Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dr Challoners School Expedition

The Venturers for a bespoke expedition, Dr Challoners School safely arrived in Sabah on Monday 23rd July. They were greeted at the airport by their Project Managers and some of the Fieldbase team. As soon as all bags had been collected they were whisked away to Basecamp, a forty five minute bus journey away.

Training began straight away with name games and group activities.

Everyone was shown how to set up their mosquito nets in their bashas, and how to three bowl (cleaning system that stops the spread of bacteria and infection). After an expedition meeting and dinner the Venturers where nearly falling asleep at their tables so it was an early bed time for most.

Training continued the following day with team bonding, medical sessions, learning how to assess and cross rivers safely, setting up and using HF radios and campcraft.

The day finished with a lovely dip in the river to cool off!

The V’s also got to compete in the all famous Raleigh Olympics! A series of races and relays to get the teams working together and ultimately having lots of fun!

The group will be divided into three and will spend the next week in different locations in the Pitas district where they will be  building toilet blocks in remote communities. The Pitas district is considered the poorest in Sabah and Sabah is the poorest State in Malaysia.

Raleigh has worked with all three communities previously, installing gravity water feed systems to provide safe access to running water however poor sanitation is still a major issue which has serious repercussions for both adults and children regarding health and education.

The provision of toilets in the centre of the villages have been identified as priority by the communities themselves combined with needs assessment and close collaboration with Project Partners Asian Forestry Company (AFC).
Allocations for the projects are as follows:

Charlie 1: Kampung Nibang
Christine Holloway
Anishka Anand, Ellie Crompton, Hannah Barnetson, Helena Griffiths, Julia Bridden, Kate Hollingsworth, Keira Hassim, Nickita Babber, Rebecca Miller, Rosaline Lord, Sophie Rhodes, Sophie Yeoman, Zareen Patel
Charlie 2: Kampung Vunui Locos
Paul Holloway
Amelia Cole, Belinda Wind, Eleanor Thomson, Emma Ford, Evie Butcher, Hannah Clappen, Imogen Beschi, Kate Patel, Katie Moore, Meekita Gupta, Nina Biddle, Rosana Sasson, Victoria Cherkas

Charlie 3: Kampung Maliau Luyang
Melanie Wright, Nick Vince
Chloe Armstrong, Eleanor Fisher, Eve Laycock, Gemma Valance, Hannah Graham, Hannah Warren, Jessica Crabbe,  Katherine Chen, Megan McCarthy, Nava Yarahmadi, Rebecca Dearing, Sab Tiwana
So after four jam-packed days of training and fun the Challoner’s Venturers have all safely deployed and arrived at their project sites, eager to get started.


Gran and gramps Hunter said...

Message for Chloe McFarlane 12I

Hi wee Chlo

Granny and gramps here. Heard you had a little trouble leaving the country c/o your mum!! However, all's well that ends well. Hope you're enjoying your new surroundings and gramps is finding it difficult to blog so I'm planning to send you some letters instead. Your mum's typing out this blog for us just now though. Can't wait to hear all of your stories of your adventures. Me and gramps are doing fine. Missing you lots but do have a wonderful time. I'll write soon.

Lots of love granny and gramps xxxx

Mandy Steward said...

Hi Ben (Allon-Smith) Phase 2 Alpha 4 with the bears.
(written Tues 31st July)
It seems i did something wrong again so my message of Sunday 29th doesn't seem to be on the blog. Sorry.
You may already know that no GB were placed in the men's road race. The breakaway group (of about 30) finished just under a minute ahead of the peleton - GB team held the front of this most of the way. However, on Sunday our GB women managed silver, just pipped at the line. I've been watching lots of gym - men's team got a bronze.
Please take lots of bear photos for Tilly. She thinks you have been away far too long now.
I know you hoped for the trek/dive as the last phase so you'll be pleased with how that has turned out.
We sent birthday cards today, so i hope they arrive in time to get to you on 22nd.
Hope all is going well, missing you.

Love Mum xx

Abi B said...

For Hannah HB Todd, Alpha 2
Hey Hannie B, been watching the Olympics - they're on in London it seems!- and amazed at the effort all are putting in and made me think of the amazing effort you guys are all putting in, and I am as proud as an Olympians dad!
Weather iffy here, Euie missing you, counting days til we see you and get to hear all your news and stories. Hope the journal is still surviving. Maybe you could build a gravity water supply to my greenhouse?
Will post again soon, missing you tons and love you more, your ever loving Dad oxo

Anonymous said...

Ollie fleetwood for Kate f
Hiya Kate - mum just showed me your picture,hope you are having a great time.i have had loads of mates for sleepovers and I am looking forward to going to the Cotswolds on fri and then I am off to Kent next week with Ben Tom and Mini.Bye love Ol X and bailey x

Mum said...

