Thursday, 14 June 2012

Selamat datang! Welcome PMs!

The full 12D team is finally together! Warm welcomes were plentiful as the Advanced Team greeted the PM’s and introduced them to Fieldbase life.

So how have we initiated the Volunteer Project Managers into Raleigh Fieldbase life?

A tour of the house showed the newcomers where everything is including the honesty fridge which is an important one for the girls; it’s where the chocolate stays! Everyone was also introduced to the 3 bowl system.

We then played a name game to ensure that everyone at least knew each other’s names and then the PM’s had a few hours to settle in, unpack and go through induction before heading out to a Malaysian style dinner at a local restaurant in Lintas.
The speciality is Roti which is basically a form of Malaysian bread. We tried various types of roti, which included a savoury type, one cooked with condensed milk and another with egg. Voted the best roti is the show stopper that is Roti tisu. The wafer thin bread is covered in sugar and wrapped into a cone shape standing about 3 foot high. Described by Will as a cone made out of Ricicles, it was definitely a crowd pleaser. Saying that, by the time the third round of Roti’s came out everyone was looking pretty stuffed, apart from Ian who happily finished off the last two plates of rice and noodles and still looked ready for more!

This expedition will also see 26 birthdays, 2 of which have already been celebrated, with Emma’s on the 8th June and Nikki’s the day after she arrived on the 10th June. Cake is of course a necessary part of birthdays, and Loli had a challenge on her hands with wheat intolerant Nikki, but came up with a scrumptious flour-free chocolate Swiss roll which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Over the next two weeks training will continue for all the volunteers. We will visit Base Camp in the jungle, visit projects and prepare for when the venturers arrive, which we can't wait for! So tune in soon for the report back from Base Camp to hear how we all get on in training!


AB said...

Ian Cuthbertson
Expedition 12D

I don't know if this will work - Aged Aunty's first attempt at this blog thing.

Hope you are well and having a good time - oh yes, and working hard!

Love ABx

Keith Ellis said...

For Karen Ellis - Logistics

Hi Karen, hope you’re settling in ok. I'm both jealous of you being out their; whilst glad I’m not there. Don’t think I would be brave enough to do what you are doing. Really hope you enjoy your time out there, I’m sure you will make lots of new friends and really look forward to catching up with you when you get back. Our kitchen is more or less finished now and looks lovely, I’ll write soon and hopefully send a couple of pictures.
Love K, J & H

AB said...
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