Saturday, 9 June 2012

Introducing...the Advanced Volunteer Manager team!

After a gruelling assessment weekend, a rather more relaxed development weekend, months of fundraising and a whole lot of planning the advanced VM team have finally arrived in Borneo! Arriving on 2nd June 2012 and greeted by Mac and Nikki; 10 sweaty, tired people where swiftly brought to Raleigh Fieldbase, a lovely house in the suburbs of Lintas where they got to shower, eat and recover from the long journey!

The advanced VM team are here to get everything prepared for the expedition, including getting the office up and running, organising the logistics and getting medical kits prepared amongst many other things! So here we are, meet the advanced team:

Country Director: Mac

Mac is here to keep us all in shape! He is a permanent staff member here and is in charge of the overall running of the expeditions here in Borneo, maintaining government connections and sourcing sponsors.

Country Programme Manager: Sarah

Sarah is also a permanent staff member and makes sure that Fieldbase is running smoothly and that Project Managers are fully trained and that each project is well supported.

Deputy Programme Manager: Petr

DPM is a volunteer role, and involves supporting the CPM(Sarah) with making sure that all the projects are running smoothly and training VMs. This is Petr's fifth expedition.

Fieldbase Cook: Loli
The lovely Loli is perhaps the most important resident here at Fieldbase- she keeps us all well fed with two delicious meals every day. She is always seen with a bright smile and a few cheerful words and we’re all looking forward to sampling some of her famous cakes!

HCV Recruitment Co-ordinator: Christian

Christian is a permanent member of staff along with Sarah and Mac. Christian's job is to recruit young people from Sabah and support them through their fundraising, preparation and expedition.

Logistics Team: Dan, Karen, Lou and Nikki(left to right)

Nikki is in charge of Logs. as Logistics manager. These guys are currently sorting out all the supplies, ensuring they are safe and accessible, and ready for expedition; an arduous task at the best of times! The logs team will spend lots of their time on the road moving kit to the right people at the right time. The team also supply rations making sure all the venturers and managers have enough to eat.

Admin: Will
Our youngest VM, Will has the responsibility of all things admin! This is a huge task, especially in induction week and involves sorting out phones for VMs to organising forms and payments to arranging visas.

Medics: Emma, Emily and Sheila(left to right)

Currently sorting out medical kits and supplies, one medic will remain at Fieldbase at all times with the other two acting as PM’s on project sites.

Comms: Kate and Vanessa

Vanessa is our photographer and will be supplying you with most of the images you will see on this blog, helping to show you what Raleigh life is like in Borneo.
I am the Communications Officer-and as you’ve probably guessed am in charge of writing and managing this blog and keeping you all up to date. I will also be preparing the End of Expedition magazine and T-shirt. I look forward to seeing all of your comments and passing them on to your loved ones!

And of course, our Fieldbase team would not be complete without mentioning our feline Fieldbase entertainers, Perdi and Pongo!

Now of course a lot of serious work is done at Fieldbase, but we don't want to exhaust ourselves in the first week so (when Mac isn't looking) we allow ourselves a little bit of fun...

The next post will be up in the next few days when we welcome to Project Managers to Fieldbase!


Abby Kirby said...

Dearest Em's Ashby,

Mega jealous but lovely to see you back in our beloved FB.

I write this from a sunny San Diego and am sending you lots of love. Give Philli a big hug from me.


Jane Ellis said...

To Karen Ellis - Logistics 12D

Hi Karen,

Just found all the pictures on the blog - just a bit behind everyone else, Jude and Keith saw them ages ago! Looks like you're all getting to know each other, I'm sure you will all have a great time. Bought some airmail paper so look out for a letter soon.

Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki - hope the bag turned up - hope you're having a super time and how nice that the guys greeted you with a birthday cake :-) paul says "get lost you loser and hope you have an inspirational time :-)" Lots of love from us both x x x

Tom Hardy said...

ey up miss ellis,
how goes ya?
looks like your having a ball :p proud of ya for goin out there and helping out and im sure you will love it!!

always one crazy pic of ya hey. all is well back here in the north :p but miss seein ya :p

keep up the good work hun and enjoy yourself

T xx

Jeanette Duncan said...

Message for Cassie Wright

Hi darling,

Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound. Hope you have an amazing time in Borneo. Looking forward to seeing you in 6 weeks and hearing all about your trip.

Lots of love
Mama x xx

jacob mathews said...

Hi Lisa Jacob,
Trust you are having a great outdoors experience. Take care and have a wonderful time. We miss you and hope to see you/chat with you at the earliest opportunity.
Love, The Jacobs.

gonul utku said...

hello umiiiit how are you ? its your mummy love you lots xxx

hasan utku said...

hi umit! its your cousin hasan arzu cansu musti maho sahin nurdan adem ahmet huseyin gullu ayse elif zeynep well its your family ! we hope your ok having fun out there cant wait you to come back xxxx