Saturday, 4 August 2012

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sun Bears

By Amy Sedghi

Alpha 4 will be building bear refuges and marking out new bear enclosures during their time in Sepilok. The refuges will be made out of reclaimed wood, designed and built by the Venturers. Sun Bears naturally climb and forage for food but those that have been orphaned or kept in captivity do not always know how to do this. The refuges will not only provide a safe place for them when there is heavy rain and flooding, but will also help to teach the bears to climb, play and look for food.

Here are ten facts I have learnt about Sun Bears whilst with Alpha 4:

1) Sun Bears are the smallest of the bear species.

2) They have the longest tongue of any bear species at 18 inches.

3) They have the biggest canines(teeth) realtive to any other bear species. Their teeth are strong enough to chew through bellian wood, also known as diamond wood.

4) A male Sun Bear has shorter fur than a female Sun Bear.

5)The baby Sun Bear will follow its mother around for up to two years.

6) A Sun Bears claws grow throughout its lifetime- it is therefore possible to tell a Sun Bears age by the length of its claws.

7) Loss of habitat through deforestation is one of the main threats to the Sun Bear. Poaching and    selling bear parts is also threatening the species.

8) There are no official numbers of how many Sun Bears there are in the wild

9) Tigers and pythons have been know to be a Sun Bear's predator.

10) Sun Bears bark- they use it to scare away predators, declare territory and communicate.


Pam McFarlane said...

Message for Chloe McFarlane 12I - Alpha 10

Hi McF - the environmentalist!

Hope you're near the seaside!! How come you're the only one posing in sunglasses with Jayzee!!!

This is 3/8 so you must be well into your project now. It's just like home from home for you - building a gazebo. You won't recognise the garden when you get home. It looks like Alan Titchmarsh has been round. Fantastic. We got planning permission for the extension so dad's going into overdrive on that now. Been tidying your room LOL. Did you take any of your Raleigh T shirts at all???

Mrs Ishi got a haircut at auntie Linda's yesterday. She looks so relieved to have got rid of all that hair. She's looking all round the house for you all the time..aww.

Back to work for me in a couple of days - deep sadness. Having a mega clean today as we keep trailing mud in from the garden project.

How are the chickpeas??

Loads and loads of hugs and kisses, love Pammy xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Elsemieke Kruseman Alpha 1

Hee Elsie!
Wat leuk dat je bij de kindergarten bent ingedeeld! Ben benieuwd naar je verhalen! Hoe is het daar verder? Denk dat we je weer voor het eerste spreken als je terug bent. Wij zitten nu in Frankrijk en ik mis je wel hoor hier. Verveel me dood. M'n laptop, televisie, olympische spelen en de ligstoel buiten zijn m'n beste vriend geworden! haha!
Zijn net terug van het bezoeken van een marktje ergens, een soort koninginnedag, iedereen stond er! Wel veel troep hoor. Het is nu trouwens zaterdag 4 augustus. Gister de verjaardag van papa gevierd met beide buren, je weet wel wie haha. Voor de rest zijn mama en papa weer aan het zeggen dat ze een zwembad willen nemen, dit keer een stapje verder, want ze hebben zelfs al de plek bedacht en zien het al helemaal zitten met de tafel ernaast! Dus wie weet gebeurt het dit keer wel!!
Het is hier de afgelopen twee dagen niet super mooi weer geweest, geen regen, maar bewolkt, dus kon helaas niet bij kleuren haha! Pas maar op hoor elsie je hebt denk ik concurrentie!
Vrijdag komen Jaap en Marina hier een weekje en dan gaan wij zaterdag weer weg en kom jij de volgende dag alweer terug! Heb eigenlijk niet meer zoveel te zeggen elsie! Nog heel veel plezier daar en wij denken aan je!!!

Liefs Martine

Anonymous said...

For Petra Dimitrijevic-Alpha 3
Bok zlato mojre,
Vidjela sam da je rodjendanski blog konacno uspio i nadam se da si ga primila. Na tvoj dan stalno mislim na tebe i nadam se da ti je lijepo. Ako nista drugo, onda je sigurno drukcije od svega ostaloga. Ja sam malo tuzna danas, ali i to ce proci.
Voli te jako puno tvoja mama

Anonymous said...

