Thursday, 16 August 2012

12D Phase 3 Allocations

Phase 1 and 2 have passed in the blink of an eye. Phase 3 is upon us and allocations have been as exciting as always! By a process of elimination, everyone knew what project type they would be going to but the anticipation of who they would be sharing the next three weeks with was eagerly awaited. On Friday morning Phase 3 allocations were announced;
Alpha 1- Kindergarten Build in Kampung Komburongo
PMs Adam, Emily and Simon
Amy Sedghi, Euan Judd, Fiona Bailey, Jermae Paynter-Smith, Pui Lyn Yam(Bernice), Sabrina Thomas, Shaelay Saltus, Shin Ng Shea, Umit Utku

 Alpha 2- Gravity Water Feed in Kampungs Lalapakon and Mansiat
PMs Conor, Candice and Nicki
Charlotte Ezaz, Christina Buchmann, Emma Hay, Euan Archibald, Joe Rowntree, Nas Radzi Nasrah, Ndavyah Williams

Alpha 3 - Water Tank Construction in Danum Valley
PMs Ernie, Max and Phili
Alastair Graves, Annie Moss, Claire Tolcher, David Campbell, Deanna Green, Kathleen Fairburn, Li Ying Chia, Peter Mardle

Alpha 4 - Bear Enrichment Areas in Sepilok
PMs Lucy, Nick and Emma
Alex Roberts, Amanda DeSilva, Amy Edwards, Charmaine Kagaga, Christopher Thomson, Helen Green, Jack Richardson, Jaclyn Kennedy, James Russ-Silsby, Victoria Hutcheson

Alpha 5- Trek Dive in Long Pasia and Mamutik
PMs Matt, Ian and Sheila
Amon Butler, Anthony Howden, Ben Allon-Smith, Clarke Dodd, Dwayne Ryton, Elizabeth Julie Anjun, James Doble, Michael Astwood Smith, Petra Dimitrijevic, Rayanne Brangman

The groups were up as usual at 5am on the morning of departure and left at 6am. There were a few tears and many, many hugs as the 10 weekers said goodbye to the 7 weekers. We would like to say a huge thank you to the dedication and hard work that the 7 week V’s have put in over the last two phases. You will all be missed!

This is the last part of expedition 12D. It has been an outstanding 7 weeks so far and everyone is determined to make their last phase the best yet. So I am looking forward to giving you updates of all of the V’s hard work in order to get all of the projects finished, the opening ceremonies and most importantly all of the fun that they will be getting up to in the next 3 weeks!


Cassie Wright said...

For "Fiona Bailey Bum" Alpha 1 Phase 3 Borneo 12D

Hope that you are having the most amazing time in Komborongo and that you have had a welcome from the death lizard! I'm currently sat in Scotland, it's pouring with rain outside so just enjoying a quick cup of tea before having some breakfast (which I'm pleased to say is not porridge!!). Life after Raleigh is really wierd, I'm struggling to sleep with pillows in my bed and keep waking up rediculously early... much to the disappointment of my family!! Missing your smiley buddy face and constant dings!! Hope that you start that game with the Komborongo team, they are very lucky to have you in the group and I hope they appreciate having you as much as I did!! Not long left now, have a wonderful time! ALL my love, Cassie xxxxxx

Cassie Wright said...

For Sabrina "Ribena" Thomas, Alpha 1 Phase 3 Borneo 12D

Hellooo there my little friend! Sending you lots of love from Haggis-a-go-go land. I'm currently sat with a cup of tea whilst the scottish weather is doing what it does best... RAINING!! It's my third day up in Scotland and so far we've been shopping (wahoo :-D), looked round a whiskey distillery, drank whisky, eaten some haggis, drank more whiskey, cycled round a load of mountains (which nearly killed me!!), drank some more whiskey, spotted some heeland coo's and today we're being bums! I should have thought that you've been slightly more busy than I have!! I do hope that you are having the most wonderful of times in Komborongo, and that Enjim and the guys have given you a proper Komborongo style welcome! Missing you lots and lots, and looking forward to seeing what you guys are getting upto on the blog! Take care, don't forget to use the suncream :-) ALL my love, Cassaman the haggis man :-) xxxxxx

toby & ellie said...

