Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Big Thankyou to all of our blog followers!

A heartfelt "terima kasih" (thank you) to all our blog followers!

The continuous support and messages are really appreciated by both venturers and VMs alike. Keep it up! We collected some responses to your comments on the Loop, they are as follows...

To Richard Armstrong; Good luck on your A & E placement. I will be thinking of you. Lots of Love Candice

As you can see, our venturers have been busy in the field and will be coming back with many stories to tell of their adventurers. We will be collecting some more messages on the second Loop, so keep an eye out for them.

Tune in again soon, we have many blog updates coming in over the next few days with news of your loved ones.

Jumpa lagi!

(See you soon!) 


indra said...

ms. manjuli- missing you and hope u gettn along great.
waitin to hear your adventure..
good wishes-A ...indra

Cliff Fisher said...

Ellie (Fisher) I tried to send you a message on WednesdaY which I hope reached you. Mum is now in Spain and Max and I fly out there tomorrow morning. Hope your Basecamp Training has gone well, and hope you're having a wonderful time? Try and get a message and some photos back to us. All our love Dad, Mum, Max and Will xxx

Anonymous said...

For Jaclyn Kennedy, Alpha 7.
We have been told off for not blogging. Now found out what to do so hope you get this message. We are very proud of you. Everything you are doing sounds amazing. Can't wait to hear all your stories. Lindsay, is away to Berlin for a few days. We will all go out when you get back and listen to your tales. Bye, bye. Mum, Dad and Flo. X

Anonymous said...

Hi Liv and Gaby,

Hope you are both well we miss you but we are sure you are having lots of fun. We are just about to go on our holiday. Mia can now sit up by herself and says Mama. Can't wait to see you and take care.

Love Mum, dad, Gaby and Mia.

This message is for Olivia Alice Ourabi Borneo Expedition- 12I.

Anonymous said...

For umit utku, alpha 3

hey dostum, :))
nasilsin haci, yine ben, oturuyorum tek basima suan, yavuz bingol dinliyorum, raleigh'in websitesinde neler yaptiginiza bakiyordum, bir resmin var agaca bacaklarinla kollarinla sarilmissin, gulmekten oldum :) umit heryerde umit :))) but i like that so keep that way :) sanirim simdi orada gunduz, burda 1:40, 2-2:30 olmasini bekliyorumki kalkip sahur yemegini hazirlayayim, annelik yapiyorum artik, yemek bulasik temizlik hepsi benden, annem kalkmiyor sahura, babamda calisiyor diye oruc tutmuyor, taksicilik yapiyor surekli yollarda ondan tutmuyor, mecbur ben hazirliyorum, maho cansu musti ben takiliyoruz sabahlara kadar, her aksam kemal sunal izliyoruz, hababam sinifi, tosun pasa, sut kardesler, hanzo :)) takiliyoruz iste. bu arada olimpiyatlar basladi aa daha ben izleyemedim, duyduguma gore bizim haltercilerden biri 5. gelmis :(( normalde bizimkiler iyi kaldiriyor ama iste :))bende kac gundur bahceyi temizliyorum, kac gundurde havalar cok sicak, susuyoruz ama bugun daha iyiydi, hatta soguktu sanki, suan halen ayaklarim usuyor, hasanlarda turkiyeye gitmeye hazirlaniyorlar, yarin mustiyle alisverise gidecekler, fazla kalmadi gitmelerine agustosun 8inde gidiyorlar,bende gitmek istiyorum ama daha anneme soyleyemedim, bagiriyor cunku, bakalim izin alabilirsem koye gidecegim ordanda bir tatil yapariz herhalde, sende gelecekmisin, gitmeden konusmustuk ama bir karar verememistik :)) sanirim annende gidecek bir haftaligina turkiyeye, hasan soyledi banada :)))2 gun once north londondaydim erginle konustum, o da dusunuyormus gelmeyi, belki hep beraber yapariz birseyler :)) onunda selami var sana. melisa ilayda rumeysada cok iyiler, okullar tatil oldu artik. birazcikta futboldan bahsedeyim sana, aziz yildirim cikti hapisten, ceza falan almadi pezevenk :) trabzon spor suan almanyada hazirlik kampinda hazirlik calismalarini surduruyor ,bu arada eski teknik direktorlerinizden giray bulak takima geri dondu, senol gunese yardimci olacakmis :)bu arada burak yilmaz bize transfer oldu, sizin taraftar cildirmis durumda, mehmet topalda fener bahceye gitti, bizim taraftarda ona cildirmis durum, ibne emre belozoglu atletico madride gitti, :)) hamit altintopda fenere gidecekte son anda bize geldi ortalik karisti anayacagin, haydi neyse saat 2:10 oldu ben gidip birsey hazirlayayim, kendine dikkat et optum kocaman Arzu xxxxx

Morrisons said...

Hey Fraser. Blog photos are great; you look like you're having so much fun. Hope the kampong makan is ok; are you going to come back fluent in Bahasa? Will try to speak to you from the US at changeover. All of us and the puppies send lots of love, mum, dad, Holly and Vicky

Lom Liv's dad said...

Hi Liv

Miss you lot here photos look great, hope you well and I am sure you having a lot of fun, which alpha or project group are you love? we all ok here and off to Cala bonna on 31/7, say hi to gaby and I am sure she is havimg fun too. safe you 2 and take care.

