Wednesday, 4 July 2012

An Eventful Stay with Alpha 4!

Training is over and expedition life has well and truly begun! The Alpha groups all made it safely to their project sites.

I (Kate) had the pleasure of joining Alpha 4 for their first four days in Sepilok, and am happy to report that they have all settled in well, and are getting down to a lot of hard work in the Bornean Sunbear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). Here is how they are getting on so far: 

After a six hour bus journey which included a stop for lunch at a local market and an on board movie(luxury!) Alpha 4 arrived in Sepilok at 1pm, the hottest part of the day. Jungle camp is not too remote compared to many other project sites, but when it’s 31 c and very humid, a fifteen minute walk carrying heavy kit seems like at least 10 miles! However, Alpha 4 teamed, and sweated together, and got their entire kit(which included food, tools and their own bags) to jungle camp in under an hour. With longs-o-clock approaching it was a race to get hammocks set up, the long drop dug, food organised plus showers! By 5.10pm camp has been set up and the team decided if they all had very quick, and precise 3 minute showers everyone could get washed before 6pm and spend the night feeling refreshed! The showers at Jungle Camp are of the bucket variety, i.e. one bucket, one scoop and slosh! At first the V’s were a little daunted by these showers, but over the next few days everyone was looking forward and professing their love for the bucket shower!

Sunday was spent improving Jungle Camp and making it feel like home, followed by a meeting with Ypak,  the Head Keeper at BSBCC and Adam, who is an intern with Arkitrek, an architect company that will be assisting with the design and construction of the bear refuges. We all got a tour around the centre, and even got to see some Sun Bears on our very first day!

 As well as Sun Bears, we also saw a group of Makaks, including some very cute baby ones. However, we were warned that they are very mischievous, travel in packs and will approach if you have any food with you. For this reason we were advised to stay together in a group, and if approached by any, call the rangers- we were no longer saying “awwww” at this point! 

Work started straight away on Monday with everyone getting up at 5.30 in order to get breakfast, do a radio sitrep(situation report)and get to the BSBCC, a fourty minute walk away by 8am. The team were divided into two groups in the morning, one to reclaim wood and the other to start clearing a path in the jungle where another bear enclosure would be.

Within the first  hour, Alpha 4’s first leeching occurred, with Bernice getting one on her stomach! By day’s end she had definitely made a few firm friends, getting 4 leeches in total, with Nas following close behind with 3! The wood clearing group also had their fair share of creepy crawly surprises, coming across alot of ants, scorpions, centipedes, some stunning butterflies and a giant stick insect!

By 2pm, huge progress has been made, with a long stretch of the jungle path having been cleared by Jermae, Josh, Berniece, Lucy, Nas and Euan. It went from this:

To this:

After lunch it was time for a team effort. There were two very heavy bits of wood stuck in the wood piles that required a team effort to get out(the tug of war practice from Raleigh Olympics came in handy here):

After removing the heavy wood, everyone moved to the jungle area to help remove a log that was blocking the path. The path that had been cleared was very boggy so we needed to come up with a way to lift it rather than drag it.  After a bit of trial and error with the rope, Alison came up with the successful idea of rolling the log onto a curled rope to let everyone get a hold of it. This worked a treat, and the log was removed in minutes to the pile of wood that would be used for the bear refuges.

The work continued on Tuesday, with everyone ending up in the Jungle, and much to Charlotte’s disgust, pretty much everyone experienced a leech or two!  The day got quite exciting when the team spotted a snake, and then an orangutan,  just metres from where they were working!

According to Nick, it was 'the most eventful day of his life', and this is why; the events just kept coming...

·         a few celebrations for Euan’s 21st birthday;

·         A mock casevac, in which I pretended to injure my leg to see how the team would react, and to ensure that if something happened to one of the PMs that they would be able to manage.

