Monday, 2 July 2012


So after everyone had returned safely from a night in the jungle where they tested out their new knot-tying, basha building, perang wielding, trangia cooking, long-drop digging skills, allocations were almost upon us.

There have been tears, laughter, lost bags, excitement, frustration but mostly anticipation about where everyone will be going for phase one and the next 19 days. So, the grand unveiling and just who is going where?

Alpha 1 Building a kindergarten in Kg Komborongo with Project Managers Simon and Phili.
Ben Allon-Smith, Brandon Martin, Cassie Wright, Charmaine Kakaga, Chris Eustace, Gareth Jane, Hannah Hamilton, Katie Fairburn, Ornella Anderton, Peter Mardle and Shaelay Saltus

Alpha 2 Constructing a Gravity Water Feed in Kgs Lalapakon and Mansiat with Project Managers Adam, Connor and Candice.
Christopher Thomson, Deanna Green, Dwayne Ryton, Emily MacNeill, Ezra Davies, Jaclyn Kennedy, James Doble, Li Ying Chia, Peiyun Zhang, Petra Dimitrijevic, Rayanne Brangman
Alpha 3 Construction of Concrete Water Tanks at Danum Valley Conservation Area with Project Managers Nick and Nikki.
Amanda De Silva, Amon Butler, Bethany Pearson, Letty Ezaz, Christina Buchmann, Elizabeth Anjun, Euan Archibald, Freddie Dunphy, Joe Rowntree, Lucy Trowman, Michael Smith, Ruairidh Parker.
 Alpha 4 Infrastructure for Enrichment Programme at Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok with Project Managers Emily and Lucy.

Alison George, Amy Sedghi, Anthony Howden, Charlotte Roper-Marchand, Clarke Dodd, Euan Judd, Harriet Crosby, Jermae’ Paynter-Smith, Josh Bligh, Nas Radzi Nasrah, Nicholas Wright , Pui Yin Lam.

Alpha 5 Dive/Trek with Project Managers Max and Emma
Annie Moss, Anthony Copeland, Elsemieke Kruseman, Emma Hay, Fiona Bailey, James Russ-Silsby,
Lisa Jacob, Michael Dunlop, Umit Utku

Alpha 6 Trek/ Dive with Project Managers Matt and Emily

Alastair Graves, Alex Roberts, Amy Edwards, Bryony Hutchinson, Claire Tolcher, Helen Green, Jodie Stephenson, Matthew Haussrer, Rachel Thomas, Shin Ng Shea
Alpha 7 Trek/Dive/Trek with Project Managers Sheila and Ian
David Campbell, Hannah Todd, Barry Richardson, David Williams, Sabrina Thomas, Siena Martin, Victoria Hutcheson, Yanlin Su, Zoe Lea

It was all go as soon as the allocations had been announced with new friends to get to know, names to learn, equipment to check, tins of food to count and bags to pack. Less than 20 hours later all groups would be be rising bright and early to load buses and head out across Sabah to their project sites.


Hannnnnnah said...

EMMA HAY! hope you are having a crap time without me, I don't miss you all that much. My tan is 100 times better than yours will ever be. You are missing all the amazing hot weather and all the yummy BBQ's and of course tea at nana's :) you missed my solo song, now you are never going to live that down, also i am singing another one but yet again you will miss it. don't miss me too much :)
AMY EDWARDS! hope you are having a crap time without me.. loving the picture of you on the website, cheesing away, nothing new. hope you aren't missing me too much as i am so amazing, shelly is still alive so don't worry :)we came 2nd in the doodec, AGAIN! also our amazing scarecrow came 2nd.. :)woooooooooooooop!

MISS YOUUU GUUUYS! love your favourite sister HANNAH! love youuu!

Sue DeSilva said...

Amanda DeSilva
Big shout out to the Bermudians
in 12D Alpha 3 - you byes show
em how it's done!! :)
Amanda, hope you got my first
post. Thrilled to see your
group pic up on the blog.
Hope all is well. We're keeping
everyone posted on FB.
Enjoy!!!! M xxx

Jake Cook said...

