Saturday, 26 November 2011

Phase 3 Begins

The final phase of expedition has started. Buses left Basecamp at 6am this morning packed with new Alpha groups heading out for the final 19 days of expedition. 
Alpha 5 returned to Basecamp on Wednesday evening and enjoyed a barbeque prepared by Loli – our Fieldbase cook.
Loli getting ready for the barbeque.
The logistics team – Nicki, Andy and Craig were there to host the BBQ and get the logistics tents put up, filled with equipment, food supplies and tools for phase three. 

PM James with his Movember moustache set the standard for the expedition ‘tash’ off.

On the first night of changeover every Alpha group presents a ‘skit’ to the rest of expedition.

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Alpha 5 got in some extra practice before everyone arrived.

Thursday morning and the rest of Fieldbase arrived in time to put up a chill out tent for Project Managers.

Nicki, Sarah and Katie putting it up in record time.

Old Friends Reunited

Daisy and Barbara.

Ali and Ben.

Are you serious? Mat, Andy and Pete compare moustaches.

James and Nick talk about the intricacies of sideburns.

Tarnya, Seb, Maurits and Renske.

The blog was displayed at Basecamp and everyone was very excited to receive their messages and post.

Time to report back on phase two

Skit time and each Alpha group gave a summary of their phase in a skit for the rest of expedition.

Alpha 6 kicked off and took us through their trek and dive highlights including a tribute to Tarnya’s new found love of porridge.

Tarnya: not a porridge fan.
Alpha 3’s skit was led by the King and Queen of the People’s Republic of Danum (PRD) Josh and Saar.

All hail the PRD.
Alpha 2 created an iPod playlist of their favourite building tunes to a bamboo beat.

Alpha 2's skit.
The judges were feeling generous: Andy dishes out the 10s.

Judges Andy, Sarah, Shana and Kirsty.
Alpha 1 then jumped to the top of tables and sang out their phase two medley of tunes with a song dedicated to each Alpha group.

Stephanie leads Alpha 1's phase two medley.
Alpha 4 treated us to another musical mash up with project inspired actions, to the 80's classic 'Superman' and they had everyone doing their Sun Bear moves.

Doing the Sun Bear with Alpha 4.

But this wasn’t enough to beat a full house of tens for Alpha 5, who got everyone to join in their special phase two medley. With the words to their song projected on screen and trek leader Ru on guitar, they sang out the tales of their trek, dive, trek journey around a mock campfire, created from wood and headtorches. It brought a tear to many eyes.

Alpha 5.
In a puzzle...
The next morning it was time for allocations. Deputy Programme Manager Petr handed out pieces of an allocation jigsaw to everyone and they gradually put together their new teams.

Puzzling over who is going where.

And the answer is....

Going to finish and open the kindergarten in Kampung Alab - Alpha 1 are: Alex, Eva, Josh, Lydai, Michael, Rufus, Shaun, Siger, Sophie Pluck, Sophie Tigges and PMs Mat, Nat and Nick

And completing the kindergarten in Lingka Bugan in Alpha 2 are: Barend, Cloe, Emily, Frazer, Jamie, Leo, Oliver Cobb, Saar, Tarnya, TG, Wietske and PMs Anne, Claire and Joe

New members of the PRD in Danum Valley are Alpha 3: Chia, Elliot, Gordon, Hannah, Julie, Megan, Paige and PMs James, Jen and Ru
Sepilok Sun Bears, Alpha 4: Ali, Barbara, Ben Piggott, Min, Oliver Cowling, Patrick, Stephanie and PMs Jemma and Kirsty

Trek Dive Trek, Alpha 5: Bobby, Jeremy, Kilian, Lilien, Lisa, Maurits, Nicolien, Ruben, Sara, Seb and PMs Kirsty, Mat and Ted

Going to Long Pasia are Alpha 6: Ben McGuire, Cyler, Eveline, Jonathan, Jean, Natalie, Olivier Roos, Renske, Ryan and Sophie Shearer and PMs Ed, Fern and Julian

Throughout phase two, moustaches have been cropping up all over Sabah to raise awareness for Movember - the Prostate Cancer Charity's fundraiser. Anyone who can grow a moustache lets it all grow out for the month of November. Below are our favourites and some sad news that the moustaches are no more as our Movember officially ended when phase two did.

