Friday, 27 July 2012

Changeover is upon us!

The Venturer’s have all survived Phase 1, a little hungry and a little tired but they all have ten fingers and ten toes.  Alpha 7 arrived at Basecamp on Wednesday 18th July, a day earlier than the other groups only to enjoy a nice BBQ with the logs team and await the arrival of rest of the 12D team. Everyone else began to arrive after 2pm on Thursday in the pouring rain, with some epic ‘Baywatch’ reunions occurring as the buses rolled in.

Everyone has had three weeks to bond and become good friends in their first Alpha groups and as I’m sure you have seen from previous blogs they have all been having a great time. But now it’s time to change everything and split them up to put everyone into their brand new Alpha families!
The final Alpha team activity on Friday night was to perform skits that had been practiced whilst out on phase. Most were re-enactments of funny things and day-to-day life on phase, but Alpha 3 came up as the ultimate winners with a dance number that involved people wearing buckets on their heads, the lights being turned off and getting the entire room up and dancing with their head torches on!

Friday morning saw Allocations bright and early at 8.15am. The V’s said goodbye to their old Alpha groups and joined their new teams, to find out where they would be spending the next three weeks. If you want to know where your loved ones are going to be volunteering next keep scrolling down…

Alpha 1: Kindergarten Build in Komborongo
PMs Simon and Lucy(and Kate for four days)
Alistair Graves, Anthony Howden, Amanda DeSilva, Alex Roberts, Bethany Pearson, David Campbell, Elizabeth Anjun, Elsemieke Kruseman, James Russ-Silsby, Michael Smith, Rachel Thomas and Yanlin Su(Suzie).

Alpha 2: Gravity Water Feed in Lalapakon and Mansiat
PMs Conor and Nikki(and Vanessa for 4 days)
Amon Butler, Amy Edwards, Annie Moss, Claire Tolcher, Clarke Dodd, Hannah Todd, Helen Green, Barry Richardson, Lisa Jacob, Michael Dunlop, Victoria Hutcheson

Alpha 3: Water Tank Construction in Danum Valley
PMs Nick and Phili
Anthony Copeland, Ezra Davies, Hannah Hamilton, Matthew Haussrer, Petra Dimitrijevic, Rayanne Brangman, Sheelay Saltus, Shin Ng Shea, Umit Utku, Zoe Lea
Alpha 4: Bear Refuge Construction at Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Sepilok.
PMs Emily and Adam
Ben Allon-Smith, Brandon Martin, Bryony Hutchinson, Cassie Wright, Dwayne Ryton, Emma Hay, Fiona Bailey, Gareth Jane, James Doble, Ndavyah Williams, Sabrina Thomas, Siena Martin

Alpha 5: Dive/Trek
PMs Candice and Max
Alison George, Christina Buchmann, Christopher Thomson, Euan Judd, Freddie Dunphy, Li Ying Chia, Ornella Anderton, Petre Mardle, Pui yin Lam(Bernice).

Alpha 6: Trek/Dive
Amy Sedghi, Letty Ezaz, Chris Eustace, Deanna Green, Harriet Crosby, Josh Bligh, Kathleen Fairburn, Peiyun Zhang, Ruairidh Parker
Alpha 7: Trek/Dive/Trek
PMs Emily and Matt(plus Lou for eight days)
Charlotte Roper-Marchand, Charmaine Kagaga, Euan Archibald, Jaclyn Kennedy, Jermae Paynter-Smith, Joseph Rowntree, Lucy Troman, Nas Radzi Nasrah, Nicholas Wright.

First task for the new Alpha groups was to get competitive and participate in the wonderful Phase 2 Raleigh Olympics organised and run by Fieldbase team Lou, Sheila, Kate and Nicola. The theme this time round was things that the Vs had learnt about in Phase 1 and the Olympics. Each team was given an 'Olympic Torch' which has to be raised above head height at all times. Points where deducted if the torch was 'extinguished' at any time.

The races involved a Casevac race in which the teams had to carry a member on a stretcher and convey radio messages.

