Monday, 21 March 2011

The Final Countdown...

The Field Base team are now back from Base Camp, which can only mean one thing: The final phase of Expedition 11B is officially underway!

The third and final Alpha group allocations are as follows:

Alpha 1 - Heading off to Kampung Solungkapit with PMs Shaun and Carla are: Anjalee Patel, Timothy Browning, Pim Rusius, Charlotte Jackson, Gina Saharudin, Nina Clifton, Sarah Barnes, Gregory Vieux-O'Connor, Nicholas Swaffer and Thomas Massicotte.

Alpha 2 - Finishing their expedition with a few weeks in Pulau Maliangin paradise with PMs Paula and Tom are: Max Beelaerts, Thomas Watson, Jonathon Hoskin, Rhianydd Jeffreys, Cheryl Emvula, James Astbury, Fenella Maudsley, Avril Howard, Jenni Birch, Bobby Breuer and Daniel Stephenson.
Alpha 3 - Putting the finishing touches to what has been dubbed 'the best gravity water feed system EVER' (just don't tell Alphas 1 and 5!) with PMs Rob and Rory are: Kelly Brown, Annabelle Chelsom, Fiona Wiedmann, Mica Murphy, James Cook, Ashleigh Irvine, Lorne Paterson, Bethany Corfe, Paz Nansi, Charlotte Dickson, Joe Mangan and Simon Williams.
Alpha 4 - Spending some time with the sun bears (and PMs Neil, Leanne and Steve!) are: Tom Day Goodacre, Carly Fletcher, Callum Junor, Louise Hutley, Laura Coombes, Pieter Verbeek, Leah Cunningham, Daniel Razmy Moho Hus and Robert East.

Alpha 5 - Attempting to outdo Alpha 3 and prove that THEY in fact have the superior water feed system will be PMs Petr and James, and the following motley crue of venturers: Nicola Bell, Stefan Otto, Florence Hayes, Joseph Howell, William Mackintosh, Samuel Clift, Jonathon Downing, Marian Sue, Robert James, Maud Versteylen and Camilo Gonzalez Rodriguez.
Alpha 6 - For the final phase, Alpha 6 will be relocating to the Maliau Basin, a virtually self-contained eco-system spanning 390km2 and consisting of 12 types of pristine forest. It was not until the 1980s that this saucer-shaped catchment area was first explored, and the area is now known to be home to over 30 species of mammals, 270 species of birds and 80 species of orchids. Its huge biological value was quickly recognised by Yayasan Sabah, which designated it a conservation area, and with whom the group will work on trail clearing and maintenance. They will also be constructing gabions - structures made of wire and filled with rocks - to protect the Maliau Basin study centre from landslides.

Accompanying PMs Johnny, Amy and Chris will be: Arthur Drom, Eline van der Ploeg, Matthew Jones, Georgia Harvey, Sam Kennerley, Barney Rowland, Kristan Emery, Christopher Twydell and Theo Tibbitts.
Alpha 7 - Diving then trekking for their last phase, with PMs Dick and Claire, will be: Mathieu Langeslag, Roscoe Blevins, William Low, Andrew McVitty, Onne van der Graaf, Catrin Williams, Jerri Butler, Thomas Shelton, Ria Hanish-oakes, Hidde Hinloopen, Adam Hext and Denise De Souza.
Alpha 8 - Trekking then diving with PMs Graham and Charlie will be: Amber Marriott, Katherine Twelves, Ciara McGlade, Hannah Tilley, Frederick Pugh, Samuel Willetts, Mathias Bidault, Michael Waller, Sisi Liu, Akram Lemseffer and Ryan Hoey.
Alpha 9 - The final group finishing on the adventure phase will be trekking for the first five days before learning to dive on Pulau Mamutik and then trekking for the remainder of the expedition. Joining PMs Stu and Helen will be: Tijmen Boer, Bente van Keulen, Jenny Kohnhorst, Rosalind Ingram, Rebecca Hutchens, Kate Thorne, Lee Cockin, Seng Fung Wong, Christopher Aylward, Nick Harman, Isobel Reid and Rebecca Gould.
As always, Changeover was over in a flash, but it was not without its memorable moments! Here are the best photos to give you an idea of how it all went...



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