·         One amazing curry with fried rice made by Nas and Josh
·         A birthday cake, with chocolate AND jam, made by Charlotte and Harriet
·         And to top it all of a tropical storm just as we were heading to bed!
A truly eventful four days with Alpha 4!
I’m off to Alpha 3 next, so will have the next update from there very soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie,
Hope all going well, looks warmer and drier than here!! Off to Wakestock with Sam and his mates this weekend, its going to be horrific I think, with all the rain and mud! Hope its not as eventful as when you went and saved Grace and Boot!! Grace is off to Ibiza this weekend so she's assured of good weather. Stud quietening down now and great news Sparkle in foal, hope Be doesn't mind me telling you and Wiggi for scanning on Friday. Have a wonderful time and take care, all our love, Pete, Em, Grace & Sam xx

Liz Troman said...

For Lucy Troman, Alpha 3

Hi Lucy xxxxx
Don't think my first attempts to massage you have worked (another forgotten password)!! Anyway hope you are having a fantastic time working hard and enjoying jungle life. Have you seen any orangutans yet? Its STILL raining here but Joe has come back from Croatia all brown - it was hotter than Borneo!! Charlie has been to a party and to meet 'someone' in London. Niall has got a season ticket for ManU. And I have read more books on my new Kindle much to everyone's annoyance :-O There's a great pic of you during training on the blog, can't wait to see some more as they're posted. Look after yourself and have fun. Lots of love ME, Joe, Charlie and Niall xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah Robertshaw said...

For Alison George:

Sounds like you are having the most amazing time, I can't believe you're actually there! Noticed that you got a special mention for your innovative log moving techniques - you are so clever! I can't wait to hear about everything!
Things here are fairly boring, the man of red is coming to visit me at the weekend which will be interesting but apart from that I'm not doing anything, a 9-5.30 hour office days are DULL. Especially when I come in from work to read what you've been doing!
Enjoy yourself, lots of love Sarah xxxx

clare said...

Hi Helen (PM) Glad to hear you arrived safely - how does it compare to Costa Rica? It's strange being the one sending the blogs as opposed to receiving them...i will look out for pictures of you soon hopefully. Lots of love, Clare xxx

Anonymous said...

For: Annie Moss, Group 12D, Alpha 5

Hi Annie!
Hope you're having a fantastic time. Been enjoying looking at the photos of you all and it looks as though you're having lots of fun and been very busy. Looks very humid there.
Loved the pic of you knee deep in rapids last week- I see the shorts you bought when we went shopping were definitely required and a good buy! Looks like you've been up close and personal with a lot of the local wildlife already, some look friendly, others not so! You're not missing much weather-wise here, the summer is still non existent, had thunderstorms last week.
Will keep checking for more updates on what you've been up to and will send you a message again soon. Thinking of you, lots of love Heather xxx

Jake Cook said...

For Charlotte Roper

Hey You! Hope you're ok, I haven't been able to write since being in Spa. Got to Calais tuesday night and then drove here yesterday. Its so nice here you'd love it! Really nice place! And its hot too, sur not as hot as where you are but it beats being at home! Had testing today and finished 3rd, not too bad considering they've all driven here before and I haven't! The track is ridiculously fast, you average over like a 100 its amazing haha! Genuinely love it here! Have quali and a race tomorrow, then 2 on saturday. Can't really write until we leave here for Zandvoort because the motorhomes blocked in so we can't leave the track! so i'll let you know how it goes on here!

Looks like you've had an eventful time! I really hope you're ok now and enjoying it! Excepet for the leeches... But we knew you wouldn't like them! And glad to see your still makiing cakes out there... Did you show off your decorating skills! Hopefully here from you soon. I really miss you so get in touch when you can! Also, your fam are going to corfu in a week! Jealous! Miss you!

Love you,

Jake xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Ezra, alpha2 ! We are all missing you cleaning the house and tidying up and doing the cooking. It was lovely to see your smile on the blog. Lily is very sad you are away and says please come home soon. Term ends tomorrow. We are off to seaside tomorrow but we already seem to be in the autumn so Bristol seems quite forlorn. We found 62 tee shirts in your bedroom- shall we send them on? Love you lots. Xxx

Anonymous said...

