Sunday, 26 February 2012

Drum roll please...Phase 2 allocations!

In the blink of an eye, Phase 1 of Expedition 12A is completed. The Alpha groups headed back to base camp on Thursday. Laundry, mobile phone calls, proper showers and toast for breakfast were some of the treats the venturers enjoyed. Things that are taken for granted back home are treasured after a project phase! The sun shined brightly for two days and the venturers all talked enthusiastically about the projects they had been on and what they might get to do next.

The new seven week venturers who had arrived a day earlier, joined the rest of the group and were treated to entertainment in the form of skits performed by all the Alpha Groups. Country Director Mac, Deputy Programme Manager Stephen and Medic Astrid took their places on the 'Strictly Come Venturing' judges panel and Alpha's 6 and 7 managed to clean up with a maximum score of 30 each across the board!

On Friday morning, after a good nights sleep in a jungle basha, we were ready to announce to the Venturers their next Alpha groups and phase two destinations!

Here is a reminder of what the projects are about and who the lucky venturers are for each project with a photo of their first group task the tug of war. In case you are wondering Alpha 2 won!
Alpha 1

Alpha 1 are building a kindergarten in Kampung Mandurian Laut, a remote village in the northern region of Borneo. Education and schools are provided by the state here in Malaysia, however all children must have achieved a basic level in both literacy and numeracy to be accepted. Kindergartens such as these are vital, providing this essential level of education and in reducing the poverty margin, we are very proud of the venturers who will continue the construction of this site throughout phase two:


PMs Laura and Natalie W
Anneroos Kleinrensink
Bridget Henderson
Suh Huey Yap
Elliott Andrew
Felicity Powell
Jason Tambling
Kiki Veeger
Nicholas Mapson
Samuel Straker
William Denny
Rubyanne Disimon
Alpha 2
The start of a new project for Alpha 2 after the first phase returned to a previous Raleigh Gravity Water Feed system to carry out some repairs. Alpha 2 are now going to start building a new Gravity Water Feed system in Kampong Pantai in the Pitas region. The quest to provide this essential commodity in terms of life and hygiene will be performed by:
PMs Nikki and Caroline
Christopher Shuttlewood
Elliott Babb
Erik Vlaswinkel
Ingrid Elliott
James Allan- Mclean
Lauchlan Manski
Minna Henderson
Samuel Phipps
Willemijne Van Daal
Yu Wei Lee (Fishtail)
Liang Keat Chin (Bo)
Alpha 3
The last of our community teams, Alpha 3 are also building a water gravity system, but this one will take all three phases to complete. These groups will be constructing a dam, laying over 5km of pipe and installing taps to provide vital fresh water to Kampung Imusan. Also worth noting is the village are Karaoke mad and we expect the Venturers to spend alot of time behind a microphone! The singing pipe layers are:

PMs Paul and Astrid
Cecile Wanders
Erica Diklev
Eve Robertson
Jack Huntington
Yim Kit Yen
Lester Tjinglinin
Michelle Coffey
Nicholas Bromley
Sarah Wyld
Frenley Richard
Alpha 4
Alpha 4 are the real animal lovers, the team will be involved in various construction projects at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok. Priority is to complete the boardwalk around the enclosure perimeter to allow the bear keepers regular access to the animals. Working in the heart of the soon to be opened centre, their work will be invaluable in raising both awareness and funds for this important cause. Check out more information at BSBCC Lets hear it for:

PMs Chaitaly, Dave R and Nat D
Alyssa Wood
Andres Sergeant
Arthur Morris
Bouke Smeets
Erica Bostock
Jasmine Horsey
Jeremy Cheang
Josh Seaman
Martin Leman
Michael Hawes Cruz
Richard Peat
Gary Urban

Alpha 5

Trekking into the primary, untouched rainforest of Danum Valley are Alpha 5. Going where few have dared venture before, this team is building a satellite camp which will allow researchers and other scientists to base themselves there and perform studies deeper into the forest. Few people are allowed into this part of the world, however the following venturers will be living there for the next 3 weeks:

PMs Dan and Emma
Aaron Saxton
Clarrie Ashley
George Cotterell
Jacobine Muntendam
Jennifer Foster
Lydia Minto
Mats Andreissen
Rhiannon Depla
Tom Barlow
Vilkon Tauning Gambilkl
Yi Xiong Chong
Alpha 6
Alpha 6 will be performing a bio-diversity study in the secondary rainforest in the Pitas Region. The aim of which is to establish a conservation area, this work could potentially protect the location and its bio-diversity for generations to come. If that doesn't excite you enough, then you should know that the last time Raleigh performed a study in this region they discovered an new species of frog. Our potential pioneers in fauna and flora:

PMs Tim and Craig (Bruno)
Derk Bottema
Emma Brown
En De Liow
Guilia Hetzenauer
Joseph Satt
Josh Rockley
Justin Cann
Lap Lau
Luke NBagnell
William GRay
Zoe Miuller
Natasha Kandayan

Alpha 7
Alpha 7 - Adventurers of Long Pasia; These really are our luckiest venturers, what better start to an expedition could there be than six nights on a tropical island. Waking up each day on the beach of Mamutik Island, Alpha 7 will spend their days working and adventuring in order to achieve either their Open Water or Adventure PADI diving qualification. After which they will trek through the jungles of Long Pasia close to the Indonesia and Sarawak borders. Who are we all very jealous of? Look no further than:
PMs Krystina and Sam
Andrew Whyte
Bethany Maton
Cameron Mitchell
Elizabeth Fuller
Eva Garritsen
Fraser McFadden
Louise Poulson
Lucas Kessarm
Chen Yang Chua
Thomas Wagland
Joyce Van Klooster
Fauzy Bin Nuing

Alpha 8

Alpha 8 - Just like Alpha 7, this team will be achieving their diving qualifications on Mamutik Island and trekking through incredible scenery of Long Pasia. The only difference is, they're doing it the other way around, trekking first and diving second. I can guarantee you the tropical beach will made all the sweeter by the sense of accomplishment achieved by completing their trek first. Our second group of adventurers:

PMs James and Rich
Beni Benz
Camilla Gash
Daniel Openshaw
Ghislaine de Maes Janssens
Jamie Shaw
James Lee
Josh Ho
Loek Ravels
Sophia Berry
Sophie Moore
Chen Haw Lok (Tim)
Dawn Maniaii

Alpha 9
Our final group of adventurers, completing their first trek at an altitude of 1500 metres along the Mengkaladom trail, then travelling to Mamutik Island to achieve their PADI qualifications before finally trekking back to Basecamp through Kiulu Valley in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. All these trek locations are some of the most beautiful in all of Borneo but the experience will be both challenging and character building, we present to you Alpha 9:

PMs Joe and Cat
Alex Rorison
Charlotte Parker
Chloe Ackrill
Christina Corder
Jacob Kleinman
Joost Breeuwsma
Khai Ping Teoh
Mathew Goodwin
Meg Woods
Samuel Ross
Sheena Howard
William Sabine
Frazer Nooh

We wish them all the best of luck as they head to their new projects and can't wait to hear their stories on the radio and see how they get on throughout the next three weeks!


Heleen Hoogeveen said...

Message for Willemijn Alpha 2

Lieve Will, zie net de foto's van het touwtrekken met de groepsindeling. Goed dat je meegetrokken hebt!De kampong waar je nu zit kan ik met Google maps niet vinden (wat niet verbazingwekkend is, denk ik). Wel de regio in het Noorden. Als jullie met touwtrekken gewonnen hebben moet het aanleggen van de waterleiding ook lukken.
Veel liefs,

Yim CK said...

Yeah, all the best indeed for all the alpha groups. As for Alpha 3, I am sure you'll sing beautifully when you see water flowing out the pipe for the benefit of the villagers. Keep up the good work all you Venturers out there!

Charley said...

For Felicity Powell (Alpha 1)

Glad to see you arrived in the jungle safe and sound, gutted you didnt win tug of war! you look very determined in the pic! just thought i should let you know our boys did us proud on saturday! 12-12 on peanlties alone untill 70 mins or so. we got a try with 10 mins to go then in the 80th minute england thought they got a try too.. went to the camera and no!!!! 19-12 to WALESSS !!!!

look after yourself crackin!!!

Anonymous said...

For Ingrid Elliott, alpha 9

Hey lieve inky!!

Ik hoop dat je nu onze eerste brieven hebt gehad, want volgens mijn berekeningen ben je nu net een maandje weg en dus alweer gewisseld! Maar dat betekend ook dat ik nog maar 1,5 maandje op je moet wachten!!!

