Monday, 13 August 2012

12D's Last Changeover

The groups all arrived from their Phase 2 projects on Thursday and as always had a busy few hours catching up with everyone, returning their kit to logs, and getting their bashas set up.

After dinner it was Round 2 for team skits. The majority of the skits had a musical theme ranging from an interpretive dance from Alpha 4 to a new and improved rendition of Katy Perry's California Girls by Alpha 7 and a group rap from Alpha 3.

 Alpha 6 had a pretty alternative skit; they challenged Ruairidh to eat three bowls of porridge in 3 minutes or shave his head. Unfortunately for Ruairidh he failed the challenge miserably and is now rather bald!

Alpha 2's skit got a record breaking low score of 3 out of 30. Their entire skit was the following for five minutes:

The competition ended with a tie breaker dance-off between Alpha 3 and Alpha 7 to decide the overall winner. Euan, Nas and Nick performed against Umit, Ezra and Matt in what can only be described as a gut wrenchingly embarrassing display of the boy’s best dance moves!
Alpha 7 were the winners in the end, bringing out dance moves such as ‘the worm’, ‘the lawn mower’ and ‘the sprinkler’!
Sadly we are losing a large chunk of the 12D Expedition. 23 venturers have finished their time with Raleigh Borneo as they were on the 7 week expedition.  In order to give them a final night to remember the comms team (Vanessa and myself, Kate) organised a Fabulous Fancy Dress Leaving Party.  The theme was animals and each group was provided with face paints, cardboard and marker pens. Everyone put a huge effort into their costumes, and many even took the initiative to use materials from their kits such as paracord or duct tape.  It was a close call but Alpha 2 were the winners, with a Disney animal theme followed by Alpha 1 as pandas in very close second place.

After the evening meeting and a farewell from Mac and Petr to the 7 weekers, the party moved over to the skit area where the V’s partied the night away with music loud enough to scare any mosquito away and an endless supply of sweets and sugary punch! The Volunteer Managers had a little party of their own to celebrate Matt’s birthday. He had two giant cakes kindly made by Fieldbase cook Loli to get through, so we all kindly helped him out with those!

Check back very soon for news of allocations for Phase 3!


mum said...

Good morning to you AMY EDWARDS :)!!
you really suit the green sweetiepie....It has been great hearing from you Popped in to see shelly yeatserday ans she came zooming across to see me....wee head bobbing...she looks fab!! Strange news about hannah....she lost her!!!
Take care poppet, love you lots as always

mum xxx

nana popa caldwell said...

emma hay alpha 4 hello darling lovely pphoto of you on web site today love the nose hope you are still enjoying yourself and we are looking foreward to september the 2nd we love you very much all our love nana popa and billy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rosie Moss said...

Annie Moss you make an amazing panda! Congratulations on your record low score for your group's entertainment. As parents we are proud of ALL your achievements. Hee Hee.
The Great Clear Out comes on apace. The skip is filling and the garage has a floor!!!!
Hope all is going well in the jungle and you haven't encountered too many dinosaurs.
Love you lots as always, Mum and Dad and Ed xxxxxxxxX

Charlie said...

Annie Moss. Blab blab tadah! I am Charlie I am a kat an I have got on thu puter cos I am dischuffed. I caught a mousey an garnished it with grass an leafs but ungrateful Boss Man locked me outa the howse. I gave him a real talking to when he remembered an let me back in 3 hours later. I sat on his tummy an dribbled as revenge. Me an Monty send you our luf. Blab blab.
I am MonT. I wud like to try a leech. Do they taste of chicken?
Byfur now. Luf from Charlie an MonT xxxx

Michael Gallagher said...

Ashley Winter Alpha 9 .
Hey sweetie how are you getting on . Just droping a message sending love from me and everyone i cant wait till.your.back and hear a bout the monkeys and all the animals you have seen . I love you and miss you so much . Love tin man

Squidy said...

Message for Victoria Hutcheson.