Emma Hay Alpha 4

Hi Honey, How's the Sun Bears? Just reading the Blog and forgot how you hate porridge! enjoying now? seems to be the staple diet. Bea is moving into the dining room this week and we have scrubbed it and painted it over the last 2 days so hopefully tonight popa will get her bed etc and she'll be able to move tomorrow. Aaron can finally move back into a bed and we can get the sitting room back!
Love you lots and miss you more

Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

Sally Preston said...

To Hannah C and all the girls what fun this looks; so jealous.
Enjoy every moment. The olympics in London are fantastic, i have recored the opening ceremony for you to watch - we have won 2 more medals today, but not doing too well.
All good at home; tidied your room yesterday - now guess what i found statched away in cupboards! love mum, Tony, Jack & Beanie (woof!) xx

cousin Kaywell said...

Hey Jermae:
Back from holiday in North Carolina and it was fun. Of course we took Malcolm's badge and pictures; we never leave home without him.
I just read your letter; how sweet was that. Glad you're having such a great time. I spoke with Aunty this morning and she doesnt know how to blog you. Once she knows, she can show your mom. I'm to show her. Been checking the blogs and it looks like just me.

cousin Kaywell said...

Hey Mae Mae:

Malcishia and I sent you some postcards before our trip on the 19th. Hoping you get them soon. About to send you 2 more on Monday so you can get them before the end of August. Sunny here today (Aug 1) and it's Cup Match on Thurs. and Fri. GO ST GEORGES. I guess your family will be camping as they normally do. Not sure what I'm doing as yet. Want to go to the match tomorrow, but unsure about Friday. Beach Fest at Horseshoe Bay tonight with lots of local entertainment. Which phase are you on now as I dont see the next grouping listed? Continue to have fun.

susie lacroix said...

Message for Cameron Rogers A10 environmental allocation.

Hi Cam, Photos look awesome....but very hot!! hope you're having the best of times and the bugs aren't too big and noisy!!
Bradley Wiggans won gold in the Time Trials today so Dave is over the moon! Tristan good out at a aquatic centre today. Missing you and looking forward to hearing your stories. Love ya loads.
Mum. xx

pauline butcher said...

Message for Evie Butcher (Charlie 2 Kampung Vunui Locos)
Hello Evie B
Hope you are having a fantastic time - the photos we have seen look great! Hope you haven't eaten too many flies - think of all that extra protein!
It is very quiet here without you - we have taken over rubbing Arthur's ears at night!
Love you lots
Mummy and Bobzy x

Auntie + Uncle Pete said...

Hi darling:

Missing you very much, but hope you're having a wonderful time while on expedition. I sent you funds. Tia and Kayla got their drivers licence and they're driving mommy, Uncle Pete and I all over the place. Kayla won 2 of her games while in St Kitts. The team brought back a bronze medal. Their next game is in March 2013. We love you and cant wait to see you next month. Uncle Pete says to have a nice time. I've a birthday on the first day of Cup Match. Tia and Kayla got a job in the post office starting after Cup Match.

Maneet, Mum, Dad, Baa, Dada said...

Hi Zareen beta!!
Saw you in lots of pictures and it looks like you are having a grand time. Tharo radio no photo-Baa ne bow gumyoo!
We hope that you've got over your fear of creepy crawlies by now.
It seems you're well aclimatised and please keep taking lots of photos to bring back home.
Bathing in the river must be an experience!
Enjoy the rest of your stay, we're missing you loads! (Maneet's getting bored without you)

Lots of love, hugs and kisses
Maneet, Mum, Vin Baa and Dada xx

The Biddles said...

Message for Nina Biddle,
We are enjoying looking at the photos on Spencer's IPod in Spain. Grandpar would be proud of you wearing his shirt!
Lots of love,
Mummy, Daddy and Spen

Helen Laycock said...

Message for Eve Laycock - Dr Challoner's

Spotted you on several photos - it looks like you and the Challies Gals are having a fantastic time! Can't wait to hear all about it... just over a week to go. Watch out for stowaway snakes in your rucksack!

Lots and lots of love,
Mum, Dad and Mia (who's making the most of being an only child!) xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hannah C from Max,

Hey, i hope all is going well and you're still alive and haven't been eaten by anything ;) miss you lots and cant wait til Spain in less than 2 weeks now :) I hope you are having fun and the toilet building is going well.

See you soon!! lots of love, max

R2KND said...

Hi Niikta (@Charlie 1)

Looks like you are having an amazing time - love all the pics! We are missing you and look forward to seeing you and catching you up on the Olympics! Make the most of this fantastic learning experience - can't wait to hear about all your adventures! Love lots, Mum, Dad, Kabir and Dhruv xx


Hi Eliie
We are all missing you so much ! I have seen you with Kiera in a photo and you look like you are having fun. I still can't believe you are there and am so proud of you. Enjoy the time you have left there can't wait to hear all the stories lots of love mum dad and Amy. p.s Millie won't have forgotten you and yes Bubbles has taken over your bed xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Harminder Tiwana said...

