Sunday, 19 August 2012

12i Opening Ceremonies

It's been three weeks of hard work for Alpha's 8, 9 and 10 and they have suceeded in what they came here to do. 2 gravity water feeds have been completed, a house has been built and over 43 species have been found in the AFC Conservation Area.
In a few days the groups will move to Basecamp for a day of Changeover to catch up with friends and prepare for Adventure Challenge.

So Alpha 8 got their gravity water feed completed with just one last minute panic when there seemed to be no pressure just before the opening ceremony was due to start. However, the problem was resolved very quickly and the team had a glorious opening ceremony:

Alpha 10 were not far from Alpha 9 and so they trekked for 45 minutes to join in with the opening ceremony in Kampung Bambangan.

 Coca-Cola, who funded the gravity water feeds also sent representatives to the opening ceremonies.

Alpha 9 have been working on a small gravity feed and a house build throughout Phase 1 and due to their hard work and dedication got it finished within the tight time frame! Longdini, the elderly lady for who the house was built for was very happy with her new abode, as were the villagers with their newly improved water supply.

Come back soon to see how everyove gets on at Changeover!


Charlotte Rietschel said...

Hello Carl Rietschel,

I can JUST spot you in two of the photos!! :) Hope the adventure challenge is going okay!!! We are thinking of you!
Übrigens hab ich vor kurzem geträumt ich wäre in Borneo haha! Wir sind durch den Dschungel gelaufen und kamen dann zu einem See mit klarem türkisblauem Wasser und weißen Stränden haha - vielleicht eine leicht utopische Vorstellung? ;)
Heute sind Cyclassics hier in Hamburg! Mama und ich wollen gleich mal hinlaufen - ich hab ne Vuvuzela und Mama hat so ne Vattenfall Rassel! HAHAHA!
Ganz viele Grüße,

Ulrich Rietschel said...

To Carl in Alpha 10

Well done and all the best for the adventure trail. When you receive this message we hope you will have had a great trip, and have coped well with your finger. We are really looking forward to hearing all about it. Will want to know all about the 43 species...

Best of luck

Mum Dad Charlotte

Anonymous said...

finally i c my darling sweetheart manjuli, seems the sun has given u a golden tan but never the less u look very good indeed. Stay strong and persevere. love danaelan

Anonymous said...

Taleesha Gheewala Alpha 10

Helloooo lady!
So how are you? I loved your call the other day, it made me the object of envy all around! :)
Otherwise not much going on here, 30 degrees though and am boiling...
I hope the trek goes well and the leech-free few weeks continue!
Though really would it be an experience to avoid that...?
love love

Michael Gallagher said...

Hey ashley winter alpha 9
hey so much for the phone call.ment a lot to me . How are you getting on . Your looking very well babe . I am missing you an awful lot and cant wait to see you not long now 11 days and 4hrs before i see you . So keep up the good work and smile . I love you very much . Mchael xx

Josee Shaw said...

FAO Gabriella Shaw - Alpha 8

From Nannan

My darling Gaby

I am so pleased that you are well & enjoying yourself. I am so very proud of you & I'm missing you very much. It's lovely to see these pictures of you & your friends. Won't be long now darling!

Tons of love



Anonymous said...

to matt white alpha 9

Hello matthew it was wonderfull speaking to you on the telephone . Still cant believe i was talking to you in the far reaches of Borneo sorry i got so immotional i was a bit over come with hearing your voice. Reall really pleased for all the team that you completed the house as well as the water feed , a big undertaking and you should all be so proud of yourselves. The house looks fabulous i would love to live in it myself.(IT TAKEN YOUR DAD THREE WEEKS JUST TO GIVE OLLIES ROOM A LICK OF PAINT!) Well you on the last leg of your adventure and so looking forward to seeing you , know it wont be the same here but can put hammock in the garden and we already have a fire pit.Looks and sounds like you have had the most amazing experience and i really enveous. love you loads , bubbs awaits your return(she is still breathing) love mum xxx

David said...