There was also a water safety race in which the Vs where given their PMs in the form of a sponge to look after. The sponges had to be passed to each Venturer and then transported to the finish line in a tub of water. The winning team had to be back first, but also have the most water and have their 'PM' safely swimming the basin.

There were other games including phonetic spelling and ‘One to One’s with your PMs and by the end the victorious group was Alpha 1 who won a large tub of ice cream after dinner that evening.

The rest of the day involved getting to know each other and getting packed and ready to leave at 6am the following morning. There were more hugs and goodbyes as everyone deployed for Phase 2, but everyone left with smiling faces excited for the next three weeks.

I’m off to Alpha 1 to help construct a kindergarten so will have a blog back from there very soon!


mum said...

Amy Edwards alpha 2 !! last!! updates and photos and i can see you...still smiling as always my wee lamb...:)) great to see...I am sooo proud of you, you know!

Today i am a lady who breakfasts,lol, meeting debbie and then lesley coming for the next 2 nights then back to work on monday...:( I have enjoyed my holidays so not too keen to get back to routine...hey ho tho thats life..
Molly still keeping a steady vigil on your bed and mini missing you sooooooooo much....hee hee
...and little brown hen has stayed...:)
love you pots sweetiepie as always

take care,stay safe,

mum xxx

Anonymous said...

For Josh (Alpha 6)
Hey, is that a beard we see!!!
Great to know you're off trecking/diving next, and hope you have a wonderful time.
Lots of love
Mum xxxx

George Donkin said...

Lucy Troman, Alpha 7

Hey Lu! You're an Alpha 7 now! Got your letter the other day, it was awesome, so cool about the Orangutangs and COLLIN II! He's in a better place now haha. I'm at work now :( just on break. The 12th can't come soon enough! Have an awesome time trekking and I hope you enjoy the diving, I'm so jealous that you get to dive out there, I've only ever dived in crappy english waters. Went climbing with your brother the other day, gashed up my hands pretty bad, I keep burning myself at work too. Anyway, have a sick last phase babe and I'll see you when you're home. Love you loads and missing you like crazy!
George xx
P.S. Olympic opening ceremony tonight! EXCITED!

Anonymous said...

For Elsemieke Kruseman alpha 1
Ha die lieve Elsemieke,
Ik zag je op de foto!!!! Twee foto's! Wat een vrolijke boel daar! Ik kijk elke dag wel even om te zien of er iets nieuws is. En jawel, vandaag was het raak. Leuk!
Hier in Vil is het nog steeds prachtig weer. Dat is wel eens anders geweest, maar nu boffen we. Eigenlijk heb ik niet zoveel te zeggen. Dus t' is maar dat je het weet dat ik/we aan je denken. Heel veel plezier daar bij de kindergarten en probeer foto's te maken voor hier thuis. Dag lieve meisje, kusjes, mamma xxxxxx

Una crosby said...

Harriet Crosby now alpha 6. Hi. Have just seen another photo of you and am pleased to see you are still smiling. So your of to trek and dive - do they give out arm bands ? We have had a great few days at Gleneagles - been a very lazy time for dad and I since Imy and her friends have been so easy. Of to Crete on Tuesday and then it will soon be time to pick you up - can't wait. Enjoy your last couple of weeks. Love you lots and miss you loads x. Has living out of a rucksack made you a tidier person - I can always hope x

Anonymous said...

For Katie Fairburn in the new Alpha 6 group!
Helloooo! Loving these blog posts and seeing what you're up to! Looks like you're super busy! It's cool to see you in the photos too. It's pretty quiet here but you have missed some beautiful sunny and hot days this week. Olympics start tonight, so that'll be fun. Kelly Holmes made the Olympic torch make a stop in Tonbridge, haha, and she just held it for everyone to see on the top of the castle. I've had a week off so not been up to much; and Heather's just got back from holiday so I'm hoping to meet up with her for a quick drink before she heads up north! Hope you're having fun! Speak soon, Megan xx

Helen Rowntree said...

