Friday, 3 August 2012

12I Vs have been allocated and deployed!

After five days of training and getting to know their Delta groups it was time to put the Venturers new found skills to use. On Friday morning the last training session was completed and the V's sat down in their Delta groups for the last time. From here on in they would be in brand new Alpha teams ready to deploy to their project sites.

So this is what you've been waiting for, where is everyone going for the next three weeks?

Alpha 8: Gravity Water Feed in Kampung Borobi
PMs Helen and Angela

Chirag Shah, Claire Ball, Emma Harfield, Fionna Tan, Fraser Morrison, Gabriella Shaw, George Lloyd, Hannah Tomsett, Manjuli Ramani, Neil Mandell, Olivia Ourabi, Cecelia Carnell, Eilidh Cowan, Razwana Quadir

Alpha 9: Gravity Water Feed and House Build in Kampung Banbagan
PMs Alice, Andrew and Emma

Ashley Winter, Daryl Goh, Declan Cook, Flora McCall, Janice Wei ying Lye, Emily Fisher, Katie Batchelor, Krysrell Chiu, Matthew White, Nathalie Phillips, Rebecca Allen, Xia Shuen Quek

Alpha 10: Rainforest Survey and Gazebo Build
PMs Nicolo and Jason

Bernard Eng Khim Sheng, Carl Rietschel, Eleanor  Hansford, Gwen Morris, Isobel Pratt, Jaillin Bates, Laura Livingston, Tabitha Kaye, Taleesha Gheewala, Tom Grant, Cameron Rogers, Kate Fleetwood, Chloe McFarlane.

The Alpha's all had an early start with their buses deploying at 6am on Saturday morning. However, everyone was up, had breakfast and were ready to go by 5.30am. All groups have safely arrived at their project sites, are setting up camp and getting ready to start work.

I will round up as much information as possible over the radio so tune in soon so see how everyone is getting on!


Marina Rietschel said...

To Carl Rietschel,
nice smiles from group Alpha 10. Building a Gazebo reminds me of JeremyClarkson and James May bickering over the building of a shed. "Don't forget to name your tools...."
Love from

Anonymous said...

To George Lloyd
So the elite mighty Alpha 8 it is then? Really pleased that you got the community GWF project as we know that what you liked the sound of - hope it lives up to expectations. You seem to be heavily outnumbered by girls in your team, is that good or bad? we're not sure. We're all okay here, business is quiet because everyone's watching the olympics instead! Might as well join them.
Love Mom, Dad, Grace & Alfie xx

Betsy Mandell said...

Neil Mandell 12I Alpha 8

Hi Neil
We're sure that you are having an amazing time and enjoying the life of luxury in jungle! Everyone is fine here. We're addicted to the Olympics and can't wait to go to the athletics on Sunday. Have a wonderful time and long may the early mornings continue! Love Mum & Dad

Toby Pratt said...

For Isobel Pratt, hey it's toby how are you doing. Hope you are having a good time and are loving it. We are all missing you.
From Toby x0x0

Toby Pratt said...

For Isobel Pratt, Hey Isobel it's Toby how are you doing. Hope you are loving it. We are all missing you including me :)
Love From Toby xoxo

Charlotte Rietschel said...

Hi Carl Rietschel,

Go Team Aplha 10!!! :) I'm intrigued as to what "rainforest survey and gazebo build" actually means :P haha! Mum says... "how hard can it be?" hahahahahhahhahaaa! I left you a long comment last night on the other blog post, hope you get to read it! Muss jetzt aber noch Wäsche aufhängen und dann zur Arbeit zischen! Machs guuut :)


Ps. Gegenüber von dem Hotel wo ich arbeite ist so ein anderes Hotel das dazu gehört und da hatten wir Training. Da hängen schöne Bilder von London, unter anderem auch eins von deiner Schule :) Fand ich nett!

Anonymous said...

