Friday, 27 July 2012

12I Expedition Venturers have arrived!

On Monday 23rd July the 5 week HCVs were welcomed to Fieldbase to get their kit sorted before departing to Basecamp with Volunteer Managers Nicolo, Alice and Phil. Whilst waiting for the rest of their group to arrive the HCVs got to know each other and made welcome signs for the rest of the Vs.

On Tuesday the PMs and most of the Fieldbase team waited in the airport for the Venturers to make their first steps into Sabah.

 As soon as they stepped off the plane the V’s were divided into Delta groups; the teams they would be in for Induction week and whisked straight to the swimming pool for a swim assessment. At some point in expedition, every Venturer will cross, swim or bathe in a river or sea or scuba dive, so the swim assessments helps us identify who is a strong, weak or non-swimmer and therefore those who may need more support when completing water activities. The assessment involves swimming two hundred metres and treading water for four minutes.

 Starting the way we mean to go on, the day was jam-packed with more activities for the Vs including name-games and group games before making the bus journey to Basecamp where they would be staying for the next five days before heading off to their project sites.

On arrival, the V’s were greeted by the HCVs and the rest of the Volunteer Manager team before getting to work on putting up their mosquito nets in the static bashas, storing their valuables away, having a medical session and getting their hammocks and tarps for the following days trek. By dinner at 7pm the Venturers were nearly falling asleep in their mess tins and with a busy day ahead of them most had an early night.

Check back soon for an update on how everyone is getting on in Induction week!


Anonymous said...

For Carl Rietschel (no idea which project group)

Hey Carl,

I saw a photo of you here! At the airport shaking hands at the airport lol Hope the humidity and the heat isn't too unbearable and the work too exhausting. You're probably very good at getting up early by now ;) I have no idea how fast Borneo post is, but expect sth soon-ish 2 weeks max I'm guessing...hence the ish :P Miss you loooaaaaads

Snowball ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura (Livingston) (12I)
Very nice to see pictures of you at long last hope you are not to jet lagged!!!!! News here Alex is leaving spain and coming home . Keith is still in London. Dad starts at Tesco Bank on Mon. Im still making sausage currey lol and having stella on toast, will save some for you lol. Flicks is cuddled up in his bed and missing you alot. nana and grandad r well and so is Grandma. sue is asking after you and so is marion. Dad is seeing donald and lib tommorow. not much happened in acomb new apart from that . its just sooooooooooooo good to see your face on camera. all our love mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxps sweet dreams

Mark Daren said...

This message is for Hannah Tomsett.
I'm sorry but I don't know what project she is doing but I really hope this gets to her!

Hi Hannah, hope you are having a really good time. Not sweating too much I hope!
Just watched the Olympic opening ceremony and it wasn't too bad as I thought it was going to be awful, although there was a part with cyclists with wings which was....well....strange.
Seen many Orangutans?
Anyway I hope you're safe and remember that I love you very very much and I can't wait to see you again.

Karen Cowan said...

Hi Eilidh. Lovely photo of you in the pool. Hope you're having fun. We're all fine. Heading off to buy Georgia's birthday pressie this morning. Love you lots. Mum, G n Boys. Xxxxx

Marina Rietschel said...

To Carl Rietschel

Wir haben uns über die Fotos am Pool gefreut. Das Wasser war bestimmt nicht zu kalt. In Hamburg ist es warm und nass, so stellen wir es uns in Borneo etwa vor.
I posted a comment in English but struggled with proving that I am not a robot because the photo of a number was not clear. Hope this one works ok.
Lots of love

Hannah! said...

To: Isobel Pratt
Issie! Bface! Forgotten how this whole commenting shizzlin works, so I assume this will just get to you somehow... fingers crossed!
Anyways, this is just a quick thing to say :
2. I be off to Mexico tomorrow saving the small children -so this will probs be the one and only comment/mail from me :O
and 3. The test results came in. Positive. I therefore reccommend you stay away from all other humans.

Hehee, enjoy Bahrain-I joke I joke, I know you're in Bangladesh :P

From You're favourite person Hannah
xxx ( I even put kisses! :o)

Marina Rietschel said...

To Carl Rietschel

Just back from Yorkshire.Liz fisher says hello to you. We have found out that Harriet Crosby ( Ilkley connection )takes or has taken part in the Raleigh expedition. Maybe you'll meet her by chance.
Have a good time.