There is still time to support Movember, click here for more information.





A Movember selection.
And goodbye to all that! Dr Nick leads the Movember clean up.

Off to finish expedition 11K

So, after a good nights sleep in the base camp bashas, we were up at 5am this morning to leave for phase three.

Barend and Emily load up the furniture for Kindergartens that will be completed and open to local children this phase

See you soon!

Bobby and Ryan: off to trek at opposite ends of Sabah.
Happy Birthday Kilian - celebrating his 18th birthday on trek in the Crocker range.

Goodbye Basecamp. We won't be coming back to this beautiful location now - we'll be at Borneo Paradise, a hotel near to Kota Kinabalu at the end of expedition.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Zero calling all Alpha groups back to Basecamp

We have one more day left of phase two and our Alpha groups are having their final day on projects before coming back to Basecamp for changeover.  Your blog messages, post and YouTube comments are all ready and we’ll be reporting back on Sunday with news of the final phase Alpha groups.

Changeover is also the end of expedition for our seven weekers - Daisy, Andy, Rowan, Seb, Jess and Gary who will be leaving for their next adventure.

Andy spent phase 1 in Kampung Alab...

...where Gary left his mark in concrete.

In Lingka Bugan, Jess was part of the first Alpha group to lay foundations to the village's kindergarten.

Rowan helped build a boardwalk at the Sun Bear Centre in Sepilok.

So did Seb - pictured here collecting gravel for the cement mix to concrete in the posts.

And Daisy is there now - putting the final touches to the phase 2 Alpha team's work.
At Fieldbase we cover the radios 24 hours a day - radio call sign Zero. Alpha teams radio check in the evening and give us a sitrep (situation report) telling us what they’ve been up to and what they plan to do for the next day. We close off every radio call with "this is Zero listening out on channels one and two" - the Fieldbase trademark.

This morning we had Alpha 4 excited for their end of phase treat – heading to see the Orang-utans’ feeding time at the sanctuary thay they’ve been working right next to everyday.

Alpha 3 in Danum Valley were back at Mengaris camp at the Danum Valley Field Centre having trekked back in just four and a half hours. They’d spotted a family of wild Orang-utans hanging out by the river last night. PM Ed has been there since the beginning of expedition and will now be saying goodbye to the PRD for a phase out trekking. 

Both Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 now have walls up and roofs and floorboards laid at their kindergartens, completing a phase of hard graft.

We’ve just loaded up a truck at Fieldbase with kindergarten furniture, ready for phase three Alpha 1 and 2 to fill the new buildings ready for them to be opened in a few weeks.

On Dive Island, Alpha 6 were celebrating Shaun’s birthday today, having all passed their PADI open water, advanced or rescue qualifications.

Our logistics team have already set off armed with re-supplies for phase three and ingredients for a barbecue for Alpha 5 who will be arriving at Basecamp a day earlier than everyone else at the end of their trek in the Kiulu Valley.

Here at the office, we have a new member of the team - Kar Lye has joined as a member of staff from Raleigh Kuala Lumpur.  She’ll be recruiting Host-Country Venturers and promoting Raleigh Borneo in Malaysia.

What makes expeditions really memorable is the range of people taking part from a mix of backgrounds and nationalities. On 11K, Venturers from Kuala Lumpur and from Sabah villages have brought a fascinating insight into Malay traditions, culture and way of life. They have also provided essential translation between the Raleigh groups and local people.

For Venturers from Malaysia, seeing Sabah from a completely new angle on expedition is a unique and special experience. We are working to promote that to young people across East and West Malaysia and Kar Lye will be working with Mac and Sarah – our Country Director and Country Programme Manager to recruit more Host Country Venturers onto expedition.

Until we return on Sunday - this is Zero listening out on channels one and two.

Sarah listening out in the Fieldbase radio room.