Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Alpha 2’s Poetic Adventure by Ingrid Elliott

Boys, girls, boys, girls, please all gather round

for I’m telling a story so don’t make a sound.

This story is of course about amazing Alpha 2,

with their many named pets and a throne for a loo.

From completely stuffing their faces each day,

to going to church and singing in Malay.

With some mud fights and dog fights, bitch fights and mozzie bites,

this story is full of our Phase 2 highlights.

So sit back, relax, listen and smile,

for who knows, this story might go on for a while.

It all started on that dreaded day,

when the Alphas were split up and we all went away.

Some however were still together with their old Alpha mates,

which some of the others didn’t always appreciate.

Danum here, Danum there,

Danum bloody everywhere.

Just kidding Bo Bubbles, Willemyn and Chris,

we all understand its Dan and Rich you really miss.

Rich and Dan

So after a long bus drive, we finally arrived,

and into our old shack we all quickly dived.

With cobwebs around and here and there a leak,

it only took a few days, till we turned this shack chic.

With a cupboard so tidy and drawings on the wall,

with bag racks, cup racks and mess tin racks and all.

Since there was some miscommunication on when the materials would come,

there was more time for work on the house to be done.

So we built a gym and a shower and a loo fit for kings,

together with some other quite impressive little things.

Also on the baking front we were quite great,

with everyday new ideas of cakes to create.
Chef Nikki

There were flapjacks, chocolate cake and of course banoffee pie,

all of which the calorie count was pretty dam high.

But we didn’t care, we ate ourselves fat,

and the villagers always fed us, on top of all that.

Still our supplies man Parasol was nowhere to be seen,

so we made some new pets, of whom we were all very keen.

There was a frog who fell down the long drop called Trevor,

who I swear to god, must be the smelliest frog ever.

To be honest I can’t even remember how many dogs we gave a name,

as most of them in my eyes looked exactly the same.

I do remember we named the girl dog Ralph and Sarah was boy,

and boy o boy did they give us joy.

It was Ralph in particular we all loved the most,

teaching him tricks and feeding him toast.

So Ralphie and Sarah, Mafia and Vanilla,

and Stacey the scorpion who was a real killer.

Stacey the Scorpion
And gosh, almost forgot Minna and my favourite pet of all,

Milly the millipied who climbed up the wall.

Due to Millies awesomeness we made her a song,

and sang different versus of it all day long.

Milly the millipied

However apparently our voices were that bad,

that every time we sang it, the group just got mad.

But anyway enough about all the cute little pets we had,

for Parasol had arrived, what a good lad.

Parasol arrives with materials

So we could finally get cracking on with some real hard work,

James’s eyes lit up, and on his face was a smirk.

Smirky James with Chris
So we all got excited and started digging away,

mixing cement and finding a place for the big tanks to stay.

Waterpipe there, and waterpipe here,

it wasn’t till long, till out next plan was clear.

Alpha 2 planning
We’d start on the other dams, three at a time,

all close together but with a sh*t muddy climb.

Muddy mountain
It was all going so well, till we found,

one dam was too low for the houses up ground.

O what a muddle, what can we possibly do,

thank god for Nikki, for she had a clue.

So off they went rearranging the pipe,

this time at a bit more of an appropriate height.

PM Caroline and pipe
And of course it all worked out indeed,

so we were rewarded by the villagers for doing a good deed.

Necklaces, bracelets, crosses and such,

quite overwhelming, it felt like too much.

The villagers and Alpha 2
So we decided to treat the villagers with a nice song in church,

even though finding that song was quite a bit of a search.

There we stood bellowing away,

not that they understood a word, since it was not in Malay.

These church sessions seemed to go on all day,

so Minna and I decided it was hangman we would play.

And as each and every word became dafter,

it got more and more difficult to hold in our laughter.

Not only in church but also at night,

did we find people giggling when we turned off the light.

There was Elliot who groaned and moaned and talked all night,

and Caroline and Minna who got caught up in a kick fight.

And then there formed a couple that shared a klamboe,

chatting all night, can you guess who?

The evenings were full of chase the joker forfeits,

and Harry Potter themed Mafia with deaths on the quiddich pitch.

And IQ tested, where Minna shocked us all, with an IQ of 129,

higher than the guys and higher than mine.
Ingrid and IQ Minna

However unfortunately it wasn’t always just fun,

as tension arose when the video had to be done.

You look too stroppy, you’re not in beat,

stand over there and don’t move your feet!

At moments Ingrid would stamp off in a strop,

and tell the whole group she would officially stop.

But there are no quitters in our Alpha 2,

so we finished the video, which turned out quite fun to do.

With our freshly new haircuts and our fly Raybans on,

our second phase ended with a lot of good fun.

So now you’ve all heard about our 3 weeks away,

new friendships were made and memories to stay.