Susie Lacroix said...

Hi the inimitable words of Axel Rose 'Welcome to The Jungle'! Good luck Venturers....

Anonymous said...

hello laura, hope you are enjoying yourself. having good weather here, sue came this morning and david then your mum and dad came this afternoon and helped grandad do the hedges etc. the opening of the olympics was brill. sat up till 1pm to watch it. bet you are feeling the heat, i remember it from living in singapore. anyway take care will write again soon. love from nana and grandadxxxxxxan

Emily Condley said...

Taleesha Gheewala 12I Expedition Venturers

Hi Tali!!!!!
Hope you are surviving!!
we saw a picture of you pushing your own trolley at the airport.. promising progress :p!!

We would tell you some really interessting gossip to keep you up to date butttt we have none!! (as usual) and would probably be really boring in comparison to what you are doing!

soo all we really have to say iss... WE MISS YOU!! and hope you are having a really good time!!

cant wait to see all the rest of the blogs!!

lots of love!!!!!!!
Becca and Emily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello George (L)
Getting used to the humidity?? It all looks really exciting on the blogs.
Just as well you practised making and eating porridge before you left?
Mom, Dad, Grace & Alfie woof-woof. xx

Catherine Wilson said...

Hi Tom (grant 12l)

I hope you are well and the flights went ok :) I saw a photo of you picking up your bag :)
Not very much to report back home... Went on the hen do which was loads of fun :) watched the olympic opening ceremony which was alright...erm... yeah weather's doing quite nice for once!
I hope your shoes are holding out :D
I am missing you loads and loads and loads and loads and loads :( Can't wait for our holiday though :)
I love you so much and look forward to hearing more about your expedition!

Miss you!!!!! and stay safe :)



Anonymous said...

for Gwen Morris,
Edrych fel dy fod yn cael amser gret os 'di'r diwrnod cyntaf yn adlewyrchiad o'r trip. Mae dy fam a fi yn meddwl amdanat a edrych ymlaen i glywed am dy helyntion.
Colli ti yn barod.
Mam a Nobyn

Amanda Hansford said...

For Eleanor Hansford
Hi Ellie, it was so good to see the photo of you arriving at the airport. I hope you’re ok and having a fantastic time. I posted a letter to you last Friday so hopefully you should get it soon. We are all fine but missing you loads – especially Kala
Love mum and dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Cecilia! So glad your trip has taken to a good start. Hope you are coping well with the heat, sorted our your blisters and not get too bothered by mosquitos, let alone leeches... Hope that camera is working well! We are all looking forward to some amazing photos! Looks like you left your pink hat here. Claudia is making good use of it, it's excellent in the rain! We are missing you and already planning a party on your return. Keep calm and enjoy! Love Aiti XXXX

Sam and Jess! said...

For Tom Grant!

Hey Tom, we hope everything is going well! We saw the picture of you at the airport rocking your new shoes! We hope that you have walked them in! We haven't got much gossip to tell you apart from the fact it's been hot here but not as hot as it is there I imagine! Have a great time and don't get eaten by too many leeches!

Love Sam and Jess!

Pam McFarlane said...

This is a message for Chloe McFarlane - don´t know what group she´s on yet!

Hi darling! Hope you´re doing fine and are making good use of that penknife! How´s the porrige? I always liked mine with jam.

Me and dad have only got one more day in Mallorca. Deep´s been a lovely relaxing holiday. Been doing lots of cycling to try to combat the weight gain from all of the fab food - sorry shouldn´t rub that in right now eh!

Very proud of you. I know it´s hard at times but I know you´ll dig deep in more ways than one.

Love you heeps.

Mum xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Kate Fleetwood
Glad to see your smiley face on arrival - good luck enjoy - just worked out how to leave a message ! We are glued to the Olympics .Will loving bournie for the weekend -everyone sends their love mum and dad x

Anonymous said...

Hello Flora,

I almost put McCall in brackets, but my guess is there are no more Floras?

I hope that your first five days have been amazing, and that you're feeling at home. We saw the airport and the swimming photos, but so much must have happened since then!

