Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The 5 week PM's have arrived!

It’s been a long wait, but finally they have arrived. The 5 week PM’s arrived on Sunday, full of excitement, and thankfully not too much jet lag.

Greeted by the few members of the Fieldbase team that weren’t out on project sites the 5 week PM’s were quickly introduced to Raleigh life, including shoes off at the door, three bowls and team-bonding games!

Most of the PMs ventured into KK on the first night, in search of somewhere they could watch Wimbledon, which much to their relief they found!

 The second evening included a trip to the Filipino market, which astounded many with the huge variety of fish, meat and fruit on offer. Andrew and Nico went all out getting a huge selection of fish to try. They struggled near the end, but managed to devour it all! Helen and Angela ate prawns the size of guinea pigs, and much to my disappointment no one was brave enough to try the chicken anus!

The 5 week team will have the same 2 week induction as the 10 week team had, starting with a refreshing swim assessment followed by soft skills training and then off on Project Planning Visits at the end of the week.  So I will be back soon with an update of how they are getting on with training!


Dervla said...

Fiona Bailey
Alpha 5

Hi Fiona,
I'm not sure if this is the right place to write an update to you, but I'm sure you'll get it anyway.
I watched a facinating program about the pygmy forest elefants of Borneo. A guy followed them around and befriended them and found out a lot, like they're not ferral, they are endemic and have been on Borneo for around 300,000 years. His film also helped in preserving them. Their habitat is being turned into palm oil plantations, after seeing the film the government designated a swathe of land along the Kinabatangan river just for the elephants.
It was lovely to hear the sounds of the jungle, reminds me of South African sounds. Did you go to the Mamutik island? It looks amazing. I saw some footage of the trek, rock jumping and rope bridges, I'm sure you've been to the Giants Causeway and Carrik-a-reed, good practice eh?
Fiona, I'm in awe at all the things you are experiencing, I'm sure it's very tough, but also an incredible experience.
I haven't contact with my friend in Brunei, but I'll keep trying, and will look up some options for you.
Captain Carl sends his love, and so do I,

Anonymous said...

Alpha 5

Hee els, ik zie je veel te weinig op foto's en het thuisfront krijgt ook weinig nieuws mee via de blog over Alpha 5! Maar ja, geen bericht is goed bericht zullen we maar zeggen. Ben je al veel rare beesten tegengekomen? Slangen in je slaapzak etc? Die bossen daar schijnen er vol van te zijn... Ik ben inmiddels klaar met al mijn tentamens hier en ga over een week met vakantie met clubgenoten. Ik hoop dat je een beetje regelmatig berichtjes krijgt want ik zal er meer sturen!