Laura livingston

Hi laura, you got the rainforest, which is what you wanted. Wheeeeeeee
New in acomb . Mr haw haw is moving house lol .Thats it for news on acomb. We are doing well in the Olympics. Saw you in the Alpha 10 picture , just your face peeking round , but saw you anyway. Always great to see pictures of you.
Hope the project is going well. Hope you are finding the food good and that you are managing to sleep well.
Everyone well this end . I think sue said she had posted you a comment . Talked to her yesterday.
Matt is working hard , and he is well
Lots and lots of love and a huge hug dad and mum and flicks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Isobel Pratt Alpha 10

Hope you're having an AMAZING time!! Been very weird not having you home,but you'll be glad to know you're clothes are being put to good use and aren't just sitting there ;) also Libby wants me to let you know that she's getting very hungry as its your turn to feed her..

But yeah, hope you're having lots of fun and making loads of new friends :) we've been watching loads of the Olympics and went up to Hyde park the other day to watch it on the big screens and 'get some of the atmosphere' as mummy put it, and we got to see the feeling live which was good :P gb aren't doing too bad in the medal table and are coming 4th :)

Miss you loads and can't wait to see you when you're back!

Lots of love, ellie xxx

Peter Bligh said...

For JOSH BLIGH Expedition 12D
ALFA 6 Group (Diving).
Dear Josh - I know you will have had a wild time & be partying at the end - near your Birthday - and I hope you have got my posts that I made before - without group reference so I hope they did get through. Toby & Mum are in the Lake District and I am beavering away in Bristol (Missing you all) I am looking forward to meeting you at Heathrow despite the early hour and will meet you off the plane as you wont have a mobile phone and its a big place to try and find each other in. We are of course sad not to have you all to ourselves on your birthday but will make up for it when you get back.
Anyway son I know you will have made the most of a wonderful place like BORNEO - just soak in the culture and wonderful people there. Big hug from me on your Birthday CANT WAIT to see you XXXXX DAD

David Allen said...

For Rebecca Allen (12I Alpha 9)

Hi we hope you are having a good time. We have been following the blog postings and have been pleased to see a few photos of you. We are having a lovely holiday and have visited the beach again where you buried your shoes 20 years ago - regretably they have still not turned up! Lots and lots of love. Mum and Dad x

Mollie Grant said...

Raleigh Borneo, Rainforest Survey and Gazebo Build. Alpha 10.
Dear Tom Grant,

I hope you are having an amazing time! I miss you so so much, while you're out there in the rainforests doing what you do best (being all outdoorsey) I'm still travelling America. I'm going to Peurto Rico in 4 weeks, and then after that I get to reunite with my awesome brother! I don't like saying this, but what you're doing is amazing and I am so proud of you. I think you're brilliant. Cat is missing you terribly as well! What brilliant kids our mum's got ey ;) I really really hope you're having the time of your life, and staying safe! I'm so excited to see you again, its been 2 months already since I last saw you :( but anyway, I'm sure you're busy and don;t have time to read my lame messages but just know that I love you millions! Like seriously, you're ace. Loads and LOADS of love all the way from Boston Massachusetts, the best sister in the world xxxxxxx Mollie Grant

Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas
Hope you are well and enjoying your trip, we are all missing you lots and looking forward to seeing you all bronzed and rippling muscles!!
See you soon
Love Nan and Grandad xxxxx

Michael Gallagher said...

Hi Ashley winter
Alpha 8
hey hunnie i see your have been picked to build a water thing lol i hope your diy inproves for when we get our flat together . Your looksing well in the pictures , i am missing you so much hunnie . wee lilly is 2ft now and is weighing at 13lbs i think lol but she still hasnt walked yet how dull is that i really thought shed be pulling my sisters hair out by now . well chin up babe and i am so proud of you babe i love you so much and i miss you so much i left you a few voice mails ... please be safe . love tin man xxx

Anonymous said...