Conversely, almost nothing has happened here, Olympic blah excepting. Theresa and her friends arrived last night and went off in the boat today - she sends her love. Dougal went with them so, with you and him missing, things seem a little quiet. Gus is doing his best to keep up normal levels of disruption and argument though!

Have a lovely week ahead - I wonder where and what, but it looks like it is pretty certain to involve leeches - enjoy!

Lots of love - thinking about you lots xxxxx

Dad, Mum, Gus and remaining animals

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom (Grant) hope the flight wasnt too bad for you. All is well here, you will be so impressed with the opening ceremony of the olympics, it was all one massive history lesson. Fantastically put together by Danny Boyle. You can watch it when you get back. We all miss you loads and hope your expedition is as good as it looks! Hope your feet arent too sore and your having an amazing time. Im keeping contact with Cat and making sure shes ok for you. We all love you so much and we are so proud of your strength. Keep safe mate, mum and dad xxxx

caroline nuttall said...

Message for Helen Nuttall alpha 8 Kampong Boribi
Hi Helen have seen the latest photos including a number of you. Hope you are enjoying the project and taking lots of care! All well at this end! This is my second message again as not sure if 1st one worked.xxxxx

Jonny Gall said...

For Katie Batchelor (12L)


hope its all going well, getting your tan on, i am off to spain next week will be 42 out there, so will see who has a better tan once your back, Sen a few pics of you out there, looks awesome. hope you having a wicked time. Got lots of wicked stories for you once your back. think beans going on jeremy kyle, so excited haha.

keep safe, enjoy

love jonny xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate f .

Hi! It's Lorraine here! We are missing you so much already! The place is not the same without you! Hope you are enjoying this amazing opportunity. Lot of love from Lorraine xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...



Seeing your smiley face in the picture of you arriving makes me miss you so much!
I even recognised your back in another photo... ooh and i like your hairband!
I hope you have an absolutely amazing time. Make the most of every day!!!!!! Your amazing birthday present awaits you!
I love you sosososso much mon petit pois xxxxxxxxxxxxx Esther xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hannah Tomsett 12L

Hey Hannah,

I'm leaving today. There was a bit of a panic with my check in details earlier lol but all is well now thankfully!
I hope you are enjoying it as the pictures look like fun :). You look like you are enjoying the swimming a good deal! Encountered many leeches?
I will keep an eye on your adventures whilst I'm in India.

Love you, miss you and most importantly stay safe and come back in one piece and leech free!

Love Mark xxx

Anonymous said...

To: Isobel Pratt

Hey Belle, Its Anna.
Saw the picture of you on here because Esther started freaking out on facebook that she misses you! Lil update on the gayys:
Vicky: Posting wonderfully drunk statuses from her drama course. Esther has a million pretty photos of her partying in france. Nicolas finally started getting excited for mexico.
Emily, Mathilde and Roy seem to be AWOL still and Hannah is in mexico already
...and I think i might be in a relationship, but im really not sure. Confusing times.
You're officially missing out on no parties, events, gatherings,nil.
I even made sure we arrange the lord of the rings marathon for when youre back :P

Miss you, very jeal.

Hope the rash is ok...
Lotsa love, you're favourite girlfriend Anna xxx

Josee Shaw said...

For Gabriella Shaw 12I

Hey Gab's
All's well here, we cleared out Boo's room & ripped out her wardrobes yesterday, hard work (nothing compared to what your doing though!)What a mess we made!Went to the Quiz at the Waggon & Horses last night & came a respectable 4th!
Watched the finale of "Awake" it's great...we recorded it for you!

Good news!!! After driving down to DofE head office I managed to get your Bronze award signed off & register your Gold award so that this trip can count!!! IMPORTANT here's your bit...To achieve your Gold Award, you need to ask your PM to write & sign a note for you stating what you've been doing & for how long as the Gold requires you to spend 5 days and 4 nights away from home on a shared activity with people you’ve never met before.
Raleigh have said all you need to do is ask & your PM will do that for you! WHAT A RESULT!!!
Saw your pic as you were entering the airport doors - you didn't look too happy :o(
Hope now you've settled in & got into the swing of things you've made new friends & are having a ball!
We love you tons & tons
hugs n giggles

Josee Shaw said...

FAO Gabriella Shaw 12I

Hey gorgeous girl,

I've sent a few messages but don't think they come through!! Think I've worked out how to do it now..DOH!!

