Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Phase 1 photo blog!

The Alpha groups are preparing to come back to base camp for changeover on Thursday. They will recuperate for a couple of days, catch up with friends, have a luxurious shower, empty the shop of chocolate and more importantly find out which project they will be deploying on Saturday for Phase 2.

In the meantime we know you like to see lots of photos of the expedition so here is a few to keep you going!
Alpha 1

Alpha 2

Really sorry we haven't managed to get hold of any photos yet due to their remote location, watch this space. We know they are having a great time though as we speak to them twice a day on the radio!

Alpha 3

Alpha 4

Alpha 5

More photos to follow soon!
Alpha 6
Really sorry we haven't managed to get hold of any photos yet due to their remote location, watch this space. We know they are having a great time though as we speak to them twice a day on the radio!

Alpha 7
Really sorry we haven't managed to get hold of any photos yet due to their remote location, watch this space. We know they are having a great time though as we speak to them twice a day on the radio!

Alpha 8

Alpha 9


Kaaaaate said...

Hi 12A! It's Kate, Admin from 11b - just sending a message to say hi to Meg! Hope you got there okay, I got your message when I was asleep so hope you managed to find them alright!
I'll try to remember to post a letter out. I am soo unbelievably jealous you're out there now!
Hi to Mac, Sarah and Loli too :)
Hope the expeditions are going well Fieldbase - the phases look great :)

Love Kate xx

Yim CK said...

Yes, we're definitely hungry for the photos to see how the teams are doing. The few that have appeared show the guys having a great time and we have no doubt things will get even better after this. Just keep us posted. Meantime all the best to the 6 guys from Catholic High School, Malaysia. We're glad you're having a ball of a time in the jungle out there. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

For Dan Boswood in ALpha 5:

Nice beard. Happy faces. Don't mind this FOB one bit.

Enjoy the showers. Love, Mom

GJ en Lea said...

Voor Anneroos Kleinrensink

He lieve Anne, we lezen net dat je donderdag even terugkeert naar de bewoonde wereld (alles is relatief nu toch?!). We hopen natuurlijk enorm dat we kunnen sms'en of zelfs bellen maar als het niet lukt dan overleven we het ook wel hoor. Een fotootje zou dan wel helpen trouwens want dat we je missen dat snap je natuurlijk ook wel. Voor nu zijn onze dikste kussen voor jou, GJ en Lea

Melanie Coffey said...

For Michelle Coffey Apha 9
Wishing you happy birthday for the 24th. Hope the trip is all you expected so far and looking forward to hearing what you will be doing next. Miss you loads and can't wait to hear all about your trip in person when you get home. Love you lots
Mum and Dad

Heleen Hoogeveen said...

Message for Willemijn van Daal Alpha 5

Lieve Willemijn, wat fijn om vandaag een foto van je te zien op het blog. Zo te zien gaat het je goed. Ik lees dat jullie donderdag terugkeren op het basiskamp en dan zaterdag weer naar de volgende fase doorgaan. Ik hoop dat het lukt om dan te bellen. Zou fijn zijn om je verhalen te horen! Hier alles goed. Roos gaat vrijdagavond op skireis.
Veel liefs, mama

Paola Prieto said...

to: Michael Hawes - Alpha 9

hola!!!!! veo que definitivamente la estas pasando super bien!! me alegra mucho verte asi de contento, disfruta cada minuto que pases alla, y recuerda que Colombia te espera!! hahaha un beso gigante, te quiero mucho bye :)

Caroline v Ravels said...

To Loek v Ravels ,
Ha lieve Loek, lekker om weer even terug te zijn in basiskamp?! Als je sms stuurt , zal ik je bellen. Ben zo benieuwd naar je eerste ervaringen daar!! Heb je nog steeds niet kunnen spotten op foto's. Wel in het eerste filmpje!! Wij zitten nu met z'n allen in het chalet v Bert en Francine . Echt geweldig hier! Heel mooi weer en mooie pistes! we missen je wel hoor! Gisteren is je oude moedertje 50 geworden! Heb een schitterende ring gekregen v alle kinderen (ook v jou dus hahaha) !! Nou lieverd, ik hoop tot bels en anders blijven we gewoon de foto's en berichtjes op het blog afstruinen! Dikke kus v ons allemaal!! Mam

Bas W said...

kiki veeger (alpha 5)

hey lief!
zie net dat je donderdag terug komt! en wel voor 2 hele dagen! das boffen (but nooo) :( heb gewoon weer telefoon dus als het je lukt om te bellen, doen!! happy last day.