To George Lloyd
Happy 19th Birthday son. We're all thinking of you and wishing you a really special day. Hope you get to celebrate your birthday and that the little birthday box we gave you is still in one piece.
Love Mom, Dad, Grace & Alfie xxx

David Clarke said...

Hi Flora McCall

Alpha 9 sound impressive - a GWF AND a house build and all in three weeks!?! I'll line up lots of diy jobs in Winchcombe for when you come home - just so you don't miss all the activity too much.

We had your letter - that's brilliant and it sounds such good (if grubby) fun. There's also a great photo of you right at the top of the blog laughing like a drain - will distribute to grannies etc.

Today Gus goes to PGL, and we get a few days without the little tyrant - mainly in Winch. I haven't heard from LIv or anyone - I wonder if they know about the blog - perhaps I'll make sure.

We secured the Estria Road House - so more diy projects there for you when you've finished in Winchcombe!

Anyway - we miss a hugely, and we look forward to more blog photos of you guffawing shortly!

Lots and lots of love Dad, Mum, Gus and Dougal (fresh back from falling repeatedly in the canal).xxxxx

Karen Cowan said...

Hi Eilidh (Alpha 8). Glad to know what you're up to at last. Georgia and I are getting ready for Jennifer's 21st tonight. John n Daniel are of to the 1st game of the Season and Scott's in bed!! Normal Cowan Saturday. Missing you lots but hoping you are having an amazing time. Be safe. All our love Mum, G n boys. Xxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Gwen Morris Alpha 10,

Maer trip yn edrych yn ffantastic, wedi gweld dy lun yn torri coeden a croesi-r afon yn y jungle. Gobeithio dy fod yn hapus gyda-r grwp amgylcheddol. Mae dy fam a minnau dal yn Portugal ac yn edrych ymlaen i dy weld a cael yr holl hannes.
Colli ti yn barod
Mam a Nobyn

Neris Morris said...

for Gwen Morris, expedition 12I, group Alpha 10.
Hi Gwen, Have been "sending" lots of messages, but don´t think I quite got the blog thing until now! Typical.Sorry!!
Gobitho bo ti´n cal amser da, wedi cwrdd a lot o bobl diddorol a ffein. Wrth ein bodd yn gweld llunie ohonot, wastod yn gwenu, felly´n joio weden i. Wedi darllen bo ti ar y cywaith Amgylchedd, gobitho nad wyt yn meindo am hyn - Dad yn gweud bydd yn amazing. Ni 2 yn cal amser great, er yn dawel iawn hebddot a gweld ishe ti. Yn Vilamoura nawr. Pawb ok shathre, dim news. Gobitho gei di´r post wrthom hefyd.Dishgwl mlan i gal y clecs i gyd am y bwyd, cysgu, tai bach etc etc - profiad anhygoel.
Caru ti cymaint. Gwna dy ore, a joia bob muned. Gweld ti cyn hir.Mam a Dad xxxx

Catherine Wilson said...

Hi Tom (Grant Alpha 10)
Not sure if i am about to post my 5th comment on this blog because i tried writing a comment on my phone and half way through it kept saying it had been uploaded so i apologise if i look abit of a tool!
I hope everything is going ok and you are well :) Not much to report with the exciting life i lead! We have about 26 medals (i think) in the Olympics and are 3rd on the leader board :) Work is going preeeeetty boringly! I am seeing becky and everyone in the swan on tuesday (14th) so i will update them with how amazingly you are doing! Still missing you gazillions! Very proud of you :) I hope your rainforest survey and gazebo build goes well! I'm sure it will :) I have nearly finished season 4 scrubs :D i did watch the last scenes of the finale which ruined it as i know what happens now but hey ho :) Hope you have been taking lots of photos and your camera is ok :)

Can't wait to see you again :) Love you very much!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Stay safe!

Sarah Robertshaw said...

