Sunday, 12 August 2012

Alpha 1 Phase 2 have a great time in Komburongo.

By Rachel Thomas

By day we work on site (about a thirty second walk from our camp) and in the evenings we relax, get to know each other and interact with the local community.

Currently we are placing floorboards on the Kindergarten, and by the end of Phase 2 we hope to have the walls, stairs and veranda complete. It is hot work but with high team spirit and good music our time here so far has been amazing and great progress is being made!

Our water source is a river which is a twenty minute walk away so our work day also includes three or four us bringing jerry cans down to the river, filling them and bringing them back in a wheelbarrow. This is a big task as our drinking, showering and clothes washing water comes from this river so we need at least four jerry cans filled per day. The last part of the walk back to camp is a rather steep hill which takes at least four times longer to go up with a wheelbarrow full of jerry cans than it does to go down! However we all take turns doing this job, and we get to walk through the village to get there which is always a great experience.

 Ejim is a local who helps us a lot with the build. He helped initiate the project and although we cannot always understand what each other is saying it is reassuring to know that we are being kept right by both our PMs and the locals.

We work from 8am to 4pm with a break at 12pm for lunch at the hottest time of the day. You can often find a Venturer lazing in the ‘Reflection Hammock’, just a couple of metres away from our dining area. It’s a lovely place to relax and have a few minutes of quiet to chill out.

Free time

Our free time is spent in various ways, and for most of us it often revolves around food. This can range from purchasing snacks in the village shop, to trying new and exciting food from the weekly market or baking in the kitchen. So far we have made bread, including cinnamon and raisin bread and donuts, which were divine!  Ejim and his wife Rose also made us dinner on our first night here which was delicious!

After working on the site many of us go down to the village football pitch and have a game of football with the locals. We are currently considering an official Raleigh vs. Komburongo match but we definitely need a bit more practice before we propose this to the villagers. Our evenings usually end with competitive card games, infuriating logic puzzles and day reviews. However, the best ending to a hard day’s work is unquestionably ‘platform time’. This is when we go up to the Kindergarten and lie on the floor and look up at the beautiful stars which are clearer here than any of us have ever seen, and we quite often see shooting stars.  As excited as we are to progress with the build, ‘platform time’ will be sorely missed when the roof goes up.

We will also be giving weekly English lessons to the local children, which this week ended up in a game of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and a 12D favourite, 'Ninja'! This was great fun and really helped us get to know the local community.

Our next rest day (Sunday) will see us on the beach, just an hour’s trek away from camp. We will trek there on Saturday and spend the day playing games, swimming in the sea and experiencing more of Borneo’s stunning landscape. We will get to stay in a bamboo hut on the beach before making our way back to camp on Sunday afternoon.

May the good times last!


Gran and Gramps said...

Message for Chloe McFarlane 12I Alpha 10

Hi Chlo

G and G here!Hope you've been receiving the post cards. We're at Cambuskenneth today hopefully for tea with tomato sauce and hopefully no porridge on the menu! Mum has been reading out to us from the computer what tasks you are doing. It all sounds very interesting. When you come home you'll be able to write a book about everything. Can't believe how quickly the time has gone. You'll be back in civilisation before we know it after your great adventure. More postcards to follow. Lots of love G and G xxxxx

PS Cath from upstairs is always asking how you're getting on and sends her love.

Anonymous said...

for umit utku alpha 3

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bu arada umut bulut'uda galatasaray aldi, bugun fenerler macimiz vardi, super kupa icin, 3-2 yendik, o kupayi da aldik :) gollerin ikisinide umut bulut atti, guzel mac oldu, goruyorsun butun kupalari topluyoruz :) bu arada dun bir altin daha aldik taekwondo'da, simdi 2 altin, 2 gumus, 1 bronzla 32. sirada yer aliyoruz. usa 1. 104 madalyonla, chine 2. 87 gbr 3. oldu 65 medals'la. bugun kapanis toreni oldu, 1-2 hafta sonra paralympic oyunlar baslayacak. :) nasil gidiyor hayat orada? cok merak ediyorum ne yapiyorsun nasil geciyor, eminim gelince anlatacagin cok sey olacak, dinlemek icinde sabirsizlaniyorum. geriye sanki cok farkli bir umit gelecekmis gibi hissediyorum :) kesinlikle o gobegi orda birakacaksin ama bunu biliyorum :) ne yiyorsunuz oralarda, bocek falan sakin yeme haaa :) herkes cok ozledi, uzun zamandan beri yokmussun gibi, bugun resimlere bakiyordum oyle, sende vardin dogal olarak seni cok ozledigimi farkettim. hasanda gitti, bugun facebook'a resim koymus, gecende konusmustuk zaten gumushaneye hamama gidecegini soylemisti bana, hamamdan sonrada resim cekmis koymus, ama simdiden sIkIlmis, oyle diyor, mezireyede gitmek istemiyormus, ben gideyim ilk isim mezireye gitmek olacak :) bayramada bir hafta kaldi, zaman okadar cabuk geciyorki, insallah senin icinde oyledir, bizde yeni haberler yok, ayniyiz, herkes isinde gucunde oyle. eger nete girebilirsen bana yaz olurmu, senden haber almak guzel olur. seni cok opuyorum, kendine dikkat et, herkesin selami var. Allaha emanet ol, arzu xxxx

Anonymous said...

Alastair Graves
Hi Al (the panda)
D&D didn't qualify for Worlds finals. 8th out of 14. Strathendrick did get into final and then 9th. Long day for them and it was hot. (They had been 3rd in Euros in Belfast.)We were glad to be cycling in Trossachs rather than listening to pipes! What sacrilege! Field Marshall Monty won again.
Euan passed his driving test - first time too!
Enjoy Phase 3. I doubt letter from Slovenia has arrived yet. It will...Also photo collage sent today. MMs

Rob Daw said...

Hej Hej Max... stop lazing around in hospital and get back to work!!!!!! Huge hugs, Rob

Mrs Outerbridge said...

to the Bermuda venturers:

playing duck duck goose; Malcolm turned this around going the opposite direction. very humorous for the villagers. Enjoy and look forward to your return home in Sept.