For Isobel Pratt alpha 10,

Dear Isobel hope you are loving borneo we got your letter and we are very happy to hear that you have made a friend. Just got back from france and are about to go off to devon. Ellie managed to survive 10 days without Facebook and WiFi. but then you are doing that for five weeks it must be hard. Hope you love the rest of your time in Borneo
Love From Toby

Dear Isobel,
Got your letter yesterday and so glad that your having fun, and that you've met loads of nice people..what a coincidence she's called Ellie ;) and she's ginger..mixture of me and daisy-doo. We've just got back from our week in france, very hot and sunny and ive just about managed to get rid of all my rowing tan lines at last, haha just as you get yours. We went back to parc on ciel and me and simon did the sportif, wasnt as hard as i thought it was gonna be, but it was boiling! Also went back to cap ferret, waves were MASSIVE! Toby has made a new obsession with 'churros', those doughy sugary stick things which they sell at all the markets and asked if we could buy him them every time we past a stall that sold them, and also as usual the same happened with the airport lounges. Haven't seen the dogs all week and wont till Monday but im sure they're both having fun on their little holiday in the kennels, apart from missing you of course. We were all very happy to hear you've been writing in your journal and cant wait to read it once youre back. So yeah, altogether we're having a good holiday and cant wait to see you when you're back, i'll be iving you a very big hug (after your shower, of course) and i'll make sure we've got youre pizza waiting. Love you loads and cant wait to see you!!

Ellie xxxxxx

Ali G said...

Message for Victoria Hutcheson.

Hey Little Smudge :),

Just to let you know I got your letter the other day, Thank you so much. It sounds like your having a fun time.
My cousin Rebbeca and her boyfriend are up staying in the caravan at the moment. I was sorting it out the other day. It reminded of the last time they stayed when you had to help me do those special rehab exercises up there after the motorbike accident. It seems so long ago now :(.
We’re off to Landmark on Saturday and going to try to see Ossian on Sunday.
Can’t actually believe it’s only two weeks before I start heading out there. I worked out it’s going to take me 61 hours from leaving the house to getting to you. Well worth the wait !. Can’t wait to see you, still missing you like crazy.

See you soon,

Love you xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Nikki Barr Alpha 2- Gravity Water Feed in Kampungs Lalapakon and Mansiat

Hi Babe - glad to see you're now in Alpha 2 with a new team. You look gorgeous and very happy, much love, Mum

Karen Pratt said...

Isobel Pratt Alpha 10
I wrote you a LONG post on my phone but think I lost it before it posted so here's a précis.... VERY happy to get your letter, pls get your smiling face in lots of pics when you're back at base tomorrow. Fest tickets all here, just seen Charlotte to pass on Anna's. Mrs Pople VERY proud of you A in Mathis 98/100 in your core Mathis 1!!! CanNOT wait to have you back, on Sunday I can say you'll be home in a week YAY! Sounds like you're loving jungle life hope the trek is amazing, how's the ankle holding up? Sounds tough but incredible, so happy you're obviously so positive about it all, very proud Mum, love you xxxxx

Carol said...

Nas Radzi Nasrah from Alpha 2!

Hey there,
How are you? You seem to have a lot of fun over there. Keep it up! Look, i finally write to you, sorry for the delay. Proud of you; sacrificing your time and energy to help out in the noble works :D can't wait to hear the stories from you! Enjoy the last 3weeks there and take care!!! Btw, seen a lot of photos of you dancing!!!! Not surprise at all ^_^

Selamat Hari Raya and seeya!

:) Panda!

Rosie Moss said...

Hello Annie Moss.
We hope the project is going well and you are not too bitten, battered and bruised. I'm writing this as we prepare to leave for Ripon, having spent the morning with the 6th form giving them their AS and A level results. Much rejoicing and tears (of joy) - in fact we ran out of tissues and had to use loo roll. Nice.
The wedding reception for Laura and Jon was great. Gary was very enamoured of Ed - "so tall and handsome"!!! Sadie back on chemo today. Have pics to show you.
Walkwood clear-out complete. Yay!My office is a work in progress so is a tip atm. Boo.
Shower being mended on Tuesday so will be working (we hope) when you get back. Hooray!
Take care and we'll be in touch again very soon. Have had your letters - as have G&G. Great!
Love you loads Mum, Dad and Ed xxxxx

Andy Wells said...

Can't believe Nikki Barr cut camp for the night to go to the Expendables 2 premiere:

Nicola McCafferty said...

Nikki Barr - FINALLY a picture of your gorgeous face! You look WELL brown. Or just really dirty. We all miss you. Call soon, ps Ill send some hairdye. Love you, Decaf PS. We just had 50 Subways delivered. I sh*t you not.