Message for Joe Rowntree Alpha 7

Happy Birthday Joe! Great to get an update on your birthday - perfect timing. James gave us your facebook message, so pleased you are having a fantastic time. It's olympic fever over here, the hype is incredible. Opening ceremony tonight so lots of fireworks for your birthday! All the grandparents send you best wishes. Robert on summer holidays now and weather finally improved. He got his red book from school so something to show you when you get back. We're enjoying the updates on the raleigh website especially the photos. All well at home. Enjoy your dive/trek. Keep well. Lots of love. Mum xxx

Grandpa said...

Hello Annie Moss, As instructed I'm sending you my first Blog ever with Ed & Mum breathing down my neck. You'll probably get this by Christmas if you're lucky. Lovely to hear all (nearly) your doings on the magic machine, Gma sends her love; she will never believe I've done this. Neither do I.Mum is enjoying her birthday (today) with crisps & sausages on sticks.Ron did his stuff by looking after your presents to her. Lots & lots of love from your elderly grandfather XXXX

Rosie Moss said...

Hello Annie Moss. I am typing this on my birthday wearing my beautiful(!) pink inflatable crown, which I will treasure always. It has been an intersting birthday which has involved taking your dad to minor injuries because he was bitten by the lawn mower. Just 3 steri strips required to hold his finger together. Silly man. Grandma is learning how to use the blog and Grandpa has just sent you one. He now needs a lie down in a dark room to recover. Hoping all is going well with the gravity water system and that you are having a bit of respite from leeches! Lots and lots of love, Mum, Dad, Ed Charlie and Monty xxxxxxxxX

zara ezaz said...

Message for Charlotte Ezaz, Alpha 6

Hey Lettz! just letting you know that we've sent some more letters (one yesterday from me and mum)
I got a letter from you today just for me (blushes) and I'll be sending a reply to that soooon :D

Looks like you're having an amazing time (I'm sooo jel)

Love you millions, missing you a bit too much, from your bestie, Zaz xxx

Dad said...

Hi there Sabrina Thomas Alpha 7 Borneo
Thanks for brilliant postcard. Great to hear you're having a brilliant time in spite of the insect assault. All good here. Anita sends her love. I keep her posted when there is news. Summer has arrived just in time for the start of the Olympics. Thinking of you every day and missing your cheerful presence. Much love. Dad

Anonymous said...

Hey Clarkus Maximus.(Clarke Dodd:)Alpha 2.
Following yours and everyones amazing work over there.Just such a fantastic job you're all doing.
So..Alpha 2 now hey,so great you get to help in so many different projects with such fab people.
We love the pics and you look awesome.More importantly,you and all the teams look so so happy.Good luck to you and all the lads and lasses with the gravity water feed you'll all do for Alpha 2 and miss you,love you and thinking of you.All our love.Mom and

Anonymous said...

emma hay alpha 4

hey bbbaaabbbeeyyyy im missing you like crazy hope your still having a great time and hope you havent all your blood drained by them pesky leeches haha x

i dont suppose when you come back if you wanna come to my mums with me ill carry your bags back <3 lol
but we shall see how you are when you get back cos of all the jet lag and stuff anne and scott send there best wishes and hope your having a great time

my mum reckons you wont come back because your going to fall in love with borneo im telling you right now you better come back or i wont be impressed haha i was talking to ricky bobby today and he didnt even know we was going out lol ok well ima cut this short before it turns into a short story haha i love you with all my heart cant wait for some loving when you return MWUAH XXXXXXXXX

The sunshine of your life haha <3

Anonymous said...

