Thursday, 19 July 2012

V's - Get ready for the Jungle!

After a frantic morning of packing, the Fieldbase team have left for Basecamp to welcome back Alphas 1-7. It is time for changeover and for most this will be there first opportunity for a proper shower and toilet. Everyone will receive post and blog messages and no doubt rush to the Raleigh shop to taste their first bar of chocolate and fizzy drink in a long time.

The 5 week Project Managers remain at Fieldbase finalising their reports after returning from their Project Planning Visits yesterday and preparing for the coming weeks. Photos to follow soon.

On Tuesday 24th July, we will be welcoming the 5 week Venturers to Sabah so thought we would post a few top tips before arrival.

You no doubt will be daunted, excited and most likely a little bit nervous but hopefully the following should help:

·         When you step off the plane you will be hit with a wall of hot humidity-most people are seen to be stripping off jumpers and socks before they’ve even got past customs, but don’t worry you do get used to it. Saying that, be prepared to sweat!

·        Don’t make up your own kit list! Follow the one you have been sent.  Luxuries such as hairdryers, phones and high heels will not only be useless on expedition but also most likely ruined! Please remember you have to carry your own rucksack; most people really only end up wearing a couple of changes of clothes so general advice is to pack light- the rest of your kit is heavy enough! If you are travelling on after, or want to bring extra items/clothes you can leave some items at Basecamp when you are out on project. 20kg is the allowed baggage weight on most airlines.

·         On the other hand, if you forget anything we do have a Raleigh shop at induction and changeover so you can purchase things like t-shirts, sun cream, snacks and soft drinks.

·       Bring dry bags! It is very humid in Sabah and more than likely to rain; sleeping in damp clothes and a damp sleeping bag is not pleasant.

·       Manky feet are not your friend! Your feet will bear the brunt of the work you are doing. Along with sweating profusely, you will be crossing rivers and trekking; blisters are a usual occurrence. Learning to look after your feet is of utmost importance and we recommend bringing plenty of good thick socks, blister plasters and anti-bacterial talcum powder.

·         Top tip: break in your boots before you arrive!

 We are looking forward to meeting you all and hope you are as excited about your upcoming adventure as we are! Get ready to Get Out There, the jungle awaits you!


Anonymous said...

Amanda DeSilva Alpha 3
Hey, you!! I see it's changeover time. Hope all's well? Not sure if you'll be calling us!!? If so, don't worry much about the time
difference....would just be great to talk to you (though between 3-6pm your time could be Hoping the issue with your camera was sorted out!?
BTW, would be nice to see a pic of you on the blog!!!!!!!
Too hot here to do much of anything but staying out in the boat. We've had probs with roaches flying over from the islands at night & being stung by jellyfish larvae (not everyone just a few of us) - not cool! Looking like the jellies will be rampant this year. Small stuff, I'm sure, compared to the creepy crawlers you have to deal with!!!! Lol! Not funny!?
Everyone says hi! Miss you! Love Mom & Dad xxxxxxxxx

Everyone says hi!

Mandy Steward said...

Hi Ben (Allon-Smith) was Alpha 1

I'm hoping you'll get this message at changover. How was building a kindergarten? I saw a video of a previous build and guessed you may have been digging foundations.
It would be brilliant to hear from you directly if you are able from basecamp - best bits and worst parts too!
I'm starting to feel that you have been away a while - nearly 4 weeks.
I'm excited wondering what your next activity will be, as i'm sure are you.
Thinking about you lots.
Love Mum xxxx

Alan macneill said...

Dear emily, we are thinking about you, and send all our love,xxx dad,mum,Alice

Abi B said...

