Tuesday, 21 August 2012

12i Changeover

Four weeks have passed and induction seems like a lifetime ago! But Phase 1 is over and there is just one week left of expedition. 12i have built two gravity water feeds, a house and discovered 43 species of birds in environmental surveys in just three weeks, some really amazing achievements.

There have been highs and there have been lows throughout the phase, as I’m sure you will hear all about when your loved ones get home but ultimately we have made a huge difference! Running water has been given to those who didn’t have any, a remote village now has a new house and AFC (Asian Forestry Company) are well on their way to being able to make Coupe 8 into a conservation area due to the numbers of species found there by Alpha 10.

The Venturer’s arrived at Basecamp on Thursday afternoon and with a less than 24 hours to prepare for Adventure Challenge, it was a jam- packed evening! As soon as the groups arrived and were greeted by Fieldbase staff it was off to logs to deposit their kit and sort out their bashas.

 We had just enough time before longs-o-clock (6pm) to squeeze in an expedition photo of everyone before the light left us. As you can see everyone was still full of good spirits and up for some fun:

Dinner was at 7pm followed by skits which all of the groups were asked to prepare on phase.

Alpha 10 where the proud winners of two tubs of ice cream after a memorable medley of songs re-written to tell us all about their time on phase 1.

Tom and Carl also provided some entertainment for us with a rice eating competition- after they had already had seconds! It took them 20 minutes, but Tom was the ultimate winner, managing to finish every scrap of rice in his mess tin!

After finishing dinner and catching up with everyone it was time for allocations, but you will have to wait a little bit longer to find out where everyone is....


Anonymous said...

For Carl Rietschel (Alpha 10)

Hope you are having fun in the jungle on your adventure challenge. Lol at your rice-eating ability, or maybe just your eating ability in general...:P Couldn't help noticing this white bandage around 2 of your fingers in the photos, which I think wasn't there in the photo for the opening ceremony. Really hope you just got some scratch on those 2 fingers and not a fracture (since it looks oddly like the treatment I got when I fractured my finger before :S) Anyway, take care and I'll see you in a few days :)
Cher xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Charlotte Rietschel said...

To CARL Rietschel

HALLO! A rice eating competition? hahaha!!! That sounds just like you :P Hope it is all still going well on the adventure challenge! We are thinking of you :)
Ich sitze grad in deinem Zimmer weil das Internet bekanntlicherweise hier ja besser ist als woanders oben! ;)
It was really warm here yesterday and the day before - 33° so almost Borneo-like?!
Deine Haare sind ganz schön lang geworden haha! LOCKIG! Wie ist es eigentlich in einer Hängematte zu schlafen?
Viele Grüße!!
Ps. Bring me back some of that Milo drink if you can please? I did a business project on it at uni once, so am very intrigued as to what it actually tastes like!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom grant alpha 10,

Nice to see you in some more photos :) nice beard going on haha! And who would have guessed you to win a food eating competition ;) nice one :)
I have found some Internet at the cottage I am happy :) also booked my train ticket home Sunday happy days! There are sheep EVERYWHERE here and waterfalls and hills and grass tis lovely!! Everyone says hello :) also... Seven months Thursday :D well I best run I can only get internet outside and it's starting to pelt it down but it's good seeing you are having a good time! :) hope the ice cream was nice too! Love you very much!
Stay safe :)

Catherine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dervla said...

To Fiona Bailey.

Hi Fiona,
I couldn't find you in the photo's, not sure if you're at the 12i changeover.
It is high summer in Höllviken and I have a day off. Fia is here for a few days. She's updating us on her adventures in Montana, and giving us the latest on Jocke in Brussels and Carl in Gothenburg.
Just back from a bike ride to Skanor and Falsterbo, a swim is needed!
You and your pals at Raleigh are just amazing, it's great fun to read the blogg!
Your photo's have been liked by Olga Diamond and Peigi Askew.
Lots of love from us, Carl, Dervla and Fia

Anonymous said...

to our darling manjuli, another pic of u and gosh ur looking good but those bags are heavy and just cant wait for you to come back. Another 3 days to go and was so nice talking to you today night and be strong my dear and all of us are so eager to meet you.

love danaelan

Anonymous said...

Laura Livingston Alpha 10

Hi Laura,
Great to see you in the main group photo, you look like you are very happy, and having an amazing time.
Hope the trek went well. Hope you didnt come across any leeches.
By the time you get this message you will be back from your trek and getting ready to come home. We are really looking forward to seeing you , its been ages. Matt called today , he was working from home. Dad has been to work and I have been doing a bit of gardening. Everything ok at home . Give us a call when you land at heathrow if you have time.

All our love and hugs dad and mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Issie Pratt
Alpha 10!
Here's hoping i've finally figured out how to do this and that you'll actually get it:) sadly it doesnt look like you;ll want to come back to sunny England but hey you have to AND IM SO EXCITED! Your letter was making me cry with laughter (can't help but read it in your lovely voice) and it was all so... 'issie'. Hehe:) I'm looking forward to hearing you say for the next 6 months 'oh yea this reminds me of a time in Borneo...' (you're much more interesting to listen to the the other G losers:))
I'll see you soon then (READING) i'll have a patch of earth and a can with your name on it. Come back in one piece (no tripping and breaking your ankle now please)
I love you! Lots of Love Vicky xxx

Dana said...

