Monday, 5 March 2012

Photo fun from Phase 2 deployment!

Just a bit of fun. The best and the worst pictures captured at daybreak before the alpha groups deployed to their project sites. Sorry Guys!

No we don't know what Sam (second from right) is doing either. Crying or sneezing you decide!
Because she's worth it. Giulia.

It's all about the accessories thinks Derk, Joost is not so sure.

Twinkle toes Will is not afraid to express himself through interpretive dance
Knees bent, arms bent rah rah rah

Doesn't look like Thomas is a morning person!

Most enthusiastic venturers at 5am award goes to.....Jack and Bouke. Arthur needs another hour or so.

The art of packing lightly

Tearjerking goodbye or commiserating socks and sandals hug?


Ronnie said...

To Tim Chapman, Alpha 6

Hey bebe! I just got your letter, so cool to read about your thoughts & what you've been doing even though you already sent it a couple of weeks ago :) Hope all is well and you have some clear-sky days this time!

Miss you, xxxx Ronnie

Stephanie Macnair said...

Nice to see you're still playing the fool, Will! And that you're not so knackered that you can't dance..Mum tells me your boots are giving way though:( Hope you're really enjoying your time in looks great! Lol Steph xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Babes (aka Rhiannon, Alpha 5, Phase 2) ,
Really great to see a piccie of you close up and especially with you smiling & having fun! Now that you’re really ‘getting down to it’ hopefully that long list of things Raliegh told you to pack have been coming in useful? Everyone is asking for updates about you, news of your phone call caused much excitement. We are all missing you lots & looking forward to seeing you at Easter. Lots of Love from Mum, Dad, Laura, Cobweb & Merlin x x x x x

helen said...

Lovely to see some photos of you. Hope you are having a truly wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing your pics and reading your diary!! Everyone sends their love, mum dad and Adam.xx

Anne Mapson said...

Message for Nick Mapson- Alpha 1
Hi Nick,
Hope all went well in the second phase, and that the Kindergarten build has progressed well. We look forward to hearing all about your experiences.I guess that you will be in base for a couple of days before phase 3. If you have access to a public phone you could try phoning the home phone no. at say 7,8 or 9am yr time ie 11,12 01 am our time on a reverse charge call through the operator. I don't mind the late hr- though I may be sleepy !!I would def be home- and if you plan on extending yr travels we need to discuss finances and changing flights etc.You would also need to do all that before phase 3.
We are all well here.Hopefully you should have some mail waiting for you from us all.We love you loads and are very proud of you.Everyone sends their love, Lots of love Mum(Bert!!)xxxx