This is for Nick Wright - 12D&I - Alpha 4. Hi Nick - how you doing.... we are back from hols in Cyprus and think our hotel had a tad better facilities than yours judging by the pictures we have seen on the blog! Understand you are at the SunBear Conservation Centre in Sepilok - looks like you are all working hard but also having a great time. Happy 21st birthday to Euan! Rupert says hello as I am typing this message. Hope everything is going well - we are thinking of you lots and enjoy reading the Blog and looking at the pictures following your group activities. Sent you a card from Cyprus - hope you get it and will write soon. Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Millie and Rupert!xxxxxxxx

ceem said...

for Bryony - Alpha 6
Good to see you smiling through the bamboo. To bring you up to date with "the Block" - "Most Popular Couple" - Brad and Lara (Car). "Winners" - Brad and Lara (pocketing a cool $550,000 over reserve price!)

Miss you,
Grumps & Granny xxx

Anonymous said...

Mum and Paul here Nikki B - great stuff and trying to keep up with you from the boat here around the Ionian Seas. Much love from us both x x x

Jackie & Paul Miller

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie
Its pouring here again!! Wish we were with you instead! Hope you're having a great time and enjoying the experience. We're very proud of you. Billy's got a new suit and now thinks he's James Bond.He loves it so much that he's even wearing it in the shower and when he goes to bed. Fennie's sleeping on your rug every night, waiting for you to come back. Your mum and me are missing you so much that we've had to console ourselves with bottles of wine. So, please stay away longer, we're having a great time. hahahaha :-) All our love. Looking forward to seeing you. Nigel x x x xx

Gordon Bates said...

For Alison Charlote George,

It’s exciting reading through the blog finding out what amazing and versatile work you’re up to. Also sounds like you’ve found your voice in the group with the log part, next step T.L. of the ‘Borneo Bears’ (that’s your new team nickname).
Nothing really changed here, I’m the last one standing in Ash-House but don’t mind as I have loads of hours at the Sports Centre. Oh I got to do my first kids swimming lesson the other day, it was so much fun!!! My kids kicked ass and on top of that I got paid for three days to help on the climbing wall so loving work. I got worker of the year award as well and I’ve decided that the song ‘Whistle’ by Flo Rida is my new lifeguarding theme tune.
Look forward to seeing the next update and keep up the good effort.

Lots of love, Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh - Alpha 4 - great to hear what you've been doing, and seeing the photos. Looking forward to tasting your curry when you get home!! Much love, Mum, Toby, Maddy and Jess xxxxx

Lee Cain said...

Hey Nikki B,

I’m enjoying the blog posts here in rainy London Town. I especially enjoyed reading about how you have been outwitted by Boris the Boar.
It seems even the jungle wildlife realise your wheat intolerance is your greatest weakness out there. The photos look amazing and I know you’re making the most of every moment.

Enjoy the adventure and know that I am missing you like crazy each and every day.

I love you,

Lee x

PS - The G-lift is in the bag for when you return. Fact.

Mandy Steward said...

Hi Ben (A-S), Alpha 1 group

Third time to try for a message but can't find previous ones. Keep thinking - what a fantastic time you'll be having. Have seen 3 photos of you (arriving at the airport; learning how to cross a river safely and then in allocations for Alpha 1). You looked so pleased with yourself at arriving in Bornea, then very concentrated in the river. I'm sure you are pleased to be helping to build a kindergarten.....good for the muscles!!!
Lucy went to Beijing today (friday 6th) and is home on Wednesday. Her 4 weeks seems to have flown past. Tilly's term finishes on Wednesday too. She can't quite appreciate how long you are away for.
Missing youi, love Mum xxx

Alastair Grantham said...

