Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Venturers have arrived!!

6 Host Country Venturers (HCV’s) arrived at Fieldbase on Sunday morning ready to  meet the team, get their kits organised and head to Basecamp. By 2pm everyone was organised and Nikki and Ernie headed out to Basecamp along with the Logs team and the HCVs to settle in before the rest of the Venturer’s arrived.

The following morning 76 Venturer’s were greeted at Kota Kinabalu airport by the rest of the very excited Volunteer team.  As soon as they walked through the doors they were assigned Delta groups- their training teams for induction week and went to find the PMs who they would be working with.

 They were thrown straight in at the deep end (quite literally) with the first stopping point being the swim assessment. At some point in expedition, every Venturer will cross, swim or bathe in a river or sea or scuba dive, so the swim assessments helps us identify who is a strong, weak or non-swimmer and therefore those who may need more support when completing water activities.

200 metres, 4 minutes treading water and a few name games later, the Delta groups left the pool tired, jetlagged and excited about  what Basecamp would actually be like.

Check back soon to see how the Venturers got on in Induction Week!


George Donkin said...

A huge hello to Lucy Troman! Missing you loads, any word on which project you've been assigned to yet? Life in surrey is dull, everyone's off on adventures except me! I don't know if there's any way for you to send me a message or a letter or something but it would make my day. Lots of Love, George

cecil said...

Hello from Bermuda. Please tell Amon I said hi and that he is in my thoughts daily. Also that he has made me soooo proud of him. Cecil

Campbell family said...

For David Campbell, Group 12D

Hope you are well and settled in ok. Everyone is asking after you back here and mum is over the moon to see your photo on here. Good luck and enjoy every min of it!

BIG hugs and lots of love mum, dad, christina and clare xxxx

Peter Bligh said...

Hello Josh - The whole Bligh Family & Friends are asking after you & have the blog. Mum, Toby & I are so pleased you have started this great adventure. Savour every moment. Love from us all Dad

Marina Cook said...

Hi Ben
So pleased to hear and see that you arrived safely and appear to be enjoying life! We have been thinking of you and wondering what you might be doing. I understand the weather is very hot there - not like here wet and cold!!! Keep safe and enjoy every minute. Lots of love Nannie xxxx

astrid said...

This is a message for Siena,
We're all missing you loads but hope you're loving the adventure!
It's cpld and wet here, hope it is great where you are.
Loving you loads, AV and the rest of the Martin gang.

Anonymous said...

bethany pearson alpha 3 i think
hi BToy its mommykins. it was great to see your photo and to know youre ok. have you met any spiders yet? do not bring onne home! love and miss you loads xxx

Christine Abdelmoutaleb said...

Wanted to wish James Doble "Happy Birthday". Bit late now! Love from Christine

Anonymous said...

Lucy Troman

Lulu! Been checking the website to see what you're up to! Lovely picture of you online......just lying about.......are you sure this isn't just a holiday? :P

Me and Heidi missed you at the summer all, making biology jokes that only you would appreciate! We'll have to recreate it when you get back!

Also loving that on he website they spelt your name Trowman :) ......although it's better than some of the other variations of your name, which I can't write on here!

Miss you,

Love Sally xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sally said...

For Joe Roundtree, Alpha 3

Hello! Looks like an amazing adventure! Hope your enjoying it, been thinking of you and I have kept up with the blogs. Missing you loads! I've been driving and working allot, today i drove threw town for the first time! Camping wasn't much fun, so everyone went home. Hope your having fun in your hammock and the heat! Its not too cold here but keeps raining now and then. Lots of love Sally xxxx

cousin Kaywell said...

Hello from Bermuda:

wishing Jermae Paynter-Smith and Shalay Saltus all the best as they take this journey and experience what Malcolm Outerbridge did. Jermae (his cousin) wears his badge remembering him on this expedition. My son was part of 11D Borneo last summer and enjoyed it tremendously. wishing them both well.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dwayne, the pictures all look amazing and we will keep on track of where you are now and what you are doing. It is rain, rain and more rain here so enjoy the sun while you can, you are not missing much here. Enjoy the journey my darling, I am sure you will be able to take away loads from this experience. We all miss you and can't wait to see you when you get back. Take care and I will be in touch soon. Lots of love Mum x x x x x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Dwayne

How's it going in Borneo down here in Hexham we had seven bats in the house at night I couldn't go to sleep because I always think that a bat would bite me and give me rabies and I put a picture of you when you where a kid next to my bed to think of you I really miss you I cant wait to you come to are house hope your all right as well

Lots of love Oliver xxxx