Hey Fluffs,

Just a quick e-mail that will hopefully catch the loop. I haven’t posted a letter as I don’t think it will reach you in time. Still haven’t got yours yet.
Hope you’re having an amazing time with those sunbears and your tooth isn’t too sore.
It was so nice to hear your voice again. Went to see your mum after you phoned, she was so happy to hear from you. Both really proud of you for finishing the ten weeks fluffs.
There is a picture on the blog of you getting a big hug from someone on your return to basecamp. I think it’s Hannah but I can only see their back. She appears to be shorter than you though, is this possible ?. :)
Must say you still look stunning even after been in the Jungle for seven weeks. My fears of meeting Rambo in KL are gone, still not sure about having a girlfriend that carries two machetes in her backpack though :).
Can’t believe how incredibly cute, cuddly and adorable you look in my pyjamas, really can’t wait till it’s my turn for a cuddle. See you in a couple of weeks.

Love you so much Little One xxxxxxxxx

P.s Can you remember to text me Hannahs ? phone number if you can get a signal.

David Werry said...

Message for Annie Moss

Hi Annie - thank you for your lovely letter which arrived this morning. Looking at the dates and stamps I think it may have had quite an adventure! Hope you're still enjoying everything - well done for the animal costumes and the record breaking skit score!!! (I presume the latter was done on purpose?!) - and good luck for the next phase. Hope to see you when you get back. Love David

Anonymous said...

Dear Cecilia, (Cecilia Carnell Alpha 8)
Thank you so very much for your lovely letter we got this morning!It made me cry big time, I was so relieved to hear you are all right and having a good time. It was fantastic to hear what you've been up to and the drawing was lovely too! It all sounds very exciting although the heat and humidity must be hard to get used to.
The Olympics are over and we can get on with our daily chores once more. We took Caramel and Cupcake to Iza's yesterday and they seemed happy to wonder arround their huge garden, making friends with their goose, chickens,cat and dog. Kazime's 2hour long operation to fix his canine went well and he has now recovered fully and is totally back to his normal naughty self. Seb did a full waterchange to our fishpond and we can see our beautiful fish first time this summer. Mr Kitney has been around to see if he could fix our sauna stove and with a bit of luck we might be able to have a sauna on your return. By then you'll want it extra hot just to keep up the sweating! Mamma's address: Satu Varjus, Tammio, Lehtilantie 14, 23500 Uusikaupunki, Finland. Tuua Kleemola (address as above will do) Pappa the same. Daddy left to Dubai this morning, it's raining and time to start cooking our dinner. We are always thinking about you and wondering what you might be doing right now. Love you very much. Take care with those jungle nasties, blisters seem small in comparison. Pusuja ja halauksia t: Aiti, Daddy, Seb, Gus, Claudia, Kazime, Rafic, Norberta, Diego, Bigles, Bobo, XXXXXXXXXXXX

OConnor and the Captain said...

To Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,

What a lovely surprise to get your letter! I got on the buzzer to your mum and told her and she was delighted to say she had gotten a letter too, good girl yersel!

I read that someone wanted the latest on the footie, well, Malmö and Helsingborg are doing well and Gothenburg and Kalmar are not. Good to hear eh?

It was a beautiful evening yesterday so Carl and I went for a swim, we haven't had many sundowners on the pier this year. Well I can tell you the water was FREEZING!!!

Your mum and dad had their annual BBQ last w/e and picked the right day, it was a lovely evening in Ballycastle and John Morton sent over a load of fresh salmon. He couldn't make it himself as they are busy busy busy!

Just to tell you again, 8pages of letter? we are delighted!

Love from OConnor and the Captain.

Ashley said...

Amon, Amanda, Ray-Anne, Jermae, Ndavyah, Mike and Shaehlay

Hope all is well!! I miss you guys and cannot wait till you get back to hear a;; of your amazing stories! As you probably already know SOMERSET won cup match! NOT Impressed! But in other news.....My last day at the Raleigh Bermuda Office was July 27th.....Dont worry though, you will still be seeing me around! Hope all is well and continue to make the most out of this experience! <3


Mandy Steward said...