Hope you're having a wonderful time, we're all super de duper here! Benny is curled up next to me & Oscar is sitting infront of the screen looking for pic's of you on the blog.

Hope you got my message about getting your PM to sign off the residential part, you just need them to state what you've been doing & that you're away from home on a shared activity with people you’ve never met before.

Hope you've made some wonderful new mates & are enjoying the experience!
huge hugs n lots of love

Marina Rietschel said...

To Carl Rietschel
Papa und ich hatten trotz Dauerregens Golfspaß auf Gut Kaden mit Jiminez, Bubba Watson, Stenson, Kaymer. hoffen, dass Du es mit dem Wetter aushälst und ok bist.
Charlotte war am Samstag im Turnstadion in London, saß ganz oben im Dunklen. Wir konnten sie nicht sehen, haben uuns aber für sie gefreut.
Alles Liebe, halt die Ohren steif.

Anonymous said...

Taleesha Gheewala Alpha 10 (I believe!)

How is life among the leeches and mosquitoes? though I suspect no mosquito wants you with all your potions and anti mosquito rubbish.
Hope you are having fun while I am on the boring job hunt! I will plan a welcome back vege feast for your return. I know I don't have to ask for what you want as you'll probably have a menu in mind!
Miss you!

Jodie Harfield said...

Hi Emma! (Harfield)

Hope you're having fun and enjoying the paparazzi - it is so good to see photos of you out there!

Joel has just got back from denmark - he loved it there and reached a total of 4 beers, gave a dog a yellow card, and made lots of new friends. And got to be a linesman in a final so we're really proud.

not much new here, caught a glimpse of the olympic road cycling in london, and mum and dad have climbed two more mountains!not bad for a week i guess.

missing you and hoping you're having an amazing time! love mum,dad, jodie, joel

David & Karen said...

Hi Laura (Livingston) Dont know if there are any other Laura's with you?!
Your Mum sent a text with the Blog details. Looks AMAZING OUT THERE! have you recovered from jetlag and are now hard at work? Jega on his way back from Malaysia today, David going to Dublin on Wednesday for a few days, I'm at work but going to hit some golf balls later.
Have a wonderful time & take care
Love Uncle David & Karen

Anonymous said...

Hey Zareen, no idea which project group.

Hope you're well and the rain plus humidity/heat is bearable for you. Hope the work is not too exhausting and you've got used to the creepy-crawlies. You must be used to living with the basics :-)and getting up real early by now.....hope it keeps up! We all miss you lots.
Lots of love and kisses, mum, dad and bro xxxxx

Katie said...

for Eilidh...

Hey Geilidh!
hope you're not missing home too much and haven't been attacked by a moth haha, missing you already and see you in August for a Nardini's. Have fun! love you xxxxxx

mommie said...

bethany pearson alpha 3
hi darling just 2 let u know rachel in full remission. dipsey hed a near miss with van i had 2 get jimbo 2 move car lolxx

Bob said...

For Chloe McFarlane 12 I

Hi Chloe

How are you ? Have you settled in after your travel adventure we had the full briefing from Beryl about your stay in the Hilton !!!!

We will bring Gran up to speed how to blog you when we return to Scotland tomoz.

Keep your chin up got youa season ticket for the football

Boab xxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Laura Livingston 12I
Hi laura hope you are having fun
and keeping safe at the same time.
We went to see Matt last wed. Saw the flat. By now you will have been put in to groups . Cant wait to get the next blog and find out what your project is going to be.
Everyone well here, they all ask after you. Missing you loads and loads. Flicks in well and is missing you as well. oh the ugg boots didnt fit. so im saving them for you. dad is enjoying his new job. Im keeping busy. have applied for a voluntery postion in acomb again.
All our love always from mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Annie said...

Hey Frase, our last message hasn't come through so I hope you get this one. Love the photos on the blog, hope you're enjoying ginkgo bilobi (or do I mean kampung Burobi?) and the makan is good. We'll be in the US when your results come thru and you'll be at base camp I think. Send us a text and we'll try and call. Don't worry about the time diff. Keep taking the malaria pills! Missing you lots, puppies send their love and lots from mum, dad, Vicky and Holly xxxxxx

The Hornbys said...