For Alison George:

I had a dream you came home last night and when I woke up I was really sad that it wasn't true. Can't wait to see you and hope you are making the most of your last week over there - I'm sure you are! SO excited to see you and hear all about what you've been doing.
Take care and enjoy your last week, lots and lots of love xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Cam! Looks hot ! OLYMPIC UPDATE ......Team GB are killing it 15+ Golds ,3rd in the standings .....Bored with the national anthem we hear it so often !!!

Miss you like mad .Hope the mosses hate you in a good way !!!
Love ya
Mum XX

Deborah Shrieves said...

hi Ashley Winter alpha 9 hope you are doing well im so proud of you biulding a house and walter hole hopefully you will come home with yet more amazing friends make the most of your expirence baby and i will look forward to seeing you and your pics when you get home love ya miss ya mum xx

Anonymous said...

to matthew white alpha 9
hello matthew been following blogg a task for me as you know dont do computers thats nothing compared to the task you and your fellow adventurers are on and want you to know how proud we are of you.
still missing you loads, Bubbs still breathing, OLLIE still breathing , Eva still moaning, Dad still snoring and me my lovely self of course! keep bug free, love you lots Mum, Dad, Ollie and Eva x x x

Rosie Dunphy said...

For Freddie Dunphy Alpha 5

Hi Freds,

Can't wait to see you in 6 days time. You won't believe how much we've missed you but so excited to hear about all your Raleigh experiences.
Can't see any info on your latest Alpha group but imagine you're having a great time.

Lots of love Mum, Dad, Georgia Rob and Hugo xxxx

Anonymous said...

To david campbell

OH MY GLOB i lumping miss you lol
lick my loafers, debbie xxxxxxx

Deirdre O'Connor said...

To Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona, Looks like you are on the trip of a lifetime. I stayed in your lovely comfy bed last night with that memory foam mattress - I hope it doesn't memorize my shape otherwise when you come home you could fall into it and not be seen for days. Usain Bolt for president! Keep safe, Deirdre

Anonymous said...

For Helen Nuttall,
Hope you're having an amzing time still. Not missing civilaisation too much! Am following the blog and am enjoying reading about everyones adventures - although you need to have a word with the photographer, nowhere near enough pictures of you :)
Am off to Croatia tomorrow and am very excited. Dissertation is going well also. Good luck for the rest of your trip, and I hope you're keeping those adventurers of yours in line!
Miss you so much,
Love Joe xxx

Anonymous said...

Emma Harfield - Alpha 8
Just to let you know we have arrived safely in Sorrento. Some sunshine at last. There is at least some shining gold in the uk in the Olympics. We've won loads of gold and are third at the moment in the table. It's been good to see some more pictures of you. You look so happy on that Hammock, we will make sure the bed is moved out before you come back. Been to beach today and Pompeii tomorrow. Missing you and Love You Very Much. Love Mum, Dad, Jodie and Joel xxxx

EeSuen said...

For Xia Shuen Quek Alpha 9

OMG DUCKIE!! So ALPHA 9 it is!! FINALLY IM ABLE TO SEE SOME PICTURES OF YOU!! took me some time to search for you in all the pictures they'd posted! WE MISS YOU DAMN ALOT! So you're building the gravity water feed and house in Kampung Banbagan?! I bet it'll be a mental and physical challenge for you and your groupmates! Have fun, enjoy your adventure and know that we ARE WATCHING you! hehehe! Oh, I saw someone wearing a Seafield's PJ shirt? GOOOD THAT THERE'S SOMEONE FAMILIAR FROM HOME. hahaha! Oh, me, carmen, mich and wj just came back from 30hr famine yesterday! know that while you are there contributing for the people physically, we are contributing for them here mentally and spiritually as well! something to be happy for? :D Oh oh, snd DID THAT BIG bird steal your lunch?? OMG I WANNA KNOW!!! FOOD FIGHT with a bird must be EXCITING! and tiring? Hahahaha!

Okay, I think it's time for me to stop babbling! Miss you A lot. Please take good care of yourself, be careful and have fun!

Awesome Ee Suen from Home xoxo

Anonymous said...