Hi Ben (Allon-Smith)
(written Monday 13th Aug, evening)
REALLY GREAT to receive your letter today, dated 1st August. Tilly is so delighted with her Orangutan postcard, thank you. Tilly giggled to think of orangutans drinking from water bottles and we are hoping the little macaques have not destroyed your camera.
So pleased you received the photos and T's letter - we sent them on 1st July! Thought they would make you laugh.
Thinking of laughing - guessing you were being an animal during the 2nd changeover skit - there is a photo of you crouching in front of a table with 3 people sitting behind. Then another photo (I think it is you)wearing your sleeping bag inside out, plus some reference to penguins!
Olympics now over. We finished 3rd in the medal table with a brilliant 29 gold medals. Mo Farah gold in both 5k and 10k. I have saved a list of all the GB named medal winners for you. You'll have lots to catch up on.
You'll now be a few days into final phase. I'm waiting for the next blog to know if diving will split your trekking and leeching.
Today is the first day of my 2 week holiday. T and I went to Chichester to see Nanny and did manage a cold picnic on the beach using towels around our shoulders for warmth. Rather a contrast with your temps. Tomorrow T has a fried and we have promised overnight camping in the garden, provided it doesn't rain. Then we have Friday night Sayers Croft camping, along with 5 other girls and their parents from school.
9 days now until your BIRTHDAY. Hope you receive the birthday cards. HAPPY HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY for the 22nd.
Missing you, see you at heathrow on Sunday 2nd.
Love Mum xxx

David & Kirstie Archibald said...

Hi Euan - Dad & Kirst here (Mum's out tonight). 1-1 draw against Hibs on Sunday, didn't play well & a fair result.
Saw The Magnets on Thursday - great show - theme was British music.

Great to see you dressed up as Rafiki - He always was your favourite! What we both want to know was did you you have the same 'extras' as the one at Disneyland when you had a cheeky wee look - you know what we mean!!
Keep smiling, Dad & Kirstie xxx

Josee Shaw said...

Hey Gabster
Soo happy to read your letter from day 5. It's Mon 13th Aug, it camein time for my birthday & is the best pressi ever! The time feels like it's going quicker now -only 13 sleeps to go!
I'm pleased to hear that you've got used to the sounds of the jungle at night & that your feet/insoles are OK.
Sorry to hear that you're being bitten to bits - It sounds like all that deet & jungle repellent wasn't all it was cracked up to be! You poor thing - thank goodness for Tiger Balm!
The Olympics are over now, we came 3rd in the world, not bad eh?
So you've had some uninvited guests in your belongings & bed.... Scorpions, poisonous centipedes & caterpillars. I can just hear the screams!!! Did you get a photo! How did you get rid of them? Scary Mary!!!
It sounds like you're having a challenging but super experience. I'm so glad you have Claire there for the tough times, she sounds lovely. I suppose knowing how much a difference you are making & seeing how grateful they are when it gets difficult, as well as having the support of your fab friends helps you through low moments.
I bet all this hard labour & trekking is getting you fit...which is just as well because when you get home I'm going to squeeze & hug you to bits. So get ready for a massive bear hug!!
So here's our news...Grandpa is coming to stay for a few weeks when you get back, He can't wait to spend some quality time with you.
Auntie Eileen, uncle Rich, Niamh & Natey arrived this weekend & have moved into their new home near Woodbank, there's a lot to do but they're in. Nathan is sleeping over here tonight. We just took them to see the latest Bourne Film but the tricky story line went right over their heads! Matt Daemon wasn't in it - V disappointing!!! Dad has take the week off that you come home so all the family will be here & we can all spend lots of time together..when we're not being pampered!
I also have a surprise for you, we'll tell you when you get back, it's really really exciting, even Miranda would say ..."WOW! Now THAT's really exciting - isn't it!"
Or do you want me to tell you now?? OK well here's an idea..if you want to know what the suprise is keep on reading - but if you don't want to know get someone to scribble the next bit out!
We were going to keep this as a surprise for when you got back but I thought I'd tell you now so that when you're having a low wobbly moment this will really cheer you up...we're getting rid of the 7 seater Scenic & getting a new mini convertible in blue with white stripes!!! It should be here by the end of September...& when you pass your test we're going to add you to the insurance! We know how much you love Mini's so decided to go for it this year instead of waiting till next year.....NOW IS THAT EXCITING OR WHAT!!!!!!!!
Whoop whoop whoop!!!
Well that's all our news for now my beautiful wonderful girl. I love you with all my heart & can't wait to see you darling. It won't be long now. You have no idea how proud of you I am for giving up your summer to live in a hot & dirty jungle with all sorts of creepy crawlies, getting bitten to pieces by mozzies & working your smelly socks off without any girlie pampering at all! You're an amazing girl Gabriella. Not many people make such sacrifices or such a difference, & especially not at just 17 yrs old. You are an amazing selfless girl & I love you so much.
PS Nathan send his love, as does Channing!
Hugs, love, kisses, cuddles, shnuggles, squeezes & giggles from mum xoxoxox

