Saturday, 14 July 2012

3 Cakes and a little bit of Madness at Fieldbase

Fieldbase and the five week PMs enjoyed a lovely evening celebrating Nicki (logs) birthday. Loli made Nicki's favourite meal of peppered steak and chips (yum!) and went all out with 3 amazing cakes!

After a lot of food, and a a good few attempts from Nicki of blowing out all of the candles we were eventually able to dig into dessert- one being a delicious chocolate orange sponge cake, and the other two were my personal favourites- the Hummingbird cake (walnut).

With such variety, we of course had to try a slice of both, just to make sure no one was missing out. With stomachs full of steak, chips and a vast quantity of cake there were a lot of 'food baby' bellies, and not much packing for Jungle Camp from the 5 week PMs!

12 hours later, with some very lethargic packing and a good bit of digestion the 5 week PMs were off with Sarah, Nicola, Laura, GQ and Nat to Basecamp for some hard skills training, and their first night in the jungle.

The Loop have also left for Alpha 3 in Danum Valley with Petr, Nicki and Lou. They will be visiting Alpha's 1 - 4 with the shop, post and blog comments before returning on Sunday 15th July with news from all the teams!

This has left Fieldbase feeling very empty with just myself, Ernie, Karen and Dan here. We were all up by 7am to wave everyone off and then were left to our own devices....

Of course we got straight down to work, taking advantage of a quiet house to get a lot done, but by lunch-time the left over cake we had eaten for breakfast had poured enough sugar into our systems to send us a little bit mad!

There must always be three people in Fieldbase at any one time in case of an emergency coming through over the radio. So instead of going out for lunch one at a time, we decided to raid the fancy dress cupboard, draw moustaches on our faces and eat more delicious cake!

With a fair bit of energy left we finished up lunch with a combined game of cricket, rounders and baseball, polishing off our throwing, catching and batting skills!

The evening was finished with some self-defence lessons from Mac, which may come in very useful in the future, but caused a lot of laughter due to the look of absolute fear on Dan's face every time Mac asked him to be the 'attacker'!
A pretty productive day all in all, but we are very much looking forward to welcoming back the rest of the team in a few days time.


Alan macneill said...

Dear Emily alpha 2
Just to let you know I have topped your mobile up. We have returned back, great flight on the air Malaysia a380 , it was amazingly smooth and quiet, you will be impressed, back to work tomorrow! I hope all is going well, I look forwards to hearing all the alpha 2 news. Love xxx dad, mum,alice

Mandy Steward said...

Hi Ben (Allon-Smith), Alpha 1

My third attempt worked so you should have had a blog message by now. Not sure if such messages get delivered to you in the field or if you wait until back at base.Also,I sent snail mail 6 days ago from Amsterdam. I was there for 3 days for work. Arrived back last Wednesday, the same day Lucy flew in from China. I hope she'll blog you shortly.
Tilly is now on school holidays and says a BIG HELLO. She wants you to come back for a cuddle. Dan asks if the camera is OK.
I'm looking forward to hearing news from Alpha 1. The most common issue in news from each Alpha group seems to be the leaches. How are you coping with them?
Thinking about you lots. Have started to realise we don't need so much food in the house as you are not here!!
Lots of love, Mum xxxxx

Lucy said...

For Ben, Alpha 1

Hiii hope its going well! Had hans 21st last night, just been seeing andy and friends since i got back on wednesday, doing week at pkf starting tomorrow though. Rest of china was an experience - fun nights out, interesting work, photos taken of us at the great wall, weird people and food! Was incredibly hot and humid (in an office with AC) so dont understand how youre trekking in it! Looks really fun from the photos though. Hope youre well and having a good time. Keep enjoying! Miss you xxx

Anonymous said...

For Cassie "Tarzan" Wright
Hi Cassie, missing you loads and hope you're still having a fab time. Weather continues to be rain, rain, rain. We've still had to resort to drinking wine and watching TV to help pass the time. It's really hard work. Had a lovely weekend with the boys. Went to Mike and June's for dinner and Yahtzee. I lost as usual - but I was a bit tiddly so that's my excuse. Billy ha d anight out with his mates and then spent all day yesterday asleep - woke up looking like a Zombie, before heding back to bed. Only four weeks to go till we are all off on holiday. Walking, trekking, biking, rain etc - bet you can't wait. Love as always, Nigel x x x

Anonymous said...

For elsemieke kruseman , alpha 5
Lieve elsie,
Ik stuur maar weer een berichtje. Denk dat ik over een paar dagen meer over je hoor. Je bent nog steeds aan het trekken. Heb je de kinabalu (?) beklommen of bedwongen? Was het zwaar? Maar zeker adembenemend? Veel foto's kunnen nemen!? Hoop het. Is je batterij niet zo langzamerhand op. Als jij van DUO een sms digicode hebt gekregen, kun je me die dan sms'en. Dan kan ik hopelijk hier verder aan de slag. En als het niet lukt is het ook niet erg. Dan doen we dat thuis wel. De regen houdt hier niet op. T is niet te geloven gewoon dat het zomer is. Overmorgen ben je weer in basiskamp. Ben bang dat mijn brief iets later komt. Met ons gaat het goed. M hard aan t werk en Gw gaat vrijdag met vrienden naar Atlantische kust met de auto. Mss logeren ze in les F. Maar dan zijn wij er nog niet. Dag hele lieve meisje , heel benieuwd naar je volgend project. Zou leuk zijn als je naar die kleuterschool gaat, maar ja het zal allemaal leuk zijn. Hele dikke kus xxxxxxxxx mamma

Mum said...

Emma Hay Alpha 5

Hi Sweet
Hope you are well and have enjoyed your trek. Hope the weather is ok too. We have had 3 days with no rain, summer is here at last although it's meant to rain tomorrow =( What's next I wonder! Have you caught up with Amy yet? Love you and miss you loads, its been a long 3 weeks
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tracy said...

Amy Edwards Alpha 6
Hi Honey

How was the trek and dive? Hope you enjoyed both. Missing you and your giggles although Bea is making up for it! Going to see your mum tonight to catch up with her gossip so looking forward to that. Wonder what you will be doing next.
Miss you and love you

Tracy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the sunshine of your life said...

emma hay alpha 5

hey gay boy hope you aint died from all them killer leaches

hope you having a amazing time you better call me when u get back <3

love you baby

the sunshine of your life xxxx