Saturday, 21 January 2012

The PM's get their first taste of the jungle!

The Fieldbase team and the volunteer Project managers (PM) had their first taste of jungle over the last few days and it's safe to say they are now wild about it! 

On Wednesday we headed to jungle camp on the outskirts of the secondary jungle in Ulu Geruntum, Sabah, an hour’s drive from fieldbase. 

A mixture of excitement, nerves, fear of the unknown and adrenalin were felt amongst the Project manager team. Coupled with 'Bring it on!'. 

We started off the day building our bashas, a static jungle hammock where we would be spending the night. 

Mac the country director taught us how to walk across rivers - alot like doing the conga but person at the front steps to the left or right and the people behind follow in sequence. It was scary to feel just how powerful the river current was even though it was only knee deep.  

As a welcome relief after the nerve racking river cross only the brave tried Mac's 'Power Shower', lying down on a shallow but strong part of the river and ducking our head under water, exhilarating! 
We tested setting the radio and aerial up, had medical training from the Medics and made our various first Raleigh rations meal of mock duck (don't ask!) noodles, chop suey and tomato puree, surprisingly good! Some teams even managed to make a starter and dessert. Mmm mmm living the high life!
After a good feed we made our way upstairs in Bamboo hut, the place where alot of the theory training took place and were greeted by the local Malay jungle trek guides who would be leading our treks the next day.

Then it was time for a bit of entertainment where we were the stars. Drum class! We all picked a musical instrument and took part in a group musical session - turns out we are not tone deaf afterall!
Before we headed off to our bashas we all shared our highlights so far over a hot chocolate, and psyched ourselves up for the day's trek ahead the next morning.


Kate said...

Hi to Claire Todd!!
Greetings from the cold north of England. Looks like a lot of fun out there. Think of us freezing here! Luckily studying nearly over and naturally we have booked a few days in the sun to celebrate! Oin is missing his auntie toddy hugs and his little bro/sis has stopped making mummy throw up!
Lots of love from Kate, Tim and Olin x x

Shaz said...

For Claire Todd:
Ahoy Toddy! Great to see your acclimatizing to the ways of the jungle;)
It's definitely getting chilly here so even the humidity of Borneo sounds appealing!!
No major news to report except Andriana's December has turned into January - which means she's actually accomplished something (new kitchen)!
Plus got a blast from the past - Charlie Stagg randomly emailed. She married Duncan about 18 months ago and they live in a village between London and Oxford, where she's still doing stroke research and teaching medical students. I've replied, but not holding my breath for a quick response...

Take care,
Shaz xx