Victoria Hutcheson(Alpha 7)

Hi Gorgeous Fluffy,

Ice axe and crampons are packed. It’s only a couple of days now until the Sandis, Ali G epic alpine adventure. I’m really hoping it will take my mind off missing you so much. Although I’m pretty sure it won’t. It will be strange not been able to look at the blog for the next couple of weeks to see what you have been up to.
It was amazing to get to your e-mail the other day, It was so good to hear that your having a fantastic time. I hope your arm is ok and your ears are coping with the diving.
I’ve written a couple of letters that should arrive over the next couple weeks.
Can’t wait to see you in September.

Love you loads xxxxxxxx.

George Donkin said...

Lucy Troman, Alpha 3

Hey Lu! I sent you a letter the other day, I'm not sure if I did it right but hopefully you should get it soon... Got a job interview on Tuesday! The weather here is rubbish, send some jungle sunshine over my way please. I can't wait to hear about what you've been up to this week (apparently alpha 3 is next on the blog) It all sounds awesome, I'm really proud! Miss you Lu. Lots of Love George xx

Mum said...

For Emma Hay Alpha 5
Hope you are well honey. Missing you loads. Nothing happening here except rain, rain and more rain! it supposed to get sunny around September so just in time for you coming home. Gave Aaron your first letter today! 2 weeks in. Is anyone you know in your group? What about the two from Edinburgh? How was the diving? I really wish I could talk to you it's so frustrating. Everyone says it's good for you and for me not to be able to get in touch but i'm not so sure.
Love you loads and miss you.

Mum xxxx

Gordon Bates said...

To Alison Charlote George
It’s exciting reading through the blog finding out what amazing and versatile work you’re up to. Also sounds like you’ve found your voice in the group with the log part, next step T.L. of the ‘Borneo Bears’ (that’s your new team nickname).
Nothing really changed here, I’m the last one standing in Ash-House but don’t mind as I have loads of hours at the Sports Centre. Oh I got to do my first kids swimming lesson the other day, it was so much fun!!! My kids kicked ass and on top of that I got paid for three days to help on the climbing wall so loving work. I got worker of the year award as well and I’ve decided that the song ‘Whistle’ by Flo Rida is my new lifeguarding theme tune.
Look forward to seeing the next update and keep up the good effort.

Lots of love, Gordon.

Alex George said...

Hi Alison, loved the vid of you & your 5 star bed !.. similar state to your room here. Take care. Lot of love A,S,J&I

Dervla said...

Fiona Bailey Alpha 5
Hi Fiona,
Hope all is well with you. We're looking forward to the next installment on your adventures.
Your mum and dad and I went to Roskilde festival yesterday. It's only an hour's drive from here. We packed wellys, rain macks and a picnick and took off in the pouring rain expectiing the worst, but when we arrived it cleared up and it turned into a beautiful evening in Denmark. We listened to Allison Krass and Bellowhead, both of which were very good. It was fun to wander around the festival taking in the sights; tents knee deep in muck, sounds; all the different bands and extra noise from kids with getto blasters, and of course the smells; (the latrins, the whacky backy and the exotic food stands. We have decided our days of camping are over ;-)
At 9.00 pm it was time for Bruce Springsteen!!!yea what an entertainer! The charm, the charisma, the stamina, the enthusiasim, he was wonderful. He played every song like it was the first time in front of an audience. He played for over three hours without a stop and looked like he enjoyed it just as much as the estatic crowd!
I put the photo of you with your pals of Alpha 5 on fb and Maria, Joni and Donna liked it and Joni commented "Good to see Fiona wearing her Antrim top in the Borneo jungle!"
Love from us all here, to quote others on this site, "we don't miss you and we have much better tans then you, so there!
Dervla & Carl, Jimmy & Yvonne

Campbell family said...

for David Campbell 12D alpha 7

Hi David got your e-mail glad to hear from you and hear that you love it out there. hope you are enjoying the diving, looks like all that swimming did you good! we sent you a letter hope you got it. everyone is still asking after you and we are still going on here everday.
Miss you, big hugs love mum, dad, christina and clare xxxx

Anonymous said...

