Wednesday, 18 July 2012

5 Week PM Allocations have been announced!

It's that time again! Allocations for the next five weeks have been long-anticpated; since the Develoment weekend in April. All has now been revealed, so scroll down to see where our five week PMs will be spending their time in Borneo...

Alpha 8 Kampung Borobi

Gravity Water Feed Repair with Project Managers Helen and Angela (pictured with 5 weeks logistics co-ordinator Nat)

Many communities in Malaysia have no access to a clean water supply. Most villages collect rain water in large tanks or barrels but this is often insufficient for their needs and so they obtain water from polluted rivers. A Gravity Water Feed System is a simple and often inexpensive solution. Raleigh has agreed to sponsor and work together with Kg Borobi to complete a Gravity Water Feed System. The village came to the Asian Forestry Company (AFC) with a proposal to install this water feed after seeing what Raleigh had done in the neighbouring communities of Pantai and Lihing, so the project will be well supported by the village.

Alpha 9 Kampung Banbagan Gravity Water Feed and House Build with Project Managers Andrew, Alice and Emma

Kg Banbagan was established by house forestry workers previous to Asian Forestry Company's (AFC) stewardship of the land. However it was not registered to the district office in Pitas or Kota Marudu and so received no infrastructure support. As work dried up and due to difficult access to and from the village, people have moved away and there has been a large decline in numbers.

There are only about 5 families inside this village with approximately 12 villagers. The people from this kampung are from the Dusun Sonsogon tribe and most of them do not have a religion.

The community currently doesn’t have a gravity water system and most of the time they need to take the water from the stream nearby. This project will involve finding a suitable dam site and constructing a gravity water feed system.

The second part of the this project will be the building of a house for an old lady in the village. She is in her 80’s and her current house is untenable so she has been taken in by other villagers. The team will be building her a new house next to other villagers who will help look after her.

This is just the beginning of the story for Kg Banbagan and it will be an interesting journey over the next couple of years.

Alpha 9 Bio-diversity Survey and Gazebo Build with Project Managers Nicolo and Jason

Asian Forestry Company (AFC) is implementing a long-term sustainable tree plantation in the Kota Marudu and Pitas Districts with a total area of approximately 60,000ha. To ensure the success and sustainability of the project, a sizeable portion of the land is to be protected and enhanced as part of the company’s conservation program. The aim is to identify and protect areas of rainforest of high conservation value, while also striving to achieve sustainable forestry by replanting areas identified as suitable for logging.

The project will involve establishing a conservation research camp and building infrastructure to enable research and management of the area. The team will also help to determine the boundaries of conservation areas and identify and name areas classified as High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) or of natural interest, such as waterfalls, rock formations and vegetation.

That's all the news for now. The PMs will be off on their Project Planning Visits in a few days where they will experience living in their new accommodation and learn more about the areas they will be living and the work involved from Project Partners. We will update you on their return.


caroline nuttall said...

Message for Helen nuttall Alpha 8 Kampung Borobi.
Have seen all the photos and hope it feels like home with all the wet weather you seem to have had.hope you are having good time. already sent one post earielr but not sure if it worked! love mumxx

Liz Troman said...

For Lucy Troman, Alpha 3

Hi Luly
I guess you must be coming up to changeover soon! Can't believe you're half way through. Just checked your emails - nothing exciting or urgent. Joe is back from skiing on Saturday and Charlie is off to Iceland and then almost straight to Alderney. I am off to France, Niall has already gone :( Will be checking the blogs for updates from France and looking for more pictures of a super fit tanned version of you!! Hope you get your choice for the second half. Charlie and I have nearly finished the hedges - what a mammoth task! It has knackered me but been a great all body workout! It has also helped Charlie afford his new bike which we collected today. He is suitably thrilled :) Trying to tidy up before I leave - Joe had better not mess it all up whilst he's home alone :-z Anyway we will all arrive home in time for Charlie's birthday; I think the surprise is on and I have told George so he can try and not work that day. Am looking forward to seeing you - I don't think I will like it when you're away at uni xxxxxx Love you loads, MumME xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lucy Jiang said...

Hey Nat, you are with Raleigh again?! crazy! ^^

Rosie Dunphy said...

For Freddie Dunphy Alpha 3 Borneo

Hi Freds, Can't BELIEVE Dad and I missed your calls last night from base camp. Thank God you managed to get Georgia. We loved listening to your message and just hearing your voice brought tears to my eyes. Can't tell you how much we miss you but, at the same time, so thrilled you're doing what you're doing. Hope you've been receiving my messages. From the photos you look like you're having a great time and that you're in your element...homemade cluedo and cards!!News: Dad's just arrived home from Chile, Georgia has received her registration so is now a fully fledged Barrister and Solicitor, Hugo is back at school, Rob is in Paris in a youth hostel trying to find accommodation and work and I'm still trying to get over my jetlag following our tennis trip. Love you lots Fred. Thinking of you always.
Mum xx

Anonymous said...

For Andrew Boag Alpha 9 Borneo

Hey Andy, hope ur keeping out of trouble, just wanted to let you know that we are not missing you at all so don't worry about us ok, hope you are having a ball and it's everything you dreamed it would be,
please stay safe and enjoy,
Stacey and the Gang at Green Street xxx

Richard Aldridge said...

for Alice Caldwell


Unsure whether I'm doing this in the right place but figured I'd give it a try. Gutted we didn't get a chance to speak/skype/email before you disappeared into the jungle. Fear not, I made it out of the Secret Garden in one piece, we had loads of fun and everyone was asking after you - fortunately as excuses go, being in Borneo doing charity work is a pretty good one! Would have loved to have you there though.

Be careful out there in the jungle, don't let Andrew convince you that either parachute pants or dreadlocks are a good idea! Remember to enjoy every minute and just keep smiling, everything will come easily if you do.

Love you, miss you, can't wait to see you.

Rich x

P.S you missed a cracking episode of Biggest Loser USA - one guy put on a pound! Wasn't the same without you.

Pam Alabaster said...

Message for Ashley Winter
Hi Ashley Have been talking to Grandma and she is hoping you have a wonderful time in Borneo but she also wants you to keep safe and remember your malaria pills!!!!

have fun
from Pam xxx

Pam Alabaster said...

for ashley winter

thiss is from grandma and grandad.
lovely to see pictures of you on pams you lots. xxx

Anonymous said...

hai manjuli- alpha 8--borobi water system project:

mis u loads..saw one foto--sooo thrilled.u doing awrite?

we both think of u daily.
shall keep track of the events.

hugs fr aunt and Naelan