For Charlotte Roper, 12D

Hi again you! I have just wrote on the other blog but may as well do on here too! I miss you! Good to se there's some pictures so I know what you're up to! Was so good to hear your voice the other day! I miss you so much! Writing to you whenever I can, so you'll probs have a build up of letters ahah! Will write on here when I get to Spa! Be careful! I love you!Jake xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Katie Fairburn:
Hey girl! So glad to see you made it there safely and now you have your own little group! Sounds like an amazing project, and looks like you've been really busy! I hope you're having an amazing time; I'm proud of you! I've been reading about your progress on here every day or so which is really cool. Wimbledon has been fun with some surprises! I'll keep you posted on anything interesting (haha) that goes on over here! Much love, Megan xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie Fairburn,
Great to see your picture, now we know you're really there! Have lots of fun building the kindergarten. We will write soon, good luck and enjoy yourself
lots of love Mum, Dad and Nicola xx

Vikki Sidaway said...

For Hannah Todd, Borneo, Alpha 7

Heeeey Han, just figured out how to use this hopefully after copying Detective Inspector Todd ;) brilliant photo of your team, elliots uploaded it to facebook and adam commented hahahahah lol. Good luck trekking, english is crap without you. Miss you soo much, cant eat chicken without thinking of you ;) Love you, Sid xxxx

Sarah Robertshaw said...

For Alison George

YO. I miss you, please stop saving sun bears and come back and save me instead. No I'm kidding, I am loving placement and living in Leeds although I wish you could come and visit.
It looks like you have been doing the most exciting things! And you know what team you're on.. yours sounds amazing I am jealous.
I will keep checking to see what you're up to, be careful and enjoy yourself!
Lots of love
Sarah xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Fiona! Do you remember Björnäs, where Svante lived after he moved? And the "mull toa?" Who would have thought that it was training for you for the long drop ;-)
Picking up half the Bailey clan tonight, love Dervla

Rosie Moss said...

Annie Moss in Alpha 5. Great to see a photo of you on the blog looking like an elf!xx

Anonymous said...

For elsemieke kruseman. Alpha's 5

Hee lieve elsemieke Zag je foto bij alpha's 5. Wel sportief, hoor!! Dus eerst even duiken en dan trekken. Heel spannend en leuk! Wat een indrukken zul je opdoen. Wij hebben net annalie bij haar slaapplaats afgezet. Ook spannend voor haar om daar drie weken te zitten. Ze heeft meteen al college gehad. Was best pittig geloof ik. Ik zit op wifi van het hotel, maar dat doet het niet zo prettig, vandaar dat er soms wat tikfouten inzitten en zaten die ik niet wegkreeg. Morgen gaan we naar corin en over twee dagen haal ik yopper weer op. Wat zal die blij zijn! Heel veel plezier en geniet van het land. Heel veel liefs en kusjes. Xxxxxx mamma

Rose MacNeill said...

Hi Emily,great to see your photo today, and to hear about your project.Bet you aren't as exhausted as Alice and me though,having just covered most of KL in a few hours! Hotel is great,but won't carry on about it too much!! Going out for a Thai tonight in a street market ( sound familiar! ).One more day here and then moving on-lots of love,Mum xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Euan Judd Alpha 4.

Happy 21st birthday from all of us! We all send our love and hope you enjoy your day! The bears look great, looking forward to hearing all about it. Lots of love love Mother

Mum said...

amy edwards....alpha 6

trying this again cos don't know if i did it right...!!! nothing new there then...!!!
missing you loads but the washing machine stands empty strangely enough and plenty diesel in the car....WOW a first!! hope you are having an amazing time over there love you lots sweetiepie...molly says woof woof....and mini woof huggs mum xxx

Paul Pearson said...

Bethany B. - looking good sweetheart."Construction of Concrete Water Tanks" excellent - welcome to the building trade :-) Dad x

Anonymous said...

Barry (Jack) sending you lots of love, great to see you on the website, letter & photos in the post to you today, been raining everyday here since you left.
mum, nan, aunt, little bro

Justin (Mr. D4G said...

For Amon Butler Alpha 3

What Up! A hope all is well hope you are enjoying yourself in my home country (u better be learning malay)..i see your in Danum Valley haven't bin there but its a really cool place cant wait to hear your stories everything is good back home last week till Evolution (air horn)...hope to see more of you on the blog so dont shy away from the cameras ..tell the rest of the bermudians i said hey also take care A MISS YOU

AB said...

Ian Cuthbertson - 12D

Hello beardie!!

Time for more work and less fun?! Hope it is still going well and you are winning the battle with those pesky mozzies.


Will Lloyd said...