Rosemarijn said...

Message for Willemijn Alpha 5.

Hoi Willemijn,
Je haar is echt heeeel blond, heb je het geverfd of is er gewoon heel veel zon? Hier alles goed, kom net terug van tandarts, ipv m'n mond is ook m'n halve gezicht verdoofd.

Paul, Sonia, and Alex Kleinman said...

For Jack Kleinman Alpha 1
Hi Jack, Things look great in the pictures we've seen. Hope you're having a great time. We are all fine including your grandfather and the cats. We're proud of what you and your group has accomplished. Hope your next assignment is fun! We miss you and send much love! Dad, Mom, and Alex

Siobhan Hynes said...

Hi Michelle of Alpha 9, it's vorn!

Lovely to see you in Borneo, hope it's as awesome as it looks. Just a quick message to say -HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!- for the 24th. Wish I could be there to celebrate it with you but you'll have had an amazing time for sure. Missing you loads bezzie and can't wait to see the photos. We'll have a looong, long catch-up when you're back in two (two!) months. You'll have to show off your new-fangled survival skills in Gower - I can just picture us trekking through the wild outback of Rhossili searching for a pub...

Anyway here's to hoping it's been everything you expected and more; it looks beautiful. Will be sure to do a little jellyfish dance for you on the 24th and drop you another line soonish to say HI!

Lots of love and cwtches,

Siobhan xxx

Lynda Denny said...

Hi William it's lovely to hear how you are getting on. Sian has updated us on your Facebook message - its a good job you at least allow her to be a friend otherwise without the blog we might never have any news!! Hope you enjoy a good warm shower at change over and that you receive the many packages that I've sent. If you haven't could you find some way of letting me know and I'll change the way I've been parceling the goodies!
Best of luck with your next deployment. Everyone here is asking after you and sends you their love and best wishes. Keep safe and don't let those leeches bite!!
Love and miss you mum dad claudie and the menagerie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nubia Cruz de Hawes said...

to Michael Hawes Cruz Aplha 9

Cada dia, chequeaba el blog, esperando ver fotos o algun video...que felicidad ver estas fotos.... me da mucha alegria verte con tu grupo y sonriendo!!! me imagino que ha sido una experiencia inolvidable...missing you..

Anonymous said...

Message for Sam Phipps in Alpha 6,

Hope its going well!! Mum rang me to inform in that you had rang her this morning and you are having an awesome time.

I had to laugh when she said you woke up with a 4 legged friend on your face and a leech on your bum! haha!!

Your missing the rugby (6 nations) got Wales this saturday so fingers crossed we will beat them!! You missing the beer yet??

Speak to you soon, Keep Safe!!

From your Fantastic Brother!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Ing (Ink, Inki, Ingrid…. I’ve always meant to ask you how I should spell “Ing“, with “g“ or “k“ at the end??... :S I know very random start of a letter/post/blog entry/comment :S (and again I don’t know what to write) – I think I’m in one of my weird moods again :P

Sorry, that this is the first time you hear something from me, but I have been keeping track of what you have been up to in Borneo. I’m just not sure, if you get things I post, if the blog entry was written from a different alpha group or if I comment on an entry a week later….. Anyways, I really love that picture of you in the swimsuit – so cute :D. And I really envy you Ingrid!!!! It looks and sounds so much fun what you have done so far. I wish I was there with you. I still sometimes can’t believe that you are doing it, I hope you are proud of yourself! You know you finally gave me the courage to register with the voluntary work programme in Ecuador! So, mid May I am flying to Ecuador for three months! First I’ll take part in a four week Spanish course and then I will work in a hospital and do voluntary work in the area of environmental protection on the Galapagos Islands. On the one hand I really look forward to it and on the other hand I’m a bit nervous about it… but I am sure you know how that feels ;)

I really miss you Ingrid! I can’t wait for you to be back and tell me all about your adventure! I’m sure I’m not the only one though – so I’ll have to share you with many :(! There is so much I’d love to chat with you about - long into the night forgetting the time (remember the last time we did that? ;))! And I could really use your advice! (haha I just noticed that all my previous sentences in this paragraph ended with an exclamation mark – I just had to mention that :P). Oh, by the way, I have facebook now – you convinced me in the end. But you haven’t accepted me yet – I’m really disappointed ;P.

