Monday, 4 June 2012

Expedition 12D has officially started!

Selamat Datang (Welcome) to our blog about Raleigh Borneo 12 D & I expeditions! For the next 3 months this blog will be the place to read about all the updates from our project sites, treks and Fieldbase. We hope that our stories, photos and videos will give you an insight to Raleigh life in Borneo!

This blog is a tool to allow you to keep in touch with your loved ones while they are out in rural communities, on trek and in the jungle, where technology and modern communication are pretty useless! So please feel free to send us your comments and questions.

This is how it works:
• Any comments posted by family and friends will be printed out and taken to the respective volunteers on the project sites. Please don’t forget to put the name of the volunteer you would like the message to go to along with the name of the project they are on in your correspondence.
• The comments are posted on the blog after they have been moderated by the Comms Officer so they do not always appear straight away.
• We will also put messages from the volunteers to their family and friends on the blog.
• Please remember this is a public blog. More personal messages can be posted via letter or email Head Office, which we will deliver personally.
For instructions on how to post your comments please see the right hand side of the blog.

Any questions? Let me know! My name is Kate and I will be writing and managing this blog. We are looking forward to a lively exchange of lovely messages!


Anonymous said...

hi iam an indian read about your ventures .i like you all . kate go head .god helps you . i knew you all miss your family members.,by

Isobel Gray said...

To Will Gray

Hi Will! Hope you've settled in again ok. What's it like being back out there so soon? Let us know if Skype or direct email to you is possible. don't forget to get a lcal SIM card and tell us the number so we can text you.

Hope you're ok anyway, and looking forward to the next few weeks ahead.

Keep in touch. Love You. Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

To will gray!

hey william ;) its emma and lyds still on the road from 12a... we are as pale as when we left.. screw australia.. stupid counrty lacking in sun.... and stupid your tan for beating us once again! we send our love and hugs!

Jane Ellis said...

For Karen Ellis - Logistics

Hi Karen,
Just to wish you lots of luck and love on your expedition. Got a Borneo weather gadget and Borneo clock on our computer desktop so we can keep tabs on the weather and time. Looks like your having a lot of rain at the moment, hope the bugs aren't biting too much. Will be putting a letter in the post soon.
Lots of Love from Mum and Dad. xxxxx

Louise said...

Hi Kate (Comms Officer)
Great to see you arrived well and are getting busy on the blog. Have a fantastic couple of months - I will be following your work until I leave for Costa Rica on Thursday!
I see it's 29 degrees in Borneo today... enjoy it, we've got severe rain and wind warnings here in Northamptonshire!
All the best,
Lou Gibney x

Anonymous said...

For Lucy Gruzelier (VPM)
Got your text 4am our time, so you will be well 'junglefied' by now.
Hope your weather is better than ours! Josh says tell Aunty Lucy
"I'm still practising my walking and getting more adventurous every day." (Look out for a 1yr old!)
Good Luck & Best Wishes to all on 12D&1
Cheers, Mum xxxx

Tom Buteux said...

To Simon Buteux
Hey Dad i hope your geeting along fine. ive been looking at the site but cant seem to find you on there but i assume your in 12 D. Anyways, best of luck and keep the the good work up!

From Tom Buteux xxx

Ali Irvine said...

To Zoe Lea, (alpha 7)

hope everything is going well and you're having loads of fun! just sent off another letter so hopefully they should be reaching you soon:)
make the most of the warm weather, hasn't stopped raining here.. fun fun fun!

lots of love,

Ali xx

Ronni Phillips said...

To Lucy Gruzelier VPM Alpha 4

Greetings from all the family,and how quickley the time is going! Good to see what you are all up to on the blog. Hope you've received mail from home. Josh got your card this A.M. I've been house and pet sitting at the Houghton contingent of the family since last Thursday.They've all been to the Dancer wedding in Cornwall. Just got back... Will write more soon
L.O.L. Mum x