Monday, 5 March 2012

Zero to Alpha Groups what's the latest? Over

Every day each Alpha Group radio into Field Base (Zero) with a situation report (SITREP) and let us know what they have been up to. Here is a summary of this weeks whereabouts. Roger that? Over.
'All we hear is Radio Gaga' Field Base radio room
Alpha 1
Have done final installation of bellian wood posts for new toilet. The group visited the rubber plantation with the locals, dug a 6ft cesspit and splashed around in the local waterfall. Sunday morning was spent in the local church singing for the village. Alpha 1 also won Radio Raleigh's Hero of the week with their nomination for Suh, who had been fantastic this week translating with the locals and looking after a team member who wasn't feeling well.

Alpha 2

Have had the pleasure of a visit from Greg the photographer this week. A few of the group had a homestay in the village. The group made some repairs to the dam site, mixed cement and hiked to the project site. They all went to church on Sunday morning with the locals.
Alpha 3
Enjoyed a cooked breakfast today from the project managers for working so hard yesterday. The group completed three trips to and from the GWF site (about 1 hour 40 minutes away) carrying the pipe and rolled out 10 100 metre pipes. Found fame and fortune as Coke been filming on location!

Alpha 4
Have finished fitting the majority of the posts around the sun bears outdoor enclosure. Enjoyed a night of partying with the loop and taking a cultural/shopping day trip to nearby Sandakan town centre.

Alpha 5
Had an 'EPIC' night with a visit from the loop played charades and made a camp fire. Trekking to Ulu Purut camp, stayed at Mengaris camp en route.

Alpha 6
Been checking mist nets and frogging this week. Managed to catch a King Fisher and snake. All of the group were nominated as Hero of the week as they have battled with adverse conditions. Filmed the Raleigh music video this week.

Alpha 7
Sunny gorgeous weather, spent a week suntanning, diving, coral planting, then trekking and making jungle jewellery. Sounds like heaven!

Alpha 8
Trekking and some more trekking but have enjoyed the scenery, some macaroni cheese and swimming in the river.

Alpha 9
Currently sunning it up on Mamutek island, PADI Advanced divers have got their qualification yesterday and the open water PADI divers are due to take their test today.


Diane said...

message for Erik Vlaswinkel Alpha 2

Hey Erik,

Terug van Hawaii, moet ik weer wennen aan de winterse sfeer hier. Heb jij geen last van denk ik. We zijn benieuwd hoe het je vergaat. al een tijdje geen foto's of film van je gezien. Probeer de volgende keer duidelijk voor de camera te gaan staan, liefst met je naam op je voorhoofd. Misschien ben je zo veranderd door het leven in de rimboe dat we je met moeite herkennen. Met ons gaat het goed hier. Geen bijzonder nieuws.
heb een leuke tijd! liefs, mam, pap, Mark en L&M

Pen's mum said...

To Penny Patrick, PM

Dearest Pen

I seem to be suffering from disappearing-blog syndrome so hope this gets to you without 3 other unfinished versions!

Thinking of you so much and can't wait to hear all the news. Dad wants to know if you have seen any more extra-extra-large bugs - are you keeping a diary? Loved seeing your pic on the blog. Keep strong and singing babe, and have an iced yogurt with chocolate sauce on me (when you get the chance!).

Love you always, Mum and Dad xxxx

PS Elsa has moved up from the Bronze to Silver puppy class but still managed to eat the firelighters!!

Anonymous said...

Nicholas's mum said;
Hi there. Great to see the pics and hear what you have been up to. Can't beleive how fast time flies. Hope you are having a fantastic time and look forward to hearing abiut everything you have all been up to.
All our love, mum dad and Adam. Wellington gives a lick!!

Danny said...

To Eve (Alpha 3)

Heyyy! Looks like you're having a great time! It's been nice to see some photos. Sounds like what you're doing is hard work but I'm sure it's worth it!