So wake up, wake up, this story is over,

and let us all enjoy the rest of changeover.


Greg Elliott said...

awesome story ink :) stroppy - you?! NO! :P

Heleen Hoogeveen said...

Message for Ingrid Elliot

Hi Ingrid, great your poetic story about the hard work performed by Alpha 2. Thanks; this gives some more insight information on what you guys have been working on and the circumstances of living. Nice pets as well!

greetings, Heleen (mother of Willemijn

Heleen Hoogeveen said...

Message for Willemijn van Daal(Alpha 9)

Ha Will, zie net op de blog het verhaal op rijm van Ingrid over jullie wetenswaardigheden in Alpha 2. Erg leuk gedaan. Knap hoor dat ze dat helemaal op rijm heeft gedaan. Geeft een idee van de leef- en werkomstandigheden. Ben erg benieuwd naar jouw verhalen eromheen. Wat zullen we veel bij te praten hebben.

Veel liefs xxx mama

eric lee said...

Yu Wei(Fishtail),

What an awesome life you have, take good care & love frm mum & dad

Anonymous said...

To Ingrid Elliott:

Hi Ingrid :D

I love your poem!! :D Really enjoyed reading it and it made me miss you even more :P. I was in Haren for the weekend and somehow it felt strange not meeting up with you! There is sooo much I'd love to tell you and talk to you about - so when you are back there is a lot of catching up to do, which I already look forward to.
Oh btw. I hope that you got my first comment, as I forgot to write "To Ingrid Elliott" :S ... it was pretty long :P.
Anyways got to go!
Miss you and again it is a lovely and very sweet poem!!
Many many hugs,

miep en hans said...

message to erik vlaswinkel
hoihoi Erik, zo te zien heb je de tijd van je leven, het is een groot avontuur. wij hopen dat je niet al te veel enge insecten tegenkomt, maar daar zul je inmiddels wel aan gewend zijn.
in Nederland is alles ok, wij zijn intussen oma en opa geworden van een klein schattig meisje, zij heet eleonora.
toch zijn wij best een beetje jaloers op je dat je dit allemaal meemaakt, ook heb je gelukkig zo te zien een hele leuke groep.
wij verwachten minimaal een kruising tussen Indiana Jones en Rambo terug.
Nou kerel dat is het voor nu, geniet maar zoveel mogelijk en kom behouden terug.

Miep en Hans

Margaret Anderson said...

Hi Ingrid, We're really enjoying keeping up with your travels, a couple of weeks ahead of Frances. Absolutely brilliant LipDub which I know Frances will love to see when she gets back, and the poem ... All that St Nicholas practice has been useful, and it gives a really good picture of the time you've had. You look beautiful in all the photos too! Frances is on her expedition phase - about half way through. There's a brief video of her on top of a mountain, with a big graze on her knee. I guess she fell off the mountain bike at some point. We're hoping she will be able to phone in about six days time. Isobel is missing her a lot, and not enjoying being, temporarily, an only child. Your Mum keeps us up-to-date with your news. We are so happy that you are having a wonderful time, and hope we'll be able to see photos when you get back. Love from Margaret and David

eric lee said...

Nice poem & fantastic life there ...! Do enjoy yourself, Fishtail (Yu wei) Love, Me & Mum........

mama Ingrid said...

Hello my darling Ink,

Hoe gaat het met je lieverd? Ik neem aan dat je mn vorige mails niet hebt gehad, wantze zijn op geen blog te bekennen... Helaas! Maar je gedicht was prachtig, en we zijn erg blij met alle leuke fotos en informatie. De video van het zingen was ook geweldig. We hebben vandaag Arjans verjaardag gevierd en iedereen stond om de computer heen om jou en je gezellen te bekijken en te beluisteren. Geweldig!

Morgen schrijf ik meer.
Love you LOADS!


carien kern said...

message for Ingrid Elliott:
ahhhh inkie wat een geweldig gedichtverhaal!!!!! ik vond het zo fijn je vanochtend heel even te kunnen spreken. volgens mij heb je echt de tijd van je leven daar, en dat moet ook, dit avontuur ga je noooit vergeten. ik vond die schorpioen en duizendpoot trouwens wel echt horrific maar goed, dat hoort er nou eenmaal bij in de rimboe. je zit natuurlijk nu met smacht te wachten op die details waar je het vanochtend over had maar die zal ik je tegoed moeten houden, ik vertel al mijn verhalen snel, als je weer terug bent kunnen we lekker lang skypen of kun je hier langskomen!!!! ik vraag me nogsteeds af hoe je nou aan dat kroontje gekomen bent die je in het price tag filmpje op had, dat is mij echt een groot raadsel. schat ik spreek je snel weer, hou nog ff die twee laatste weekjes vol! ik hou van je!!!!!! kusjes knuffels liefs, carien