Happy 19th birthday Josh (Alpha 6) for Thursday!! Hope you're lazing in a hammock on a sandy beach and enjoying the diving - what a way to spend your birthday....looking forward to seeing you next Sunday. Lots of love Mum and Toby, Maddy and Jess xxx

Boo Troman said...

To : Lucy Troman

Hi Lucy,

Great team photo. You look like you're having the time of up your life - fantastic!

We've just started Alderney week and already missing the slow cooked fish cakes! Charlie, Ted and Jake are looking forward to their first Bunker Party which Joe is coming out to DJ later in the week. Emma won a bronze medal at the Alderney olympics and Ollie is seeing how many days he can go as a naturist.

Take care and can't wait to see you in a few weeks,

Love Dad and Boo. Xxxx

mum said...

To Amy and know who you are....!!

awwww the sunbears look amazing creatures and it is soo interesting learning about all the exciting things you are helping do out there!

Yesterday i spent an interesting day on the beach with molly, mini and friend and his dog nelly a springer spaniel! Molly actually got on well with her but then we spent the next 4 hours hunting for mini...!!! I learnt that actually, you do get rabbits on beaches..!!! We traipsed the sand dunes up and down backwards and forwards and poor mollydog cut her tongue and her leg in the coarse grass (that was before mini ran off) I got sunburnt...cos yes!! the sun came out to play and after i'd thanked kevin and said farewell never expecting to hear from him turns up! you can yes...its all happening here in the sunny borders..! bea coming for tea here this week...and i have lots of extra hours at work as poor sheila has torn tendons in her achilles heel...ouch!! This time next week i will be zombiefied...
Its 6am here just now...and here i am up and about..ish and the dogs are still in the land of nod..bliss!!
Jacob coming home from spain,he ok but got mugged which not so good lost his and money but cath reckons he'll be off again soon.
still lots of people asking for you and sending there love....
take good care girls and love you both to bits...enjoy..

mum xxx ps: jeeze...this is a letter and a half...! :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Auntie Amy,
I loved your report about the sun bears,it is fabulous.I miss you. Love you lots like jelly from Zana.xxxxxxxx :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Your account of your time with the sun bears is very interesting.Zana loved the photos of the sun bears.
Its chaos here, as you can imagine, with Zana and Maddiaon!!!!
Hope you are having fun on the island. Bring some sunshine home when you come!
Love you loads....Mum xxxxxx :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
There is another blog comment from Zana somewhere but we forgot to say the message was for you.Maybe theres another Amy who has got your message?
Love from Mum :) xxxx

Anonymous said...

To ami sedghi, Hi sis, i hope your well,, enjoyed reading the ten facts about sun bears!, your all doing amazing work out there! had the girls all weekend, its been good they drive me a little mad but love them to bits. cant wait to see you! kids send there love to auntie Ami!
Love Paul, Zana & Maddie

Anonymous said...

For Euan Judd

Hi Euan,
Hope you are well... Still not in enough photo's though!! Everything is fine in the UK - weather is appalling but that's hardly new! Tom is exceptionally disgruntled about this though and sits outside staring angrily about - he is determined not to let the lack of sun destroy his sunbathing!!
Team GB is doing amazingly well in the Olympics: yesterday (Sat 4th) we won 6 Gold medals!!! 2 for rowing (men's 4 and women's lightweight double sculls), 1 for cycling and 3 in athletics (Mo Farah won the 10k, Jess Ennis the heptathalon and Rutherfold the mens long jump) plus loads of Silvers and Bronze so the nation has come together in unified patriotism! Today Murray will play Federer for the Gold or Silver... GB is currently 3rd on the medals table: only the US and China are ahead of us.

Anyway, we are all fine and well this end. I am gearing up to leave now - my career break has been authorised for 2 years which is great!

Lots of Love, Vxx

Tracy Z said...

Aw bless 'em! Well done for making such a difference with all your hard work. Hope you're having a great time Amy, thinking of you & hoping that you have been able to find enough vegetarian food to keep you strong :D Much love T xx

Robert Hay said...