For Kate Fleetwood
Missing you lots! Hope your having a fantastic time! You're not missing out on much good weather! Lots of love the Hornby! xxx

(P.S I've finished wonder! It was fantastic!!! love Laura)

Sarah T said...

To Hannah Tomsett
Looks like you are having fun-Family Tomsett had good time in the Alps B and C been on wire over gorge and paragliding. S G and C did Alp D H in record times. Hope you are not getting bitten
love all

Marina Rietschel said...

Hi Carl,
thinking of you. Hope you are fine. Charlotte is at the Beach Volleyball today, Kermit is in Jersey and will be at the Olympics on 9th August to watch Triple Jump. Would love a photo of Kermit on the blog.
Mama and Papa

Holly said...

Hi Fraser!
I think Mum and Dad sent a message last week but it doesn't seem to have gone through yet. Hope everything is going well! We went up Marina Bay Sands for Dad's birthday and got to see all the national day firework rehearsals and fly bys! It was pretty cool. (As you can imagine we have a fair few pictures between us!) I hope you're taking lots of good snaps. I'm heading to Cambodia for a few days next week with Anna.
Catch us up when you get a chance! Miss you!
Holly xxx

Phil Shaw said...

To Gaby Shaw 12I
Hi Gabs, just a quick note to say hi and that I am sooo jealous - I'd love to be with you doing what you're doing. It's an amazing thing you guys are all doing. I'm looking forward to seeing you, but I know that you'll be having a wonderful time, so make the most of it and enjoy yourself.
Love you tons you cray lay!!
All my love,
Dad xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

mum, dad, ollie and eva
to matthew white 121 expediontion

soooo pleased to spot your smiling face on some photos on borneo blog so now know you arrived safely and you didnt look too worn out, that may have changed by now of course!
Have you come across your worst fear yet, the dreaded leeches?
Hope you are not missing my cooking too much, or is that a sore point?
So many people asking after you.
Thinking of you lots, miss you loads. Bubbs is still breathing.
Eva asks are there any 'hotties'?
Ollie said bring him back a present.
All our love, Mum, Dad, Ollie, Eva.x

Dervla said...

To Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,

Just off the phone to your mum to get some gossip from Ballycastle not a lot appart from the weather prognosis for Saturday, the day of the BBQ on Rathlin "floods expected!" and the wedding......The two of them went off to your cousin's wedding last week and the bride looked gorgeous. Oh and they were all dropping like flies....with some sort of tummy bug. Apparently both bride and groom had been laid up with a tummy bug but with some magic medicine they managed to make it to their special day. One of the guests didn't make it at all because of a tummy bug and a number went down throughout the day. The dad managed the speach before he went down and Yvonne caught the bug as well. It wasn't too serious, she was up doing the ironing when I called ;-)
Carl has just taken out the hoover, so I'm off outa here!
Love Dervla

Will Fleetwood said...

To Kate Fleetwood

Its my birthday :) i loved your card thank you so much, very funny for you! hope you are loving borneo better weather than here! really hope you have an amazing time, its weird at home without you :( lots of love your taller bro xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte Rietschel said...

HELLO Carl Rietschel,

What up? Sorry for taking forever to send a message. Life in London has been very hectic, and I didn't have proper internet... Hope you're good and enjoying yourself - waiting for a new update from the blog! I'm struggling to figure out which group you're in... hmm. The Olympics are a lot of fun! The weather is even kinda holding up. haha! In case you don't know, Team GB have 5 gold medals, and Germany have 4!! :) Und sonst so... ich war jetzt schon bei Gymnastics, zwei mal bei Beach Volleyball (Mama und Papa haben mich sogar im Fernsehen gesehen!!!) und heute Abend bei Volleyball normal. Ziemlich gut :D Geht ab geht ab. haha! Hoffe Du hast es gut und du kriegst diese Nachricht. :)
Sei bitte in vielen Fotos haha!
Viele Grüße :)
Mama und Papa fahren glaube ich dieses Wochenende nach Bad Sarow :)

Paul Rushton said...

Emma Harfield (12 I, Alpha 8)

Hey Em!!

Looks like your having a great time! Loving the pictures of you, some looking rather relaxed. Thank you for all the things you left, still not quite the same as you being here though! Took Joely to the cinema before they left today for their holiday. Hope it all goes well. Miss and love you loads! xxxxxxxxxxxx