Thursday, 23 August 2012

12i Allocations

Allocations were the last of the night’s proceedings at Changeover. The groups have been jumbled up again for Adventure Challenge so that the V’s can get to know as many new people as possible. Everyone will be in the same area but the teams will be going on different routes, completing challenges along the way and trekking in the Bornean jungle.

Here are the new groups:

Zulu 1
PMs: Alice and Nicolo
Cameron Rogers, Matt White, George Lloyd, Hannah Tomsett, Isobel Prayy, Laura Livingston, Ahsley Winter, Katie Batchelor, Gwen Morris, Gabriella Shaw, Razwana Quadir, Xia Shuen Quek, Manjuli Ramani

Zulu 2
PMs: Helen and Andrew
Carl Rietschel, Declan Cook, Chirag Shah, Ellie Hansford, Jaillin Bates, Emily Fisher, Kate Fleetwood, Natalie Phillips, Emma Harfield, Chloe McFarlane, Olivia Ourabi, Krystell Chiu, Bernard Sheng

Zulu 3
PMs: Angela, Jason and Emma
Cecelia Carnell, Claire Ball, Tom Grant, Neil Mandell, Fraser Morrison, Eilidh Cowan, Tabby Kaye, Taleesha Gheewala, Flora McCall, Rebecca Allen, Janice Wei ying Lye, Fionna Tan, Daryl Goh

Check back soon to see how Adventure Challenge goes and to wave our five week Venturers off at Endex!


EeSuen said...

To Zulu 1 Xia Shuen Quek (Alpha 9)

Duckie, I think this is the last time I will write to you before you come back. Hehehe! Just came back from Melaka Trip with family this week. My college started yesterday :'/ (which means more headache soon)

3 more days until you come home?? Hahaha! I wonder what is this Zulu thingi. I have no idea whether you are in Zulu or Alpha now Zz Zz.

Anyway, have fun in the challenging trekking session? Hahaha! I can see you got darker? hard for me to spot you in the Zulu 1 picture. Then I saw a black women in there wearing a blue shirt O.O zhadous! HAHAHHA!

Oh, I'm SHO DEPRESSED THAT I DIDN'T PICK UP YOUR CALLS THE OTHER DAY! :'( Sho Depressed! until low fong have to pass your message to me :(. sho Damn Sad T.T..anyway, low fong went to Sg'pore and watch Wang Lee Hom concert =.=..Zhadous right?

Okay la! I Gtg :D.

miss you XOXO! :D

Karen Pratt said...

Isobel Pratt Zulu 1

It's a lovely sunny Thursday in Henley, Toby
& I wandered down to market day & realised what a lovely place we live in! He's gone off to play tennis with Will & Els is out celebrating her first A* !!! Very chuffed for her as she wasn't expecting it & even got 100% in paper 1, as you can imagine she is OVER THE MOON! I presume you'll be back to base camp tomorrow for a shower before the long journey home. Can't wait to have you back, Vicky can't believe you'll actually make it to Reading on Sunday, fest mania has begun!! How was the trek? Tough? Just think, you will be back in a tent next Wednesday for D of E - madness. Safe travels, try & sleep on the journey, safe yourself some festival energy. Love you loads & see you at Heathrow in 3 days -Yay so excited xxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Matt White Alpha 9,
Matty I canny believe I've only just found this! I'm not even sure if I am commenting or whether you'll see this before you leave but it looks like you've had an amaaaaaazing time and can't wait for you to be back and tell me all about it!!!!!!
Millie x
PS. Loving the limbo!

Anonymous said...

Taleesha Gheewala
12i Allocations Zulu 3

not suer if my last message sent!!i think i put the wrong group so sending another one just incase!
photos all look amazing, hope you are having an amazing time!
missing you and cant wait to hear all about it when we are back at uni!!!
lots of love emily xxxxx

Sophie said...

For Taleesha Gheewala- Zulu 3. From Sophie Pohling

I think that is the first time I have said your full name in years, you should just have been christened Tali, so much easier. How you coping tali? I bet its mighty fun sleeping in a hammock and wearing velcro sandals, cant wait to have you back so I can hear all about it! I bet you and your hair are loving the humidity out there!!!!!!! Just to let you know that I LOVED travelling which consequently means that we must go on a little trip so that we can continue our travelling adventures together- totally wouldnt mind doing thailand all over again, or some other hot country because lets face it, who likes the cold? Im working at Savills currently and I am so tired. They make me work monday to saturday and its really catching up with me after two weeks. Tomorrow im off to Nottinghill Carnival which you are away for again you big gay, but when you get back I shall arrange a massive nigbht out and we can drink strawberry bellinis and sing to people in the street with plastic roses again. MUCH LOVE MUNCHKIN, big hugs and kisses from your BFE FOR LYF. loves xxxxxxxxxxxxx