Monday, 2 April 2012

Art Attack at Alpha 1!

Amazing Kampung Art Day!

By Joost beeuwsma and Jacobine Muntendam.

We arrived at Kampung Mandurian Laut on Saturday the beginning of Phase 3, our last phase!

After a warm welcome from the villagers, we set up camp and walked up to the almost finished Kindergarten or not so finished kindergarten! We realised there would be a lot of hard work ahead of us, but it would definitely be an exciting challenge. We were and still are super motivated to finish the whole kindergarten before we finish Phase 3, which includes building the toilets, putting on the roof and walls, painting and creating a veranda.

After two days of work we were pleasantly surprised by the early arrival of Ed, Team Coach and Videographer (and the creator and organiser of the 'Celebrating Art in Sabah' exhibition) and his great team of creative minds Sam (A Venturer) Ellie (International Operations Manager from Head Office) and Lucy (From Bridging the Gap Australia). 

Mandurian laut, Pitas is an beautiful place situated on a hill. The Kindergarten itself has an amazing view that looks out of over a landscape of around thirty hills and mountains. There is a church, community centre and JKK (Head of Village) house and a lovely river for us to bathe in.There are chickens and dogs everywhere and some cows, not forgetting all the mosquitoes!

As part of the 'Celebrating Art in Sabah' Exhibition (the first time Raleigh has ever done anything like this) we introduced villagers to arts and crafts. There is very little knowledge of art in the Kampungs in Borneo. That is where Raleigh stepped in to make a difference! The villagers used their imagination to paint on a massive canvas. Sam and Mel, a young local who could draw incredibly well, bonded their strengths and created a great painting, with the help of many of the Venturers. After a colourful morning, it was time for lunch made by Josh and Jamie. We invited the locals over and we all had lunch together at the big table in front of the community centre.

PMs Laura and Natalie
With the most hilarious PM's (Natalie and Laura) we all had a fantastic time with the villagers, painting two different pieces of art which everyone worked on, and they turned out amazing! We got to have a blast with the old and the young people of Mandurian Laut. It made us realise you can communicate with the locals in many different ways, like with art and not just with language (which usually doesn't work out that well!).

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