Sunday, 22 January 2012

Allocations what you need

Drumroll please...the allocations for the volunteer project managers have been announced! The PMs may do one of each of the three different phases Community, Environmental or Adventure, the same one for all three phases or a combination so don't be suprised to see the same person on a couple of photos. 

Pictured right: Let's here it for Alpha 1 Community - Building a Kindergarten in KG Mandurian Laut (L-R Penny, Laura, Jerry and Natalie W being presented with project file by Deputy programme manager Stephen)

Pictured left: Alpha 2 Community - Building a gravity feed water system in KG Nibang Pitas and KG Binotugan Suyad, Pitas (L-R Penny, Craig, Nikki, Stuie, Natalie and Caroline being presented with the project folder by fieldbase Finance Manager Jerry)

Pictured right: Alpha 3 Community - Building a Gravity water feed system in KG Imusan, Tongod (L-R Nikki, Cat, Caroline, Astrid, Claire, Paul and Dave) 

Pictured left: Alpha 4  Environmental - Sepilok Sunbear Conservation Centre, Sandakan
(L-R Caroline, Chaitaly, Louise, Dave, Natalie - with her hair in a towel sorry Nat!, Kim and the other Dave).

Pictured right: Alpha 5 Environmental - Danum Valley, Lahad Datu (L-R Emma, Sam, Rich, Dan, Kristina and Alex being presented by Kim from logistics)

Pictured left: Alpha 6 Environmental - Bio-diversity survey, Kota Marudu
(L-R Dave, Tim, Craig and Penny being presented the project folder by Alex from logistics)

Pictured right: Alpha 7 Adventure - Trek and dive, Long Pasia (L-R Rich, Cat, Dan, Sam, Krystyna being presented with the project folder by Louise from fieldbase logistics)

Pictured left: Alpha 8 Adventure - Trek and dive, Long Pasia
(L-R Rich, Sam, James and Claire being presented with project folder by fieldbased Team Coach and videographer Ed)

Pictured right: Alpha 9 Adventure - Trek and dive, Kiulu (L-R Astrid, Cat, Joe and Emma being presented project folder by Natalie, fieldbase administrator - once again apologies for fetching blue towel)

So that's it the allocations have been done and the project manager have all gone on a project planning visit for a few days to scope out the site and requirements. They'll be back on Wednesday with plenty to tell us, just in time for a fancy dress party in the theme of the phonetic alphabet! Oh and in case you are wondering about the fieldbase team they will all get to go out on project for about 10 days including the communications team, that's myself, Greg the photographer and Ed the videographer who generally get to visit most of the sites as we need to bring all the news to you!


Wendy Dilloway said...

Hi Natalie, well we always knew you were a trend setter loving the new headgear. Looks like great fun out there glad to see you had a nice time on your "birthday" still a party girl at heart. Love Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxx

AnnieVee for Stuie said...

Big HI to Stuie from Perth .. All looks very exciting!! Wishing all of you the best and sending love and thoughts to Stu ... Look after each other!!!!
Home is somewhat quieter ;) but we are happy you are taking part in something so exciting. This is a wonderful opportunity and life changing experience. Have a blast and know we are keen to follow your adventures . All our love, Anne & Madz (&Toby of course) xxxxxxx

Pen's mum said...

For Penny Patrick, PM

Hello Pen

Great to see the Alpha teams and hear about the projects you will be on (and who with!). Think you are all fantastic and love seeing the pictures and stories in the blog - so hard to imagine being in the jungle when it is cold and grey in England!

You may be out on site with your venturers for the first project by the time you get this - waking up to the sounds and sights of the jungle will be an an amazing start to each day - very different to the sounds of the house martins and sparrows outside your window at home.

Hope the mozzies are a little less keen on you now and that the kindergarten is progressing well!

With all our love and big hugs,

Mum and Dad xxx

Angie McFarlane said...

Hi Em,
That was a good draw and you do look rather happy about it :) We are so pleased for you.

Love You Mum, Dad, Carrot and Blue xx