Hannah TODD - Alpha7 now moved to 2!
Hey Han - absolutely fantastic to hear from you yesterday and forwarded your wonderful text to the crew who are thrilled at your progress - swarms of wasps and 11 hours on your feet - IMPRESSIVE! Gay & Andy both now worship at your feet (did tell them that was taking it a bit far!)Alpha 2 now - gravity water feed - so...bit more outdoor manual work - just what you love - lol :)
You wanted news from home - big news - the sun is set to shine all week - perfect for opening of Olympics on Friday when Dad, Bett and i will be in Hyde Park to watch the gig and opening ceremony on big screens - can't wait. New job is frantic so I reckon I need you to bring me chocolate when we get to see each other but it's all good. I'm so happy that your group has been fantastic and I'm sure your next one will be too (coz you are in it - awwwwwww how soppy!)
Love and miss you but so happy you are happy. Lots of the love stuff WSMTB xxx

Mum said...

Emma Hay - Phase 5

Sorry I missed your call, my phone is dead and there is no charger in Annan. I'm gutted I missed it. Good luck with the next phase with the sun bears. speak to you on the 9th.

Love you and miss you
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh (Alpha 4) - can't believe you're coming up to changeover already...can't wait to see what you're doing next, and hoping to see you in some photos soon! Looks like it might finally stop raining here :) Lots of love, Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Nick Wright. Great to talk to you yesterday - sounds like you are having a great time but watch out for those orangutan's! Meant to ask if you got my letter with your results in - well done.... weather has been awful here since you left but they say the sun is going to come out soon!Am playing golf tomorrow and sorting the garden on Sunday. Mun was sorry she missed you and sends her love as always.Enjoy your jungle trecking and the Padi Diving which will be great fun. Be lucky - love you Dad xxx

Alastair Grantham said...

Message for Victoria Hutcheson.

Hey Little Smudge,

Can’t tell you how amazing it was to hear your voice this morning. It’s hard to believe how much I miss you. I went to see your Mum when I got home to tell her you phoned. She is fine and missing you loads too. Bonnie gave me a massive hug when I got back and wouldn’t let go of my leg.
Please stay safe and enjoy the next 3 weeks, don’t go poking any more snakes !.
Will write soon.
Love You xxxx

Dervla said...

Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,
It was great to get your txt yesterday, it promted me to send another postcard from my iPhone, the app is called Riktiga Vykort if you have any Swede's there.
Remember when you told me first that you were going to raise money to go to Borneo and I said "it's a bit like collecting money from your friends to go on holiday"? Well I take it all back!!! I've been reading the blog about all the good work Raleigh does in the area. Helping villages with clean water supply, creating sustainable forestry and building projects etc....very impressive!
So you're off to help the sunbears in Sepilock? I much check the net for that, Lots of love Sweetie,

Una crosby said...

Hi Harriet. Alpha 4
It was wonderful to get your text and to hear that you are having a great time with such fun people - also good to hear that you are working hard. What is your next task? Caroline has had her baby - Lauren Sarah - 3 weeks early need to go and get some little pink things to post. Can't wait to see when you get back. Everyone good here. Lots and lots of love mum x

David Archibald said...

For Euan Archibald
Hi Euan, dad here. Sorry I missed your call but great to hear you are having a great time. Hope your next assignment is just as good. I have just bought you the new Hearts top and I am wearing it tomorrow as part of the biggest Team Photo in our history - should be a laugh. We are all getting ready for Cambridge next week - Craig & Charlie Proclaimer will be 5-1'd. Mum & Kirst couldn't get the number to work yesterday. Take care and have fun - Dad xxx

Jane Copeland said...

Anthony Copeland , Alpha 5.

Hi Ant , gramps got your text and were over the moon to hear from you. Sounds like you are having an amazing time ,cant wait to hear all your stories. what a great experience your having,hope you have good holiday with meg and the boys.miss you loads ,love nan and gramps xxxx

hey son what a fabulous time your having ,sorry previous messages haven't come through obviously not doing things right which shouldn't really surprise you :-p all is well here, keeping an eye on the blog updates which sound amazing just wish there were more pics of you. looking forward to hearing about all your ventures , very proud of you xxxx love mum and dad

George Donkin said...