For Cassie Wright 12D
Hey Cas,

I’m glad to see that you are alright, I saw you there smiling away in the background, you must be enjoying it so far. Thankyou for ringing the other day it was very nice to hear from you. It was a bit too quiet back at home this weekend without you, I gave Stoney some mints for you, he wondered where you had gone, he wasn’t getting nearly enough attention. I hope you have a good time out there and I’ll be watching for updates and some more photos, love you lots

Will xxx

Will Lloyd said...

For Cassie Wright 12D
Hey Cas,

I’m glad to see that you are alright, I saw you there smiling away in the background, you must be enjoying it so far. Thankyou for ringing the other day it was very nice to hear from you. It was a bit too quiet back at home this weekend without you, I gave Stoney some mints for you, he wondered where you had gone, he wasn’t getting nearly enough attention. I hope you have a good time out there and I’ll be watching for updates and some more photos, love you lots

Will xxx

Gill said...

hey emmmmmma haaaay
hows it going hunny..?
twas good to see your pic on the blog!!
Amys pics good toooo....missing you both..
i've tried this before and still don't know if its worked properly but hey ho...its just me..!! :))
take care hunny and have an amazing time


Paul, Beth, Megan, Drew said...

hi em and am hope you all doing ok
we are begining to miss you both and dont listen to hanna the weather is crap here love you both have fun
paul beth megan and drew xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For my awesome *** ANNIE MOSS! [Alpha 5] ***,

It's so exciting seeing all these pics and hearing about how busy you've been already!

Loving your jungle-chic look too, pulling it off wayyyy better than I ever could :P!
(I'm going to walk [and possibly fall] through some [rocky, but much tamer & tinier!] rivers and climb a few [small] mountainsides here in the Lake District this summer in special homage to you!)
(also getting bitten quite a lot by [much tinier, but still sting-y] Midges, just so I can join in too :P - no doubt you're much better prepared than me though, with NON-out-of-date anti-bug-bite spray, unlike me! :P!)

Been thinking about you loads, and shall be checking in on the blog to see how you're doing when I can [no proper internet here in The Lakes of course, so I'll do my best]
Say Hi to Borneo for me :)
Love you to bits missy!
*** JENAE *** x

Anonymous said...

Hello Josh Alpha 4
Great to see your photo - enjoy the sun bears and hope you see lots of other wildlife too!
Missing you -
Mum, Toby, Maddy and Jess xxxxx

Rebecca Ewbank said...

For Alison George,
Alison I miss you!! Hope everything is going well and that you’re having the most amazing time! Lancaster is not the same without you, sugarhouse has even gone into disrepair since it’s number one team leader flew to Borneo (that is a joke, promise we’ve left your favourite building in one piece for your return). What’s happened since you’ve been missing from our lives?! Grad Ball was amazing, and Nancy and I have both graduated with 2.1 law degrees, we’re real life lawyers, well kind of! I’m back home now and, well, you know what Appleby’s like...I can’t cope without you being a couple of feet away!
Make sure you look after them Sun Bears properly! I’m counting down the days till we can go and buy a tent for V Fest in the Funto.
Love and miss you tonnes Becca xxx

Rebecca Ewbank said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gordon Bates said...

Alpha 4.
For Alison Charlotte George,

Hope everything is going well in the Jungle and that you are making lots of friends. Lancaster is not the same without your drunken antics and straight talking, also as my water girl is absent meaning that I’ve been late to work a few times. Miss you so much like a flower misses the sun but like a flower we know that our sunshine will return, blooming with confidence. I also see that you’re on the Sun Bear project so do not forget do not feed them hula-hoops and painting their nails.
Look forward to reading all the updates about your adventure.

Love Gordon (your Jack) x

Anonymous said...

For Umit Alpha 5
Hellooooooooo! Hope its everything you hoped it would be flys & all! Enjoy the long drop! xxx

Mum said...

Well 3rd ime lucky. Already tried twice and nothing!! Miss you loads and love you. Hope you are enjoying the dive and trek more than you thought! Everyone is missing you and you are in for a little surprise (hopefully) Bea has settled in and the house is spotless! you look really happy in the photo and so does Amy. If this doesn't work this time I may just write to you instead!!
Love you and am counting the days.
Mum xxxxxxxxx

Tracy said...

Amy Alpha 6

Hey sweets, hope you are good. Have written before but it did not work, hope this does. Missing you. Bea and Jane are really noisy! You look like you are having loads of fun in the photos.
Love you. Tracy xxxxxxxxxxx

Jeanette said...

