Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Phase 3 allocations!!

A little delayed due to technical issues...

After hugs, laughter, lots of showers, desperate attempts to wash t-shirts and socks (which will probably never be truly clean again!) and a night of fantastic skits about the adventures of pPase 2, it was time for allocations!

One hundred and forty four hard working, hilarious, dedicated, silly and brilliant people all gathered in a bamboo hut in the Borneo’Jungle to hear the new groups of Venturers and PM’s allocations for Phase 3.

A huge well done to everyone for pulling together at changeover getting their kit, brains and bodies ready to go again and out of their jungle hammocks by 5am for departure the next day. 

So without further ado, here are the groups for Phase 3... 

To the Alpha 1 with the kindergarten build in Mandurian Laut (PM’s Laura and Nat) it’s:
Andres S, Bethany M, Chloe A, Elizabeth F, En De L, Jacobine M, Jamie S, Joost B, Josh R, Martin L and Frazer N. 

To Alpha 2 Gravity Water Feed system in Kampong Pantai (PM’s Tim and Caroline) it’s:
Aaron S, Charlotte P, Jeremy C, Daniel O, Emma B, Gary U, Jasmine H, Jen F, Michael H-C, Will S and Fauzy B-N.

To Alpha 3 Gravity Water Feed system in Imusan (PM’s Nicki and Cat) it’s:
Alex R, Camilla G, Clarrie A, Ghislaine M-J, Ping T, Matts A, Rhiannon D, Sam R, Zoe M and Lucas K. 

To Alpha 4 with the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre (PM’s Chaitaly, Dave and Kim) it’s:
Cameron M, Erika D, Ingrid E, Jack H, James M, Nick M, Sheena H, Sophia B, Tom W, Sophie M and  Chen Y-C. 

To Alpha 5 in Danum Valley (PM’s Krystina, Sam and Alex) it’s:

Bridget H, Erik V, Fraser M, James L, Josh H, Louise P, Meg W, Nick B, Frenley R, and Fishtail L. 

To Alpha 6 in Coupe 8, on the biodiversity project with PM’s Bruno and Lee, it’s:
Eva G, Eve R, Felicity P, Jack K, James A-M, Loek R, Matther G, Michelle C, Tim H-L and Dawn M.

To  Alpha 7 who are diving and then trekking (PM’s Dan and Rich) it’s:

Arthur M, Chris S, Derk B, Elliot B, Giulia H, Lester T, Richard P, Sarah W, Vilkon T-G, Kiki V and Rubyanne D.

To Alpha 8 who and trekking and then diving (PM’s Joe and Astrid) it’s:

Anneroos K, Bouke S, Cecile W, George C, Joseph S, Justin C, Kit Y-Y, Lauchlan M, Lydia M, Will D, Will G and Bo K-C.

To Alpha 9 who are trekking, diving and then trekking again (PM’s James and Claire) it’s:
Alyssa W, Jason T, Josh S, Lap L, Luke B, Minna H, Sam P, Tom B, Willemijne V-D, Yi X-C and Natasha K.

We are already hearing fantastic reports of how all of the groups are doing now that they are safe and sound out on their project sites, and are pushing through on the final leg of completing projects and overcoming the final hurdles of this fantastic expedition. We can’t wait to visit them on the loop!


Heleen Hoogeveen said...

Message for Willemijn Alpha 9

Lieve Will,
Eindelijk weer een berichtje op de blog. Een week geen nieuws. Blijkbaar een technische storing ;). Inmiddels zal je duikweek er wel op zitten. Lees dat Alpha 8 nu gaat duiken. Ben heel benieuwd hoe je het hebt. Denk veel aan je! Hier gaat alles zijn gangetje. Roos heeft toets 3 daagse en dat gaat goed. Inmiddels is het zomertijd en nog 6 uur tijdsverschil. Het is prachtig lenteweer. Als het even kan zitten we in de tuin. Heerlijk!
Vanmorgen was ik even bij oma die vandaag jarig is. Opa en oma zijn zeer geinteresseerd in hoe het met je gaat en waren erg blij met je brief. Inge en Bart gaan zaterdag naar India om Andries op te zoeken. Als zij terugkomen ga ik ongeveer weg. Heerlijk vooruitzicht!
Veel liefs xxxx mama

Lucy Huntington said...

Darling Jack
Saw you in the photo taken whilst being given your Allocation. Hope you have a fantastic last week with the Sun bears, take lots of photos and just can't wait to see you and hear all about your 10 weeks in Borneo! All good at home, Angus has broken up from school and is home. Isabella finishes college on Friday but has got glandular fever which is a real nightmare just before her AS exams! Daddy home briefly but has to go away just after you get home, only for 4 days to Saudi. He has a long trip planned to Malawi in April. Got some dates for open days arranged for when you get back. Everyone so looking forward to you coming home, George G has just gone off on his travels, think he is off to Thailand. Ollie F has just set off too and is in the States. Anyway Darling, hope you get this before you fly home, can't wait till Sunday 8th when you are home. Will be at the airport with Daddy. Love you lots and have a fabulous last few days. mummy xxxx

Angus Huntington said...

Jack Huntington,
Hey jack it's Angus, Just got back from school and hoping that everything is going ok. I'm going to see Diversity and ive got a spare ticket for Birdy if you want to come. I should see you on Easter but until then good luck!

Pam Openshaw said...

Message for Danny O.
Well last allocation, seems to have come far to quickly for you I am sure but selfishly I cant wait to see you.
What an amazing lot of people you have met. Good job I have tidied your room as I have a feeling we will be having lots of friends over! Lots of love and safe journeys to you all. I have a feeling that this is the first of many great adventures for you my lovely son. Much love as always Mum xxx

Lynda Denny said...

