Sunday, 1 July 2012

It's Training Time

On Saturday afternoon 7 Delta groups were welcomed by the PMs and HCVs who had been at Basecamp for 24 hours already, by a bamboo dance, and welcome signs in both Malay and English. We got straight down to training by showing everyone how to set up their mosquito nets in their bashas, and how to 3 bowl (cleaning system that stops the spread of bacteria and infection).  After an expedition meeting and dinner, at which there was a competition to finish off the spring rolls (the girls definitely beat the boys!), people where pretty much falling asleep at their tables  so it was off to bed at 8pm. Some Vs had been travelling for over 24 hours and so sleep was the only thing on their minds.

Training continued on Tuesday, with team bonding, medical sessions, learning how to assess and cross rivers safely, setting up and using HF radios and campcraft.

The day ended with the famous Raleigh Olympics, a test of physical and mental strength and endurance. It also included getting completely soaked and an awful lot of fun!!

Delta 3 were the ultimate champions, winning the tie breaker Bravo push.

The participants also got their own back on the Raleigh Olympic Committee Team by surprising them with a soaking.

Wednesday and Thursday saw the Delta groups venture into the jungle to practice their new skills and get an idea of what trekking and setting up camp would entail. The groups all made it to Jungle Camp with impressively fast times and got their basha’s set up in time to have a dip in the river; always a lovely end to a tiring day.

Allocations are eagerly anticipated on Friday morning as soon as Deltas’s 2, 4 and 6 return from Jungle Camp, so tune in tomorrow to see who’s going where!


Anonymous said...

A big Hello to ANNIE MOSS!!! It is great to read about your first week and see some photos - I spotted you and it looks like you have been upto some interesting things already!!!! France has been very very hot this week but lots of fun! First week of Wimbledon saw Nadal go out in a shock second round exit but Federer and Murray battle through!! Thinking of you all and miss you lots! Have fun!!! Loads of love Colette xxx

Gpa & Gma said...

For Bethany K Pearson.
Loving the photo but more water, more water!
We have just spoken to Aunty Rachel. Her counts have started to recover strongly. She may even be allowed out at the end of the week! Will keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great to see a photo of Jack Richardson, hope you are having a good time, we are all thinking of you and will send you letters soon.
Love from Mum, Brother & Aunty.

Diana Todd said...

For Hannah Todd, Borneo, Alpha 7

Hi Han, Was just clearing out my bag and found the letter that I wrote you before you left which I thought I had put in your card at the airport - gutted!!!!! So good to hear your voice the other day. So pleased you are having a great time and that everyone is very welcoming. Enjoy your time and I can't wait to hear all about it when the wander returns. Love you lots, Mum xxxxxxxx
P.S. Love you more than mum does - BooBoo:)))

Dervla said...

@ Fiona Bailey.
Well I heard that you had learned how to put up a hammock, and I saw the pic on fb, but by the blog here there'll be no lazing around in the hammock. From the photo's it looks like you're having a ball already.
Yvonne and Jimmy arrive in Höllviken late tomorrow night so I'll be showing them the blog. Carl is busy in the garden and pumping up the bikes, the weather looks promising.Lots of Love Dervla

Jade said...

For Freddie.D

Hi Fred! Hope you are enjoying it all so far, I'm keeping up with the blogs its good to see what you are all up to, it looks fun! Thinking of you... Jade x
PS sent you a letter.

Megan Coe said...

For Anthony Copeland 12D:

Hey babe! So pleased to see some pictures of you on here and see what you're getting up too, you look like you are having fun!

I'm missing you loads but trying to keep busy, can't wait to see you.

Stay safe and have an amazing time!
All my love,
Meg xXx

Ashley Phipps said...

Jermae, Ray-Anne, Amon, Mike, Ndavyah,Shaehlay and Amanda

Glad you have arrived safely! Hope your all having a blast! Enjoy every bit of thi experience!

Love you all!


Boo Troman said...

Hi Lucy Troman! It looks AMAZING out there - we are all hoping you are having a great time. We spent the weekend in Hartlebury playing with steam engines, so it doesn't quite compare! Granny and Grandad say hi too. Lots of love, Boo, Daddy, Emma and Ollie xx

Alastair Grantham said...

Message for Victoria Hutcheson. Unknown Delta group.

Hi Fluffy, Great to see your photos.
Looks like your having an amazing time.
Missing you like crazy.
Got good news from hospital.
Love you loads

Jake Cook said...

For Charlotte Roper, 12D,

Hi You! Glad to see a picture of you out there, at least I know you're still ok! And thank you so much for ringing the other day, was just so nice to hear your voice! I have been writing to you just don't know when you'll get them! Trying to keep in touch as much as I can, its really not the same without you here! I go to spa tomorrow, so will keep in touch on here from there and try and write! Looked like you were putting some serious effort in on tug of war, ahah! I miss you and, love you, be careful! Jake xxxx

Anonymous said...

to Deanna Green we see that you are in alpha 2 and hope you are enjoying yourself love mum and dad.

Sharmaine L said...

Amon and all the other bermudians I am glad you made it safely! Take care and enjoy the experience!

Anonymous said...

bethany pearson alpha 3 hi its mom yet again trying to gain contact but not doing to well at it as you can tell. hope you ok and having fun love you loads xx

Sara Clarke said...

bethany pearson alpha 3 hi its mom yet again trying to gain contact but not doing to well at it as you can tell. hope you ok and having fun love you loads xx

Anita Jane said...

Anita & Mike Jane.

For Gareth Jane Alpha 1, Love the photos, look forward to hearing all the stories.

Love Mum and Dad and Barney oxx

Rosie Moss said...

Hi Annie Moss Alpha 5.
Hope the dive/trek is progressing well. It is great to see photos of you on the blog. Keep smiling.
Love you. Mum, Dad and Ed xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

beth pearson alpha3
yo its mamma think i got this sussed as long as jimbo,dad,gma & gpa all work with me i can still mess it up. have you got any spiders yet? do not bring them home love you loads xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi QB just seen a rhinocerus hornbill fly over. red monkey in tree look shocked.

LYB gma xxx

Saxon said...

Bethany Pearson alpha 3
Hi B Toy its me Saxon mommy and daddy do nothing but talk about how proud they are of you and that you must be having soooo much fun in borneo im fed up off it as i understand there are lots of trees what fun i could have!mommy said we could go find me some new trees when it stops raining, so had to make do with a new lampost or two. woof woof woof saxon xxxxxxxxx

Sue Thomas said...

For Rachel Thomas Alpha 6
So great to see a photo of you peering through the bamboo. I hope the trek is OK. Thinking of you loads.
It just rains and rains here - envious of your warmth!
Did the Rock Choir concert last night which the audience seemed to enjoy except nan said it was far too noisy!
Alfie missing your hugs in his basket!
Hope to see another photo of you soon.
Love you loads. Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To dywayne love seeing the photos looks like u ate having a brill time keep up the good work . From billsey the dog

Dave Dodd said...

Clarke Dodd 12D Borneo.
Just found you, Congrats on snake bite but even more on exams!!
Very proud of you, enjoy your weeks in Borneo.
Love Dad & Aly XX

Anonymous said...

Yanlin Su (Alpha 7),

Enjoy the trekking in the rain forest? Take care and enjoy :)

Lydia (Raleigh Hong Kong)

Victoria said...


Anonymous said...

For Sabrina Thomas. Keeping up to date with all your news through mum. Love to look at the photos. Well done and keep up the good work! Lots of love, Angela and Nigel.