Katharine said...

Message for Phili Newell

Hi Hi Phili
I can't believe you've only got a few more weeks left with Raleigh, time has flown by. Hope you've had a totally brilliant time, can't wait to see some photos of Danum and hear all about it. Have you seen Alan at all? I'Ve emailed you some photos from our trip to the Olympics, so you'll get see those when you get back to base. Lottie is one dog and being very stod. Mummy misses you loads, I've shown her how to post a comment on here, but you know how it is....let us know your plans for september/october maybe we could come out to visit you somewhere in Asia. I am desperate for a holiday! miss you loads little choro.

Kathryn Snyder said...


Alpha 1- Kindergarten Build in Kampung Komburongo

Dearest Emily,

HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and that you are enjoying every minute of your Raleigh adventure! I am so proud of you and think about you always. Can't wait to hear all about your time in Borneo soon. Take care of yourself and enjoy your last phase.
Take care. Love and miss you.

x x x

Anonymous said...

For Umit Utku, alpha 1

hello kuz, umarim iyisindir,
bizde fena degiliz iste, orucla ugrasiyoruz,
bugun sana bir email geldi, scholarship alabilirmissin, bir form gondermisler, onu doldurmaya calisiyorum, ama senin bir bakman lazim, bazi yerleri senin doldurman lazim, cunku i have no idea what to say, cok onemli cunku, ozellikler bir bolum var senin background ve finansal durumunla ilgili, ne yazacagimi bilemedim, formun cogu yerlerini doldurdum, save yaptim senin email adresine yolladim ama document'i actigim zaman doldurdugum yerler bos gorunuyordu, bilmiyorum neden, bilmiyorum internete girme sansin hic varmi ama girebilirsen o formu doldur ve gondermeye calis, cunku kayit ettigin zaman tyope yaptigin yerler gozukuyor nedense, o yuzden risk alma, bazi seyler istiyorlar proof icin, onlarida ben burdan babanla konusup hallederim, ama sen bir zahmet doldurmaya calis olur, 24 aug saat 4'e kadar vaktimiz var o yuzden i dont know what to do, so if you get a chance to fill it in please do, try and call me or email me, ozamana kadar senden haber alamazsam onlara email atarim ve senin ilgilendigini fakat travel yaptigini soylerim, belki senin deadline'i uzatirlar, geldiginde kendin halledersin,

fazla zamanin kalmadi, geliyorsun nerdeyse bir aya, uzatmasaydin tatilini daha cabuk gelecektin ama eminim bir bildigin vardir :) bu arada senin daha fazla resimlerini gormeye basladim, buda hosuma gitti, dans falan ediyormusun, masallah masallah :) nedense biz hic goremedik senin su dans figurlerini. :) bu aradada bayram pazar gunu, fazla birsey kalmadi, ayiptir soylemesi mangal yapacagiz, kimse yok cunku bayram gununu birazda olsa renklendirelim dedik, biz bize takiliriz artik, annen yok sife yengemler yok, bir baban zeynep rumeysa ve melisa var, artik hep beraber kutlayacagiz bayrami :)) it should be fun, suan saat 5:39 ve halen ayaktayim, bu sahur isi uyku duzenimi mahvetti, sabahlara kadar uyuyamiyorum :(( simdi bir cizgi film acip uyumaya calisacagim, gecen temel reisi actim, 10-15 dakikaya nallari diktim, ise yariyor sanki :))) bu arada hall isinide hallettik, baban bugun 3 pasaport size resmini yolladi, bende formu doldurmustum zaten, zarfa koydum annemin cantasina attim, annemde yarin postaya atacak, birde su yeni gelen seyi halletsek rahatlayacagim,. artik surekli emaillerine bakiyorum, senin emailide telefonuma kayit yaptim, her gun kontrol ediyorum, :)) neyse ben yavastan yatmaya baslayacagim, yarin erken kalkmam lazim, bahcenin cimleri uzandi bahceyi temizleyecegim, haydi bana iyi uykular, kendine cok iyi bak ve eger ulasabilirsen bana ulas, olmadi babanla konus o beni ariyor zaten. hadi gorusmek dilegiyle Allah'a emanet ol. cok optum mucux mucux xxxxx arzu xxxxx

Dervla said...

For Fiona Bailey Alpha 1

Hi Fiona,

At last I know which group you are in now and that you'll be helping to build the kindergarten in Kampung Komburongo.