Josee Shaw said...

Hi Gaby :D It's Natey :) how are you ,I'm just after moving a few days ago :O Went ice skating today which was fun:)I read your letter it sounds like your having a good time im really happy for you :)I also heard about the poisonous bugs how scary :O I hope you don't get bitten ;) missing you doesn't seem the same you not beeing hear :') make sure to take pics and all. can't wait to see you :) I hope every1 there is nice and friendly :) anyway missing you loads and can't wait to see you love Natey <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki (Alpha 3)- Mum here in Poros, Greece.

Having a few days break after a sprained shoulder and P having "diving ear". Good wi-fi connection and we have invested in a smart phone for us both.

Spoke with my Dad yesterday and we're all looking forward to catching up with you in Sept/Oct. Love the picture of the wild boar (Boris, was it?)Hope he has taken all he can get and is off looking for more natural conquests

Love you lots,


Anonymous said...

This report is brilliant - looks like you had a great party. Thank you so much for your letter, I was so excited when I got it yesterday and so happy when I read that you are having so much fun!! I hope you got the ice-cream! I miss you loads here, it is odd being back in the UK, I much prefer France but never mind.. look forward to seeing you soon! After 2 weeks of watching the Olympics, I am off to camp today so will be in touch when I am back again! Miss you loads, keep having tons of fun and see you soon! Love Colette xxx

nana caldwell said...

emma hay alpha 4 dear emma two weeks to go on sunday cant wait ti see you it feels like years not weeks every one is fine here billy go into hospital wednesday to have his wisdom teeth removed he has to go under for it so he will be in for 6 hours hannah has lost her voice so she is squeaking at everybody her and dc are going to lego land tomorrow for a couple of days so they shoud enjoy that we are looking forward to two weeks on sunday love you darling all our love nana popa and billy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Dwyane,James,Petra,Mike,Ian,shilla in Alpha5 phase3:
I don't know whether you guys enjoy the trekking phase, but I bet you would be on Mamutik Island when you are reading this message. I promise to leave you message on blog.
I have already come back home and Shanghai is as hot as Malaysia. Luckily, I still keep same habits as what we did/are doing in Raleigh, for example getting up very early.I am so happy the way I change since I come back. When I met some friends in the last several days, they all astonished at the maturity I got, of course and my darker skin.I really enjoyed my trekking since all the people in my Alpha6 group are as amazing as you are and I hope you guys can feel the same way as I did. However, I know maybe your group will struggle for some reasons(we all know what it is :p). Still,when I look back towards this experience,I would not say life-changing, while it was for certain amazingly impressive. Partly because I have you in my Delta or/and Alpha groups for accompany.
I hope you guys will have fun in the last phase and ENDEX, which I can't appear. I seriously considered to change into 10 weeks, but I did not do that cause I have some thing more important to do. It IS a regret, however, as I said, regrets can also be beautiful.
In addition, Ian Ernie and sheila must be the best PMs I had in Raleigh, thank you for everything.
Truth be told, I miss you guys so much. Raleigh is the start of our friendship, I hope the farewell(I cried like a bxxch the day 7-weekers left) would not be the end of our friendship. Looking forward to re-u with you guys at some point in the future wherever on this planet.
For some reason, I can not add some of you guys on facebook, I leave my e-mail/Facebook,please add me when you will be back. So...keep in touch
Lots of love
Peiyun(Pinn) XXX

Anonymous said...