For Lucy Troman, Alpha 3

Hey Lu!

How was Danum Valley? Are you off diving now then or going somewhere else? I've sent loads of letters but I'm not sure if you'll get them until changeover. I'm also looking for holidays but it's impossible to sort anything without you here. We may have to just go camping and save it for next summer. I was looking at Venice and found some good stuff! We can have a look at some last minute things when you're back. I've just finished my first week of my new job, it's ok and my pay isn't bad. I'm working until the 19th so only a week after you get back. Seems like ages away! I hope you're having a good time out there. Any news on the Orangutang front? Send me a letter or something, its horrible not being able to hear from you!

Love you lots

George xx

Gordon Bates said...

For Alison George (Alpha 4)

Hope every things going well in the Jungle, you’re over half way now so make the most of your last few weeks.

Had my Graduation which was the biggest anticlimax ever, just a handshake. Finishing at the sports centre was far more dramatic as I did a backflip of the highchair (well some called it a belly flop) and my bosses got emotional. I’m now at home just getting ready for Europe and Hurst. Can’t wait to get going, I have even started on my tan well my sun burn. (you must be black by now).

Also thank you for the letter it arrived a week ago and easily made my day, it only took a week to get here as well. I have re- read it nearly daily.
Can’t wait to see what your next adventure is.

Take care of yourself,
Love Gordon x

pam openshaw said...

Message for Dan Openshaw.
Hi my lovely boy, yet again the pics are great.....loving the moustache even more impressive than mine!!!Hope it wasn't permenant marker ha,though I was more concerned about the blue wig to be honest.
Well you certainly look like you have settled in well good job really as we have sold the house and will have moved by the time you get back, how funny is that, well nearly as funny as the fact that we have bought a two bedroomed house so at least you are experienced in sleeping under the stars now:)xxxx.
Everyone fine here even the weather is getting better,Aimz has enrolled at L.C.C.(Liverpool Community College) so is very excited.She will have started before you get home gosh all change. Haven't heard anything about your phone so let me know if you want me to do anything. Rory Taylor is doing Superstar on the T.V. with Andrew Lloyd Webber he is very good.Am just going to see Nan so will tell her I have blogged you. I love you and everyone sends lots of hugs and love.Take the greatest of care from your very proud Mummy xxxxx

Maria O'Halloran said...

Fiona Bailey

Hey Fo!
Got your letter, it made me very happy! Sounds so good. Not too much happening around here as usual! I'll send you an email over the next few days seeing your back to basecamp (i presume?)
Miss you!
Mar xxx

Anonymous said...

Ndavyah Alpha 7

Hey Dahvy, it was great to hear your voice. Def sounds like you r having a wonderful time. So now that you are a diver we can hit the reefs when you return. See if you can get another camera We want to see plenty of pics when you get home.
Continue to enjoy yourself. I'm so proud of you.
Tell Jermae and Amin I said hello.

Emah Sharie.

Anonymous said...