I'm sure it was tough saying goodbye to all the seven weekers, who knows what exotic part of the world you'll meet up in again?

It was nice to read the message one of the V's left, who really seemed to enjoy their time with Raleigh. This is the experience of a lifetime for you, Fiona.

I'm back at work and it's nice to see my workmates again and catch up on all their craic. I posted a photo of us having our "Summer Bar" of gooseberry punch and popcorn, so friends think we no patients. Then I posted another of two of us lying on the XRay table at the same time, working double time!

I read that you get to lie on a platform and watch the stars, it sounds wonderful. Last week it was the Perseid meteor showers which comes around every August, I first saw it on holiday with your mum, when we stayed in a caravan in Ballybunion when we were 17. Good times them!

Fia and Carl are coming to stay at the w/e. I'm looking forward to hearing aboout Fia's adventures in Montana.

I wish you were coming to Höllviken on your way to Australia, but it's a bit off the beaten track eh?
Lots of love from the Captain & myself.

Sally said...

Hey Joe Rowntree! Last phase, not long to go! i think i have all your letters now, they got a bit confusing because one went missing so i got them in the wrong order, but sound like your having fun! It was great to talk to you the other day even tho it did suddenly cut off. Missing you lots and the letters are great! Just excited for you to get back now :). I've just got back from doing a team building course at Carlton Lodge (kind of like bewerley park) which was good fun, did raft building, archery and things like that. It was a 2day course so we stayed the night. People from school have all received there grades yesterday so were going into town for lunch to celebrate today. The boys seem to be doing well, haven't seen much of them because everyone just seems to work this summer but Owen's party is soon so ill see them then. I don't go back to college until the 11th so we got like 10days where i have nothing to do but see you :D Anyway iv slept in, as usual, and better be getting up and out. I'll leave another message soon probs after the party and let you no how it went! See you in just over 2weeks!:D Missing you and thinking of you lots of love Sally xxxxxxxx

Critchells said...

Emily Paul, Alpha 1

Hey Em!! I'm crap and where you are your bday is over but hey, you know how we are...although my card from you arrived on time this year! Anyhoo, happy happy birthday!! Got your letter - delighted to hear the 2 h's - happy and healthy. Cannot wait til you get tinters, we have sooooo much to talk about. Best go, having wine and chocolate with Nick for your bday - i am so good to you. Miss you millions, love you more xxxx Family Critchell xxx Nick wants to know if you've made the big discovery yet??? xxx

Anonymous said...

To Rayanne Brayman Alpha 5

hi mommy life me isnt as humorus as it was when u were here. i ate uncles fish and then lauged at him also ur nephew came over and slept in ur bed but more to the point i love and miss u

from milo
written by jettari

Hannah Todd said...

For alpha two:

Hey guys :) I'm currently sat in KL airport (Thailand was awesome) and I'm 9 hours into my wait for my flight so I thought I'd write you all a blog post. I miss Lala Pakon a crazy amount and have been checking regularly for updates! I can't wait to see photos of the water being turned on. I'm sure you're all working hard & enjoying yourselves. I hope you all have an amazing time and I look forward to hearing about it & Endex when you're all home.
Love to you all xxx
P.s Ndavyah: is that right hobo?
P.p.s Conor you now have had a blog post :O
P.p.p.s Nikki... PUT YO' HANDS ON MY ASS & PUSH!!

(still giggling about that now. Missing alpha 2 lots. Raleigh blues is seriously hitting)

That's it ;) over 'n' out.

Hannah Todd said...

For alpha three:

Hey guys!!
I hope you're all having an AWESOME time at Danum. I'm really jealous, not gonna lie! I'm expecting to see photos and hear all the stories when you're home.

I hope you're having an INCREDIBLE time. I'm expecting photos and stuff k? Hope you're entertaining everyone with your snake hips too. Morning lunges and what not :P Thailand has been great! And no injuries!! Miracle. So so wish I was still on Raleigh though. Major attack of the Raleigh blues. ALPHA TWOOOOO. Anyway, big love and looking forward to eating all about it. Have funnnn xxx

Hey bud! Miss you a lot! I hope you're enjoying your phase. I'm sure you are. Who wouldn't enjoy Danum? And you have an awesome group too. I have lots to tell you when you're home so make sure you text as SOON as you're in the UK :P I'm currently sat in KL airport. We ended up going to Phuket & then Kho Phi Phi. It was AWESOME. SO CHEAP. Alcohol too cheap. It was £2 for a sand bucket full of spirits and very little mixers. Genuinely lethal. Good night though! Partied on the beach with uv paint, saw Thai boxing & even fire jugglers. V v cool. I've had a 13 hour wait for my flight so my brain feels like its turned into soup -.- can't wait til your home and telling me ALL the gossip! Miss you bud. Big love

Anonymous said...