Hi flora (alpha 9 construction plc)

That's a great house - Gus says he wants to live in it - which is fine by me so long as the house stays in Borneo. Maybe not such good news for Longdini.

Great to hear you on Monday, which was after these photos were taken and you were back at base I guess - and of course congratulations again.

Looking forward very much to seeing you in middle of night at the weekend and hope you have a brilliant last week!

Letter here confirming your Sussex offer - congrats on that too!

Lots of love as Always - dad

Pam McFarlane said...

Message for Chloe McFarlane 12I

Hi McF

Sunday evening as I write this, looking forward to another busy week and with you coming home at the end of it!! I can't wait to see you.

The Great British Bake-off programme has started again and I'm in bake mode. Just in the process of making rum babas. I bit tricky! We'll see how they turn out. Granny and gramps were round earlier to check out progress in the garden and Neil was on the phone. He and Jasmine (hee hee) were on a day trip to York yesterday. They obviously didn't go to visit uncle Duncan LOL.

The village was shut-down today as Scot Rail was trying to repair the crossing. It's a wee bit better, but not much. Took Ishi for a walk into town yesterday - she was so excited. We bought lily's from your wee flower man and wandered home for a rest. Diana has me boxing at the moment so my arms are getting a bit pumped up, but I'm feeling good. Getting a punch bag to hang at the summerhouse which is great. Really gets rid of any frustrations.

Better get back to the rum babas.

Love you my wee jungle darling. Hope you haven't eaten too many maggots or have you become a veggie!!

Lots of love and hugs and kisses

Pammy xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Laura Livingston , Alpha 10

Hi Laura
Saw some more pictures of you today which made our day. You are looking very happy. 43 species whow thats alot. We cant wait to see the gazebo . Its not long before you are back. Just got your bed ready today . Have a good flight home . Hope it all goes smoothly. Matt couldnt beleive you were back already. He said it has gone really quickly. Not for us , it gone quite slow for us. especially for me . Im going to get some of your favourites in for your return . Mind you you have probably changed all your eating habits and probably in to another soft drink .lol Flicks is happy cause he got a clean bed today. He says hello by the way. everyone is well this end . Im still at the library on a friday morning. Dads still at tesco bank. You will have to wear that red bandana often because we can pick you out easly on the pictures with that on lol. It looks lovely on you .
Will go now so enjoy the rest of your week you deserve it
All our love Mum and Dad and sweet dreams and a big hug xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dervla said...

To Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,

I got on the buzzer and told your mum about the photos, she'll be checking them out.
Herself and Jimmy had been to Belfast to go to a party at Fortwilliam Golf Club to celebrate Christopher and Stephanie getting engaged. Then another party the next day to celebrate your Auntie Carol's 50th, Kerry's 52nd, Rachel's 21st and Carolines's 18th, a good time was had by all!
Love Dervla

David Allen said...
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Cat Spence said...

To Ashley Winter

Hi Ash,
Looks like you're having a fantastic time out in Borneo. Can't wait to hear all your stories when you get back to the office! Hope the rest of your expedition is awesome and good luck on the adventure challenge!
Cat xx

Amanda hansford said...

Eleanor Hansford Alpha 10

Hello Ellie,
I can't tell you how lovely it was to hear your voice on the phone. I'm glad that everything's going well and you enjoyed the project. Good luck on the trek!

We're so looking forward to seeing you at Heathrow on Sunday. We're driving down on Saturday (might even manage to visit a National Trust house on the way if the weather is good) and staying the night at an airport hotel. It's only a short walk to the hotel from the terminal; we thought you may appreciate a shower and some breakfast before setting off home. You do arrive at a rather ungodly hour!