My internship here is going pretty well. Although sometimes I have very little to do and then it gets a bit boring. But luckily Jackullin is often on gmail and then I just talk (or rant) to her :). However, I am glad for the experience. It is great to get an insight into a “normal” work day. I can say for sure now, that sitting at a desk and working on the computer for the majority of the work day is not what I want to do later on. I like it more when there are projects/workshops at schools that I can accompany and when you come into direct contact with the children (although not all workshops we do are with children – I did one where the majority of the participants were all older than me, which made me feel a bit weird).

Oh, it would be so great if you were still in NL and could come visit me here and we could go out together. My friend (she came over from England for my birthday) and I “found” a really good place to go to – much better than the ones back home – ok you had to pay 5€ to get in, but it was worth it! When your back, we’ll just have to drive down here and go out.

Ok, I think I wrote a bit much :S – I hope you weren’t too bored reading it! I really do miss you, Ingrid and look forward to seeing you again! Oh, one more thing before I end this letter/post/blog entry/comment ;P I decided (together with my friend) to not eat chocolate until Easter!!!!! And I am sooooo regretting it now already and it has only been two days! Everywhere I go, people offer you biscuits, cakes, deserts etc. which contain chocolate and I love chocolate!!!! Take my advice and never agree to go without chocolate for 40 days!! :P
Take care and have loads of fun!
Big hug,

Anonymous said...

Message for JoshSeaman

Hi Darling so sorry we missed your call it was brilliant to hear your voice we are all missing you. Milly is still keeping your bed warm she obviously misses you or thinks its her new kennel!
I am glad i have worked out how to blog(this new fangled technology....) How is the food you sounded quite keen to get to dinner. Make the most of the shower and loo i should think its back to long drops next week.
Dad says hi he is off to twickenham on Saturday to see England V Wales. Try and make it a early am phone all or weekend so we can speak to you. There message was lovely to hear.
Love you loads
Mum and Dad

Lynda Denny said...

A message for William Denny
Hi William! Fabulous to talk to you today! You made an old mum very happy indeed. I'm absolutely delighted that you are having such a good time and are making some lovely friends. Perhaps we'll be able to entertain some of them back in Hardwick one day?
I'm looking forward to seeing all your photos and hearing all your stories. You can leave out the leech details though! I trust you have some pickies of Cupid too!
Your pj bottoms are in the post but sadly you won't get them before you go off on your next assignment. They will be there for your last phase, postman willing!
Enjoy your rest at base camp, keep safe and well and get fired up for the next adventure. Love you and miss you. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kiki van der Vet said...

For Mats Andriessen, Bouke Smeets & Anneroos Kleinrensink (alpha 9, 1 and 6)

Haaa liefjess wat gaaf alle foto's en filmpjes tot nu toe!! (ben ook benieuwd naar die van jou Ankies!!) Wel heel zwaar ziet die trekking eruit Matsie!! haha je al wel lekker bodybuilder terugkomen. Baal dat ik zelf niet ook ben gegaan want ziet er echt leuk uit! Ook wel lekker afzien haha en ziek die beesten daar maar echt ook gaaaf!! Ben benieuwd hoe het verder nog wordt daar! En heeel leuk dat we konden bellen vanmiddag Boukje vond het echt heel leuk om even te horen hoe het is tot nu toe!! haha lekker collectief berichtje zo aan jullie alle 3! Genietze nog daar komende 2 maandjes, ben jaloers!! xxxx Kiki

Lizzie Newbury said...

To Chloe in Alpha 4,

Heyyyyyyyy :) :) so some very exciting news for you, one direction have announced an arena tour for 2013! AND me and gina got tickets in block A (like really close to the frontt aaahh) We tried to get you tickets but we couldn't...

LOL JOKINGG YOU GOT A TICKET TOO <3 so save the date for saturday 23rd march <3

Hope everything's all fine and dandy in borneo, and you're not getting eaten alive by snakes/spiders/other weird animals.
Missing you lots and lotss <3 <3 xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Zoe Miller,

Sorry it's taken so long to get to grips with the comment page! Difficult to believe it's half-way already.
Looks like you're having a great experience! Hope you still get to see the orang-utans.
We're just doing boring stuff like drinking coffee and watching footy on the telly. You'll be pleased to know West Ham are top of the league!
Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing all about it.
Dad & Helen xxx

Tim Dawes said...

For Claire Todd

Hi Claire!
Sorry to take so long to get the hang of this... hope you are still having fun. So many photos I don't know where to start but hopefully you are not too exhausted by it all. Just back from Banff skiing with Joy and some others you'd know. They all send their best. Back to work tomorrow is not looking as much fun as either Borneo or Canada... ;-) Take care x Tim