Monday, 24 January 2011

And so… allocations!

After an exhausting but fun few days at Base Camp, the staff returned to Field Base ready and raring to find out which of the nine exciting projects they had been allocated to. So, without further ado…..(drum roll please)…..Introducing the Expedition 11B project managers and the projects they will be working on!
Alpha 1 (Community): Kindergarten – Kampung Sonsogon Magandai, Pitas district
Kg Sonsogon Magandai is a very remote village accessible only by a 5 hour 4x4 journey over rough terrain. There are approximately 160 people living in the village. The kindergarten will have 14 students initially and will continue to serve the village's children in the future.
Alpha 1 (l-r): Max, Shaun, Leanne, Charlie, Claire and Neil

Alpha 2 (Community) – Pulau Maliangin Besar (Maliangin Island), Kudat district
This tiny island is situated of the “Tip of Borneo” near the town of Kudat, which used to be a relatively prosperous village of over 80 households.  The 147-hectare island is at present home to just 15 households as most of the villagers have moved to the larger island of Banggi in search of better education and economic opportunities. The remaining people now live in poor conditions. This expedition the project focus will include compost toilets, work on the community hall and water systems.
Alpha 2 (l-r): Paula, Graham, Chris, Helen and Tom
Alpha 3 (Community) – Kampung Toboh Pahu, Ranau District
Toboh Pahu is a Christian Dusun tribe village in the stunning foothills of Mount Kinabalu. The village is home to around 300 people with 38 households. There are some water systems in place within the village however these are not reliable and only serve a few houses with in the village. This expedition, Raleigh has agreed to provide a gravity-fed water system for the village. This will be a big undertaking, as the water source is approximately 5km away from the village.
Alpha 3 (l-r): Rory, Kate and Rob
Alpha 4 (Environmental): Sepilok – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Sandakan district
Raleigh groups have been involved in a variety of work at this fantastic new conservation centre, which aims to help protect Borneo’s rapidly decreasing Sun Bear population. This expedition, Raleigh will continue to work on infrastructural work, most likely to include fence and boardwalk construction to enable the centre to be open to the public. Sepilok is on the eastern side of Sabah, a 7 hour drive from Kota Kinabalu, on good roads. 
Alpha 4 (l-r): Martin, Helen, Sarah, Tom, Leanne, Neil and Amy
Alpha 5 (Environmental): Taliwas – Gravity Water Feed System, Lahad Datu district
Raleigh has had a long relationship with Yayasan Sabah, a state owned company whose aim it is to maximise the potential of the rainforest for all Sabahans. For this project, Raleigh will be continuing this partnership through the provision of a gravity water feed system in the Taliwas area, as part of an overall plan to help it become a research and recreation park by 2012.
Alpha 5 (l-r): James, Petr, Belinda, Stuart and Helen

Alpha 6 (Environmental) Pitas AFC Forestry Reserve, Kota Marudu/Pitas regions
The Ulu Nibang area is situated between the Kota Marudu and the Pitas regions. Positioned within a heavily logged secondary rainforest area, the objective for the Alpha 6‘s Biodiversity Survey is to obtain a HVCF (High Value Conservation Forest) classification for a defined conservation area.
Alpha 6 (l-r): Chris, Dan, Johnny, Amy and Stuart
Alphas 7 & 8 (Adventure): Trekking and Diving
The trekking element of this project will see two teams trekking in the south western corner of Sabah on the Kalimantan and Sarawak border starting from the small village of Long Pasia.  The trek will be over 10 – 11 days and will involve teams carrying all their own supplies and equipment.  Long Pasia is a very remote area and is steeped in tradition.
Alpha 7 (l-r): Carla, Max, Dick, Neil and Claire
Alpha 8 (l-r): Carla, James, Charlie and Graham

Alpha 9 (Adventure): Trek, Dive, Trek
The trekking for this project will be split across two sites, either side of the diving section. The first part will be a 5 day trek in the southern part of the Crocker Mountain range. The route runs along an old trail used by hunters across a ridge line from a small village to the ending point of a beautiful eco-camp. The second section of this trek is a 7 or 8 day trek in the Kiulu valley in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. The area has a great mix of jungle trekking and waterfall mixed in with small settlements that can be passed on route. The view of Mount K on a clear morning is very inspiring.
All adventure groups will be involved in a SCUBA diving conservation program in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.  The team will spend 3 or 4 days doing their PADI Open Water diving qualification followed by 1 or 2 days of underwater clean up.  During this time they will live on their very own paradise island from where the diving is carried out. 
Alpha 9 (l-r): Johnny, John, Helen and Claire
Once the PMs had found out which projects they would be working on, they spent a day reading up on their project briefs, filling out paperwork and packing, before setting off on their project planning visits at the crack of dawn on Sunday. The whole Field Base team was up to wave them off, and judging by their faces in the pictures below, I’d say they were pretty excited about getting going!