Taleesha Gheewala Alpha 10

Ok I tried to send a message earlier but I got confused so not sure if it actually got sent to you!
Was just wishing you much love and well done for staying on! Shame Dadima won't pay for ANY flight only your early return, we could have gone on a free holiday...

Chet and Fam said...

For Chirag Shah, Alpha 8

Hey Chig!
Hope you are good. Hope the Jungle is treating you well! Mum wrote a long message the other day but i don't think it got through. So here my version, sorry if you get the same thing twice!

We enjoy getting the blog posts and seeing your pics! You look happy! Hope you are having fun! Good that you got the GWF project that you wanted. Everyone keeps asking about you and how your getting on!

We're all okay! Same old! Spent the whole weekend watching Olympics! As you prob heard GB doing are well!
Also had Saaj, Son and Avni came over at the weekend- I missed your looking after skills! Funniest thing, Sonam added a password to the ipad and tried to make out it was Avni! loool.

Be safe and enjoy the rest of your experience!
Miss you lots,
Dad, Mum, Me & Kanchan Faiba! xxxxx

Clarissa ourabi said...

Hi Liv,

Hope you are well and enjoying your community project. We are in majorca and having fun. Got the message about your results from raleigh and we will do. can't wait for you to come hoem miss you lots.

Love mum and dad.

indra singam said...

hai manjuli-Alpha 8

have been sending msgs--but i see none posted-may b i dont get the way 2 do so?
how abt U? all goin well?
thinking of you several times a day-esp since no news and no updates by Raleigh.
wish they cd add more fotos- i see others online.
take care and all the best .lots of miising u hugs!--aunty indra + Naelan

Anonymous said...

to matthew white alpha 9

hellow matt no stopping me now on the computer can get to blogg in seconds now , tpying takes somewhat longer average half an hour per message getting quicker! received your letter yesterday which did make me very emotional wanted to give you a big hug and cook your favorite dinner! do that when you get back. nannie, grandad nanna send their love. keep on going. you can do it! bubbs still breathing . love you loads mum xxx

Marina Rietschel said...

To Carl Rietschel,
couldn't see the blog last weekend because we were in Bad Saarow. Hope you are fine- enjoying the experience.
Charlotte got lucky today with an ticket to the Olympic Stadium to watch athletic action. She was over the moon....
We all would love to hear from you and keep searching for more photos.
All the best

Phil Shaw said...

For Gabriella Shaw Delta 10.

Hi Gabster,
Sorry if you get this twice but I think I might have posted it on the wrong page!! I'm just cray!!!
What a wonderful surprise it was today when we got your letter! It was great to hear from you and to hear what a fantastic time you're having. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time there just as much, and I can't wait to see you and hear all about it.
Love you tons my darling and I'll see you in a couple of weeks.
Love you,
Dad xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

F.A.O. D. T. Cook (αIX):

boys all gone parents driving batty STOP nobody drinking UHT fridge overflowing STOP paladog game deleted am distraught STOP Olympic cycling overdose STOP send help asap STOP P.S. S.Sudan start October

D. C. Cook

Anonymous said...

taleesha gheewala-alpha10

Hey tali,

How are you? Your friends trying to get in touch n they say its confusing to post a comment although i have had no comments! It looks like you having fun, Dad says you can build the swimming pool cover when back as you have the experience! I am going to be in London for 4 days attending Baa's80th surprise party. Then I will bring her home. Love you loads. Miss you Mum

Anonymous said...

to taleesha gheewala alpha 10

hey gal, u missed all the Olympics action.....but since i know you love sports soooo much, i've recorded it all for you to see....
all of 90 hrs. hahaha love dado xx

Anonymous said...

laura Livingston A10

Hi laura. I wonder how it is going on your project. Have not had a blog from alpha ten for ages it seems. I keep looking at the older pictures of you. Cannot wait for fresh pictures. It seems ages you have been away. Missing u soooooooo much .
Starting at acomb library on friday morning . Dads still enjoying work. Gwen is still looking at your blogs. Matts is well and is training people in manchester this week. Went over to see nana and grandad yesterday tue. and went to lightwater valley to look at the shops. Grandma is well. Felix is being a good boy .
I am going to harrogate today to have my hair done. We have sent you a postcard. wonder wether it gets to you on time ? Anyway enjoy what ever you are doing now , im sure you are . hope you are keeping well.
Love you such alot xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmum and dad

Clarissa Ourabi said...

