Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Ultimate Trek

Here we go again....... another video.....

Alpha 9 find themselves in the heart of the jungle. Everything they need to survive is on their backs. Dropped off at the edge of the jungle they have 6 days to navigate back to civilisation, 6 days of back breaking hills, river crossings, sleeping between trees and eating from the jungle.

This is no easy task, but this is no normal Alpha. This is Alpha Awesome.

The Ultimate Test.........THE ULTIMATE TREK.

Ed Gregory thekidtravels


Nubia Cruz de Hawes said...


What a fantastic surprise,when I checked the blog, just before going to bed (Colombian time) and found this video!!!...Im very proud of you!!!!...I can't wait to talk to you again..You must be back to base camp now.... contact doesn't matter the time.. love you Panda. Nubia.

Anonymous said...

For James T Alpha 9

Hi Son, loved the video I can see you are having a brilliant time, bet you feel like a kid again playing in the park. I have been checking the blogs each day and think it is great, I enjoy seeing what all the groups are up to. Pity they didn't do anything like this when I was younger.

Take care mum x

Yuen said...

Hi Lau Lap, my long lost friend from Hong Kong. Hope you landed safely. Though I am not sure whether I post on the right place or not, I pray this message reach you!

Yes, we are lost; nevertheless as the sun sinks, the dusk wouldn't lead us astray. The darker the sky, the more crystal the stars are. Look upon the heaven, epiphany would eventually reveal itself. How close is our soul.

Meditate upon a poem I recently read:
他們說 在水中放進
就能沉澱出 所有的

那麼 如果
是不是 也可以
沉澱出所有的 昨日

Best wishes,
Yuen Zhai

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing!!x

Anonymous said...

Aaron (Alpha 9)

Hi Aaron,
Good to hear from you. The video and photos look good. Glad you're enjoying yourself. Hope the next phase is as good.

Mum xxx

p.s. Ellen says send her a letter!!

TiLuq said...

Miky Hawes Cruz:

Hermanito te extranamos mucho, haces mucha falta te mandamos un abrazo emorme

TiLuq said...

Mike Hawes:

Hermanito te hemos pensado mucho, nos haces mucha falta, te mandamos un abrazo enorme

Michelle Preece said...

For Claire Todd (Alpha 3)

Hey it all looks rather amazing out in the jungle! Hope everyone is well & enjoying themselves. Having returned home from our small adventure it's nice to know that things don't change too much after you've been away. Days are getting longer & as usual no particular gossip to be passed on :-)
Keep up all the good work & enjoy the next project.
Lots of love
Chelle & Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Mum for Laura Daniels Alpha 1
Hi Laura, Your latest photos look fantastic. Who gets to do the washing???? I'm guessing not you. We are all ok here, miss you though. Keep looking at New Zealand and thinking of October. Loads of love Mum xx

Lee CK said...

Fishtail, when did the fishtail transformed into a goose or crane terkking in the jungles. Enjoy yourself...............It seems you have a great time there.......Take care !