Monday, 13 February 2012

Raleigh Expedition Venturers Strike Again! by Yim Kit Yen (Malaysian)

Raleigh Expedition Venturers Strike Again!
This time we are working alongside Asian Forestry Company (AFC) to identify and protect areas of rainforest with high conservation value, which is in our case Coupe 8. Coupe 8 is located in the north of Sabah in the Pitas region, sitting between a small village called Kampong Sonsongsuyad, a huge forestry area and a Palm Oil plantation. Apparently, this whole area except for the plantation is owned by AFC which does sustainable forestry while trying to protect biodiversity rich forest and give land to the local villages. AFC support 54 communities in the area with infrastructure projects such as gravity water feeds and kindergartens. All of which Raleigh is helping with. 

Currently, I am with Alpha Six Phase One team working on a biodiversity survey at Coupe 8 aiming to give evidence that the area is indeed biodiversity rich in hope to secure conservation protection of the area. 

So, here we are, living right at the outskirt of the jungle. We trek into the jungle everyday to check the traps we set to see weather animals are caught so that we can identify the species and do research on the distribution and density of the animals living here.

In fact, there are two trails that the thirteen of us, together with a researcher from AFC, Phillis Errisson, will have to check twice every single day. One is a river trail, ‘Wet and Wild’ and the other is an uphill trail, ‘Special K’ and then there is the night time frog catching by the river session. 

The animals we are aiming to catch are amphibians (mainly frogs),Birds, Bats and mammals such as rats, squirrels, civet cats and porcupines. It may seem like an easy job but I can tell you that trekking for three hours twice a day while setting up  box traps and mist nets and also getting the animals out of traps are indeed challenging and intricate tasks. 

We even have to work on a ‘basher’ construction so that it would one day serve as a place to stay for scientists, researchers and other Raleigh International groups. This will allow them to be as close to nature as possible to study and help protect the flora and fauna in the jungle. This secondary rainforest is even said to be home to the rare Sun Bears as bear marks have been spotted on tree trunks in the forest of Coupe 8. 

Protecting Coupe 8 will protect the migration route for animals from logged areas looking for new habitat.
In conclusion...

We Venturers of Alpha Six Raleigh International Expedition Borneo 12A will do our best to contribute to the conservation and preservation of this unique biodiversity rich rainforest. 

Written by Yim Kit Yen (Alpha 6 Venturer seen below in Green)
Photography by Ed Gregory 


claire whyte said...

WOW How amazing Alpha 6 you are doing an amazing job and hopefully something that future generations can be proud of and help protect our wonderfully rich world. Thanks Yan Kit Yen for your blog keeps me up to speed with my son!!
Weather still very cold and damp here, saw Lauren off at the airport on Sat cold in Spain to but at least blue skies all day. your dad and I home alone that will be interesting Take care Love Mum

Pen's Mum said...

To Penny Patrick, PM

Hello Pen

Just to send our love and hope the journey went well. Fingers crossed that the bamboo zimmer frame isn't needed! Dad longing to hear more about the jumbo bug and butterfly sightings - as Jack used to say to Nanna "It was as big as your head, Mrs Brown!"

Take very good care of yourself and keep strong. So very proud of you sweetheart. All our love and big hugs, Mum & Dad xxx


Message from Pam Openshaw for Danny Openshaw...........

Hi Dan hope you and the rest of ALPHA 5 are having a good time. Not sure I like the look of the spiders! All at home fine your room is sooooo tidy should be able to rent it out easy! Missing you loads Mart and Aimz send loads and loads of love.Remember how proud everyone is of all you are achieving.I tell Nan all about your trip and she smiles. LOVE YOU ALWAYS.
The very proud Openshaw/Casey clan. xxx MUMMY LOVES YOU xxx.

Anonymous said...

Hi rachel,

It should be Yim Kit Yen.

Thanks for your effort, its been pleasure to read.

geng qian

Yim CK said...

Hi Kit,
Good to see you looking fine with your professor glasses in the jungle out there playing around with the creepy-crawlies. We also have similar looking frogs jumping around the garden at home but you didn't seem interested in them before. Glad to know you are now their number one fan. Keep up the good work and make sure you leave your FB address behind for your new found jungle friends to keep you posted when you return!

Elliot B's Dad said...

Hi Elliot,

We have all be glued to the latest blogs especially the Alpha 6 one from Yim Kit Yen. It was great to see the work your doing and some of the wildlife you are seeing. You seem to be more elusive than a Sun Bear in the pictures. Hope you're taking plenty and that you are in some of them. Keep up the good work.
All our love Mum & Dad.

Lea said...

Hoi lieve Anneroos! Ik begrijp dat jullie in training zijn voor het grote werk, 2 keer per dag 3 uur onderweg. Hopelijk zitten de schoenen nog steeds lekker. Wij zien op het blog bijzondere kikkers en indrukwekkende spinnen, geen idee hoe groot ze in het echt zijn maar griezelig lijken ze wel. In de mess tins zat macaroni, ik weet dus dat het met jou wel goed komt! Het blijft vreemd je niet even te kunnen bellen of mailen, even wennen wel hoor voor de achterblijvers, we zijn het tenslotte heel normaal gaan vinden dat we 24 uur per dag contact op kunnen nemen. Ik zou je van alles willen vragen: of je lekker slaapt in die hangmat, ik zou willen weten waar de rest van alpha 6 vandaan komt, zit je ver van het basecamp, hoe zijn jullie naar die Pitas Region gereist, en verder zouden we eigenlijk ook wel foto's willen van hoe je leven er daar uit ziet en vooral natuurlijk een paar van jou! We houden alle verhalen van je te goed maar ga jij eerst maar ongelofelijk genieten van elke minuut in Borneo. Hele hele dikke kussen mama

Mark Shaw said...

Meesage to Jamie Shaw

Hi Jamie

Great to see the activities and progress being made by the Alpha 6 team on the project. I'm sure all of the work will deliver lasting benefits for future generations and hope you will know that everyone at this end is proud of the difference you are all making.

We're all thinking of you and hope you are well...sorry I missed you on the 12th, this new decade seems to be taking its toll already!

With our love and best wishes, Dad x

Nienke Kleinrensink said...

To Anneroos Kleinrensink

Lieve Anneroos,

Wat gek om je zo lang niet te spreken! Ik ben zo ontzettend benieuwd naar je verhalen... Leuk om in ieder geval een foto van je te zien op te blog, een teken van leven ;) Hier in het koude regenachtige NL missen wij je. Met de hondjes ook alles ok! Heel veel liefs en geniet ervan daar!Nienke

zying said...

Glad to see you guys are having fun there!!

KIm Shaw said...

Message for Jamie Shaw

Hi Jamie - how wonderful to see you so fully involved in what looks like a fantastically important project, and I know you will be enjoying the opportunity to identify all the animals, especially at night, and setting them free again. My thoughts are with you all the time, and it was so good to hear your voice on the message you left for Dad's big birthday - thank you for remembering, it meant so much. Enjoy it all out there, and can't wait for the next news on this brilliant blog.
Love you
Mum X