Saturday, 11 August 2012

All is well in Alpha 10!

By Philip Ryan (Photographer)

Since arriving at Coupe 1 via a bumpy ride in 4 x 4s Alpha 10 have been having a wild time! The group have made great progress with their environmental survey using a series of mist nets and humane traps. These are situated at the top of a very steep hill which we walked up three times a day to check what we had caught. Anything caught gets identified and recorded with the help of Phyllis, the environmental manager from the Asian Forestry Company(AFC).

Alpha 10 have wasted no time with the gazebo build either! All of the materials were carried up the same rather steep slope, which included wood, a generator and a septic tank.

Needless to say team work was a definite must here, and thankfully Alpha 10 are a dream team, so had no issues except a little sweatiness! Luckily the weather has stayed dry (unlike what we hear the UK has been experiencing) or progress would have been a lot slower. With the help of 'Super Simon' a local builder the gazebo was looking pretty impressive by the time I left. This gazebo will enable more research and further management of the Coupe 1 area.

Dinner time has been the main highlight of the day so far, with creativite cookery competitions going on regularly. The most impressive dishes made while I was there were most definitely pizza and chips, and peach crumble with lumpy custard, all baked in the retro Raleigh army ovens!

Changeover is next week so hopefully we will get more updates then before the groups head off on their Adventure Challenge.


Pam McFarlane said...

Message for Chloe McFarlane 12I, Alpha 10.

Hi Chlo! Just been reading about progress at Coupe 1. I am so envious. I'd love to have been doing that kind of project. Have you got over your fear of snakes and wood elves yet! Not long now till changeover and that will be just so much fun. In the photos you appear to be wearing the same T shirt and shorts since your arrival. You have clearly gone native and thrown aside materialistic things haha - hope it lasts! You did so well with your exams Chlo. Dad and I are thrilled for you. That hard work at the end really paid off. I've been keeping on top of your college and uni stuff so no need to worry about any of that. Everyone sends their love and are so proud of your exploits.

Keep thinking of that chicken Chasni!

Loads of love, hugs and kisses and VET and chicken chasni

Pammy xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Laura Livingston Alpha 10
Hi laura. At last pictures of Alpha 10. Its so nice to see you on some of the pictures . There is a picture of you cooking. I wonder what you are cooking. You are doing sooooooooooo well and we are so proud of you . Keep up the good work. Dad and I have been to see nana and grandad and grandma today they are all very well and enjoying following you on the blog.
We also popped into see David and Karen and they were asking after you. Matt is in Paris this weekend. Flicks is very well and is always curled up in his bed except when hes not which isnt very often lol . I had a good morning on friday at the library. Dad is starting on his third week at work. Your bed is waiting patiently for you . I bet you are looking forward to sleeping in it lol
All our love and hugs mum and dad and flicksxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emily Condley said...

Taleesha Gheewala
Exeditions 12D Alpha 10

Hi Tali!

Hope you are still having a fab time!
Been looking at the photos and looks as though you are having fun and are very busy!!
So continue to enjoy it and cant wait to hear everything!

Missing you!
lots of love
Emily xxxxx

Becky Martin and Charlie Leffler said...

For: Tom Grant (12I alpha 10)
From: Becky Martin and Charlie Leffler

Hi Tom!

We've just seen a lovely photo of you in some kind of wilderness with your cheeky grin on your face, so that's a definite good sign! We all went out as a group but you were missing, we all missed you! Wish you were here, Tom. We hope you're being know that's how we roll! We're both very jealous and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Bet you're enjoying climbing all of those trees, you can take your pick there!
Take care and keep up the good work. Miss you!!

Becky and Charlie

Karen Pratt said...

For Isobel Pratt Apha 10

Got very excited when I saw a blog from alpha 10 but sadly not a single picture of you....I presume you're chilling in your hammock whilst everyone else is out climbing the very steep hill!! Been almost 3 weeks now.....hoping to see your smile when you're back at base camp. You really are in the middle of nowhere, is it amazing.