For elsemieke, alpha 5
Lieve elsie, hoewel ik nog niets van jouw alpha gehoord heb, toch maar een berichtje uit haarlem. Was het duiken leuk? Heb je je padi diploma of zo iets gehaald? En kon je nog van de zon genieten? Of is het te warm? Hier veel regen dus je mist niets. Zijn woensdag uit london teruggekomen. Waren ook nog bij corin. Heel leuk. Maar misschien schreef ik dit al. Hier niet zo veel te melden. Afgelopen donderdag haalde ik yopper weer op die was weer zoooo blij maar hij heeft het het wel goed gehad dus voor herhaling vatbaar . Deze week gaan we naar zwitserland. Morgen wordt de badkamer afgemaakt. Ben benieuwd of het een groot verschil is. Ben ook zo benieuwd hoe het met jou is. Las een verslag van de alpha die bij de sunbears is. Heel indrukwekkend. Jij hebt waarschijnlijk de trekking al achter de rug als je deze comment leest. Goh meisje, wat zul je veel effort gedaan hebben. Mijn pet af , hoor!!! Zou je wel eens bezig willen zien. Hoop dat je foto's kunt maken. En wat zul je daar dan vaak naar terug kunnen kijken. Dat zag ik bij de andere kinderen ook. Nu lieve meisje. Ik denk aan je en vind je een kanjer!!!!! Heel veel plezier en kusjes xxxxxxx mamma

Rose MacNeill said...

Hi Emily (alpha 2)
Hope all is going well so far with the project, having been here a few days now can understand how hard it must be in such humidity! It's bad enough just sitting by the pool!
Hotel is fantastic, you would love it!!Better not carry on about it too much- will leave that til you get back!
Off to the sanctuary tomorrow,so looking forward to that.Alice is keeping a good diary(full of funnies).
Anyway,really missing your company,take care and will be in touch soon

Lots of love M,D and A xxxxxxxx

Scott Sanders said...

For Karen Ellis (Logistics Team)

Hey K!! Hope you are having an awesome time over there, haven't seen you in many of the pictures but it looks like a good bunch and everyone is having a good time!! You are not missing anything back home, and to prove a point it is hammering down (again!!) as I write this.

No news to share with you yet, but will let you know when a certain someone decides to make their arrival!!

Take care you, keep having an amazing time and look forward to catching up in a few months!!

Sc x

Anonymous said...

Amanda DeSilva Alpha 3
You have no idea how great it was to get your email!!!! Soooo excited for you and happy to hear things are going well. You ARE coming home after this...right?? Lol!
Summer has really kicked in here...very hot! Powerboat Association held a race at the Club yesterday... packed with people, even food vendors. Your Dad & I went out as crash boat - was quite rough, exciting to watch! Not much news. Jeesh, you ARE the big news around here! So proud of you! EVERYONE keeps asking about least now I have something to report. :)
Miss you! Lots of love, Mom & Dad xxxx

Sally George said...

Hello Alison,

Missing your banter... plenty of logs to move here on your return !Jonna with a chain saw !!!
Lots of love Sally xxx

Boo Troman said...

For Lucy Troman
Hey Lucy - thank you for your letter. It sounds AMAZING, if a little toasty warm. There is a very gorgeous(!) photo of you on the web for the whole world to see of you lying in a hammock with a bandanna round your head. You must give me some dressing tips when you get home ;-). We think about you every day and wonder what you are up to. We went to the Cotswolds this weekend in the rain, not quite so glam. Hey ho....Missing you loads. Keep happy and ENJOY. Love from Boo, Daddy, Emma and Ollie xxx

Mum said...