For Elsemieke Kruseman alpha 1 (kindergarten?)
Hee lieve Elsemieke,

Wat fijn je even gesproken te hebben eergisteren. Dat je nog bereik en stroom hebt. Kun je je mobiel opladen? Anders zal die toch zo langzamerhand leeg zijn. En wat leuk dat je naar de Kindergarten gaat. Kun je het bestuur van de Paquerettes verslag uitbrengen. Zal erg gewaardeerd worden!! Je klonkt goed aan de telefoon. Zie je, de tijd gaat best snel en voor je het weet zit je weer in het vliegtuig en denk je dat je best langer had willen blijven. Ik hoop dat je foto's kunt maken en dat je 's avonds gelegenheid hebt wat op te schrijven, want je vergeet het anders zo snel.
Gisteren heb ik heel gezellig mijn verjaardag gevierd. Alleen Martine was thuis en ik had een paar mensen uitgenodigd en we waren toen hier met zo'n 20-en. Het was trouwens de eerste dag dat het echt zomer was: we konden tot heel laat in de tuin zitten. Heel erg gezellig. Had wat eten gemaakt, maar omdat ik niet kan inschatten hoeveel, eten we nog dagenlang hetzelfde. nou ja, ik heb het ingevroren, dus jullie zullen steeds hetzelfde krijgen, als je thuis komt. Gek hé dat ik steeds veel te veel maak. Zo bang dat ik te weinig heb!! Van pappa kreeg ik een putter. zou mijn handicap nu met sprongen vooruit gaan?! En van Martine een wijnkoeler met een schaap erop. Rara wie zou dat uitgezocht hebben. Ik geloof dat het nu bij de spullen staat die mee naar Frankrijk gaan!!!! Morgen gaan we naar de begrafenis van Oom Marien die honderd jaar is geworden, bijna 101 !! En dinsdag gaan we naar Zwitserland en dan naar Frankrijk. Je zult nu mijn brief wel hebben gekregen, verwacht ik. Dag lieve meisje, je bent nog steeds mijn enorme kanjer!!
Ik houd heel veel van je en kijk uit naar de 12e, maar eerst ga jij heel goed werk verrichten in die Kindergarten. Dag lieverdje, veel kusjes, mamma xx

Louise said...

For Katie Fairburn in Alpha 1!
Hi Katie,
Borneo looks amazing! Scary with all those leeches and everything but amazing! So jealous. Leeds is boring and the weather has mostly been rubbish. The hot topic in my office for the last three or four weeks has been Fifty Shades of Grey. Yawn. I gave in to peer pressure and read it... It's all hype (obviously)! Other cultural things you are missing on are the new Batman film, which is pretty good, and, er, well that's it really.
Anyway, hope you're having a great time and have not been bitten, bloodsucked or sunburnt to death.
lots of love,
Louise and Matt xx
PS Drew still has my litre of gin. I don't have much hope for it...

Anonymous said...

For Elsemieke Kruseman at Kindergarten
Lieve Elsie,

Wij staan weer op punt om weg te gaan, alleen, je kent dat bij ons, vroeg is bij ons rond 13.00 á 14.00 uur. Voor Martine erg frustrerend!! We gaan nu naar Vil. en dan naar Les F. 6 dagen later. Beetje veel rijden, maar ja, dan zie je nog eens wat!!
En intussen ben jij hard aan het werk in de Kindergarten. Vergat helemaal te vragen toen we elkaar aan de telefoon hadden wat je daar moet gaan doen! Bouwen of lesgeven of tuin aanleggen of watervoorziening?! De informatie via deze website is erg matig. Er zitten dagen tussen dat er niets nieuws wordt vermeld. Niet zo leuk voor de thuisblijvers die een paar keer per dag de site aantikken om naar een verslagje te kijken, maar ja, so be it.
Als wij terugkomen, dan kom jij een dag later, wel heel spannend om je weer te zien. Maar geniet nu maar want het zal heel lang duren voor je weer in Azie bent, denk ik.
Zeg lieve meisje, ik moet verder met inpakken. Vanuit het chalet zal ik weer hier iets krabbelen.
Daag, lieverdje, heel veel kusjes mamma xxxxx

Una Crosby said...

For Harriet Crosby alpha 4. Hi how's it going. We haven't seen anything about what your next task is. We are in Scotland with Imy and her friends. Lodge is really good. Music rather loud worried about the neighbours. Left Lou and kits at home. Everyone good at home. Gran sends her love. See you very soon. Lots of love mum x

Campbell family said...

for David Campbell was alpha 7

David it looks like you are enjoying every min of being out there. we all miss you and love going on here to see your photo's.
Leon is jealous of you diving, you know him and jaws. Anutie B and family send there love and papa said he will send a messege when he can work out how to send one

Good luck with the next phase. BIG hugs and lots of love Mum, Dad, Christina and Clare xxxx

Anonymous said...