Amy Edwards

6. Amy 3364 up, 1715 down
An amazing girl who can be seen as perfect in all ways, even though she'll never admit it. She is very beautiful, but remains in denial about her looks, even though she looks amazing even at the worst of times. She has an amazing personality(which matches her body in Beauty) and is instantly appealing, giving great frist impression to others. She has lots of friends, and inspires them all with edgy and loveable spark which keeps them close for a lifetime. Not to mention it's ALWAYS interesting to talk to her with just about anything and everything! A talk with Amy can brighten anyones mood, and leave them feeling very happy (except only when they have to stop and go to bed). She has a great love of food (especially bagels) and sense of humour and often makes up her own crazy words, which only makes you love her more! A day with Amy is never wasted, and when you experience this you realise that nothing else can ever be as fulfilling. From the point you meet and fall in love with her you realise you want to be with her for the rest of your life, and not a single experience is ever regretted.

Hey Amy! Saw this and it totally sounds like you! We're still missing you and have lots of new doggies and chickens for you to see! Love you Millions and cant wait to see you! Love, Dana xxxxxxx

Phil Shaw said...

For Gaby Shaw Alpha 8:

Hi Gabs,
I hope you get this message - not sure you will as there are only a few days until you leave.
Anyway I just wanted to say hi and that I am so very proud of you and all the people out there for what you are doing. You're a very special girl and I'm sure this amazing experience will stay with you forever - and also the people you have helped will remember you forever and have very fond memories of your visit.

I'm missing you tons and I'm counting the days until I see you at the airport on Sunday - I can't wait.
I love you sweetheart,
Dad xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

laura Livingston
dear laura, we hope you have enjoyed your trip and look forward to hearing all about it. have a safe journey home. see you soon. with love nana and grandadxxxxx

Karen Cowan said...

Eilidh Alpha 8,
I'm off now for Cowal Games and your Return!!! G the only one going to school today. The Grammar has an extra inservice day for the new exam system, so Daniel is off. All boys going to Edinburgh for the Hearts v Liverpool match tonight. Looking forward to give you a Big Huge Hug on Monday. Love you lots and lots. Mum, G n Boys xxxxxx

Mum said...


Hi Sweets

Not long now and time is dragging. Can't wait to see you. Jane broke down last week about going to Uni, it suddenly hit her that she was leaving. Poor love. Scott asked me yesterday if I will cry when I see you and the obviously answer is that I will bawl like a baby!! you know me. Hope Amy is still travelling as I have given her ticket home to Beth for her friend Sarah to come up.


Anonymous said...

Sabrina Thomas, 12 D

Hi Hun hope your well and enjoying yourself. Thanks for the post card, miss you and can't wait to catch up before Bestival, am begining to make my costume as we speak!

See ya soon

Love Amy xx

katie said...

Eilidh cowan alpha 8

we're glad you're still alive and having fun. Was good to get a call from you.

see you soon and safe trip home

love Katie and Amy xxxx

Anonymous said...

emma hay alpha4 hi darling nana here counting down seven days to go weather here no very nice at the moment lots of rain same bank holiday weather as usual everyone is looking forward to you coming home love you lots nana popa and billy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dana (Again) said...

Amy Edwards... Where ever you are :)

Its Dana again!
Sooo.. Not like I can ask whats goin on with you.. cos I wont get a reply :'(.. Ohwell, on a brighter note :), Everythings good here - were looking after Mother Bean! not that she wants us too ;), I even made her breakfast in bed the other day.. Ha - I'm a suckup! Bea is so glad Chunks still here but didnt recognise him! you wont belive them they're like little Hefalumps! Bet you dont wanna come home ha.. I got some work for you on the 15th Dec if you want it, but you can let me know nearer the time seen as ur life is soo exciting and hectic :P. Anyhoo you might not even be home aaaaah... You'll be totaly skinny when u get back too i bet! Rescued another Swallow yest, just a baby, named him Stevie... but he flew away :O. Bet ur mums told you but we got an AMAZING little brown hen who just appeared on the farm from nowhere too. She's an ISA Brown called Imogen (Original I know). Oh an you'll be glad to know the weather has been AWFUL! Floods and all.. Molly's missing you - totaly in love with our new dog! Tess Tess misses you too.. Wants to be adopted by you. Couldnt get Turkeys in time for xmas, gutted! but thinks Bea's rather Chuffed. Your Mother pretends she misses you, but doesnt really! Even tidied the garden incase you come home sat - Our reply was 'like she'd notice'.. cos lets face it - you wouldnt! Ha! Its too quiet here without you and although ive been baking I need some of yours - tastes soo much better when i dont have to make it! We've the most amazing Landrover too - Like a monster truck.. so you'll needa drive it ;).. scare dan ahaha. Minnie's still as gay as ever not that you'll of even thought of her mwahaha.

And I figured you'll now be ace and joinery so can build me some hen houses and runs ;);).

Anyways cant wait for you to come home, didnt think id really miss you ;), But we actually have!
Hope you're still having fun :), see ya on your great return whenever that may be - Woohoo!!!

Love and Miss you Lots!