Emma Hay Alpha 5

Hey sweet, how are you? just to let you know that Nana has tried about 5 times now to post on here and none have gone through! she may just write instead. Miss you and love you

Mum xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Cassie "Indiana Jones" Wright.
We are continuing to experience heavy bouts of torrential rain followed by warm, sunny periods.It's warm all day but can get quite cold at night. Our garden looks like an overgrown swamp and there is loads of work to do around the house. So, what we REALLY don't understand is "why did you go 10,000 miles away to experience everything that you could have had back home? Anyway... we hope you're having a great time and are all looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks' time. We would ask you to bring us back an Orang-Utan but it'd probably get through customs Ok and leave you behind. So, some duty-free Borneo white wine will be fine thanks :-)
Love you loads. Nigel x x x x

Jake Cook said...

For Charlotte Roper, Alpha 4

Hi again!

Probably getting fed up of me on here! I have no other way of contact at the moment haha! Had no wifi at Spa and in an internet cafe in Zandvoort on the most retro computer imaginable! Trying to save on phone bills so can't use the internet whilst I'm out here!

So yeah I got here yesterday! My races at Spa were ok. I qualified 2nd for them, behind a guest driver who is an F3 dude so that was ok haha. First race I dropped to 3rd on the start then we onluy did one lap then the rest were behind the safety car. There was a massive crash and one of the drivers smashed both his legs, feet and ankles and nearly lost one, as well as being unconcsious for a day. He's in intensive care now but he's stable. So that was really sad. Shook me up a little bit.Turbo broke in the 2nd one so only finished 4th, had no engine power. Then finished 2nd in the last one behind the f3 guy. It was ok but I was just a bit down all weekend, didn't seem to matter after that crash. He should be ok though, should walk again at least.

So yeah I'm racing here Friday Saturday Sunday then home! I can't find a post office at the moment so this is my only way of contact! I hope you're doing ok soon and hopefully I'll speak to you when you're back at base camp. Its very lonely here without you, I miss you so much! You would've loved Spa! Thinking of a surprise for you when you get home, I'll do my best!! Hope you're having fun, be careful!

Loveyou, Jake xxxx

Anonymous said...

Victoria Fluff
Missing you lots and lots. Good to hear from you in your quick emai. Hope everything still going well and that you are having a great time out there. Alistair looking well but missing you, off on his own adventure today. Take Care. Love you. Mummy Hutcheson xxxx

Dervla said...

Fiona Bailey Alpha 5
Hi Fiona,
All quiet in Höllviken now Jimmy & Yvonne have left, though it isn't long 'til we're off to Ballycastle. We'll be organizing a BBQ on Rathlin on the Saturday, saves us traipsing round the North visiting people.
We're so looking forward to the next update on your adventures!
I hope a card or two arrived from Höllviken? The large ones are sent from an app on my iPhone ;-)
lots of love from the two of us,
Carl & Dervla

Robert Hay said...

For Emma Hay Alpha 5
Good evening gorgeous hope you are well! Have tried on previous occasions to post on here but for some reason they've not gone through, hopefully i'm doing it right but you now what i'm like with computers so fingers crossed this time works. Think gaguy sent you an e-mail hope you got it. Think about you every day and wonder what your up to hope your enjoying it what ever your doing!!
luv you lots Dad xx

kathleen caldwell said...

emma hay alpha 5 dear emma having a go again to try and get through seventh time got you letter yesterday thankyou its okay emma we have no tans here just rusty we miss you very much and look forward to you coming home it will soon pass enjoy the experience while you can love you lots nana popa and billyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

nana @popa caldwell said...

emma hay alpha 5 dear emma just nana trying again love you lots and miss you hop you are well we are okay here see you soon all our love nana popa and billyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Shena Roper said...

Mum said for Charlotte Roper alpha 4
Hi Chazzle. Hope you are ok despite the leaches. Good to see pictures of you hard at work and glad your cake making skills came in handy! Thinking about you lots and missing you loads. Grandpa came at weekend and we went out for birthday meal to café rouge. Very nice but not the same without you. Missed you on Monday too- had to manage with a bought cake but we did have some smoked salmon and champagne! Went to speech day which was very good- Pod made a speech and Row got his prize!
Hope you are having lots of fun and doing lots of good work. Miss you so much. Lots of love from everybody. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah Robertshaw said...