Liv Ourabi - Alpha 8.

Hi sweetie, hope you are well and that the heat is not getting to you too much. It sounds like you are having a great time- your letters came and Gabs read them to us. The bugs and heights and everything seems totally mad. It is great that you are getting on with everyone as it must be so hard to be out there.

Take care and we will speak again soon.

Love you lots mum and dadxxxxx

Neris Morris said...

for Gwen Morris Alpha 10

Hi Gwen, Dad a fi mewn inernet cafe yn Olhao, just tu fas i Faro, ni newydd ffindo dy neges di,xcted or wot! fantastic i glywed wrthot!Falch bo ti´n cal amser mor dda, mae´n swno fel bo ti wrth dy fodd. rwy wedi darllen negeseuon pawb, busneslyd fel arfer!! Ni´n cal amser da yr wthnos yma, wedi anchoran, a dad wedi chwythu´r tender lan, a chael yr injan i witho, so elli di ddychmygu´r fuss sy da fi bob tro ma ishe dringo i´r tender a mynd i´r lan~ but getting the hang of it, fel ma nhw´n gweud!Lot o sbri. Ma Dad yn ffonio i checo ar taid bob cwpwl o ddyddie, a rwy´n cysylltu gyda Dodo a Ron, Jeff a Sandra withe, ar y txt; pawb yn fine. Dodo a Ron yn trial yn rili galed i ddeall y blog, gobitho allan nhw hala rywbeth atat.Heb txto Del ers iddynt ddod shathre, ond Dodo´n gweud gethon amser great. Cymer ofal a joia; chats hir, hir, hir cyn hir!
Caru ti, Mam a Dad. xxxx

indra singam said...

dearest manjuli--WHOOPEEE
--finally contacted u. now hows the GWF comin along.? give it ur all and enjoy.still waitn for updates + fotos
and anything to show u r gettn into doin stuff.itz hot ,hazy here.0therwise allz good.on the laptop tryin to view the blog any free time i seein you!--aunty indra

Jill Scott-Dodd said...

Hi Eilidh (Alpha 8)
its very exciting knowing what youre doing now and you'll have to tell me all about it when youre home because im not quite sure what it all entails haha!
nothing has changed in my life, same old same old! andrew has been enjoying the olympics and mum and i are green with envy!!!! mum and nic and i went over to margaret and colins today for lunch which was lovely and now dad has cooked dinner, uhoh :P its been gorgeous weather over here, bright blue sky and so warm...just getting me ready for maga obviously ;) i hope youre having loads of fun in borneo but i cant wait for you to come back!!!
i love you loads!
Jill xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca Allen (alpha 9)

Looks like you are having a good time but im a bit worried that you might be involved in building a house?!

Enjoy yourself and stay safe,



Anonymous said...

For Flora McCall (alpha 9)

Hey Flora,
Just got back from Majorca and it was lovely to come home to your letter! It sounds like you're having an amazing time and the pictures look great! Although I am disappointed there aren't many pictures of your gorgeous sandals...
I've had a lovely holiday, got a few stories for you which i'll need to remember for when you get back! I actually left my sunbed this year and did loads of cultural visits as well, you will be pleased to know. ;) oh and before I forget, I spoke to some famous football commentator on the plane, oh yes.
I hope you're having a fabulous time, and I will keep checking on here to see what you're doing!
Missing you lots,
Lots of love from Liv xxxxx

ps. GB are coming 3rd in the medal table for the olympics. (you probably won't care all that much haha but I've become addicted to it)