Hey Sab...love you! All is well, Olympics keeping us busy ... look forward to hearing all about your adventures. Enjoy and have good time love mum, dad and Harveen xxx x

Sue fisher said...

Hi Eliie,

Not sure if any of the other blogs have got through to you, as they are made from phones, hopefully you have and you are havin an amazing time. The puctures look great, and hopefully your gift of beig a great sleeper has worked for you.

We are travelling back from Spain tomorrow and have missed you. Have a fantastic final week and we look forward to seeing you next Sunday.

Love you loads,
Mum, Dad, Max and Will


Sim said...

Hope you're having a great time Sab!! Love Sim

Adam said...

Hey Hannah B (Charlie 1) ,
Hope you're having an amazing time! Missing you loads, can't wait to hear all about it :) hope you're not getting eaten alive or anything and managing to generally stay alive!
Lots of love,
Adam xxx

Harminder Tiwana said...

Sab Tiwana
Hey Babes pix looks amazing look froward to hearing all about your amazing adevnture ENJOY and make the most of it:) All Olympics fever here gb 3rd in medal table - Cadburys was good - dad off to athletics. I got some tkts for the paraympics for 5 Sept for u and H. Sim and H well. Lots of love Mum , Dad Sim and Harv xxxx

Neil Warren said...

Hannah W in Charlie 3

Hey darling, looks like you're all having a fantastic time, hope you're enjoying the experience and having fun. Can't wait to hear all the stories. We had a great time in Cornwall and are now completely rapt with the Olympics which are truly spectacular - we had our best day yesterday winning 6 golds in one day which hasn't happened for over 100 years, including Jess Ennis and Mo Farah (10,000km). We're all missing you and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday...lots of love Dad xx

Emi, Katie and Andrea Warren said...

hey Hannah!! it's emi here! I'm you missing loads and can't wait too see you and go on holiday with you!! I'm just about coping with Katie but it's hard!! ha ha ha!!
love emi xo (p.s loving the plaits)
Katie here! Hope you haven't been attacked by one of those gross centipedes yet and that you're having loads of fun! Hope that building the toilets is going well and can't wait to catch you up on all the news. See you Sunday love Katie xxx
Hiya - Mum here. Made all go on a walk in Cornwall, really beautiful - probably not as awesome as Mt Kinabalu. Looking forward to hearing all your news. Hugs M xx

gran and grandad said...

To Euan Archibald
from gran and grandad

Really enjoying reading all about your experiences
and seeing you in the pictures. I don't know what happened to our last blog but I hope you get this one miss you and love you

janet said...

Message from Mum, Dad and Andrew to Julia,

hope you are having a great time and having fun and working hard!! Eleanor has seen the blog too and is having a great time in thailand. We are enjoying the Olympics and went to the rowing which was great fun. Hope you enjoy the last week and we are all looking forward to seeing you next weekend. xxxxxx

Anands said...

Hi Anishka

Looks like you’re having a great time! Really missing you.

We’ve just had a great trip to Philippines and Taiwan – so close, yet so far!

Hope you didn't get affected by the huge typhoon that hit the region – we got delayed by a day. All are fine here and counting the days for your return.

Looking forward to all the stories!


Papa, Mummy and Savraj

Eve Crompton said...

message for Ellie Crompton
Not sure if you got the first message so will try again.
I can't believe you have finished you time working in the village. Hope hope you have all had good times. still missing you. Enjoy the short time you have left there all our love mum dad and Amy xxxx

Di Lord said...

Hi Rosie Charlie 1 Dr Challoners... Keep wondering what you are up to! So wishing I was there but having great time here in Solva...normal boaty mackerely stuff with a couple of added adventures!!! Everyones well. Biff missing you as we all are. Enjoy last part of the trip and happy chilling on last day. See you Sunday for the diamond doo!! Love Mum Dad Pete and Daisy xxx

Grandma and Grandad Brown said...

Hi Hannah W,
Emi and Katie have just put fish in our pond and now we have pet fishes! Great to see you in the photos and hope you're having a great time out there in Borneo.
hugs and kisses
Grandma & Grandad xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Message for Emma Foord: hope you're having a fantastic time, missing you loads, can't wait to see you. Lots of love Mum, Adam and Greg xxx

Ian B said...

To Hannah B (Charlie 1)

thinking of you especially this evening as you climb to the summit of Mount k. I'm sure you've had a great time and your achievements in Borneo will match anything our olympic athletes can manage. We are all missing you loads and looking forward to seeing you and hearing all your stories on Sunday morning.

Dad xxx