For Umit Utku, Alpha 3

Sevgili Umit, selam eder gozlerinden operim,nasilsin iyimisin, iyi olmani canabi Allah'tan dilerim, sende beni kuzenin Arzu'yu soracak olursan hamd olsun canim sagdir, hahahhahah, klasik eski mektup yazma teknigiyle baslamak istedim :))) suan sizdeyim, cok duygusal bir hava var burda,cok ozlemis herkes seni, annene Umit derdemez gozleri doluyor, babanda oyle, cok ozlemisler seni. Elif yurumeye basladi, yavas yavas yuruyor, hatta bazen kosuyor. senin resmini gosteriyorum heyecanlaniyor, belli o da seni cok ozlemis.. gormen lazim . cok buyudu, simdi 6 tane disi cikti, hepside sacma sapan yerden :)) saclari uzadi kivircik kivircik :))) cok tatli ve cok zilli birsey oldu bu :)))Zeynep'te bacagindan ameliyat oldu, ama cok iyi oturuyor oyle. Simdi annenlerde yemek yiyorlar, menu cok berbat bu arada yani canin falan cekmesin burdaki yemekleri, cok kotu zaten baban yemeklere sifir puan verdi :))) eminim cok ozledin burdaki yemekleri, kebab yemeyi kesinlikle ozlemistirsin :))) zaten bizde oruc tutuyoruz, bir iftarda dogru duzgun yiyoruz, 18 saat ac dolaniyoruz :) bu arada gullunun de cok selami var, gozlerinden opuyormus. Babanin cok cok selami var, gozlerinden opuyormus.seni gercekten cok ozlemis, ismin agzindan dusmuyor. Bana dedi Umit'e soyle onu cok ozledik, kendine dikkat etsin, gittigi gibi geri gelsin. cooook ozlemis seni cooooook, Anneni aramissin, beni aradi haber etti, cok mutluydu telefonda bagiriyordu, bende cok mutlu oldum, keske sende birseyler yazabilsende nasilsin iyimisin ogrensek. resmini gordum demin, you loook good, turkiye tshirtude muthis yakismis, you rocking it ! :)) theres hardly any pictures of you, make sure you get photos taken so we get to see your face at some point, i scroll down the whole blog to see your face, but no !! umit isn't in them, i want you to jump in front of that camera all the time ok!! :) opuyorum seni cok, herkesin selami var sana, Ademin.nurdanin, cansunun, mustinin,zeynebin, annenin, babanin, mahonun, annemin babamin, opuyorum seni cok cok, kendine dikkat et. Allah'a emanet ol. Arzu xxxxxxx

Abi B said...

Hannah Todd Alpha 2
Are you having a nice time? How long is it taking you to build the water supply? Who is it for? I'm building my train track with Dad watching the Olympics and Mum keeps crying saying its so emotional watching Team GB....
Are you still sleeping in your hammock and what are you eating? Miss you loads and see you soon. Euie Tunes xxx

Abi B said...

Hannah Banana Todd - Alpha 2
Hello gorgeous, well don't you scrub up well after a few weeks hard work, minimal sleep, no showers and only the occasional sugar rush?? Absolutely fantastic to see a pic of you and your new team, I just checked the blog by chance on our way back from Hyde Park at about 1am with Bett snoring in the back of car and I let out a girly shriek of excitement to see your photo!!! You look so well and that makes me happy! Olympics have come to town and it's fab, but you get to see closing ceremony though so that's going to be awesome. Life is crazy, mad, busy but good, will tell you all about it when you are home. Weather has been great this week so that makes everyone feel better. Hyde Park was good, I missed you as no-one else wanted to dance with me like you do but we can recreate it on holiday, I took some vid clips to share with you and of course, we have Rewind to look forward to. Have you managed to do your journal? Can't wait to hear all about your adventure but loving seeing all of the fab photos, we need some more of you! Miss you and on countdown to wish you a safe journey home to all of us..... Lots of the lurv stuff.. WSMTB xxxx

Megan Coe said...

For Anthony Copeland 12D:

Hello honey!

Seen some lovely pictures of you on here, looking like you're having an amazing time. Just under 2 weeks now and I will be with you, I am so excited!!! Back from holiday now which was great, tan is fading fast though. Spoke to your family who said they were able to hear from you and everything is going well :) Keep having fun and stay safe and I will see you soon!!
Lots of love,

Meg xXx

Sally Jacob said...

for Joe Rountree Alpha 7,

Hello Joe! I have realized I can send you a letter so i'm going to post it tomorrow, but i'm guessing you wont get it for a while. Hope you had a good birthday! and glad your having fun! Miss you, lots of love Sally xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Katie Fairburn Alpha 6
Hi Katie!
Fantastic to see pictures of you at last, and to hear what you've been up to. Sounds brilliant! Been reading about what you're doing next, watch out for the leeches!
Lots of Love Mum, Dad and Nicola xxx

James Haworth said...