Loads of love
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom grant alpha 10,

Sorry if this is a comment of many of the same I'm getting confused I can only do this on my phone and I don't think it's working :( I hope you are ok!! Missin you still I think you will love where we are stayig so picturesque :) only one more week and I see you :) can't wait
Love you so much!!

Cameron Barnes said...

To Matt White.
Hi from the Barnes family ! Took me forever to find the site and would like to wish you well. You look well fed and in good health in the photo - contrary to what you thought it'd be like. Sounds like you have done loads of good work and some useful/meaningful deeds - well done. Hope you enjoy the rest of your jaunt and look forward to hearing all about it soon. Ciao. Ian.

Bob Harfield said...

Emma Harfield - Alpha 8
Great to see photos of you smiling at Project completion. The triangles worked then!!!!Nana and Granpa have enjoyed looking at the photos too. Joel has had a good weekend at Goalkeeping course although sprained his ankle on the Friday before. The England FA Physio came in handy at the course!!! Getting excited about getting up early Sunday morning!Porridge for breakfast and rice and beans for dinner at the ready. Very Proud of what you have done. Enjoy your rest this week ! and safe journey home. Love Mum,Dad, Joe and Joel

Richard said...

To Neil Mandell, alpha 8

Hows it going man?
Looks like you're having a good time and such, + Mum said it so its pretty much a fact at this point in time. Good stuff!
I left this a bit late but its just a general sending of good will ahah. Btw i didn't tell mum to not send you messages, I just said I wouldn't contribute the overall cringefest that was inevitable, standard me and mum dynamic.
Absolutely no major music/ gig stuff going on. Was gonna go see Ceremony at old blue last on thursday, but am going to see Green Day at shepherds bush instead. Which im syked on, but you should be there dammit. It dont quite beat Foos at dingwalls ahah. ANYWAY...
See ya soon buddy
ps. I like the idea that lots of middle aged parents have had to read two blogs beginning with 'yo, isha boi N-dawg' or whatever

Anonymous said...

To Emily Fisher Alpha 9

Gutted I missed your phone call Em. I've got a new phone since you've been away and therefore I had left my old phone at home! It was nice to read your text though and I can't wait to hear from you on Saturday! Have a great last week and safe journey home! :D xxx

Malti said...

For Chirag Alpha 8
Hi,Chig. It was great to get your text but did not see it till late and so you may not have seen my reply before you went of on you adventure. Hope you are having a great adventure.
Congratulations to you and all your team mates on completing the projects. The opening ceremony looked brilliant! Nice to see your photo testing the clean water! Could not see you in the group photo at basecamp,think hidden by a hand. Chet went to Bournmouth for wedding on sat and we went to Brighton on Sunday. Uni did well in her exams and is going to Warwick.Miss you but will see you soon. Can't wait to hear all about your trip.l
Love you lots n lots.Mum Dad Chet and K fai and family

Anonymous said...

Alpha 1, Fiona.

Hi Fiona! How are you? How is the Kindergarten? I think it is your last changeover if you read this. Is the Kindergarten finished?? I cannot wait to see the pictures! Have a lot of fun in Australia!
x Elsemieke

Anonymous said...

To Amanda Desilva Alpha 4.

Hi Amanda! How are you? Here is my blog I promised.
How was Sepilok?? You probably receive this blog at your last changeover. So you are going home!
Hope to keep in touch.
x Elsemieke

Anonymous said...

To Micheal Alpha 5

Hi Micheal! How are you and how was trek? Not that bad he? Diving was probably also good.
You will read this blog at changeover, so good luck with your long flight next saturday!

Anonymous said...

To Alastair alpha 3.

Hi Alastair! Here is my blog which I promised you! How are you?
How was your last phase?? Was Danum beautiful?
Good luck in Oxford next year!

Anonymous said...

To James Russ Silsby, alpha 3.

Hi James! How are you and how was it at Sepilok?
Seen a lot of Orang-utans? Looking forward to go home ? Hope you get to see the pyramids again where you were talking about!