Tuesday, 17 July 2012

"It ain't raining, it aint training!"

The above is one of Mac’s (Country Director) favourite sayings, and up until now it’s been rather disappointing for him as the training for this summer expedition so far has seen beautiful sunshine with barely a drop of rain.

However, the five week Volunteer Managers have clearly brought an English cloud with them on the plane; it has rained every day this week! At the start of the week this didn’t cause much displeasure as we could look out at the rain from the comfort of Fieldbase. However, for the last two days the PMs have been at Basecamp, practicing their perang skills, learning how to put up a sturdy basha and set up and use HF radios, assessing the safety of rivers for swimming, washing and crossing, tasting Raleigh rations and enjoying their first soggy trek into the jungle!

The team managed to stay dry on their 3 hour trek into the jungle and arrived in time to get their radio up, put a call into Fieldbase and grab a quick cracker lunch but as they were going about setting up camp the heavens opened, making for very wet hammocks! After a bit of help from the more experienced Fieldbase team, everyone got their hammocks up and tarps straightened out with only Helen’s hammock snapping. Fortunately this was when she was testing it, not when she was sleeping!

Luckily the rain ceased for the morning trek out of the jungle, but the excitement wasn’t over yet - it was mock casevac (casualty evacuation) time. Unknown to all of the VMs, Fieldbase had been planning an emergency situation to see how they would cope and allow the team a chance to put their training into practice. Emma McFarlane, the team medic happened to slip down a slope (a perfectly do-able accident considering the amount of rain we have had) and 'break' her ankle. Unable to walk, it was up to the PMs to get Emma out of the jungle safely. With Alice on the radio to Fieldbase and the rest of the team making a stretcher, helping with the radio, or running between it and Emma, they all did very well in making sure that Emma was kept comfortable and informed of the plan to get her out. A successful Casevac all in all! And don’t worry, we didn’t get them to carry the patient all the way out, they just covered enough distance to ensure that the stretcher could be carried without putting the patient at more risk and showing how heavy and difficult carrying a stretcher can be.

Everyone got back to Fieldbase, a little worse for wear but cheery and ready to hear which project they would be allocated to, so tune in soon to hear all about it!


Dervla said...

Fiona Bailey
Alpha 5
Hi Fiona,
I'm whispering because I'm at work ;-) but no patients at the moment. I talked to your mum & dad on Sunday, they were delighted to get your letter.
It really is fun and a bit scarey to read the blog, geez putting up your own basher and then sleeping in it?!? Isn't it a bit hard?
All's quiet here in Höllviken till next week when Carl's sister and her hubby, three sons, who are all almost 2meters tall (I feel like a midget being the smallest in the house at 5'7")arrive, oh and the alsation too!
There was big excitment last night as a moose was spotted just off the beach swimming in the direction of Malmö!
Just checked your fb, it seems Joni got engaged 8 July, though it might be Frape. Peigi Askew hope's "you're having the craic in the jungle with your funky ass jungle legging/pants"....photo please!
Latest comment from Donna "Last night Channing Tatum in Coach Carter, tonight Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbour - Australian tv is spoiling me for choice!"
That's it from me before I get caught facebooking at work. Off to xray a few broken bones, take care sweetie,
Love Dervla

Mum said...

Happy Birthday Today 17th July
Mum, Dad, Nan, Si, Matt and Alfie send you lots of love on your special day. Thinking of you loads today especially and hope you are having a wonderful time. Lots of love and big hugs from us all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bea Ainslie said...

Hey Emma Hay!
Just a message to say I may be missing you a little bit now.. but hey ho :) you're room is magnificent thanks to yours truly. Hope you're enjoying everything and that you have a tan! Talk soon! Much love BeatRice xxxx

Bea Ainslie said...

Hey Ams!
Didn't think this would happen but I actually miss you as well haha however I have found time to laugh so all is well and I don't feel deprived but don't expect any new FG jokes cause I never get to watch tele haha hope you're enjoying everything and that you have a tan! Talk soon! Much love BeatRice xxxx

Coops said...

Looking good Alice! Make sure you say hi to the bat for me ' hiiiiiiii!!' Missing you here in the UK xx

Ashley@RaleighBermuda said...

To:Raleigh Bermuda Crew:Ndavyah, Amon, Mike, Amanda, Rayanne, Shaehlay and Jermae

Heya Guys!

I hope all is well! Phase one is almost over and you will soon be in new groups on a new phase! As i look at the blog I am delighted to see many pictures of Jermae and Mike, Ndavayah and one of Amon! But Rayanne, Shaehlay and Amanda please get in some pictures! hahahahah!

I hope you all having a blast and making the most of this great experience. As you know its CUP MATCH TIME IN BERMUDA!!! Everyone here is getting ready for the holiday. We miss you all and I cant wait to hear all of your amzing stories when you get back!

Lots of Love and Hugs! BASHLEY!

The Critchell Clan said...

A message for Emily Paul, Alpha 4.

I miss my Auntie Dave very much but please tell her that Mummy and Daddy are sooo proud of her and that they are keeping tabs...as usual. Can't wait to see her soon, she won't believe how much I've changed. Tell her I miss her terribly and I absolutely cannot wait for cuddles. She's an inspiration to me and my Mummy!

Thank you, keep up the good work.

Hannah Milne(r) said...

well done alice, sounds amazing and great radio skills!xxx