Sunday, 9 October 2011

Expedition 11K is officially starting!

We are here! Expedition 11K is officially starting. We've been out here as a volunteer staff team for 2-3 weeks now - learnt about Sabah, mastered the art of hammock sleeping and camp craft and discovered the jungle and project sites and had a lot of fun.

 Dressing up as musical legends to get ready for the start of expedition has been a highlight - see if you can spot Lady GaGa, Johnny Rotten and Mark Knopfler, David Bowie, the Spice Girls and Freddie Mercury. We'll keep dropping in music heroes to the blogs as the projects get underway.

The 11K staff team Raleigh t-shirted and ready for expedition.
Music legends - warming up for 11K.
The first venturers from Malaysia - host country venturers (HCVs) have just arrived and so we are well and truly started!

There will be 60 venturers from across six countries arriving at our base camp tomorrow. A week of getting ready for environmental, community and adventure projects lies ahead and everyone will spend a night in the jungle as part of this.

There will be six 'delta groups for training and then we'll allocate everyone into an 'Alpha' project team. Have a read through the project previews to see what lies in store.

Groups will be 'deployed' out to their projects for phase 1 (first 3 weeks) on Saturday and we'll be joining them for the first week so that we can come back with news.

If you are on your way here - we can't wait to see you. For everyone at home, we'll report back on training and project allocations once everyone has deployed so that you know who is on which project.

We'd love to bring you all the stories as they happen but won't have a chance to log on to blogger until at least Sunday. So, for this week no news is good news and we'll have a bumper blog edition next week.

Keep the comments coming... the 'loop' will be going out to projects in the middle of phase 1 and will deliver your comments and messages, along with any post. They'll also be displayed with the blog at the end of each phase when we go back to base camp for changeover.

Music heroes: part 1 - Britney and Slash - Dr Jen and Andy logs.