Katie Fairburn
Thank goodness that Nicola was in when you phoned last week - it was such a brilliant surprise! I had gone to Chartwell with Linda and was very sad to have missed you. it sounds like you are having a brilliant time, I can't wait for your return to hear all your stories,the time seems to be going so fast this end.We still haven't heard what your 3rd adventure is, but I am sure it will be just as exciting. Be sure to e-mail us at the end whatever you decide to do. Well, we are off on our holiday tomorrow and are getting very excited, also Nicola gets her GCSE results next Thursday, so an eventful time this end as well !!
Take care and we look forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love Mum Dad and Nicola xxxxxxx

cousin K said...

Hey Mae Mae:
Looking good girl. Like the dance where you have your hands behind your head and the cat face. which alpha group are you with now. anyways see you next month.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Alpha Five

Hi Mike,
Here is your blog message as promised! This should reach you when you get to dive island so I hope you've enjoyed trek and enjoy taking it easy. I'm sure lots of others will have already blogged Anthony to let him know that Mylie Cyrus has chopped all her hair off... Comfort him as he'll be heart broken.
England is dull and cold, it also plans to rain at the festival I'm going to this weekend which sucks. However, i'm eating like a queen so its not all bad.
Take care, enjoy the last few days enjoy endex!
Love Alison x

Dervla said...

For Fiona Bailey

Hi I found a message from one of your pals
Lisa McAllister: Bailey balls, how the hell are you?? Hope alls going well and your getting plenty of faces and then "the fry" the next morn!!lol.. here lad, you will never ever ever guess where I was this weekend........ Ballycastle freaking beech!! There i was and who did I bump into?? Yessss, youve guessed it, mary the cow and waff man, you know your real husband??? LOL... hope all is well!! xxxx


Anonymous said...

Message for Helen Green Alpha 4

Hi Helen
Good to see you got to work with the bears, sounds great fun Deb is very jealous.

Have a good birthday, we will eat some strawberries and cake for you as the shipping cost was too high.

Joe & Deb

Lee Cain said...

Hey Fancy Face (Nikki B.),
Wow, you look insanely beautiful on your phase 3 group photo – obviously not being able to shower and wash your clothes in running water is really working for you! Nice tan too.
It was great having a real conversation with you on Friday, I can’t wait to catch up properly when you get home. The record player and coronas will be set up so I can listen to your Raleigh adventures at length. But by the end of it I may finally understand exactly what a gravity water feed is! Also BIG plans underway for re-acclimatising you into life in the smoke (even if it is hopefully for a very short time) – including the worst/best karaoke venue ever. It’s very special.
I sent my last letter a couple of days ago and I realised time is running out for the G-lift, which has plateaued a tad due to too much fun and not enough gym but, as always, I’m pretty confident I’ll rock it out.
Most importantly, don’t forget YKWYK. So don’t give up. I haven’t and never will.
See you soon, Game Changer.
Bryan x

Fine Pix said...

Victoria Hutcheson

hi fluff, daddy here. read your letter. sounds like you having an awesome adventure. when are you coming home? we're all missing you. looking forward to seeing you if you pass through london on your way home. lots of love and and kisses and hugs. daddy xxx

Richard Allon-Smith said...

Richard Allon-Smith said
(for Ben Allon-Smith)
Hi Ben,
Good to see the recent photos, read other blog comments, and enjoy your two long letters- sensible to telescope all the info into the one mailshot at a time. Hope it goes really well for you in the final couple of weeks. Have kept all the key Olympic papers, Tour magazines, Mo posters etc for you... lots to catch up on when you're back. Just off to Seaview for 4 days at the weekend plus France last week of holiday. Hope the birthday card arrives for you ok- will be thinking of you especially on the day. Take care, enjoy, see you at Heathrow soon.
Love Dad.

Fine Pix said...

Hi, fluff Victoria, daddy here again. I hear you wont be stopping in london so see you back home. Love daddy xxx