Er staan nu ook allemaal foto's en filmpjes van je op de site en ziet er zo mooi en spectaculair uit! Hoorde ook dat je je moeder mocht bellen, en heb alles gehoord hoor dat het goed gaat. En wij verwachten dus een brief? supeer nicee, kan me er echt op verheugen! Ook als ik die foto's zie wordt ik zo blij, vind je echt een enorme bikkel! me moeder was ook helemaal verbaasd over die foto's, doet ingrid dat?? Maar jaa dat doet me schatje zo maar even allemaal!

Ben ook benieuwd of je onze geplastificeerde brieven al gelezen hebt haha.

Hier is er veder niet zoveel veranderd. Ik ben net terug van Geneve en heb het heel leuk gehad maar was echt moe toen ik terug kwam. Heel interressant allemaal die deeltjes versneller maar af en toe ook wat saai! Siets werkt ook nog steeds maar ben wel heel blij dat zij niet meer in montpellier zit. anders was ik echt loner geweest!

Deze week ga ik nog naar Leiden, Amsterdam en Utrecht met me moeder en zus. DUs lekker winkelen en studie dingen uitzoeken!!

Veder met Prins Friso gaat het niet veel beter mee, ligt nog steeds in coma. Iedereen is nu aan het skien met perfect weer. en dat was de NL update.

Ik mis je en dikke kus!! Je bent echt een topper! xxxxxx

Alison said...

Hi Erica Bostock in Alpha 4

It's great to get news of your next project.We know that you are going to enjoy yourself helping at the Sun Bear Conservation Site.Can't wait to see some photo's of your adventure so far.Hope you enjoyed getting back to base camp for a hot shower and some chocolate!! How are you coping with all the spiders&snakes and sleeping in a hammock? We check the blog daily to hear news of you and your fellow venturers.Hope you got our letter, can't wait to hear from you.Keep safe our darling girl, enjoy every minute of your adventure,making memories to last a lifetime.

Much Love Mum & Dad xxx

Jack is really missing you,he is still practising the meerkat look and chicken chasing !!

caroline van ravels said...

To Loek van Ravels alpha 8.
Hé lieve Loek,
Volgens mij ben jij één vd bofkonten die nu mag trekken en duiken!! Echt geweldig! Wij zijn allemaal weer heelhuids terug in Nederland. Hebben een heerlijke en gezellige wintersport gehad!Nu zijn alle kinderen weer de deur uit en is het met alleen Emma thuis wel weer heel stil!!! Hier in Nederland begint het weer wat zachter te worden. Heerlijk, heb zin in de lente! Verder niet veel bijzonderheden. Opa's en oma volgen ook je blog en zijn enorm trots op je!! Het gaat met hen allemaal goed. Ik ga Doub zo uit Belgie halen. Helaas ben jij er niet om haar even naar boven te zeulen om onder de douche te zetten. Dan maar koude straal in de tuin!! Ze heeft je in het begin heel erg gemist, kwam steeds zo ongeveer op schoot zitten!! Miste haar bankhangmaatje! Je stond eerst met de groepsfoto bij de verkeerde groep, maar ik herkende de pet van Tara! Nou schat, weer heel veel plezier en succes!! Geniet ervan en maak veel foto's! Ik zal beltegoed overmaken naar jouw telefoon. Dan horen we je hoop ik over 3 weken weer.
Dag lieverd, dikke kus van ons allemaal. mam en pap

Lucy Huntington said...

Darling Jack, (Alpha 3)
Thought I left you a comment the other day but can't for the life of me find it anywhere, it's a bit complicated leaving blogs! See you are on the water gravit system which should be amazing. It was great to chat to you the other day, a perfect time to call as I will be around first thing on a Thursday. Can't wait to hear all about it when you are next at base camp. Have posted you some treats so they should arrive when you are next back. All good at home, Granny was down for the weekend. Daddy is away in Saudi/Oman & Maldives lucky chap! He will be home on the 19th March. Isabella has started driving which is very scary! Have spoken to Mary who sends you her love and I keep her informed on what you are doing. Will hear from Vicky's mum tonight how she is in India. Have a fantastic time, keep sketching and writing. Will blog again soon and I'm checking your UCAS track daily. Dogs are all well, love you lots, mummy xxxx

Jan Baker said...

