Sunday, 11 March 2012

THREE... The magic Alpha

Pipes, pipes and more pipes
By Yim Kit Yen 
Phase 2 kicked off with a great welcoming ceremony which involved traditional music, dances and food all prepared by the villagers of Kampung Imusan. feeling prepared and grateful by their generosity I came to a simple conclusion: I am going to enjoy ALPHA 3.

Alpha 3, one of the community projects in phase 2 of Raleigh Expedition Borneo 12A, is a gravity feed water project in a small village near Telupid called Kampung Imusan (Imusan Village) Although situated right beside Sangai Kinabatangan (Kinabatangan River) the longest river in Sabah, villagers have to depend on an alternate water source for their daily usage, rainwater, due to the pesticides and mud from palm oil plantations and logging activities upstream polluting the water. Hence, supported by PACOS and sponsored by The Coke Foundation, Raleigh International will provide a sustainable water source to the village by building a gravity feed water system. 
Setting up a shot at the Dam site.

To do so, a gaybian (dam) will be built at a clean water source more than 4 km away from the village. From there pipes will be connected to storage tanks and continued to the village through pipes cutting through the palm plantation. The job may sound simple , but I can tell you that all it is is pure hard work to get all the pipes laid out.   

Everyday, our team will set off in single file with 100m of pipe on each side of our shoulders trudging through 4km of mud road. Fortunately, the distance between the village and the pipes ending point get shorter day by day as we lay out more pipes along the road. This gives us the motivation needed to continue laying more pipes. 

Other than pipework, we have other projects to work on as well. A professional film crew from The Coke Foundation came to do some filming with us to make a video about the project. We certainly did have tons of fun filming with them. Then there is the Raleigh Art Project. Our team along with the villagers worked together to create two massive pieces of art (Watch out for more information about this). 

Frienly working with the Coke Foundation film crew

The team working with the villagers on the art project

With English lessons, traditional dance sessions and football games we have created an amazing bond between the Venturers and the Villages of Kampung Imusan.    
3 really is the magic Alpha! 
Written by Yim Kit Yen (Photo Below)
photography by Ed Gregory


Yim CK said...

Go on Kit and friends, bring it in! Let the water flow and we shall all see the smiles on the vilagers' faces!

geng qian said...
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Bas W said...

to kiki veeger alpha 1

hey lieve kiek!!
eindelijk staat er een foto van je op de website, nog wel uit de eerste fase maar toch...
ik ben net terug van wintersport zoals je misschien wel weet;) en moet nu hard aan de bak, want ik heb volgende week tentamens.
hoop dat je een hele leuke verjaardag hebt gehad. je hebt in ieder geval veel felicitaties van iedereen. Hopelijk kan ik je snel weer spreken lief!!!!

xxxxx bas