Sunday, 2 September 2012

Alpha 5 Stay Alive

Alpha 5 finished their last trek on Wednesday 22nd August in Long Pa Sia where they went on home stays and ate as much as they possibly could. With ten guys, most of whom were working on putting weight on during trek to three girls in the group; this was a lot of food!

The group slept through a bumpy three hour 4 x 4 journey followed by a long bus journey with a quick stop in Sipitang (for another snack) before eventually arriving at the beautiful Mamutik.  Their first night was pretty damp, with a storm blowing in however the camp on the island is pretty luxurious and so no one got wet – a nice change from trek.

I was lucky enough to visit the group on the island for two days, and lucky for me the sun was shining and the temperature perfect! Alpha 5’s days consist of not only ‘staying alive’ as their motto says but having a lot of fun doing it! Whether it’s in a dive theory lesson, snorkeling, diving, playing cards or just relaxing they seem to having a pretty good time!

Some of the boys requested physical training sessions with Ian – it seems trekking wasn’t exhausting enough for them! And so most afternoons, a selection of the group (depending on their energy levels that day) get training;

Petra has also become Raleigh’s newest hairdresser.  In phase 2 she shaved a very accurate  ‘Alpha 2’ into Conor’s head and in Alpha 5 she worked her magic on Ben who was starting to look a little straggly.

On my first evening with the group we attempted to find a trail which led to the other side of the island in order to see the sun setting. However we got distracted making humus and bread so missed the sunset by about ten minutes! We did make up for this in the morning with half the group waking up at 5.30am to watch the sun coming up over Mount Kinabalu. Anthony, who was very enthusiastic about getting up for the sun rise the previous evening, lost all enthusiasm at 5.15am. After attempts from three people to wake him, including tickling his feet we gave up and he missed it!

Elizabeth and Ian practiced their baking skills, making bread and a Malaysian desert of cinnamon, raison and honey dough balls. Needless to say these disappeared in seconds when the boys arrived back from diving!

A big congratulations goes to the divers in the group who have all passed their exams so will be planting coral on their last day before making their way back to the mainland for Endex.

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