Emma Hay Alpha 4

Hello gorgeous, hope working with the sun bears is as enjoyable as you'd hoped it would be they're funny little creatures not what i imagined! Missing you lots, luv Dad xx2

Anonymous said...

Hello Cecilia! Cecilia Carnell Alpha8/12I Mamma and Tuua-tati are sending you lots of love and hope you'll be having an amazing adventure! Claudia and I went over for a brief visit last week. Their new sauna is fab, lake warm, no mozies around and a bumper crop of raspberries! Augustine is back from Miami with a deep tan and a proud owner of a padi certification! Yours has arrived too! Olympics are amazing!!! Seb went to see water polo with Daddy, who also saw gymnastics and beach volley ball. Kazime is off to the dentist tomorrow to fix his canine but otherwise all our pets r doing fine. Hope you have been writing and drawing and taking many pictures. Your group looks good fun! Hope you are all enjoying yourselves. Lots of love from us all XXXXX ps: missing Daddy's BBQs yet?

Anonymous said...

For Petra Dimitrijevic/Alpha 3
Draga moja Petrica,
Prosli blog koji sam poslala 04.08 izgleda nije prosao.Kako si mi? Znam da mi ne mozes odgovoriti,ali se to cesto pitam. Nadam se da ti je rodjendan lijepo i neobicno prosao.
Cekam s nestrpljenjem kada ces se opet uspjeti javiti.
Voli te jako puno tvoja mama

Yvonne Bailey said...

Hi Fiona

Howsabutya? Donna is looking for your CV. Let me know where I would get it to send it on to her. Dervla , Carl and Deirdre are staying with us so there are a few G&Ts going round - celebrating all these Olympic medals being won. Even the Coleraine lads won a number of them! How are the sun bears? Everyone I meet is asking for you. Love from us all.

Paul Scruton said...

Hi Ami, I actually didn't know a single one of your Sun Bear fact(oid)s so am happy to have learned something new! Hope you are literally having the time of your life. Just sorry you're missing the Olympics - there's a genuine good feeling here at the moment ever since the amazing opening ceremony and even before with the torch relay. Just need some decent weather now. Bye for now, Paul XxX.
PS Please write about snakes next!

Anonymous said...

For CASSIE "Bear Grylls" WRIGHT. Alpha 4
Not long till it's home time. We're really looking forward to seeing you. Off to Heathrow at 3am in the morning... we can't wait! They've published ten interesting facts about Sun Bears on the Raleigh Blog site today. One is that, apparently, they bark so we're going to try and teach Fenton to speak "sun bear" so that you won't miss Borneo too much when you're back. He's started already with simple phrases like "where's my dinner" and "can you pass the toilet paper" and is soon to progress onto more difficult things such as "would you prefer me to cook boiled or Roast potatoes with the Roast Chicken this weekend". It also says that there are no offical numbers for how many sun bears there are in the wild. Which makes me wonder how you know what number of sun bear refuges to build?!?! Anyway, Billy's staying at his mate, Adam's for five days with 12 other people recreating "Big Brother" so we have the house to ourselves. Aaaah, teh peace and quiet. Bit like the calm before the storm now we know hurricane Cassie is on her way back :-). We're making the most of it. Have exhausted the wine and are on to Vodka and Amaretto now. Right, better go. Work to do Hope you're still having a fabulous time and we are REALLY looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about your trip. It's always nice having Cassie around (well, OK, most of the time) and we're counting the minutes till you're back. Love Nigel x x x x (PS - Fenton says "Bark", in a Sun Bear accent too)

Anonymous said...

To Gwen Morris Alpha 10
Hello Gwen, gobeithio dy fod yn dal i gael amser da, dim ond diwrnode i fynd nawr, fi'n siwr byddi yn drist i adael rhai o dy ffrindie newydd. Canlyniadau GWYCH a llongyfarchiadau mawr 'rydym i gyd mor falch ohonot, 'rwyt yn ei haeddu!Wy ti wedi cael siawns i roi can i bawb eto?dim gobeth am biano yn unman sbo! Pawb yn iawn yma, er y tywydd yn dal yn wlyb a diflas.Edrych ymlaen yn fawr iawn i dy weld a chael yr hanes diddorol i gyd. Siwrne dda i ti adre Cariad mawr Dodo a Ron xxxx