To Umit Utku Alpha 5,
4 weeks have passed, 6 more to go, I've been reading all about your trip, sounds like your having the time of your life and getting a nice tan, and I hope you carry on enjoying your time on your new task in the next upcoming weeks, miss you lots and lots, stay safe and don't melt! :)
M xxx

Showbiz Reporter said...

Dear Nikki Barr,
URGENT BREAKING NEWS - Kristen Stewart has admitted to cheating on Robert Pattinson with Snow White director Rupert Sanders.

Love, Decaf

Anonymous said...

for Elsemieke Kruseman in Kindergarten
Ha lieveElsemiekje,
Wij zijn inmiddels in Vil aangekomen. Zijn gisteren, dinsdag 14.00 uur weggegaan en kwamen er om 0.15 uur aan, dus 10 uur over gedaan. Best redelijk.
Chalet in goede staan aangetroffen. Lekker relaxen hier en over 5 dagen weer door naar Les F. Veel dus niet te vertellen, behalve dat ik weinig van je hoor. Weet niet of het nog lukt om een brief te schrijven. Dit is net zo makkelijk!! Annalie is weer terug uit London en gaat komend weekend naar NY met de familie van R. Zij komt ook de 12e terug en als GW er ook is, kunnen we met z'n allen gezellig thuis eten en jouw verhalen horen en die van de anderen.
Verheug je daar maar ook op. Goh, wat zul jij veel te vertellen hebben. Lijkt me heerlijk om daar naar te luisteren.. Nou ja, over een paar dagen zal ik weer wat krabbelen, niet dat hier nou zoveel gebeurt, maar dan heb je toch een levensteken vanuit Vil.
Dag lieve meisje, nogmaals, veel genieten en tot over drie weken ongeveer. xxxxxx kusjes, mamma

Robert Hay said...

Emma Hay - Alpha 4
Evening gorgeous hope all is going well and you are enjoying the sun bear reservation. Appreciated your text you sent was good to hear from you. Missing you lots luv Dad xx

Karonjane Scott said...

karon scott

for Anthony Howden

hope you are having a fantastic time out there, photos and blogs are great to see and read.

we all miss you so much. but im enjoying the peace and quiet. only kidding son. love you always. mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ali said...

Zoe lea (was alpha 7)

Hey you.. You out there!

Just quick message to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow! But by the time this reaches you it was probably yesterday.. Ach well! Don't know if you tried to Skype me earlier but I'm sooo sorry for missing it if you did!
Little bit of news from here- finally got a job. Full time so that'll keep me busy! Plus it gets me free shows in the festival.. Jealous?;) that's about all really, main message is happy birthday! Don't worry I'll have a few drinks on your behalf :P then I'll take you out when we're back for it! Missing you lots, but I'm sure it feels like its flying by there!
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

To Nikki Barr
Hope you're staying ahead of those mozzies! I bet you're pretty fit by now! Really looking forward to seeing you. We went over to Julie's a while back and Lawrence & Naomi were there. L is now a qualified pilot & threatening to take us up on a flight when U get to Brisbane. He likes talking to me as I used to do a lot of gliding before you and Rich arrived!
xxx & steady as she goes

Anonymous said...

To Elsemieke Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman:
Heeee Elsje! Hoe gaat het lieverd? We zijn heel benieuwd hoe je t hebt! Kon niet zoveel verslagen vinden. Doe je veel coole dingen? Nu kindergarten? Wat doe je precies? Wij zitten nu in Domburg. Alleen Jake is er niet. Guus kwam gister en is er nog steeds, heel gezellig! Niet super lekker weer maar morgen als het goed is weer warmer. Wanneer ben je weer terug? Benieuwd naar al je verhalen!
Hele dikke zoen van Soof Did Loes Guus (en natuurlijk ook van Maarten, duco, Tessa, Isabelle, Emma)!