We head to Henley on Wednesday & Croyde on Friday - more rain forecast. Olympics end tomorrow, amazing GB medal haul. MISS YOU can't wait to hear all your amazing stories, what an adventure, LOVE YOU xxxxx

Marina Rietschel said...

To Carl Rietschel
We love the photographs. You look so happy with tools in your hand, useful gloves- we hope.
Well, you seem to aquire skills that might come very handy in our "djungle"...
Keep going strongly.
Charlotte comes home next Friday.
We are proud of you.
Lots of love
Mama and Papa

Anonymous said...

For Chloe McFarlane (12I Alpha 10)
Hi Chlo! Brilliant to see your pictures and read about your exploits - also was amused to read your letter home on an earlier blog.. Looks like you are all having a wonderful time - look forward to hearing all about it when you get home.

Lots of luv Allie & Sandy

Dave G said...

Hey Cammy, Glad you are having a great adventure.
You will be delighted to learn that MCFC beat Chelsea Today in the Community Shield.

The Olympics has been incredible with Team GB coming 3rd in the medals table behind USA and China .
We have got 29 Golds !!!!

Spak to you when you get back mate. Its LFS V MCFC next weekend so I won't be speaking to you if you win !!! XX

Light Up East Africa said...

Taleesha Gheewala Alpha 10

Today we had Ba's surprise 80th and it was amazing! she was so surprised and happy :). She's looking forward to coming home as well. Enjoy! Already planning a champagne brunch for you and Esh.
Love you
p.s. you look funny/cute in a safety helmet and goggles... :)

Neil said...

Message for Chloe McFarlane;

Hi Chlo,

Looks like you are having fun. Well done with the exams pal, good effort. Keep living the dream.



Marina Rietschel said...

Für Carl Rietschel
Papa hat Deine Notizen gefunden, wir haben uns sehr darüber gefreut. Nett, dass Du an uns denkst. Gibt es auch Schnecken auf Borneo oder sind die alle in unserem Garten?
Nach Bad Saarow arbeiten wir gerade "freiwillig" an einem launigen Text für die Clubzeitung. How hard can it be ?
Hier ist endlich Sommer eingekehrt, aber die Erdbeerzeit geht leider schon zu Ende.
Liebe Grüße
Mama und Papa

Anonymous said...

For bernard eng alpha 10
finally there are some pictures of you! glad to see that you are enjoying yourself. raya is coming soon and daniel will be here for 2 weeks break. He rcvd your postcard. :-) miss u so so much. take care~~~


Neris Morris said...

for Gwen Morris, expedition 12I, group Alpha 10.
Hi Gwen,
Just gweud helo yn gyflym. Wedi gweld llun ohonot yn dishgwl yn llafurus iawn, yn fishi`n adeiladu´r gazebo!! gobitho dy fod yn dal i gal amser gwych. Ni´n 2 yn great, a phawb yn iawn shathre. cofia dynnu llwyth o lunie; ffili aros am catch_up miwn cwpwl o wythnose. Joia! Caru ti cymaint, Mam a Dad xxxx

Amanda Hansford said...

Ellie Hansford Alpha 10

Hello Ellie,
I thought I posted a comment yesterday but it hasn't appeared; I blame dad's fancy phone. Hope you're having a wonderful time. It was so lovely to see a couple of photos of you. It must be a really interesting project to work on. Have you had a go at cooking yet? I'm looking forward to some culinary skills when you come home and perhaps you could build us a tasteful gazebo at the end of the garden?

Dad and I got back from Mallorca yesterday. We had a lovely time but my goodness Palma was hot and humid (obviously nothing compared to what you're experiencing and we weren't carrying heavy objects up a steep hill - but still, it took a lot of effort to walk to the bar for a gin and tonic!) Dad dutifully trailed round the Cathedral, art galleries, churches etc. but your company was much missed.

Edward and crew were fine while we were away and I think the house was cleaner than before we went. We started having the new kitchen floor put down today and Kala is rather alarmed by the whole process and won't walk on it. I think she'll have to sleep in the sitting room tonight. Ed says to tell you he's been looking after Kala as well as possible although she's clearly moping without you.