See you soon.
Love dad, Mum, Gab and Mia
Message for Liv Ourabi expedition 121

Sally Russ-Silsby said...

Hi James(R-S),

How's it going in Komborongo with Alpha 1? We're following the blog with great interest and get very excited when we see photos of you!

Missing you but glad you're having a fab time

Lots of love

Mum & Dad, Pongo & Boo xxxx

Sally Russ-Silsby said...

Hiya James (R-S),

How's it going in Korombongo with Alpha 1? We're following the blog with great interest and get very excited when we see photos of you.

Missing you but glad you having such a fantastic time

Lots of love

Mum & Dad, Pongo & Boo xxx

Anonymous said...

For Freddie.D

Love this Blog!! :-)
Grazie per il messaggio mi piace tantissimo..pero video?? non ho visto un video?
cmq i miei msg non funzionano..non li vedo mai qui sul blog..pero ti scrivo sempre e ti penso sempre!
Non vedo l'ora che torni!

Big Kiss...Jade xx

Anonymous said...

To Rayanne Alpha 3

Hey Ray. We miss you. Kepp having fun. We saw you in your new group smiling.

Cupmatch Time in Bermuda Go St. George's

Love Your Family

Sarah Robertshaw said...

For Alison George:

I knew which scratty writing would be yours... But I was so glad to see it! I MISS YOU LOADS. I sent some mail to your house today (Jonathan's concerns about our relationship are bound to grow) so you'll get it when you get back, which isn't that long at all now!
I'm glad that hearing from us makes you smile - I love reading your blog and seeing what you're up to but can't wait to hear about it all in real life! Seriously super excited to see your face.
I'm in my last week of placement now, and its like the last week of school - no one's really working me that hard and on Thursday I'm going to build an environment garden at a school and then Friday we've got the ball. I have a pretty dress, you'd like it. I also have glittery shoes (standard) they're lush. I will tell you about it when you get back but I am 100% sure my tales are nothing compared to yours!
Love you, miss you (really want to kiss you - well not really but it makes a nice rhyme) can't wait to see you xxxxxxxxx

Gordon Bates said...

For Alison Charlotte George Alpha 5

Hey Alison,

Saw that you have been put on the trek and dive group so very happy for you as that is what you really wanted to do. I will try check the blog as much as I can on my travels as I’ve got hooked on the blog.
The Euro trip kicks off tomorrow morning with a flight at 5am so early stuff. Most looking forward to seeing Berlin again. Will’s bought us all funny wife beaters which I’m sure it will go down a treat in some of the countries we visit.
I’m sure you will make the most in learning to dive and have lots of awesome stories. Luckily you have a few weeks to refine all these stories that will start will ‘In Borneo we ...’ :P

Love Gordon x

P.S. I like cake

Josee Shaw said...

Gabriella Shaw 12I

Hi Darling,

Hope you & Liv are having a great time, it looks amazing out there!
You music results are sealed in an envelope in your draw! We haven't seen the result but Anne says we've got a very talented daughter (as we know!!!) so it must be good.

Everyone sends their love. Snuggles from Oscar & Benny.
I'm Not sure if you got any of my other messages as they haven't appeared on the blog! I may have been doing it wrong!

Anyway, I'll send you another message soon. Love you tons sweetheart,
Huge hugs, love n kisses Mum, Dad, Boo & Salava. x o x o x o x

Josee Shaw said...

For Gabriella Shaw 12I

Tuesday, 31 July 2012
Hey Gabster
How’s you my darling? We’re all fine here. Dad’s stripping the walls in Boo’s room today & Bex is coming to help out! Been watching the Olympics..I know, me watching sport on TV – Bizarre! But we’re really getting into it & behind team GB!
Keep reading about leeches & stuff? Can’t imagine what that must be like… Sounds Gross!!!
Good news about your DofE, your Bronze medal is fab & your Gold books are here & ready to go! Great that this will count as the residential part of the gold award. Borneo is PERFECT for that!!! WHAT A RESULT!!!
Only seen 1 pic of you at the airport, hoping to find out which alpha group you’re in & see some more pics soon.
MISSING YOU TONS, love you lots gorgeous girl, big hugs n kisses, Mum, Dad, Oscar, Benny & Salva Xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie, nearly time to come home. Bet you'll be in two minds. Sad to leave but great to see your folks. I hope those bears are treating you well. We're four days into the Olympics and it is ALL over the TV. It's like the whole world has stopped apart from Olympics. And NO Golds for us yet but we're hopeful for the Equestrian team today. Everyone here is still good. Billy's enjoying his life of leisure now that school has finished although he's getting a few shifts at work. Your mum is up to her neck in work as her two colleagues are both sick so she's having to do it all and M&J have just got back from their holiday and say hi too. Mym mum enjoyed her birthday and we had a meal with them. She was delighted with her pressies. Right, better go and do some work. Love as always, see you soon NIGEL x xx x

Neil McFarlane said...

For Chloe McFarlane 12I.

Hi Chlo (chol - wee),

Hope you are living the dream and realising there is more to life than fake eyelashes, straighteners and clothes ;) haha. I'm currently poolside in tenerife (classy), roasting hot and all inclusive. At least when you get back you'll be in pam's 'like we did in borneo' club!


Chicken legs (your bro) xx