Monday, 27 August 2012

Alpha 6's advice for future trekkers

By Amy Sedghi

Alpha 6 have made it back alive from Phase 2 and I’m sure all of our family and friends are dying to know how we got on. Our twelve day trek began in Long Pa Sia and it quickly became apparent that we were lucky and as our guide Noah called us ‘quack’ or a strong group. There was no rain or injuries and we had a good spirit all the way. Contenders for Leech Love were Katie, Ruairidh, Josh and Amy with some spectacular leech bites which were dealt with an impressive lack of squealing, unlike Phase 1.

So what did Alpha 6 learn?

1)      Never eat your granola bar at breakfast or take doxy on an empty stomach (Ruairidh learnt the hard way!)

2)      Never let your hammock strings go or you may risk your hammock buddies life

3)      Never run out of Milo

4)      Never put the lid on too tight on the biscuit tin. People will go to any lengths to get more!

Dive Island was greeted by the group like it was a lost world. Our days on the paradise island consisted of snorkelling, diving, volleyball and eating as much of the food from the packed storeroom as we could.

Although some didn’t eat enough to keep hold of their hair. Let me explain…

A brave bet was made by Ruairidh who anticpated being able to eat the entire food supply on Dive Island. If he were to lose this bet he would lose his golden locks. A fair few of us believed he could do it after watching him devour a family bucket of KFC followed by 18 donuts on our day in KK. However, when we got to Mamutik and saw the 92 packets of noodles amongst the supplies we lost hope for Ruairidh. He was however a good sport, and fully accepted his loss which is why he is now bald and sporting a base ball cap 99% of the time.

Ruairaidh attempting to digest his first massive meal

Lessons were learnt and much fun was had by Alpha 6. This has been an amazing phase and we have plenty of stories to catch everyone up on when we get home.

It’s on to our last and final phase next and we are all determined to make it as good as the last 7 weeks.

Alpha 6, Amy Sedghi, Out.


Anonymous said...

To Amy Sedghi

Hi Amy, loved the right up on Alpha 6, only just got it. Hope your having a great time a i'm sure you are. Say hi to everyone from me as i'm to lazy to write notes to everyone. Love R xxx

Anonymous said...

To Katie Fairburn
Fantastic to see more pics of you. The diving looked absolutely brilliant - we are all envious of you. We have just returned from our own small adventure, and Dad and Nicola managed to take more than 1000 photos in the 12 days! Hope your camera is doing as well as we want to see every detail of your time there. Can't believe your time in Borneo is coming to an end, but we are very excited at the thought of seeing you again. Nicola had some fantastic news whilst we were away - her GCSE results!! She got 3 A* 6 A's a C (for Spanish) and a Distinction in IT (equal to an A*) Brilliant results for our second brilliant daughter.What a clever Mum I must be to produce 2 geniuses!! WELL, stay healthy and let us know your plans. Hope you have found someone to stay on with for some relaxing time. Whatever you decide we will see you soon. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Nicola xxxx

James Haworth said...

For Amy Sedghi

Hey Amy,

You were right, I've been dying to know how you got on! You told me about the storeroom vs. hair debacle when we spoke, but it's good to see the story played out in pictures! Looking good in your bikini there!


James xxx

Katie Johnston said...

To Amy Edwards and Emma Hay
Finally, I have figured out how to work this damned blog. I miss you guys so so so so much!! Just heard you're coming home on Sunday- I was told earlier that you were gonna be ages so I am way behind- but fantastic news!
I'm SO SORRY I haven't written before- it's taken me this long to figure out how to write to you, I couldn't figure it out and I've tried like ten times. You can slap me across the face when you get back, and you can both expect a 'welcome home' card.
I have been watching your progress on Tracy's Facebook- she seems to know what she's doing and you both look like you've had the time of your lives- I expected nothing less.
You probably won't get this, but I feel so bad that I haven't been able to contact you before that I had to try.
Phone me when you can, I want to hear everything about it all!
As for me, Coldstream is Coldstream so it's been damned boring, but I got my result that I needed to go to Edinburgh and I also got my Grade 8 piano, which is a plus!
Love you both and miss you more than I can even write on here.
Katie J xxxxxxxxx

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