of you! Especially the bit where she goes on about having children "i said 'you'll catch your death.' and they did." all ways makes me laugh! Any way lovely, keep safe and make sure you have lots of fun! Love you lots! Islar (Izzy) xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Gaby Shaw

Good to hear that you're enjoying your adventure. You've not missed much, everyone got excited about this international sports event in London. I would have got more excited but unlike William and Kate, I had less luck with the ticket lottery. Take care, see you when you get back. Regards, Uncle John

Anonymous said...

Gabriella Shaw Alpha 8

Hey Gabs! Shazza here! Just got back from holiday thats why I'm messaging so late! Firstly, sorry for not ringing you on the morning of your flight, I overslept I was soo tired! I did text you but I dont know If you got it or not! Anywho, hope you have had an amazing time, and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon! Got so much to tell you, and Im sure you have too! Missing ya lots, take care and I'll speak to you soon! And for the love of god, HURRY UP AND GET HOME! haha! Love ya!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Rebecca Allen!

I hope your having a fabulous time, I've been reading your blog and it looks like you have been. Can't wait to hear all about it when you return and see all your photos.

Hope all is well with you out there. Enjoy the rest of your time out there.

Lodsa love
Catherine. xxxx