For Amy Sedghi

Hi Amy!

How is the trek going? Nice picture of you there snapping away, textbook Amy! You look really tanned, I like it! I've started writing your name with a "y" now by the way as it's the in thing.

Love you and miss you!


Lucy Jiang said...

Hi Bernice and Suzy....having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your faces are so happy on the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucy & RHK fds :)

Chee Huan said...

To GQ (money girl!)

I miss you so much! Ange, Sandra, Carrot, Andy and I are going to meet up today at New Paris restaurant. Wished you could be there!

Got lots of stuff to tell you, speak after you get back. Say hi to Frantz for me pleaseee.

Chee. xxx

Ruth Snijders said...

Ian Cuthbertson - Alpha 6 now I think!
Couldn't see you on the photos at first so thought you dipped out! - not you!
Just so you know we had a very good lunch from Greggs at the end of last week - yummy!!
Looks like you are still enjoying yourself! Good on you!!
With love
Ruth and Rob Dundee!

Anonymous said...

Amy Sedghi,
Hi hope you are enjoying the trek through the jungle and seeing all the wild life! Have seen several photos of you on the look well and happy.Everyone asks after you and your exploits. We all love you and are missing you loads. Everyone is ok.
Lots of love from Mum,Paul,Nannie,and all the rest of the Family :O. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Jack Richardson in Alpha 2, great to see you in the photo, hope you are having a good time, everyone is fine, weather here today is cold and wet so you are not missing much. Sending you lots of love...........

Aunty N,Nan I, Bro B & Mummy J

Anonymous said...

Jack Richardson Alpha 7
Granny on the computer in the library. Sending much love and hope you are still enjoying your life in Borneo. Pops is getting his library books.Conservatory all finished, looking good. See you in September. Have you had my letters (2) in all. Much love, Gran & Pops.xxxx

mum said...

Ashley Winter 12l hi ash hope all is going well.seen pics on the blog which is great this is the third message i have tried to send so hope it reaches you i love you so very very much cant wait to have you home to hear all about it xxxxmum xxxxxx

Will Lloyd said...

Cassie Wright 12D

Hey Cas,
Looks like you have been having a bit of fun out there, looks like you are doing a bit of screaming whilst your getting carried about in that sack, how come you got the easy job?, looking pretty brown too, it must be nice and hot. Not long till you finish now I hope you are having fun working with the bears and not had too many encounters with any big spiders. I hope you enjoy the last couple of weeks, can’t wait to see you. Love you lots Will xxx

Anna Dunphy said...

Freddie Dunphy Alpha 5 Dive/Trek
Hi Fred, We have enjoyed checking out your adventures in Borneo.You look fit and tanned, I'm pleased your hair has grown. NZ is very quiet without your happy presence. Went for a walk up one tree hill with Rosie yesterday and caught up with the Dunphy activities around the world.Take care; fondest love.
Anna and Malcolm

David Werry said...

Message for Annie Moss

Hello Annie, I've been reading the Borneo blogs with great interest. How inspiring! I hope you're having a great time and enjoying all the experiences. What an amazing opportunity - I certainly feel very excited for you. (Godfather) David.

Helen Rowntree said...

Joe Rowntree Alpha 7

Hi Joe, thought we'd try and get another message to you - think you might be coming up to another changeover so hopefully you get this in time. We got your letter which was great - amazing actually! Robert wants to let you know GB doing really well in the olympics and are 3rd in the medal table. It has actually been really good and we'll miss it when it's finished. The weather has improved this week so going on lots of walks with Robert and Harry. Dad and James full of busy so James fed up at the lack of time off! You really look to be enjoying yourself and will keep looking on the blog to see if there are any pics of your latest phase. The group photo was great - there are so many of you all! Take care, lots of love mum, dad, James and Robert. xxx and Harry (says Robert).