For Nikki Barr Alpha 2;
Yo Nikki, hope your having a great time and that this finds you well. My festival was awesome!!! Saw Django Django who are just great and i am loving listening to all the music you gave me. Hope that my speakers aren't playing up. Been in touch with Kate and apparently your ahead of schedule, only you :)
Cant wait to see you again, Love Rxxx

Anonymous said...

For Joe Roundtree in Alpha 2;
Little ode to Sally there, thought you would like it. Hope your having a great time as im sire you are, hard not to with your group. Heard you were ahead of schedule, insane, hahahaha only you. My festival was great, saw Chase & Status for you, they were pretty awesome, couldnt help thinking throughout how cool it would be, all of us going to one together, cant wait.
Sad to say that i am missing all of you but its gonna be epic when we all meet up :)
Cant wait and see you soon, Love R xxx

Anonymous said...

For Euan in Alpha 2;
hi mate, hope all is well, i was talking to kate, apparently your ahead of schedule, wow, only you ;) I hope my speakers are treating you well and that you are still buzzing after the good news, i'm enjoying a cold brew while writing this, and looking forward at the time where we get to share one, Cant wait. My festival was great, saw Dizzee while thinking of you, pretty sure my ears started bleeding after, but worth it :)
cant wait until we meet up, gonna be epic :D
Also, we will have a rainshower again sometime (tell Joe & Nikki)(especially Nikki) jokes
Love R xxx

Anonymous said...

For Amy, Alpha 1;
Hi, Amy, thought i'd write a slightly longer one, bet your having a great time and i hope its not too hot and getting plenty of sleep... i know what your like without it.
So weird being away and all i can think about is when we are going to meet up, with our themed dinner parties :D. Nice being home but i am missing everyone, although looking through the photos is so nice that it sort of makes up for it. I'll only put the nice ones up, dont worry :)
I'm having a lovely G & T thinking of you, and i cant wait until we share one, all my love R xxx

Anonymous said...

To Amon, Trekking;
Sup big man, hope all is well and that the treks not to hard. Long back in my journal and at pictures and the triangle is still strong, cant wait until we meet up in London but we are not doing that much shopping!!!
Hope to see you seen brother and share a cold one, Love Rxxx

Anonymous said...

Ian, Trekking;
Hi Ian, hoe all is well and your surviving carrying so much, hoping your still alive. Hows Noor? cracking out the old jokes i'm sure :)
Just thinking the other day about the donuts we made and my god they were good.
Youll be happy to know that my mum walked straight past me in the airport and i had to tell her it was me, funny i know.
Heard its quite rainy out there, what a shame :( i still havent had any rain and its reaching a balmy 37, really good just evening out my tan, sorry be with you in one second just need a sip of ice cold beer ... ahhh ok.
On a serious note i am missing you and i forgot to thank you for the pdj notes as they are fair and true comments and i am sure it will help at uni. Have a great time, aweome i we met up, just bring some wheat flour water and sugar with some music and we'll be set :D
love Rxxx

Anonymous said...

For Nick in Alpha 4;
Hey Nick, bet you thought i wouldnt write... well you cant get rid of me that easily!! Hope this finds you well and not too smelly. I'm just at hom chilling with a beer all though it is very warm sadly :( and i still havent had any rain!
Thought about when we ran up the steep hill the other day and all the jokes you made throughout Danum an i think few things will beat it.
Also cheers for the stuff written in my PDJ as i think it really did/will help in phase 2/ uni,
hope to meet up again soon and dont smile too much, you'll strain something,
Love R xxx

Anonymous said...

To Ernie in Alpha 3;
Ernie, hope this finds you well and not too hot in Danum.
By the way i'm pretty sure i found Jet Li's undercover facebook account, pretty cool huh?
I am sur that your loving Danum and that there are more things for you to do there then on treck.
i was looking through photos yesterday and just remembering how awesome it all was and how you really made it a great group. I'm finally not double taking in the mirror everytime i look, but you'll be happy to know my mum just walked straiht past me in the airport! typical.
Also thanks for the stuff you wrote in my pdj, i think its very fair and should hopefully put me in good stead for uni, cant wait.
Keep in touch and have a great time,
love R xxx

Cassie Wright said...

