Saturday, 14 January 2012

Welcome To The Jungle Project Managers!


Mummy & Steph said...

For Natalie Nellie Ward: "Welcome to the Jungle...You're gonna dddddiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee"...should we be worried about this welcome??? Ha ha love it! Mum and I have been chopping wood today in the frosty sunshine. We felt you'd like to know we were feeling pretty jungle ourselves. Love ya xxx

Team Ali said...

For Natalie Ward.

Wardeeeeee! Have you got trenchfoot yet? Hope you're having an incredible time and we all miss you loads.

Few updates for you:

Ashley has won a chance to appear on Saturday kitchen. She's going to teach the TV chefs a thing or two.

Sinead taught Sophia how to say a swear word (by accident) and is keeping your desk warm.

Paves is doing a terrible job of being the new DJ. Steve has made an offical HR complaint about her choice in music ( with songs such as tie me kangeroo down sport, waltzing matila etc. I'm sure you get the picture).

Hodgie has booked his all inclusive holiday to Mexico - "it's the only way to do holidays you know" and he is close to appearing on the new First Choice all inclusive holidays advert. And if you would like to see a graph of his savings plan for the holiday then we can arrange for one to be sent over to you.

Joe has been wielding chainsaws and drinking homemade cider in an attempt to get everything ready for his wedding and is failing massively due to drinking too much of the aforementioned cider.

Parkes - everyone knows about him moving to New York as someone let it slip out. I'll give you three guesses as to who that was. The letters E and H will give it away...

Have fun Wardy! Missing you lots!

Joe, Paves, Ashley, Parkes, Sinead and Hodgie xxx