I won't write you another letter as it may not arrive in time but I will be in touch on the blog again.

Everyone sends loads of love and we're all missing you madly.

All our love
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

to matthew white alpha 9

hi matthew look at blogg every day havent seen any up dates on your group hope you are ok, im sure you are. i know you said you were going to a remote village so messages prob take longer to get through. think of you every day and wonder. what you are doing . On a differrent note , having trouble stopping ollie and eva wearing your clothes. Even had to stop your dad going out wearing one of your shirts cause it was two sizes too small!
Maggie wants to have a get together with all the family before you go back to uni.She sends. her love.
going to go now as ollie is in the loft looking for something and sure as eggs are eggs he will put his foot through the ceiling! love you and miss you . P.s Bubbs still breathing ollie only just , eva is a diva, dad is victor meldrew, and me as always happy go lucky! byb for now love mama white x x xpri

Anonymous said...

Hi Tali!!

Sorry I haven't posted on here since Emily and I did a while back! I've been away in France on the uni choir was interesting...lots of gossip to tell you when you're back! :) I am certain you are having a wonderful time out there - cherish every moment because soon you will be back in boring lectures and moaning about Ben Hall! But dont worry because my smiling face will be there to help you through it! :) Missing you lots and lots.

Love Becca xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s. I have saved that picture of you in a hard hat and goggles for future leverage... ;P

Rosie Ward said...

I hope you're having a wonderful time, it looks like it! I've been keeping up with photos and everything and i'm thinking of you.
'Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do.'- a book i'm reading at the moment.
Stay safe Tals,
we all miss you.
Love Rosie xxxxx

Charlotte Rietschel said...

To Carl Rietschel,

Loving the pics!! hahaha that helmet :P The Olympics have finished now and I am chilling/recovering hahaha! London has been amazing! Don't know what to do now that there are no more Olympics on TV! haha
Hope you're still having a good time :) are you actually IN the rainforest? and what are you doing next?
halte uns auf dem laufenden wenn du kannst!
ganz viele grüße!
Ps. Der Swag ist sowas von aufgedreht ;)

Catherine Wilson said...

Hello Tom (grant alpha 10)

I had thought i posted a comment when this blog came out but hasnt seemed to have shown up :( anyhoos i shall write it again if i remember all of it lol!
I hope everything is going ok :) was really nice to see photos of you :) Looking very tanned :D
Forgot to say i saw your mum the other day to give her the hairdye and we all (charlie becky phil lucy etc ) came round too thats how charlie broke he ladder lol! Watched the closing ceremony of the olympics the other night, i enjoyed it :) muse on played one song :( elbow played 2 and queen were good although jessie J sang we will rock you and kiiiillllled it!
week and a bit before you are home! so excited to see you :) urgh going to have to dash getting up for work :( zzzz
Anyhoos i still miss you mazillions and love you very much :)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Stay safe!

susie lacroix said...

Hey Cameron.

Great to see you all featuring in what looks like some seriously hard work. Did you have to get all that stuff up the steep hill in high temperatures - sounds sweaty!! Been down to Bath and seen Trid who is on good form. Peter is back from New Zealand and all go on The Hobbit now. Who does the cooking? Do you all share? How many locals are you spending time with? Any more new strange animals? V jealous and missing you like mad. let me know what you want to eat when you get home! before you head off to the 'Highlands!" Results tomorrow so will ring them through to Joshua in Head Office. Hopefully will all be good news. Everything crossed!!! love you and miss you loads. Mum. xxx

Bruce Walker said...

For Chloe McFarlane

Hey Chlo! Its Brucetifer here :D Hope your having an awesome time, you are sorely missed my friend! Tones of things are going on here, all of which im sure you will be grateful you missed when you find out hahaha Lauren and Jems want me to pass on that they really miss you and look forward to seeing you! and Caleb said... well actually I can't really repeat what Caleb said hahaha it was a warm hearted/ vulgar expression as you can imagine! Anywayss hope your enjoying yourself and we are all looking forward to your return!