Message for Cassie Wright 12D Alpha 1

Looks like you are having a fabulous time. I know you will be enjoying building the Kindergarten...exactly what you were hoping for. Hope weather is better where you are. We have had lots of rain, even flooding in Leasingham following a mini tornado in Sleaford!!! Sincerely hope this message is going to reach you this time as your mother seems to be a hopeless blogger. Love and miss you lots Mama x x x x

Sharmaine L said...

Good luck on ur allocation Amon boo! Proud of you already! :) Be safe, have fun, and make a difference! Xoxo

Dervla said...

@Fiona Alpha 5
Message from Jimmy, Dervla's doing the typing because I'm not the typing type and you're not here to type for me. I've been watching your progress on the blog and I'm very proud and happy at what you're doing. I hope to see more pictures of what you and your gang are at.
Ma might give me a few lessons in typing if I'm lucky!
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona (alpha 5) Looks like you are have fun. Hope you are keeping your hammock tidy!!!! No network coverage in Sweden so dont txt until after the 11th. Take care and keep up the good work. Watching exciting quater final Murray V Ferrer. Murray has just won Yippee.
Love Mum

zara ezaz said...

Lettie Ezaz Alpha 3,

Lettz! Hope you're well and having the most amazing time (that you more than deserve) missing you loads; it's not the same at home without you, and the house is very quiet (and tidy) haha. I've gotten sooo dark from the gals holiday but have realised how rubbish it will look by the time you're back and when compared to yours haha :( Mum says keep using the sun screen (typical mum stuff) and misses you lots and loves you loads. she's trying to work out how to use the blog and is still working on it haha. Baba and Dan miss you too and love you very much. Dan also says mum and baba confiscated my ipod and are annoying (LOOOL (mum and baba don't know he's said this)) and Dan says Fred is missing you. we'll be sending you a letter soon. Love you millions, from zaz xxxx

Una crosby said...

Hi Harriet. Just seen lots of photos from the conservation centre - your very easy to spot with your hair up. I'm sure the fact we had so many animals around when you were little makes the centre feel like home ! Mr Murray played fantastic today. Tsonga in the semi s. Love seeing pics of you. Take care. Love mum x

Anonymous said...

For Annie Moss (Alpha 5)
loving the pics up here already my lovely!! hope you are having an amazing time already! thinking of you.
lots of love
Hannah xx

mommie said...

bethany pearson alpha 3. i really cant get the hang of this can type but no idea how to send this id my 3rd attempt, not even jimbo can figure it. if somehow you get this remember we love and miss u but most of all there will be a hot bath ready 4 when you get home love u always mommie

mum said...

amy n emma.... alpha 5/6

hey's it going then..? nearly 2 weeks already!! I so hope you'ev settled into it all now and really enjoying yourselves..
ozzy is here to stay amy and he's really funny...follows me around all the time and he loved the beach with molly n mini..:) dana are, i think, keeping 2 of the pups now..connie and charlie...well, anna is trying desperatley to persuade dan..!!! she'll
looking forward to more pics on here so keep smiling..
love you both lots
bigg huggs

mum xxx

Anonymous said...

For Umit Alpha 5
Your thoroughly missed, can't wait till your back, hope your havin an amazing time (and avoidin the snakes) :) xxx M

Dervla said...

For Fiona Bailey Alpha 5
Hi from a rainy Sweden, we've spent the afternoon with Karen and Staffan watching some great tennis, Federer beating Djokovic and then Murray beating Tsonga. After a few G&T's your dad has a bet on with Carl, Murray beating Federer in the final 240 kronor to the winner, last of the big betters ;-) Hoping for some good weather tomorrow as we're driving to Roskilde festival to see Bruce and Alison Krauss among others. Your dad says don't be diving too deep or you'll be in Australia before Donna!
Love Jimmy & Yvonne, Dervla & Carl

Anonymous said...

For Jaclyn Kennedy, Alpha 2. Hey Jaclyn, hope you are having an exciting time and not finding it too hard. Nana & Grandad missing you loads. Grandad following the website every day in hope of hearing what your up to. Lots of love from Nana, Grandad & Viv x

Sally said...

For Joe Roundtree, Alpha 3.

Hello! i tried sending a message a couple of days ago but i can't see it and so not sure if it got to you.

Anyway i hope your having an amazing time! it sure looks fun! Missing you loads! I've finished college and not up to much. Camping the other week didn't go too well, so everyone went home in the end. Hope your surviving the heat and sleeping well in the hammock. Miss you and thinking of you, lots of love Sally xxxx

Dervla said...