FOR FIONA BAILEY, Borneo 12D Alpha 1 in fabulous komborongo!

Just a little joke to keep you smiling...

A man walked in to a bar with his pet monkey. The bar tender said "you can't bring that monkey in here!"
To which the owner replied " don't worry, he won't cause any trouble." the bar tender agreed to let the monkey stay.

After a short amount of time the monkey jumped onto the pool table and ate the cue ball. In a rage the bar tender asked the monkey and the owner to leave, as the monkey had prevented anyone else from playing pool in the pub.

One week later the monkey and his owner returned to the bar. After receiving some objection from the bar tender, the owner explained that the previous incident was an exception and persuaded the bar tender to let them back into the pub. This time the monkey sat quietly at the bar before picking a grape from the bar, putting it up his bum, then eating it! In utter disgust the bar tender asked "what on earth is he doing!? That's revolting!" before the monkeys owner replied "It's ok, he's just sizing it up before he eats it this time!"

Hope you're having an amazing time, love you lots Cassie xxxx

Cassie Wright said...


Just a few little stories which might make you smile...

Three men went trekking through the jungle, got lost and then were captured by a group of cannibals. The cannibal king explained to the three men that unless they passed they passed a trial, and pleased the jungle spirits, they would be killed and eaten for dinner that evening!
The first part of the trial was to each go into the jungle and find ten pieces of the same fruit. So off the men went into the jungle.
After about ten minutes the first man returned and said to the cannibal king "I'm back and I've brought 10 apples.". The king then explained the second half of the trial...
"You have to take the ten pieces of fruit and put them up your bottom without any expression, else we will eat you!"
The first apple went in, but on the second the man winced in pain so was killed, eaten and went to heaven.
Shortly after this the second man returned with ten lychees. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.... But on the nineth he started laughing and so was also killed.
When the second man got to heaven, he met the first man who asked "You were so close to getting away, why did you laugh?". The second man replied "I couldn't help it, I could see the third man coming back with pineapples..."

Hope that's made you laugh, and that's you're having a fabulous last free weeks in Komborongo ... Not long left now! Hope you're well!

Love yaa babes! Cassie xxxxx

James Haworth said...


Hey Ami,

Hope you are having fun at the Kindergarten. I just saw your post about the Sun Bears. I'm not sure whether they are cute or scary, although I'm sure my bones are harder than diamond wood... Less than a month until you come home now, time flies! I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Katie Fairburn
Hi Katie, hope all is still going brilliantly! Your next project sounds exciting and hope you are continuing to have an amazing time. We've been thinking a lot about what your doing now we're in the same time zone (we think!). We've had some severe thunder storms so we hope you've not been having any. Keep well. Love Mum, Dad and Nicola xxxx

Sacha Newell said...

Message for Phili Newell

Darling Phili,

I am sorry that I did not write earlier I could not work out how to send message on blog. Now I know how. I am overjoyed to receive your letter today and I am so happy that you are happy and enjoying yourself. I knew you are under good organisation so I did not worry your safety but I am missing you a lot. Lottie is getting so good with me and I have no problem with her. She enjoys agility course.

I had the annual croquet tournament this year and can you believe it, I won the trophy and medal!! I think Papa pushed my ball to pass the hoops in first try. In any angle my ball went through, it was so amazing. Micheal asked me how many times I have been practicing but I have not touched the mallet at all until the day! I bought a beautiful piano and I am going to practice again. I wish you were here but you must do what you want to do and comeback when you are ready to come home.

I love you a loads and loads.

Mama xxoo

Anonymous said...

For Nikki Barr
Hi, Nikki
thought i would drop another note saying that Higher by Jackie Wilson is my new happy song, beating You Make my Dreams Come True by Hall & Oats, mainly because if i think i listen to it again I'll explode! That is all, just chilling at home getting ready for uni, hope all is ok out there and give my love to everyone :)
Love R xxx

Anonymous said...

Helen Green Alpha 4 Sun Bears

Hi Helen, Bob & I have just got back from St Abbs. Great diving for 3 days. Then we played in the surf at Coldingham Bay & enjoyed a cliff top walk to Fast Castle - great scenery! It did rain quite a lot too. Lucky us - the tent didn't leak this time!

It has been great reading the blog about all the fun you have been having. Looking forward to hearing all your news very soon. All my love Mum xxxx