Hi William
Hope your trek and dive were superb! We're looking forward to hearing all about it soon. Daddy has changed your return flight from KL to the 12th May arriving at London Heathrow on the 13th. He will pick you up and then probably bring you to Windsor (sorry!) I'm sure you will be desperate to get back to your bed after a long flight but Claudia and Banta have qualified for the Royal Windsor Horse Show and her show jumping is on that same day. I'm sure you won't begrudge her her 5 minutes of glory!
In the meantime we are jousting enjoying fantastic weather here in Hardwick. The sun has shone brilliantly for days now with temps in the mid twenties. we are now officially in a drought and have a hose pipe ban starting next week :( the dogs are getting pretty uncomfortable in the heat but rest assured by the time you come home the rain will be back with us just in time for you to start walking them again!!! Lots and lots of love Mum xxxxxxxx

Ashley@Bermuda said...

James Lee- Alpha 5
Lucas Kessram-Alpha 3
Justin Cann-Alpha 8

Whats up my 3 Bermudian Musketeers!

Final Phase!! This must be extremely exciting! I cant believe you get back so soon! I hope you guys continue to have a blast and make the most of this last phase!

We miss you and love you all!!!

Hugs from Bermuda!

Anonymous said...

for Eva Garritsen, alpha 6
from Petra
hoi Eef, zag net jullie swingende film:leuk hoor. al weer jullie laatste weekje, wat gaat de tijd snel! nog veel plezier. ook in Maleisie! (hopelijk daar geen bloedzuigers.... nb in Costa Rica geen last van horen we van Tim) Tim bouwt nu een school en gaat ook lesgeven geloof ik. Hij wil proberen nog iets langer te blijven in Costa Rica, maar we moeten nog kijken of dat lukt met de vlucht.


Karen Rorison said...

Alex R

Ah ha so there were Phase 3 allocations - thought you may have gone diving and not come back! Can see half of you in one of the pictures - I presume the other half is ok as well!!!
Iain, Amandine and Jenna say hi and they are missing you - Iain off to Miami next week - he lost his passport but managed to get a new one in time. Useless boy.

Skype us from New Zealand - have fun with all those hoses on the gravity feed project.

love Mummy xxseenge ualuale

Shih Chung said...

Pls help to pass this message to the Raleigh KL venturers:

Chin Liang Keat
Chua Chen Yang
Liow En De
Teoh Khai Ping
Yim Kit Yen
Hey basketballers! Hope you guys can breathe a big sigh of relief now after SPM results and fully enjoy Phase 3 :)

Fishtail Lee
Have fun in Danum! Pls say hi for me to the rangers and folks at DVFC and the resident orang utan if they still remember me from 05/06!

Chong Yi Xiong
Hey Darth Vader, we had a great time at Bentong, wish you were there!

Lok Chen Haw
I ran the 5km Glaucoma Society blindfold run with Zed and made him fall, oops! Take care man!

Jeremy Cheang, Yap Suh Huey
We haven't met, but from a fellow Raleighian, hope you enjoy expedition to the fullest!


Anonymous said...

message for Erik Vlaswinkel Alpha 5

hey Erik!
alweer je laatste week bij Raleigh.
dit weekje zal wel omvliegen, geniet er nog maar flink van. leuk project om mee af te sluiten. doe de orang oetans maar de groeten van ons. goed dat je het advies opvolgt om ook eens voor de camera te gaan staan. nu kunnen we je tenminste goed zien. wij kijken uit naar je terugkeer, en houden nu al tijd vrij om je verhalen te horen. een brief is naar je onderweg, hopelijk komt hij aan voor je Kota verlaat. nog heel veel plezier... liefs, mama, papa, Mark, L&M

Diane Vlaswinkel said...

message for Erik Vlaswinkel Alpha 5

Hey Erik!

de laatste week alweer bij Raleigh. geniet er nog maar flink van, de tijd zal wel omvliegen.
wij kijken uit naar je terugkeer en houden nu al tijd vrij om naar je verhalen te kunnen luisteren.
leuk project waar je mee afsluit. doe de groeten aan de oran oetangs. fijn dat je het advies hebt opgevolgd om voor de camera te gaan staan, nu kunnen we je tenminste goed zien!
er is een brief naar je onderweg. hopelijk komt hij aan voor je vertrek uit Kota.
hier gaat alles goed, tot gauw, dikke kus, mama, papa, Mark en L&M

Victorine van der Hoop said...

For Willemijn van Daal - Alpha 9

Lieve Willemijn,
Het zit er bijna op; als je dit leest, sta je op het punt van vertrek. Wat was het leuk om dit blog te volgen, met alle verhalen en geweldige foto's. Wij hopen dat je ervan genoten hebt en met een schat aan herinneringen en ervaringen weer thuis komt. Dat nemen ze je niet meer af! Geniet van je laatste dagen, daarna je trip door Maleisie en het weerzien met Heleen. We hopen je in NL snel te zien en te spreken. Maak het goed en tot spoedig, Nanning, Victorine en Berend

Paul Kleinman said...

For Jack Kleinman: Hi, it's great to see you in the photo! The music video you guys made was fabulous. I watched it a bunch of times and showed it to a lot of people. We're in Colorado skiing while you guys are in the jungle! Everyone is fine. We're proud of all you're doing. The biodiversity project will be a really good experience I think. We can't wait to see you and send you much love. Dad