Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wonderful Biodiversity Study - Alpha 6


Anonymous said...

I'd like to congratulate Ed on the fantastic video of Alpha 6's biodiversity survey. Having visited a similar project as Comms Officer on a previous expedition, I am deeply impressed with how you have captured the essence of the work in both the commentary and the footage. A fantastic addition to the blog, and I'm sure AFC will be delighted too. Only downside is how much it's made me want to be there!


Yim CK said...

You guys are just simply doing a great job. Glad you are part of the team, Kit. Keep it up. Your family love you.

Ronnie said...

To Tim Chapman, Alpha 6

Hey animal-man, this video looks amazing! So cool that you're out there and it suits you so well since you won't even kill annoying flies buzzing around in the bedroom. Somehow thought you'd be back on field base this weekend but just found out I'm a week too early, too bad cause I was so looking forward to speaking to you!

Enjoy bebe, I WIN! xx

p.s. thanks for all those letters! ;-)

Pen's Mum said...

To Penny Patrick, PM

Dearest Pen

Thinking of you so much, my love, and have just watched Ed's fantastic video bringing the sights and sounds of the Borneo jungle to a very chilly UK this morning. So very impressed with you all!

Thanks so much for the PC (and text)- Nanna was thrilled too. Have fun at changeover - longing to hear if possible, though expect it will be hectic to say the least!

Love you always
Mum and Dad xxxx

Stacey A said...

Really great video that explains the work well. Brilliant! keep up the good work.
Stacey Adams
CEO Raleigh Interntional in London

Anonymous said...

To Tim Chapman - Alpha 6

Hi Tim, video looks great, you look really well - beats sitting behind a desk! You like a challenge and I am certain you will have had many by the time you come home.
I hope you enjoy your time at base camp before venturing off again.
Looking forward to seeing you in April, cannot guarantee the weather, but can guarantee hot & cold running water and a hammock!!
Take care.
Miss you loads

C xxxxxxx