For Alison George:

Hey babycakes, how are you getting on? I hope you have not been sucked by any leeches because it sounds awful. I miss you loads and I hope you're having the most amazing time; it sounds like you're working hard and getting the most out of it though. Enjoy yourself, I hope you get to read this soon, cause I feel stupid just talking to myself. Liam says hi by the way - I went to London with work this week and we met up for dinner, it was so good, wish you were there!
Take care of yourself, enjoy it!
Lots of Love xxxxx

Sarah Robertshaw said...

For Alison George:

P.S. I just showed Ben McGrath this and now I'm scared he's going to write something stupid. Sorry xxxxx

Ben said...

Big shout out to Alison in Alpha 4!

So proud of what you're doing, saving bears and that. Missing you big time, hope you're coping well with the spiders and the leeches. Well done for showing people how to move a log, you're not just a pretty face. Sarah misses you long time. Keep it real.

Peace and love, Ben.

Una crosby said...

Hi Harriet. Alpha 4
Hope things are going well and that you are enjoying the experience. Surprise surprise it didn't rain today. It's been so bad here that in the end they cancelled the Yorkshire show after one day. Would be good to hear from you if you get a chance. All the pics on the blog look great. Hope your taking lots of photos Missing you loads. Mum x x x

Ross Baugh said...

Hey Rachel Thomas
Hope your having an amazing time hear your doing some diving out ther JEALOUSSSSSSSSS . Just a quick one to say have a great birthday out there babe and looking forward to all the stories maybe even you bein eaten by something new
Happy birthday for the 17th July xx Ross

Una Crosby said...

Hi Harriet alpha 4
Dad got back today from NY and is very pleased with himself. Has organised the tennis for us and done some research on some very trendy restaurants - his words.
Hope your keeping well - keep thinking of that huge boots shop we did. Very strange not having you or Lou here. Kate has agreed to go out for tea tonight - bar & grill.
Hoping to see more pics of you on blog. Lots of love mum x x x

Victoria Nicely said...

Please tell Charmaine Kakaga that Victoria says hi. just tell her I love her. thanks, so much

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick (Wright), Alpha 4.Thought I'd write a quick message.Hope you're still having a great time. Imagine you've moved onto your next project by now as you're half way through.Weather still not good here but supposedly warmer weather coming next week.Our Cyprus tans gone.Went for curry to Lahore Kebab House with Grandpa, Mark and Julian etc on Sunday which was nice. You were missed but we had more lamb chops in your absence! Millie is doing some work experience at Crofton this week, Claudia couldn't believe she was so grown up and Jackie B doesn't recognise her so Millie says. Just had Jane round for lunch, James on holiday in Magalluf!! Hope you've received some of the mail thats been sent to you. Missing you loads. Lots of love Mum xx PS We haven't received that letter you said you were going to write!!!

Una crosby said...

Hi Harriet Alpha 4
Keep thinking about you and wondering how you are getting on. Not a lot happening here - Kate of to Ireland tomorrow to see Tasha. Imy and Lou are fine - Lou got some speeding points - up goes the insurance - great! Of to Scotland next week with Imy and her friends - God I hope it stops raining. Hoping to see some more pics of you. Trying to see if we can get some tickets for the Olympics, really feel we should take Imy. Missing you loads. Love mum x

Anonymous said...

For Euan Judd Alpha 4.

Dear Euan,

I hope you are feeling better and enjoying yourself! I sent you a letter but I have no idea how long it will take to get to you. It been raining here so much that most of the country is underwater! But its turung sunny next week, just in time for the most important day of the year! I hope you are taking loads of photo's, and that phase two is as sussesful as your first. Looking forward to your return, lots of love tommy xxx

Mikaela (your sister) said...

For Anthony Howden - Alpha 4

Just a wee message for you, we are all missing you soo much, i didnt think id miss you this much its weird going to mums & you not being there, i want you to know im proud of you, you look like your enjoying yourself, love you loads wee brother see you when you get home stay safe x x x :D