I have just got my exam results and passed them all averaging a 2.1 so no retakes! :D It's not looking great for hereford but don't let that depress you too much :p

Missing you a lot!

Lots of love Danny xxxxx

Steph Berry said...

For Sophia Berry

Hi Sophia, hope your trek is going well, I guess you must nearly be done now and starting your scuba diving soon....we're all thinking of you every day and keep checking the blog for news!! It was great to see the kindergarten pictures, it all looks amazing. Get in touch when you can so we can talk more about your Thailand plans......
Good news from home - you're getting a new baby cousin in September, Anna is pregnant!!
Love you, Mum xxxx

J Barlow said...

To Tom Barlow, Alpha 5
Dear Tom
We are missing you!! I am checking the blog every day hoping to hear or see news of you. Can't wait to hear what you've been doing. Really hope you are enjoying it. All is well at home.
Lots of love Mxx

Nubia Cruz de Hawes said...

To Michael Hawes Cruz (ALPHA 4)

Mikey,what a wonderful surprise to receive your message in my inbox!!! I'm glad to know that you have had a great time and met some great people and I can imagine how happy you must be now on the second phase with Alpha 4 working in the proyect for the sun bears!!! LUCKY ONE...

I hope we can talk when you are back to the fieldbase.....MISSING YOU!! xxxxxxxxx

Anouk said...

to Anneroos Kleinrensink,

Hee An, ik dacht laat ik is een berichtje sturen. Het ziet er allemaal leuk uit, ik volg de blog!! hier gaat verder ook alles goed! over 2 weken weer seweek.
Veel plezier met je nieuwe project!!
Ik mis je!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Anouk

Lynda denny said...

Well hello William Denny! Great to hear news of alpha 1's activities. Hope you're not the one who is feeling unwell and wishing you or the poorly one one better as soon as poss! Everyone at home is watching outfit news of you on the blog. Is it me or are you always being photographed in some passionate embrace with a gorgeous girl. Your father is very proud of you!!! Monty had an operation to remove the lump from his back this week. He has been very miserable ever since and even more clingy than usual. He has to go back to the vet in a weeks time to have the stitches removed. I'm not sure either of us will be able to last that long. Dad and I are off to Italy again on Tuesday and so Jackie and Alan will have to put up with hiis constant attention seeking. Poor old boy, he's adorable really as you know and we've been desperately worried about him this week but he does know how to ham it up!! Try and call us on Dads mobile when you get back to base camp. We will be in Italy until Thursday night. We need to sort out your plans for onward travel to Thailand . Sian, James & Claudie send their love to you. We're all missing you and are very envious of the wonderful times you must be having. ( you can keep all the gory details of bugs and leeches and tummy problems to yourself until you get back!!!! ) love you mum & dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lynda Denny said...

Message for William Denny Alpha 1
Hi William
Change of plan. We're not home now until Saturday morning. Sian is going to the LV final with Dad on Sunday at Worcester. We're playing Tigers _. Should be a good match ...... England had a great win against France - dad very happy!! Can you call us on Dads mobile on Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday and we can sort out your onward travel. Hope you're still enjoying yourself. Lots of love Mum xxxxx

Martin said...

HI Jasmine
Hope everything is going fine. Just writing this in case you havn't received our letters and parcel which we sent last week. They should be there when you get back from the Bears on Thursday. I hope you get what you want for the next stage and we are all very proud of what all the Alphas are doing! Missing you lots,
Love Mum and Dad

Jenny Höglund said...

Message to Erica Diklev , Alpha 3:

Hej Erica!!
Jag saknar dig massor, massor! Hur har du det? Det verkar ju helt OTROLIGT, efter att ha sett alla bilder. Vilket roligt äventyr du gett dig in på! :D Hur går allt? Har du träffat massa roliga människor och djur? :D Hur går det med mat och sömn? Vad har ni fått göra? Hoppas verkligen allt är toppen med dig, men jag längtar tills du kommer hem och berättar allt! Jag är jättenyfiken!

KRAM! <3 från Jenny