Lots of love Bruce and the young team! x

JP said...

Hi Isobel
We've been looking for you in the forest but no luck yet.
What dense undergrowth, with lots of bugs no doubt.
Are you taking the pictures?
It's all breathtaking and still more to come!
See you soon
N & G xxx

TP said...

You’d better get your photo into an Alpha 10 blog soon or people will begin to think you’ve been eaten!
Thinking of you and waiting for the next blog!
Grandpa xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen,
Edrych ymlaen i dy weld a cael clywed yr hanes. Wedi cael canlyniadau gret yn dy arholiadau Saesneg a, cymraeg a, hanes b, drama b. Da iawn ti a dathliadau mawr pan ddoi di 'nol.
mam a nobyn

Anonymous said...

Message for Chloe Alpha 10

FANTASTIC Chloe I'm really impressed, can't wait for your 3 hour presentation on your experiences when you get back (no powerpoint allowed). Keep strong, keep up the good work, you'll appreciate it!.
From Da Godfather (Gordon) xxx

Anonymous said...

For Kate Fleetwood
Think it is you but only a side view - could you get on a few pictures ! Great to hear from you today - sounds ace - hope next 2 weeks are fun. Results are fab . All looking sweaty work .
Love you mum xx

Anonymous said...

for Gwen Morris 12i Alpha 10
Hi Gwen, just moyn gweud llongyfs mawr! Dad wedi hala e-bost a blog i ti ddo, gobitho gei di nhw asap. Canlyniade gwych! siwr bo ti´n hapus, ac yn haeddu fe. Ni´n iawn, y gwch mas o´r dwr pnawnma, a hedfan shathre pnawn sul. Welwn ti wthnos i fory yn Llunden, am lot fawr o glecs. Wedi siarad da Dodo ddo, Dad wedi siarad da Taid,a roi gwbod am yr arholiade i´r teulu.
Joia´w wthnos ola - beth bynnag yw "adventure" ar ol popeth chi wedi bod yn neud!!!

Caru ti llwythi.

Mam a Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Carl Rietschel (alpha 10)

Hey, I just got back home from australia after a tiring flight. Couldn't get any sleep on the plane, somehow the woman behind me insisted on opening the window thus blinding me with sunlight and there was a screaming baby a few seats away. Though I must say, I can't be anywhere near as tired as you are now in the jungle, given that all I did was sit on a plane for 9 hours trying to sleep :P And I got your letter which, judging by the date on the stamp, might have sat in my mailbox for at least a week now lol but thanks, it lightened up my slightly grumpy, sleep-deprived mood considerably. Although not for long, since I had trouble deciphering your handwriting...haha jk Know you were probably knackered when you wrote it. I gather that you've adjusted to the living environment now since you wrote the letter and I think you've finished your project now and just the adventure week left! Have loads of fun and I'll see you in (almost precisely) a week!!

Anonymous said...

Laura Livingston Alpha 10

Hi laura,
Havent heard anything for a few days now on the blog so thought we would send another comment.
All is still going well here. Everyone is fine. Nana and grandad and grandma send their love.
Steve was asking about you today, he looked on the blog and saw you.
We hope you are keeping well. You will be going of treking in the jungle soon , I bet you are looking forward to that. Bit more interesting than a walk around glebe lol. Matt is back from paris.
He is doing well. Flicks is well and is sticking to his normal routine.

All our Love and a big hug xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmum mum. dad and flicks

neris morris said...

for Gwen Morris Alpha 10

Hi Gwen,

Ddim yn siwr os gei di hwn, ne falle'n rhy hwyr! Dad a fi shathre, ma Jeff a fi yn ishte wrth y cyfrifiadur nawr, yn dishgwl dros y llunie i gyd ohonoch - profiad amaizing!! Pawb yn fine, dim clecs. pawb yn dishgwl mlan i weld ti a chal yr hanes i gyd. Joia'r dyddie dwetha, a siwrne dda adre.

Mam, Dad a Jeff. xxxxxxx