For Will Gray
Belated birthday wishes for 26th. from all the Baker clan. A very different birthday from last year!
I had mail from your Ma and she said she'd spoken to you and that all was going well and you were enjoying all the new experiences, so much so that you're extending your trip!
We look forward to the film show and talk when you get back.
Take care and love from us all

Bas W said...

kiki veeger(alpha 1)

Lieve kiek,

Heb net even kunnen lezen hoe het daar is en wat je allemaal gaat doen! onwijs gaaf! haha meezingen en die kerk van hun... jammer dat ik dat niet heb kunnen zien ;) hoop dat je een gezellige groep heb! Veel plezier in ieder geval!! xxxxkus mis je

Pim said...

To: Kiki Veeger Alpha 1
From: Pim

Hey lieve kiek. Wat gaaf om je stem vrijdag om 6 uur te horen vanuit Borneo!! Omdat je het zo leuk vond een berichtje te ontvangen typ ik maar weer wat regels met natuurlijk beer weer naast me. Maak je geen zorgen om haar. Met Sanne en Pap gaat het goed zo samen. Soms vergist pap zich en wordt ze dubbel uitgelaten. Gisteren weer even een dagje naar oma en opa geweest. Lekker met opa op bed in zijn kamer gelegen. Hij was waanzinnig helder. Vroeg me eigenlijk af wie hoort hier nu in dit tehuis opa of oma? En na Istanbul zit Sem nu weer in Briancon. Die heeft toch maar een bruin leven. Net als jij. Denk je dat ze zo'n tocht ook ooit eens voor 55+ gaan doen? Ik weet wel een groepje bij elkaar te krijgen; Piet, Tietse, Jet. Lijkt me echt geweldig. Verder ben ik nog lekker aan het werk tot eind maart. Probeer om de opdracht 2 maanden voor 2 dagen per week te verlengen. Dat zou lekker zijn. Zo heerlijk rustig het voorjaar in. Het schijnt in april 30 graden te worden. Geloof jij het? Dit was het even voor nu. Mail je snel weer. Dag lieverd. Big big hug, mam

pam openshaw said...

Message for Dan Openshaw Alpha 8.Hi Dan cant say how lovely it was to hear from you and how well and happy you sounded.We are back from Egypt and are all find. Grandad has been looking after Aimz and the pets he sends lots of love and cant wait 2 see you.Nan is doing well so dont worry all the girls at the home say hi.Amie Brown is ok too.Your new adventure sounds just as exciting as the last one but I bet you enjoy the diving and the beach!!!!!!Good luck and love to all you raleighers .LOTS OF BIG HUGS AND KISSES to MUMMYS LITTLE SOLDIER XXXXXXXXXA

Anonymous said...

BRUNO!! Hope everything is going well on the study - looks amazing. Lots of stunning scenery....and in tribue from a grey and unrainforest-like London town, here is a few lines from the Tree Song....(on C(with G underneath), F AM and G)....Lately I've been feeling mellow, I've been drifting in the fingers have been turning yellow, I've been losing a lot of leaves. Well I got no need for pens or paper and I got no melody. I can't even string a sentence together, cos nobody ever taught me. Won't you look at me? I'm only a tree. Yet, despite my roots, I sure as hell feel free. Come and sit in my shade, don't be afraid. Cos by next spring, you know that I'll begin to wake up in full bloom.
It feels like a long time ago that we were out there with you. Have an amazing rest of expedition, hope to have Bruno on tour over here soon!
Love Katie x

Anonymous said...

Hello Krystyna,
Oh, how you have been on our minds so much lately. We think of you each day and wonder what you are doing.We hope you are using your sunscreen with being on the tropical island and enjoying the beach! Have you seen more sharks? We have not seen you in any photos recently on the Raleigh Blog but hope we will catch a glimpse of you soon!
All is well here at home...but missing you. Brad still loves his job and do Dad & I. I have been on some cool installations for events and that has been interesting. I am getting lots of hours between the two jobs and learning tons. Dad has been playng lots of tennis...getting ready for his big trip with Brad to Florida in less than a week. They are so looking forward to their time together.....and Brad wants to go sky diving....yikes!..but not Dad!
I am going down to Kingston for an early Easter with Nan & Grandad. We will be with the Fergusons for easter and then back to celebrate with Brad on the holiday weekend.
We do hope to connect with you soon...lots to talk about!
Continue to be safe, have fun and be the best manager ever!
Love you and miss you!, Mom, Dad & Brad xoxoxoxo