Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Alpha 1 Opening Ceremony

Alpha 1 have worked their socks off this phase in order to complete the kindergarten, or community learning centre (CLC) in Kampung Komburongo. And they have done it!

Just six days ago the Loop visited Komburongo and the build was nowhere near finished. The painting had just begun, there was not yet a water tank and the inner walls were still to go up. With 5.30am wake up calls, bucket-loads of determination and quite a bit of paint Alpha 1 made amazing progress.

On Monday 27th August the CLC officially opened with a ceremony that had attendees including members of the community; some of the Raleigh Fieldbase team as well as Country Director, Mac; PACOS representatives and of course Alpha 1.

The team had spent the morning decorating the CLC and putting on the finishing touches. They were also dressed in traditional celebratory outfits, courtesy of the local grandmothers.

The day began with a speech from Ejim thanking Raleigh for their help with the build. Ejim began the process to get the CLC built by contacting PACOS and has been a big part of everyone in Alpha 1’s life. He and his brother Jimmen have worked with the Raleigh teams every day from day 1, with Jimmen being a skilled carpenter and Ejim having a vast knowledge of building they were a backbone to the project.
Simon then made a speech which was translated by Karlye Tam, who works with Raleigh KL. Simon has been on this project since Day 1 and so it has been very important to him to see it finished. Although every Alpha 1 team has worked hard, he wanted to express his thanks to the final Alpha 1 group who have pushed themselves over the last two weeks, getting up at 5.30am every morning and working as late as they could in order to get everything completed.
Mac and representatives from PACOS then made speeches and these were followed by gifts from the community to show their appreciation;

Entertainment followed the speeches with dancing from the Raleigh team. This was accompanied by traditional gong playing;

PACOS also gave a special performance with a bamboo orchestra;

And then finally, it was time to officially open the CLC, so here you go; this is what the Alpha 1 teams have been working on for the last 3 months.

The CLC will provide learning not only for young children but also for the adults in the Komburongo and surrounding communities.

So huge congratulations go to Simon, Adam and Emily, this phase’s PMs and to the Venturers; Amy, Euan, Fiona, Jermae, Bernice, Sabrina, Shaelay, Shin and Umit. Without them, this CLC would not have been completed.

Next up is Alpha 2’s Opening Ceremony, will they get the gravity water feed finished in time? Check back soon to find out!


Alastair Grantham said...

For Victoria Hutcheson.

FLUFFS- I get to see you in less than a week :):):):):):):).
Wow I can’t believe it’s nearly here. I can’t wait !!!!. That was a looonnnggg 10 weeks. Hope your ok and enjoyed the bear sanctuary.
Sent you a message already but it didn’t get posted so don’t know if you got it ?. Anyway just in case we don’t speak before back up plan for KL is to meet on other side of immigration. If that fails, meet at Macdonalds at 4 pm. Yep they have a Macdonalds, knew they would :). I’ll be in Brunei for 8 hours on Sunday so I’ll try and give you a call if you text me the number of someone who has taken a charger :).
Everyone at home is fine, your mum is missing you loads.
Have a fantastic last night with Raleigh and an amazing time in KK.

Love you little one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Anonymous said...

For: Annie Moss, Alpha 3

Hi Annie! I've received a wonderful letter from you this morning (29th Aug), thank you. I got really excited when I noticed it was your handwriting on the envelope, I was just expecting a short postcard!
Yeah I'm ok thanks, hope that you're well? Hope the Las Vegas themed party was good, you didn't gamble away too much did you? You're definitely being resourceful with making costume items.
The latest camp in Danum doesn't sound too bad then, the shower facilitates and electricity takes it a few steps up from D of E I suppose.
I enjoyed reading your last blog you wrote by the way. Good luck for the current task, I can't wait to hear all that you've been up to in person when you're back. Yep we will definitely have to meet up in Sept, we'll have to have our hot choco in Costa. Sound good? Been to the new Hive, you know we were on about it, actually really nice, you'll have to have a trip there.
I chuckled a bit when you said you'd seen Civit Cats because it reminded me of the news last week as there were sightings of a lion on the loose in Essex, they're still not sure if it was a hoax or not or what it was!
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for the Orangutan sighting before you come home. I'd have your raincoat out and ready, it's a horrible drizzly day today, still no extended summer to report of as of yet! You'll probably be glad of the cooler weather by the sound of it, you could try and bring a bit of better weather back with you though please.
Enjoy the rest of your expedition and looking forward to seeing the newly tanned Annie in person. Lots of love, Heather xxx

Dervla said...

Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,
Just a quicky note, I'm at work! Great to see the photo's I'll post them this evening.
I haven't time to read the blogg yet,

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,you are looking very well and tanned.Cant wait until you are home and we can hear about your Raleigh stories and the amazing time you are having.The kindergarden looks very impressive-congratulaions to all involved.Everyone here is well.Darryll and Steph are camping at the Steam Fair for the duration.Hanging out in the cider tent more like!!!Luci,Zana,Naddz and i are going to the Bournemouth Air Show at the beach tomorrow,supposed to be a sunny day.The Red Arrows have flown over this morning-always a sight to behold.Paul is in Manchester working until Friday.Take care of yourself,miss you. Lots of love Mum,Nannie,Paul and the rest of the Zimmermann,Forward and Taylor crew.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

David Archibald said...

For Euan Archibald

Final score Liverpool 1 Hearts 1. We scored with 7 minutes to play (Temps) but Suarez equalised with 3 minutes to play. Hearts were fantastic over both games

Great to speak to you today - enjoy the next few days