Thursday, 15 March 2012

A4 Sun Bears........ you gotta' Love em'

For the first time ever Raleigh has been granted behind the scenes access to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. Raleigh have been working here for years but have never been able to photograph or video at the secretive centre. 

I filmed for 2 days on an all access pass seeing the bears inside their original cages, inside the amazing new 'Bear House' and even entering one of the bear compounds. Alpha 4 is doing amazing work at the centre and is incredibly privileged to work along side these beautiful bears. 

A wonderful experience with a wonderful creature. 

Video by Ed Gregory


Kim Shaw said...

For Jamie Shaw,

Hi Jamie,
Just thinking of you, and sending you all my love and thoughts. You will be back at Base Camp again soon before the final part of your wonderful time out there in Borneo. Make the most of it, and enjoy all that each day brings.

Nubia Cruz de Hawes said...


Mikey, You are privileged to work along side these beautiful bears!! fantastic article and video..You know how much I love bears and when I remember you are helping on this beautiful project...I feel VERY PROUD OF YOU!! well done to all of you!!! hopefully one day you can take me there and show me this fantastic place where all of you have been working!! I'm sure has been an amazing and unique experience.

Panda, talk to you SOON!!! We need to know if you want to stay change dates and tickets, depending where you want to go next.. love you very
much.... your Mum xxxxxxx..Missing you...

Anonymous said...

We pround with Alpha Four phase two Gutted I was only with you all for 10days but you made it really great and lovely home. Alpha four phase two I will not forget xxxx Love Natalie x