Monday, 31 January 2011

Raleigh Staff Olympics

After the PMs had returned from their project planning visits and the staff team was together again, it was time to do one final bit of team bonding before the start of expedition at the infamous Raleigh Olympics; a competition between the three 'Tango' training groups comprising a number of mental and physical challenges. Once the (very amusing) introduction skits were over, everyone made a huge effort with their fancy dress (the theme of which was ‘Dead Famous’), not to mention with the challenges themselves, which included a wheelbarrow race and an ice cream eating competition! If you like the sound of the Raleigh Olympics and are joining us here on Expedition 11B, worry not, because the venturers will all be taking part in their own competition before heading off to their projects….
So here we finally are, training completed and ready to receive our host country venturers today and the rest of our venturers tomorrow! The last few weeks have flown by and all the preparation is done. It’s time for Expedition 11B to begin!!

Sneak preview of a kindergarten...

While the project managers were on their respective project planning visits, some of the Field Base staff visited a kindergarten in the village of Rumantai that was built by venturers on the previous expedition. The trip was requested by HSBC, the project sponsor, who wanted to see the result of all our volunteers’ hard work! Representatives from the PACOS Trust – the project partner organisation - also attended, and the villagers held a formal ceremony to thank all three organisations for their contribution, with speeches and delicious food.
For those of you who are joining us for Expedition 11B, here’s a sneak preview of what a kindergarten looks like – and an idea of happy the community will be when we’ve built one!
This kindergarten was built by venturers on our previous expedition - and they made sure to leave their mark!
Our very own Mac and Yo (right) with the head of the village and representatives from HSBC and the PACOS Trust
There was a good turnout for the ceremony, with many of the villagers attending