Hi Fiona

Unfortunately we are on our way back home tomorrow after another fantastic holiday in Sweden.
Wonder how many parties Desi had??? Weather wise a little mixed though much warmer than at home. How are you sticking the heat out in Borneo?

Lots of love

cousin Kaywell said...

Hi Mae Mae - Alpha 4.
you're doing the same phase as your cousin Malcolm did for 11D 2011. i'm enjoying the tug of war; the intensity on your face is priceless. wearing your cousin's button; i'm sure he's smiling at you from above. continue to do well. much love.

Jeanette said...

Message for Cassie Wright - Alpha 1

Hi Cassie,
Feels like you have been gone for ages already! Little news update from the UK / Germany...Federer has beaten Murray in Wimbledon Final. In Germany a 3 year old boy managed to start his mother's car...only a fence stopped his little adverture. Which reminds me, your brother is currently looking into driving lessons ;o) Weather here is still rubbish with no signs of it changing. I guess by the time we go on holiday in Scotland the climate will feel almost tropical there. Hope you are having a fabulous time...wondering what you are doing every day. Can't wait to see the photographs on your return. Love and miss you lots Mama x x x

Donna Kelly said...

For Fiona Bailey aka Sundance, Alpha 5:

'G'day from down unda'!!

Loving the pics, pity there weren't a few chance of one of u and the longdrop? Ha, hope it's not too distressing - u'l be living the life of luxury once u land here, we've just moved into a brand new house complete with ensuite, walk in wardrobe and a soon to be little sofa bed for the one and only! :)

I just read Jimmy's comment about diving too deep lol! What a cracker!

A boring email, but an email none the less is waiting on u when u get the chance...
Keep up the good work!!

Miss u! Lotsa love, DK xx

Anonymous said...

For Elsemieke Kruseman, alpha 5

Haay lieve Elsemieke,
dit is mijn derde berichtje, hoewel ik er maar eentje terugzie in het schema.
Hoe gaat het allemaal daar? Je zult wel met de trekking bezig zijn. Heb je al enge dieren gezien en verborgen meertjes en slaap je in hangmatten? Je zult het zeker daar warmer hebben dan hier. We kwamen woensdag de 4e terug uit london en na een nachtje corin. was heel gezellig. annalie heeft het erg druk met hardwerken. en gw en martine ook. yopper was erg blij toen ik hem haalde, maar hij heeft het daar wel goed gehad.ik kan de 17e juli pas kijken op de site (of het komt per post) waar en of je geplaatst bent. zal het meteen als ik het weet laten weten via dit medium. verder vind ik je nog steeds een kanjer, maar dat schreef ik al eens eerder!!!
Bij ons is de badkamer klaar. geen schoonheidskamer maar het bad is eindelijk weg en er is dus meer ruimte gekomen. Ben je al veel met de lokale bevolking in contact gekomen? of is dat meer straks als je een ander project doet.
lieve meisje, heel veel succes en plezier, kusjes xxxx mamma

Una crosby said...

Hi Harriet
Hello from very wet Yorkshire. It hasn't stopped raining for days it's the Yorkshire show this week and most of the car parks are water logged. Hope you are coping with the heat and remembering the sun block. Very strange here - dad in NY ,you in Malaysia and Lou in Zanti - guess who I'm most worried about? Thinking about you lots. Everyone missing you and checking the blog daily for any updates x lots of love mum

Anonymous said...

For Clarke Dodd in 12D Alpha 4
From mom and John.
Hey son,
All the family and our mates think you're doing great,all looks so awesome and we know you're team will do fabulous in the building.So much you've all learnt already and I must admit to a wooo,seeing you on pics,"pride".We are missing you but all good here.Sending lots of love from home basecamp.Lol.Great to see the blogs up again and all you lot are doing.Love the pics and look everyday to see what I might a missed.Haha.
I'll blog again soon but the time is going fast I expect for you.Wow,hot there from

Nana and Popa said...

Hello Emma Hay. hope you are doing well. Everyone here is alright, missing you lots, 8th time trying to get through, but Hannah is now attempting it, think a letter would be alot easier. love you loads Nana and Popa xxxx

Jeanette said...

Message for Cassie Wright Alpha 1
Hi you,
Not heard a thing from you...are you sure you have not packed your bags and left home for good? No doubt you are having a fabulous time. Are you enjoying your Borneo dining experience of prawns the size of guinnea pigs and chicken anus hahahaha sure way to loose weight. Well, you will have haggis suppers and deep fried Mars bars to look forward to on our holiday...only 33 sleeps now. Look after youself. Love you lots Mama x x x

David Archibald said...

For Euan Archibald
Hi Euan, hope all is going well on your first task - perfect for building those muscles! Look out or Boris. Sorry for not posting earlier - in Italy the on line instructions were in Italian and I was confused. Anyway, back home okay and looking forward to be next update. We are all missing you

Take care - love from Mum, Dad and .kirstie

Katie said...

For Lettie Ezaz:
Hello Lettie! I hope you're having an amazing time :). The pictures on the blog all look very exciting! I'll write to you at some point.
I've been hope a couple of weeks from uni and have been doing work experience at a Literary Agents (yay), and reading a lot. As always.
I miss you loads!
Katie xx

Gill Edwards said...

Amy Edwards Alpha 6

Hey sweetiepie
hope you are well and having the most amazing time of your life..?
The weather here is still diabolical so you are missing nothing...
there are some wonderful pictures on here of the exciting things you have either done or going to be doing but no more news of alpha 6!!!!
I'm sure the best is still to come :)
Well, I'm on my holidays now for the next 2 weeks and nothing really planned except to enjoy relaxing in the rain...
Lew has met up with Faith but we've not heard anything from David so not sure if we'll see them..
Cath and Janet came for dinner last night which was really nice. Jacob is working in Spain, Cath bought him a one way!! But he is enjoying himself so thaTS good. Anna has been baking and brought in some gorgeous lemon meringue pie...yum won't keep..!!!
The pups will all be off to new homes soon but at least you'll still see connie and charlie...awwwww

anyway sweetiepie, hope you n ems have met up again for a while...
love you lots like jelly tots...
mum xxx molly n mini wooooof!!

Matt Thomas said...

Hello Rachel,

Just seen your peeking through the canes! Very jealous of you being away, it is still AWFUL weather here, currently hailing outside. Brilliant. Happy Birthday for Tuesday, if you are lucky there will be a present for you when you get back.

Looking forward to hearing back from you

Matt and Alice x

Kate Archer said...

Katie! Think i've only spotted one photo of you so far! I'm keeping a keen eye out for Alpha 1 blogs though, trying to spot your cheeky face!
What you're doing looks amazing and i'm so proud of you for getting there. You're missing nothing here! Time has flown by, and it won't be long til you're back in 'sunny' England wishing you weren't!
Hope this finds you well and not too badly bitten!! Enjoy the rest of the time there, savour every minute, and know that i'm so very jealous! :D Big hugs from your NHS buddy - RBS for ever ;) xxxxxx

Mrs Outerbridge said...

Hi Shaehlay:
this is Mrs Outerbridge. hope you are having fun and learning alot. Malcolm sorely did while on expedition 11D 2011. following you and Jermae. it should be almost time for changeover from alpha 1. all the best.

Mrs Outerbridge said...

Hi Amon: are you enjoying sleeping in (smile). Ashley and I were reading the part about you not wanting to get up on time. looks like you're having a great time and learning a lot, also up for the challenge. Malcolm really enjoyed his whole experience as part of 11D 2011. take care,

Mrs Outerbridge said...

For Rayanne, Amanda, Michael and Ndavyah. Enjoy the Borneo experience as Malcolm did as part of 11D 2011. look forward to hearing about your adventure upon your return. regards to Simon Munk as one of the PM's should you see him from Malcolm's family. take care,

cousin Kaywell said...

Hi Mae Mae: post cards were sent to you July 18th wishing you well. we're on vacation from July 19-31, and Auntie is still away; not sure when her and Uncle Pete return. i think Ndavyah's name is written as David Williams as i dont see another name posted as part of the alpha group. changeover should be soon. continue to have fun and learn a lot so i can hear about your experience when you return. much love, cuz K

mum said...

Amy Edwards alpha 6

Hello sweetiepie, still no new posts on here of your team :( so hope you enjoying and working hard lol?
I'd heard you and Emma had met up again for a while and you were possibly working with(?) the orangutans??? I hope so...just up your street..!! All fine here..and we have a sunny that IS something to smile about!! :)) Bea came over monday night and did a great job on your room...bless her..she was brave to even go in there!!
Danas chickens just grow n grow in numbers - aboiut 30 odd now..?? And we are thinking of a joint turkey venture in our back garden...!! Don't forgot though....miss you lots and love you pots and speak whenever...? bigg huggs Mum, molly mini woofs and xxxxx